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Ich habe #Affenpocken.

Damit bin 1 von 142 laborbestätigten Fällen in Berlin.

& es wird Zeit, dass ich darüber spreche. Einerseits, weil es sehr viel Unklarheiten über Ansteckung, Verlauf & Symptome der Krankheit gibt. Andererseits, weil bereits ein 🐒🦠 #Stigma existiert. 1/

Ich kann natürlich nichts zu den anderen Fällen sagen, über deren Ansteckung oder Verlauf; ich kann nur sehr persönlich darüber erzählen, sehr subjektiv, & nach meinem eigenen Wissensstand (14.06.2022). Ich bin kein Forscher & kein Mediziner. 2/
Angefangen hat es bei mir vermutlich mit einem eher "atypischen Husten" (Quelle: Gesundheitsamt Lichtenberg), der entweder zu den neuen Symptomen der Krankheit oder zu den zufällig auftretenden, sogenannten "begleitenden Infektionskrankheit" zählt. 3/
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There is NEVER a justification for violence towards medical professionals.

Perpetuating Fear & #Stigma is NOT beneficial

It's rare for individuals in #Pain to strike out in violence at medical professionals.

Does it happen? Yes.

Should it? NO!
The ONLY way to prevent future occurrences is to understand WHY it is happening & avoid Fear Mongering & casting aspersions on a population of patients who are experiencing Systemic #Discrimination.

Under & Untreated patients experiencing unremitting pain are more likely to Image
Three cases of people committing such an extreme act of violence is NOT a trend & is NOT reflective of the #PainPatient population as a whole.

There are an estimated 50 million people living with #ChronicPain.

These cases are anomalies, the Root Cause needs to be addressed
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Our 1st #Session at #GCEG2022 was all about the (dis)connection of #cities, regarding corporate affiliations and #investments: within global and national #CityNetworks as well as with their regional #hinterlands. (1/5)
@maxabuchholz looked deeper into #DisconnectedCities in the #US and identified a changing role of city-regions within the urban systems that goes way beyond the notion of #winners and #losers. (2/5)
Julia Binder and Tobias Mettenberger showed that #DigitalPioneers need good local #relationships if they want to make an #impact in rural areas. (3/5)
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„Und meint eigentlich irgendjemand, ein Freier würde vergessen, dass er gerade über eine Frau drübergerutscht ist, von der er nicht wissen kann, ob sie wollte, oder bei der er sehen konnte, dass sie NICHT wollte, und er hat es trotzdem getan?
Warum sollte diese erlernte Regel dann nicht auch für andere Frauen gelten? Warum sollte man sie nicht auch auf andere #Frauen anwenden?

Ja. #Prostitution ist #Gewalt. Und das #Stigma sorgt dafür, dass wir nicht darüber sprechen. Weil wir uns schämen sollen.
Aber es ist nicht das #Stigma,das uns tötet, es sind die #Freier,es ist die Prostitution.“
aus: „Warum ist Prostitution Gewalt?“, @HuschkeMau anlässlich des internationalen Hurentags 2019… #FreierSindTäter #ProstitutionistGewalt
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“Epidemiologic Criteria

Within 21 days of illness onset:

• Report having had contact with a person or people who have a similar appearing rash or received a diagnosis of confirmed or probable monkeypox «OR»”

#case_definition #mpxv #diagnostic_testing Epidemiologic Criteria  #Monkeypox #MPXV “Within 21 days o
“• Is a man who regularly has close or intimate in-person contact with other men, including men who meet partners through an online website, digital application (“app”), or social event (e.g., a bar or party) «OR»”

#sampling_bias #anchoring_bias #stigma (?)#historical_precedent

• Traveled to a country with confirmed cases of monkeypox «AND» at least one of the above criteria «OR»

• Traveled to country where MPXV is endemic «OR»”

[clarification: travel from country w/confirmed cases isn’t enough to test a symptomatic pt? also need criteria 1 OR 2?]
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Our paper measuring #LongCovid stigma using a new scale: preprint (not-peer reviewed yet).…
In our UK-based sample, 95% experienced at least one type of stigma at least sometimes and 76% often/always.
@PantelichMarija @NidaZiauddeen @Know_HG @ClaireHastie1
13 questions were included in the LCSS capturing 3 domains:
Enacted (overt experiences of discrimination), Internalised (internalising negative associations with Long Covid and accepting them as self-applicable),
Anticipated (expectation of bias/poor treatment by others) stigma.
This is from a follow up survey of a online survey we did at the end of 2020:…
We have over-representation of females, white ethnicity, and people with higher educational qualifications. All non-hospitalised in the first 2 weeks of the illness.
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Thread 🧵: Reflections of a Parent/Caregiver After Six Years Implementation of CDC Guidelines (warning long but I am very interested in feedback)

Since babies, my kids, have intimately known #pain. At one time their #pain was intermittent & #acute. Sadly, they now struggle 1/
#chronicpain & are young adults. Our kids 1st 13/16 years of life, our family had a #safetynet, their #pediatrician. He was highly intelligent, compassionate, he challenged the system & in the most authentic sense #partnered with families. #Pain was not a major concern when 2/
the kids were under his care. The nature of their disease often brought us to the ER & hospitalizations. The hospitalizations resulted due to inability to manage #pain, dehydration, & other issues caused by a flare in their #disease. My husband & I attempted to minimize the 3/
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Dr. @JillianHortonMD starts with a very personal reflection that many of us can relate to... recognition that she (we) are often going through the motions of academic medicine, burning out, leaving 'garbage scraps' and a low feeling of accomplishment. #CCME2022
"What if this IS the story?"

Dr. @JillianHortonMD writes in the margins during an airplane ride...the realization that we ARE the story. If we have the courage to use our voice...

Well crafted stories lead us to lean in.

We learn best from stories that strike a chord and invite us to change. - @JillianHortonMD

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TY @innodim for inviting me to speak! My cognitive PEM wouldn’t let me be great but I appreciate her encouragement & summary! Want to be sure my main points are clear in re to Black Maternal #Mental Health, Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders #PMADs, & disparities.#AIMART #BMHW22
I am no expert, so I'll share what I know. Black mothers are more at risk of #PMADs & are less likely to receive treatment b/c the structural social & economic inequities as a result of #antiBlack #racism & #misogynoir in this white supremacist patriarchal society.#BMHW22
“Close to 40% of Black mothers will suffer from postpartum depression [(PPD)]” OR ‘Systemic racism & sexism harm Black mothers which manifest as PPD for a reported ~40%.’ Addressing these risk factors associated w PMAD is key:
Lack of access to high-quality medical care
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The head of a particular department called me last week to inform me about a staff in his department. He was surprised to note that I knew the person and had referred him for more detailed work. I then told him where I see staff in his campus (without regn) to decrease #stigma
Today I saw three patients from his dept. He had sent them. He had enough trust. Would continue to work with all of them.
It is a great joy when people in your hospital start recognizing your work. Nothing pleases a clinician more than referrals from colleagues.
One of the three had optic neuritis. He is off #alcohol now. He is struggling with #tobacco. I told him it is understandable that he couldn't stop even though he knows the price he is paying is hugh. This is how #Addiction is. Told him to consider a quit date.
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Amidst increasing attention to the #mentalhealth of health workers, we explored how #stigma is understood/enacted in #MedEd. We learned that things are a lot more complicated than we thought. 🧵

@jelenapole @juveriazaheer @rachaelpack89 @MedEd_Journal…
We know #stigma can prevent help-seeking due to the risk/repercussions of disclosure. This topic has been well researched. See the article below and work of @drjessigold @KGoldMD for more details /1…
Yet, the pandemic has brought the hero narrative to the fore, a sentiment meant to praise workers, yet may stifle conversations about distress, burnout, and help-seeking. See the important work of @drbreenheroes for more on this and Dr. Breen's story/legacy. /2
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HIV Edmonton would like to address the comment made by Premier Jason Kennedy during his announcement of the removal of COVID-19 restrictions in the province, where he drew parallels between what some might refer to as anti-vaccination stigma and HIV stigma, which has since been
followed by an apology from him.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who reached out to us and showed solidarity; we appreciate everyone. Over the course of last night and today, HIV Edmonton has connected with a number of our community members and other
AIDS serving organizations and we have seen the need to hold an information session, to enlighten the general public, and correct some narratives.

HIV Edmonton is inviting the Premier and members of the general public to a “lunch n learn” session at 12pm on Friday the 11th of
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Heute geht#ss in der Info-Serie #Sexarbeit in den Medien um Desinformation & Fehlinformation über Sexarbeitende.
Desinformation ist die gezielte und bewusste Verbreitung von Falschinfos, entweder direkte Lüge oder subtile Unterdrückung von Fakten.
Los geht's: Ein Thread./1 Image
Fehlinformationen dagegen sind ungenaue oder völlig falsche Aussagen, die irreführen. Sie kommen als seriöse Information daher, dabei sind sie oft nicht gefaktchecked.
Hier verlinke ich einen Artikel zu Des-und Fehlinformation: /2… Image
Zur besseren Differenzierung von Desinformation und Fehlinformation (D+F).
Ergänzen möchte ich, dass oft auch ein Blick auf den*die Autor*in weiterhilft, zu entscheiden, ob es sich um D oder F handelt. Zum Beispiel: Sexarbeitsgegner*innen verbreiten eher D als F./3 Image
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ I'm Tina from 🇺🇸 co-founder of Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on @MondayNightIBD to discuss specific aspects of #SouthAsianIBD experience. We hope to improve care & reduce disparities in our community around the 🌍 thru @southasianIBD. #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ Even though my dad suffered from #Crohns, when I presented with #IBS #constipation, #GERD, joint pains & eye issues as a child, no one made the connection or escalated it to a gastroenterologist. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ When my dad passed from #CRC, my family went into poverty & couldn't afford health insurance. Though I was symptomatic as a child, I didn't have a #colonoscopy until 22 when I got my 1st job. That's when I received my very delayed #IBD diagnosis. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ I'm Sharan from 🇬🇧, co-founder Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on @mondaynightibd to discuss specific aspects of #SouthAsianIBD experience. We hope to improve care for our community around the 🌍. #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ My initial diagnosis came after months of going back & forth w my GP who was reluctant to refer to a specialist because they were certain that my symptoms couldn't be due to #IBD. In their own words, "#SouthAsians don't get IBD" #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ This delay led to extreme weight loss and worsening of symptoms to the point where I was unable to get myself out of bed. I was admitted into hospital with my weight down to 28kgs, from 38kgs just months before.
#MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 📣 #IBD patients & caregivers:

#IBDPoll 1️⃣

📊Thinking abt your IBD needs, what's been the biggest hurdle to your care?
📝 In the replies, elaborate. What’s helped your care?

Please share your #PatientExperience w #MondayNightIBD 👇🏽

@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita #MondayNightIBD #PatientExperience
#IBDPoll 2️⃣

🧐Thinking about your culture’s expectations

📊 Have you tried Complementary and Alternative (CAM) Therapies (ex: ayurveda, homeopathy)?

What drove you to try these therapies? Please share your experience.

SE=side effects
@MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @ownyourcrohns @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita Thank you @MondayNightIBD for shining a spotlight on 🌏 #SouthAsianIBD pt experience!

I'm Madhura from 🇮🇳, co-founder Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on #MondayNightIBD!

We hope to improve care for our community around the 🌍 through @SouthAsianIBD.
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What’s the deal w/ people in #pain using #opioids? (Read entire thread.) We are not “drug addicts.” We are physically DEPENDENT on our meds, which we need to function w/out pain (i.e, to function). Physical dependence occurs on heart meds & #antidepressants too. #ThisIsUs
And I am not trying to stigmatize #addiction here. But rly, let’s talk; chronic pain patients (#CPPs) have been forced to KILL themselves due to untreated pain, due to bad #policy, due to the #stigma, foolishness & financial incentives of others. This has a name: opiophobia…
If you took me off ALL opioids, I (like most #painpatients) would go through ugly opioid #withdrawals (and make sure to poop/puke on YOU for causing them)! 😂

And even after months of “abstaining,” and withdrawals disappearing, I would be “clean” in the eyes of the world, but…
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Open kaart

#longread (15)

Ik vertel niet vaak hoe het écht met me gaat en wanneer ik dat doe is her vaak 's nachts en verwijder ik m'n tweets snel.
Vandaag deelde ik overdag en haalde ik niks weg.

Ik vind het lastig; de nare dingen delen. Enerzijds snak ik dan even naar >>
een beetje aandacht. Anderzijds wordt de aandacht me al snel teveel en voel ik me bezwaard. Van nature ben ik niet iemand die 'zomaar' moeilijke dingen deelt of heel open is over wat me écht dwarszit.
Ik ben heel goed in praten zonder echt iets te zeggen.
Ik ben open over >>
dingen die ik heb verwerkt of onder 'controle' heb. Maar veel blijft bij mij en een kleine groep mensen die ik bewust kies op gevoel of omdat ze er al jaren zijn.
Ik vind ook niet dat ik alles hoef te delen hier. Sommige zaken zijn gewoon echt privé. Sommige wonden liggen >>
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We have a drug that protects from #HIV. True or False? #ph260720
My friend Steve texted me last year asking how he could convince his partner Ed to see a doctor.

Steve said, “Something weird is happening to him. He can’t walk, his speech is slurred, and his mood changes. He’s a totally different person.” #ph260720 #HIV
I asked him why Ed is reluctant to see doctors. Steve replied, “He has always hated seeing doctors because he feels judged by the health system.”

This is the story of Ed’s experience and how we could have prevented his death from #AIDS 8 weeks later. #ph260720 #providerbias
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1/🧵 The Road to #LongCOVID:

In her @ScienceMag piece, @Dr2NisreenAlwan teaches that @Twitter & FB served a purpose but can’t remain our authority in defining devastating disability suffered by millions after #COVID19. We must have more science!
2/ In 2020 the main support for pts with prolonged symptoms came from online testimonials and absent community testing sites, people were left to guess as to whether or not their crazy symptom profile was due to COVID.
3/ “A common theme emerged: lack of recognition by the medical profession. Patients, including doctors, w #LongCovid consulted healthcare providers & their symptoms were commonly minimized, dismissed, or labeled as anxiety.”
#Stigma #Discrimination #MECFS
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Een ander geluid, benadering en perspectief over de oververtegenwoordiging van 'niet witte mensen' van niet-gevaccineerden die nu in het ziekenhuis liggen met COVID-19. #vaccinatie #persconferentie @MarcelLevi lees je mee?…
Ik wil hier het woord 'etnische minderheid' gebruiken ipv wit/kleurling/niet-wit. Een etnische minderheid is volgens Harris een groep mensen die verschillen van de dominante groep in het land waarin ze leven op basis van afkomst, kleur e.d.…
Als een groep mensen in Nederland een lage vaccinatiegraad heeft, dan komt dat niet door hun afkomst, want dat zou betekenen dat iemands afkomst een probleem is. Dit is #stigma en verder bijdragen aan #institutioneleracisme
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Speaking as someone who studies anxieties about malingering and their connections to health, disability, & social policy, the framing of this NYT article is enormously problematic.


The Man Who Filed More Than 180 Disability Lawsuits…
The article is well-written, but it leaves out an enormous amount of context. Most importantly, ADA and disability law violations are de rigeur. They are common, frequent, every day occurrences. Ask people w/ mobility impairments how airlines handle their wheelchairs.

Ask hearing-impaired or Deaf people about the availability of SL-fluent interpreters in public accommodations. And on and on and on. It's endless.

As w/ most forms of civil rights and antidiscrimination laws in the US, the rules are observed in the breach.

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