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Random: figured out you can't easily buy a new Honda inverter #generator in California (no retailers will ship one into California). Not sure if this is supply chain, Honda getting ahead of CARB rules, or what. (California is banning non, zero-emissions small engines soon).
The CA ban is for a good reason (they are very polluting), but it makes for difficulty in #disaster #preparation (solar is great, but not nearly as capable of powering a large amount of equipment)…
You *CAN* still buy generators in California, just not Honda, so some mystery there. (I'm specifically looking at the Honda due to RF/noise/reliability, will be converting it to run off propane & natural gas). There are cheaper multi-fuel generators you can buy, though.
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Finally, the #GoldacreReview is published! (During Parliamentary Easter holidays, mid-ping-pong on the #HealthAndCareBill...)

It's 221 pages - each PDF page is a double page spread - so this could be a lo-o-o-ong [Thread].

Here goes...
First point to note, in the Terms of Reference (p5), is that this is about "access to #NHSdata by #researchers, #commissioners, and #innovators" - i.e. #Planning and #CommercialReUse - so it is directly relevant to the operation of millions of people's #NationalDataOptOuts... Terms of reference for the review  1. How do we facilitate a
"185 wide-ranging recommendations for us to explore", says @sajidjavid (p6). Gulp! Time for some coffee...

"systems that ensure #underrepresented groups are well represented" may (partly) refer to this "landmark review", which got off to a slow start:… The far-reaching independent review into potential ethnic bi
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(1/5) Can a #soccer friend (player, coach, parent) explain why the word “#unlucky” is used in the game, especially with young impressionable minds?

I have a couple of issues with it...
(2/5) “Unlucky” is the false sense that something other than the player had something to do with the undesired outcome. There could be a whole list of reasons for the outcome, none of which have to do with #luck.
(3/5) Saying “unlucky” when something doesn’t go your way implies that when things do, you’re “LUCKY.” Luck means it had nothing to do with #hardwork & #preparation. I don’t say “unlucky” when it doesn’t go your way.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/30/2021…
Complex Systems: Volume 30, Number 1 (2021)

#complexity #journal #CurrentIssue
The Law of Regression to the Tail: How to Survive COVID-19, the Climate Crisis, and Other Disasters…

#RegressionToTheTail #risk #FatTailedRisk #COVID19 #pandemics #ClimateCrisis #RiskMitigation
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There are lots of things that will pay off in #California as #preparation for upcoming heatwaves and wildfires, *now* (when it's cool, and when it's not during fire season) is the time to get them done.
1. Improve the insulation in your house. Most older California homes are under-insulated. Add a layer of insulation to your attic. Tax deductible, usually, pays for itself. Can dramatically lower your temps. during heatwaves.
2. Make adjustments to make your landscaping more fire resistant. Lots of resources from CALFIRE here:…
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Joshua 1:8 says, "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt... Image
...make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success".

Memorizing the scriptures has a plethora of benefits but a few include;
A. Helps you exercise your mind to retain the word of God.
B. It equips you for the evil day (reference: Jesus in the wilderness).
In this thread, you'll learn very practical but simple tips and or steps to effective memorization of the scriptures.
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"Growth begins with challenging who you are. Until your better becomes best. The goal is to daily self improve."
📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Times & Season.
Episode 10

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@neilgchurchill @Isla_Skinner @ByYrSide @Al_Richards_786 @beth_1day @BeresfordPeter @katemartin_says @pixiegirle @RITB_ @AnnieCoxy @AkikoMHart @HayleyCocker1 @LPTpatientexp @tim_rycroft There's some great discussions on the #EngagementPractitioners network.
Key things:
1. Don't forget phone calls and group phone calls still exist - can be less intimidating.
2. Provision of kit and data - of you've not got any you can't get started
@neilgchurchill @Isla_Skinner @ByYrSide @Al_Richards_786 @beth_1day @BeresfordPeter @katemartin_says @pixiegirle @RITB_ @AnnieCoxy @AkikoMHart @HayleyCocker1 @LPTpatientexp @tim_rycroft 3. Informal practising - learning and getting it wrong together!
4. Creating a safe space - ok to not use camera etc...
5. All platforms have limitations, pros and cons - there isn't a perfect one!
6. Preparation is everything - make sure you've got contact numbers
@neilgchurchill @Isla_Skinner @ByYrSide @Al_Richards_786 @beth_1day @BeresfordPeter @katemartin_says @pixiegirle @RITB_ @AnnieCoxy @AkikoMHart @HayleyCocker1 @LPTpatientexp @tim_rycroft 7. Make time for the informal interactions - being human
8. Agree how you're going to work together - just as you would 'normally'
9. Keep it simple - there's loads of shiny tools, don't use them for the sake of it.
10. Keep learning - review how it was and improve together
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Anybody's opinion is only an opinion until you believe & accept it. How well do you know you?

🎥Watch/📟Listen to the full of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Time and Season.Episode 7.

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📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:… .
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Was asked,"Highlight d key problems with #draftEIA2020".
My response. Problem z not just with EIA2020 but with d whole EIA regime. #DraftEIA2020 was an opportunity to think & act wisely but unfortunately got converted into a disaster. There r at least 6 "Who" that needs attention
1. Who #drafts the Law?
2. Who gets #covered under it?
3. Who #prepares EIA report?
4. Who is #consulted & when?
5. Who #appraises a Project/activity?
6. Who #monitors a project post EC?
Each of these "Who" is crucial for a meaningful & worthwhile EIA regime in d country.
1. A law is meant to express Societal concerns & aspirations & not d philosophy or desires of a party in power. So why shud mandarins in a dept draft it?
Law as crucial as EIA with national & international ramifications must b #drafted by a representative Committee of experts.
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God's Grace is a Gift and I Cherish that Gift.
🎥Watch/📟Listen to the highlight of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."
Theme for August:
Time and Season.
Episode 5.
On @strideradio

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God's grace is a gift & I cherish that gift. Do you?. Are you using your time well?. Are you planting the right seeds?

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Theme for August:
Time and Season.Episode 4.

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The value addition of today is the tradition of tomorrow - Gov. Abiola Ajimobi.
What seed are you putting to the ground today?

🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Time and Season.
Episode 3.

....... 📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:…

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Background Instrumental:
Morire by @koredebello

Thanks to my awesome team:
Content developing & harmonizing: God Almighty & Temitope Sharon Fawunmi

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