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Let’s start a thread of best Ukrainian war, TikTok dances. Please add to it. From one crisis to the next - they didn’t even change the script. yet the sheep still follow. Baa Baa
That’s all remember there’s no dance floor in a real war🤔.
#Ukraine #Fakewar #tiktokdances
Let’s keep the thread going, because dumb ass didn’t learn from the Covid scam. Add your favorite war TikTok dance? Help build the thread They’re not hard to find. #scam #pukraine #dance
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#RokoteSkandaali: Suomi on vahvasti sitoutunut solidaarisuuteen #covid19-rokotteiden globaalin saatavuuden edistämisessä.
- Valtioneuvosto päätti 9.9.2021 yhteensä 3,65 miljoonan rokoteannoksen lahjoittamisesta COVAX:in kautta.…
#Finland #Pandemrix #Scandal #Marin.
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab #YGLs @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour
Now it's finally clear: there really wasn't a #SwineFlu threat.
But who really benefited from maintaining the #hysteria fueled by the pigs' suffering and tails?…
@wef @ProfKlausSchwab @YGLvoices @MNSchwab @Bodour Bulletin 4 January 2009: Request for an investigation into vaccine harms and #KTL's funding
- In December, Rokotusinfo ry submitted two investigation requests related to the operations of the Public Health Institute (@THLorg) to the #Helsinki #police.
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1. Good morning 👋
Tuesdays 🧵Given that most of #Mayo has #Peat soil, it should come as no surprise that the water flowing through the Burrishoole catchment is full of #Carbon, giving the rivers and lakes their typical brown, dark colour
📸credit G. Rogan & J. Cooney Altahoney river Lough Feeagh and a harbour
2. There’s nothing particularly special about Lough Feeagh. It’s a fairly typical, deep, #Humic lake (45m deep), similar to many lakes that you find in all the mountainous regions along the west coast. It’s a pretty nice place to work
3. The impacts of #ClimateChange & #LandUse that we measure in Feeagh, therefore, are likely to be replicated in lakes in any of Ireland’s blanket bog catchments (to varying degrees). We'll look at #LandUse change 1st, and how it impacts rivers and downstream aquatic ecosystems
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I posted a comment earlier about #covid19 #vaccines, #SterilisingImmunity and emergence of #variants and it's been pointed out to me (@bealelab @SwaledaleMutton et al.) that some of the points, well the header really, isn't factually correct and/or could be used mischievously.
Therefore I will append a clarification that my comments were able the status quo and covid vaccines alone and any other points I thought relevant to ensure my musing can't be misconstrued. The overall point about global vaccine inequities and emergence of variants remains, but
My comments hopefully can't be taken out of context and used nefariously by others with an anti-vaaxx agenda or similar. I have always been and remain a staunch believe proponent for vaccines. However, we need to understand what they do.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/14/2021…
As COVID's Omicron variant spreads, an Australian research team is 'very concerned' about discovery on its origins - ABC News…

#omicron, #COVID19, #variants, #transmissibility, #virulence, #GlobalControl
The Consequences of Moving from Industrial to Financial Capitalism – Consortium News…

#IndustrialCapitalism, #FinancialCapitalism, #consequences
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Finished the stream about basics of writing #audio effects in #unity3d. This beautiful paint-painting is one of the results of it: #screenshotsaturday Image
Also showed off my sheep bleating synth I made during Isolation jam at @kollafoss. #screenshotsaturday #sheep…
Also, if you leave your debug keys in, you will have interesting consequences (& have some more sheep): #screenshotsaturday #sheep #gamedev #audio…
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How to understand panic?…
Under normal circumstances, panic among investor will cause #Sheep-FlockEffect, resulting in the #marketslump in a short period of time, such as the 2008 #financialcrisis and the 2015 stock crash in China.
Usually the uncertainty about future is key in exacerbating the economic downturn or the financial crisis.
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Meet Alice Saul @alicesaul2, a PhD candidate at the @ResearchMenzies at @UTAS_ who is investigating how diet may affect the progression of multiple sclerosis.

A thread 👇

#phdchat #AcademicChatter #kissmsgoodbye #research #multiplesclerosis #epidemiology #diet #nutrition Image
Many people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) modify their diet in hopes of changing the course of the disease, but there is limited evidence that changing diet can have an effect on MS. Alice is examining the role of diet in MS progression as part of her doctorate @ResearchMenzies
Alice is using data from the AusLong study – a cohort of people with MS who had a first clinical diagnosis of demyelination and have been followed annually for 10 years.
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#InTheirFootsteps into the earthwork remains of a large (50m x 14.5m) #medieval sheepcote for overwintering #sheep on a monastic grange at Troed-y-Rhiw, perhaps belonging to the #Cistercian house at Strata Florida. That could house a lot of sheep… Image
Manure deposited by #sheep overwintered in #medieval sheepcotes over the winter could be 6 ft deep by the spring. In 1393-4 *20 workmen* were needed at Bishop’s Cleeve, Glos., to clear it from the sheepcote & spread it on the fields in 1393-4.… Image
And here, FWIW, is an early Flemish illustration of a sheepcote (perhaps) #justbecause… Image
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I usually sleep on on Sundays but I'm a Coza because I'm in the mood to witness something....😭
All the baddies got to Coza it seems 🙃
Once the Senior Pastor @BiodunFatoyinbo face came on the screen, the crowd went wild. The brainwashing is elite level.
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We have reached the #tippingpoint. For the past year+, the visceral comments on @realDonaldTrump's tweets has been almost unbearable. In the past week, something has changed. Less Tavistock/Soros paid NPC bot's comments, & much more push back against those comments. #NinjaNews
Twitter is still doing their part by keeping the NPC comments at the top of the feed, but those comments are definitely less and getting a much different response. I will post some for you, so that you can see what I am saying is true.
This peach makes the common NPC statement in response to @realDonaldTrump's tweet this morning- using words like pathetic, immature, dumb and STFU. She even throws in a big ol FU.
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