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With the goal to catalyze more rapid and coordinated action across the full technology value chain, @ENERGY's #NuclearLiftoff establishes a common fact-base for the private sector for critical clean energy technologies. #BuildNuclearNow 1/x… Image
Regardless of level of #renewables deployment, to achieve net-zero in the U.S. by 2050 requires ~550–770 GW of additional clean, firm capacity. Modeling results indicate demand for 200+ GW of new nuclear capacity. #AdvancedNuclear 2/x Image
Multiple system-level decarbonization modeling exercises over the last 2 years have concluded that, especially with estimates for #renewables buildout that account for limitations from #transmission expansion and #LandUse, significant new #nuclear power would be required by 2050. Image
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1. Good morning 👋
Tuesdays 🧵Given that most of #Mayo has #Peat soil, it should come as no surprise that the water flowing through the Burrishoole catchment is full of #Carbon, giving the rivers and lakes their typical brown, dark colour
📸credit G. Rogan & J. Cooney Altahoney river Lough Feeagh and a harbour
2. There’s nothing particularly special about Lough Feeagh. It’s a fairly typical, deep, #Humic lake (45m deep), similar to many lakes that you find in all the mountainous regions along the west coast. It’s a pretty nice place to work
3. The impacts of #ClimateChange & #LandUse that we measure in Feeagh, therefore, are likely to be replicated in lakes in any of Ireland’s blanket bog catchments (to varying degrees). We'll look at #LandUse change 1st, and how it impacts rivers and downstream aquatic ecosystems
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/20/2022…
The Conscious Cultivation of Ignorance ⋆ Brownstone Institute…
#agnotology, #IgnoranceCultivation, #AnthropologicalResearch
We're Entering the Control Phase of the Pandemic…
#PandemicPhases, #PandemicResponse
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I am proud of the work that @ClarkWardleLaw has been able to do for @SanctuaryBoise with the conclusion of last night's public testimony, it is impossible to rebut 14+ hours of statements and testimony in hearings in 5 minutes. Here is my rebuttal that was truncated last night:
The flame of outrage and fear has been evident. Before you close the public record, if there are questions you believe still need to be answered then please ask them.
Five minutes is too little to rebut 12+ hours of comments. It is a defect in Boise City Code that deprives applicants of reasonable due process rights. I will address the following three points
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/27/2021…
A stream in Waipio smelled like beer. An investigation into a strange spill ensued.…

#runoff #contamination #alcohol #brewery #hawaii
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I'm extremely happy to share some of the main findings of our new paper: "The effect of industrialization & globalization on domestic land-use: A global resource footprint perspective"… @SustainableDean @KlausHubacek @MartinBruckner 👇 (1/6)
Industrial intensification &unbalanced trade relations enable countries seemingly unconstrained consumption of biomass goods while being able to spare land for #conservation &recreation. However, superficially efficient #landuse systems have the highest #resourcefootprints (2/6) Image
While wealthier countries have reduced their reliance and pressure on domestic land ecosystems, they consume more biomass goods produced in other countries and require higher energy and material inputs for intensification. There is no #decoupling observable (3/6)
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🚜🌎💚 Land use, #farming & how this impacts on #ClimateChange is under scrutiny

Today, the Committee on Climate Change (@thecccuk) have launched their new Land Use report

What does it say, does it focus on the right things and is it ambitious enough?
@theCCCuk @UKSustain @SoilsAlliance @SusFoodTrust @LandworkersUK @FOLUCoalition @GreenerUK_ @GreenAllianceUK @WCL_News @DefraGovUK @NFUtweets The report comes at a time when #farming, #landuse and its impact on #climatechange is under the spotlight like never before.

This @theCCCuk report will be a major influence on what farmers will be rewarded for doing to adapt to climate change.
Nature must be given equal emphasis in shaping the future of post-#Brexit #farm support, as #farming and #landuse is also the primary driver of global #insect decline and the #biodiversity crash.
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The #LandUse report by the government's Committee on Climate Change (@theCCCuk) is a pathetic damp squib of a document, hopelessly unmatched to the scale of our climate and ecological emergencies.
In this thread, I'll explain why:
@theCCCuk To give one example, it calls for measures to encourage a 10% cut in cattle and sheep numbers by 2050.
But this reduction is way less than the *existing trajectory*, as people turn away from red meat.
And by 2050, cultured meat may have nixed the entire sector.
@theCCCuk The UK has the most wasteful farming practices in Europe. Vast tracts of land produce negligible amounts of food. For example, sheep farming occupies ~4m ha, roughly equiv to all our arable and horticultural land, yet produces just 1.2% of our calories.…
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Mega #Hexham summer tour day ends with street surgery + home visits on #CauseyHill overlooking #Hexham - thread of visits + meets ⬇️ 1/ Image
Good catch up visit to @NorthumbriaNHS #Hexham #Hospital to get updates from many of the teams on the wards and do a walk round with Gillian the Matron #NHS #Proud 2/ Image
Wide ranging update meeting with constituents raising a variety of key local and national #ClimateChange issues - discussion of everything from #ESG to #Coal #Forestry to #LandUse #NetZero to #EnvironmentPlan 3/ Image
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Steeling myself with a strong coffee to sit down and read major new report on avoiding dangerous #climatechange (@IPCC_CH #SR15, available here: My takes to follow (1/n)
As always, the #peerreview effort by @IPCC_CH is Herculean. A couple hundred volunteer scientists read & cited 6,000+ studies to support conclusions w/ evidence. Responded to 42,001 comments in 3 rounds of review. The most robust process there is to establish scientific consensus
Now, this #SR15 report title is descriptive, but doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...
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