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#Prayagraj व देश में #dengue के बढ़ते केस व #platelets के लिए मचे हाहाकार के कारण मैं ये पोस्ट पुनः लिख रहा हूँ!

घर पर बन सकने वाला ये #Ayurveda #काढ़ा #प्लेट्लेट्स संख्या कम होने से सफलतापूर्वक रोकता है, ऐसा मेरा 12 वर्षों का अनुभव है!

कृपया शेयर कर लोगों की सहायता करें!

हर साल ये काढ़ा मैं हज़ारों मरीज़ों को देता रहा हूँ, लेकिन फिर भी असंख्य मरीज़ों को ये काढ़ा मैं नहीं दे पाता हूँ,
इसलिए इस काढ़े को #घर_पर_बनाने_का_तरीक़ा मैं फिर से शेयर कर रहा हूँ, ताकि आप इसे घर पर भी भविष्य की ज़रूरत के लिए बना कर रख सकें!


1 लीटर काढ़ा बनाने में मात्र लगभग ₹3000/ का खर्च आता है (अगर जड़ी बूटियाँ ठीक मिल जाएँ तो), और इतना काढ़ा #Dengue के 2 रोगियों के लिए पर्याप्त है!

निम्नलिखित सूखी हुयी जड़ी-बूटियों को बराबर मात्रा में लीजिएः

1. अतिविषा
2. द्रोणपुष्पी
3. वासा
4. हरीतकी..
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1/5 #China YOY Aug #retail #sales actual 2.5% vs expected7.4%. Said repeatedly here/clients that growth is the No. 1 risk but everyone loves to talk Regulation/ WAR. Going forward, count on continued monetary support #PBOC, #growth could even surprise on the positive side soon.
2/5 About Delisting risk, did you know that among large/mid BROAD #China universe, only about 6%, or 28 companies that are only listed in the US, after a barrage of companies like @NetEase_Global dual listed in HK? Below is the details. The key is Broad Universe, of course.
3/5 Hard to write something that has shelf life. The focus of future is really HK EX and Shanghai STAR board. 1 yr later, likely 5-7 comp. would sole US listed among large/mid cap. Chinese companies know both US and China didn't want them to list in US.…
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#Pakistani Premier Rules Out Normalization Of Ties With #India

" Normalizing Ties With #NewDelhi At This Point Means Betraying #Kashmiris ," Says Imran Khan
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday ruled out the possibility of normalization of fraught trade & diplomatic relations with longtime rival India , saying it will be tantamount to " #Betraying " Kashmiris .
" Normalizing ties with India at this point means betraying Kashmiris . #Pakistan will never compromise on Kashmiris blood ," #Khan said in a live telephonic conversation with citizens .
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Weil es hier gleich ab 10 Uhr #News zum Parkpickerl gibt, noch ein Blick zurück auf die Geschichte der Parkraumbewirtschaftung (offizieller Name): #Throwback *Thread*
1959 wurden in Wien erstmals Kurzparkzonen im 1. Bezirk eingerichtet. Danach folgten schrittweise Kurzparkzonenfür andere Bezirke, begrenzt auf einzelne Straßenabschnitte oder kleinere Bereiche
#Juli #1993: Das Parkpickerl für den 1. Bezirk wird eingeführt
#August #1995: Ausdehnung der Parkraumbewirtschaftung flächendeckend auf die Bezirke 6 bis 9
#Juni #1997: Weitere Ausdehnung der Parkraumbewirtschaftung auf den 4. und 5. Bezirk
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The 12 ̷d̷a̷y̷s̷ hours of C̷h̷r̷i̷s̷t̷m̷a̷s̷ @HampshireCB 2020

A look back at our notable moments/interactions from the past 12 months.....



#UmpStrikesBack podcast started with a #WomensCricket special ft @C_Edwards23 🏏
25 Episodes now available -

➕Clubs across Hampshire signed up for @allstarscricket & @DynamosCricket 😎


The last month of normality and we visited Grateley Primary to recreate the 2019 World Cup winning moment! 👏👏

@josbuttler & @JasonRoy20 #InspiringGenerations

@Chance2Shine @JonoMaton3

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#InternationalBatNight: 4 Ways These ‘Dark Knights’ Silently Help Our World…

(📸: A. Prathap/BCCL Chennai) Image
Saturday, August 29, marks the celebration of the International #BatNight—an annual observance held on the final weekend of #August to celebrate bats, create awareness around them, and promote their conservation.
Owing to their unusual appearance, nocturnal nature, and association with blood-sucking vampires, bats are among the most misunderstood creatures on planet #Earth.

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"Growth begins with challenging who you are. Until your better becomes best. The goal is to daily self improve."
📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Times & Season.
Episode 10

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Anybody's opinion is only an opinion until you believe & accept it. How well do you know you?

🎥Watch/📟Listen to the full of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Time and Season.Episode 7.

📺Watch on YouTube:

📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:… .
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God's Grace is a Gift and I Cherish that Gift.
🎥Watch/📟Listen to the highlight of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."
Theme for August:
Time and Season.
Episode 5.
On @strideradio

📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:…

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#Thread on #India Fight for Independence

The Revolt of 1857, regarded as First War of #Independence. Initiated by the sepoy #mangalpandey the #Revolt aroused the accumulated grievances of the #people against the East #India Company’s administration. Image
Non-Cooperation #movement.
This #movement shook the #British authorities under #Leadership of #MahatmaGandhi and the Indian National #Congress from September 1920 to February 1922 Image
Simon #Commission was sent to #India in 1927 to suggest reforms in the structure of #Indian #Government Government but did not include any Indian member. It sparked a wave of protests. Crowds were lathi charged, Lala LajpatRai & Sher-e-Punjab were martyred in the agitation. Image
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God's grace is a gift & I cherish that gift. Do you?. Are you using your time well?. Are you planting the right seeds?

🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin" using the links below

Theme for August:
Time and Season.Episode 4.

📺Watch on YouTube:
📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:…
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The value addition of today is the tradition of tomorrow - Gov. Abiola Ajimobi.
What seed are you putting to the ground today?

🎥Watch/📟Listen to the recap of "Motivation Time-out with Damilola Abodunrin."

Theme for August:
Time and Season.
Episode 3.

....... 📻Listen via audio podcast on anchor:…

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Background Instrumental:
Morire by @koredebello

Thanks to my awesome team:
Content developing & harmonizing: God Almighty & Temitope Sharon Fawunmi

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Thanks to Facebook, I retrieved this beautiful memory. I can't believe I wrote this 5 years ago and the manifestation of this process is just happening 👏👏.

Memories reinvented and will be repacked & delivered on "The Motivation time out" tomorrow ( 9/8/2020) by 6am.
.....1/3 ImageImage
Kindly join me via Instagram or Facebook.

I bless God for the gifts of inspiration.
These Inspirations have being reinvented now, repackaged and better delivered with the brand Transparency Speaks. Transparency Speaks started years ago.........
but the contact point( the brand) got out few months ago.
Time and Season🤔
I believe this will still be of good use to someone.
Stay blessed, stay safe, I hope you are having a nice day already.
#defeat #memories #august #reinvention #giving #needy #hope #giving #smile #MTO
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1. St Walthen (Waltheof) was second son of Simon, Earl of Huntingdon, and Maud, daughter to Judith, niece of William the Conqueror. The consideration of the snares of the world led him to his religious profession
#StWalthen #UK Image
2. among the regular canons of St Austin, St Oswald’s monastery at Nostel, near Pontefract in Yorkshire. Here he lived concealed from the world, in the company of his crucified Jesus.

After some time he was promoted to the holy order of priesthood. Walthen then took the habit
3. at Wardon, a Cistercian convent in Bedfordshire.
Four years after his profession Walthen was chosenAbbot of Melross, a great monastery in the marches of Scotland, on the river Tweed.

In a famine which happened in 1154, he and his monks contented themselves with half their
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#Oregon’s #HERC will be #reviewing its formally passed (2016) #back #spine #note60medicaid #prohibition-policy in #August. Where they intructed doctors/ providers to #force #taper back #pain patients. It will be virtual and allow public comment if you register.
If you need a rehash of what note 60 is, please lmk.…
This is a very important meeting for us all to stand behind. For a myriad of reasons.
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BREAKING - reports of a (US?) helicopter-borne raid on a convoy of Huras al-Din (#AlQaeda in #Syria) leaders traveling near Barisha in #Idlib.

Locals say as many as 6 choppers involved - gave chase to convoy, 2 landed & assaulted vehicles. Possibly took bodies or evidence away.
#pt: Barisha is ~3-4km from the #Turkey border. It's in long-time #AlQaeda territory, spanning between Al-Dana-Sarmada-Salqin.

As I recall, a helicopter-borne raid on AQ in NW #Syria has never happened - this would suggest a very high-level target.
#pt: In more recent years, the Turkistan Islamic Party (#TIP) has probably been the most significant authority in the Barisha region (stretching NE to Jisr al-Shughour).

Unverified reports have claimed 1 #TIP fatality, in what looks like a series of successive clashes. #Idlib
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Now before #SDNY Chief Judge McMahon, 3 prosecutors & 6 defense lawyers: US v Pappagallo & Carroll, presentment, thread
Deputy asks, Both defendants charged on all 6 counts? Yes. Judge McMahon not on bench yet. Just sentenced teen to 8 months
Carroll and Pappagallo plead not guilty to... inflating SS-NOI for Brixmor REIT..They mention bail but no Marshals here
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1/n Did you know that early #career researchers based in #Europe are trying to gather together (EPEC) under the cover of @europlanetmedia and work together on several different topics? On of them is #outreach of space science... Image
2/n Outreach plays a very important role in the scientific community. By spreading scientific news to the public, we can both inspire them and also engage different audiences with planetary sciences. However, to be good in outreach is not really easy... Image
3/n Therefore me and @AnastasiaKokori started a project named "Inspiring story of the month" in which we would like to share with you one story every month in which you can learn what our colleges - early career researchers - done across the Europe to promote their work/science Image
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