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On Tuesday, the @EUparliament passed a groundbreaking policy framework that will make electric vehicle batteries sold in 🇪🇺 more sustainable – and can serve as a blueprint for battery policies worldwide.🔋⚡️

Here are 4 key aspects of this policy in a short 🧵.👇

#EVs #batteries Image
1⃣Responsible and sustainable #mining.

The regulation mandates due diligence obligations for companies selling batteries in 🇪🇺.

Companies are required to identify and mitigate social and environmental risks in the supply chain of cobalt, lithium, nickel, and natural graphite.
2⃣Lower emissions in battery production.

The regulation mandates that companies assess and declare the #lifecycle carbon footprint of their batteries.

From 2028, only #EVbatteries produced below a maximum carbon footprint threshold value can be sold in the 🇪🇺.
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The pace of #innovation in electric vehicles is mind-blowing. It's not just about #batteries, but also #electricdrives, #powerelectronics, #software, and #batterymanagement. Image
These advancements mean better #energyefficiency, increased range, and lower costs. With fewer parts, economies of scale will soon make electric vehicles as affordable as internal combustion engines. The future is electric! ⚡️🚗 #EVs #CleanTransportation Image
Long-haul trucking and farm & mining equipment pose interesting challenges. Will it be all #batteries or a combo of #fuelcells and batteries? My bet is on batteries dominating the field due to their innovation and scalability. Fuel cells are still in their early stages Image
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Rs 420cr wrongly charged by @atherenergy & @OlaElectric to scooters owners? 📛📛📛

This wild & unethical play has got the Govt up in arms against them!

Here’s all you should know 👇 Image
As per Govt’s Vahan portal, the number of scooters sold by Ola & Ather to date (as per Vahan) stand at 1.72L & 1.25L.

But Vahan portal doesn’t yet include sales from Telangana & Lakshwadeep. Thus, let’s round up the sales to account for some of that:

🔆 Ola: 1.8L
🔆 Ather: 1.3L
But, what really drove those big numbers?

🔆 Govt’s FAME scheme which has been massively subsidising electric scooters

🔆 In layman terms, the scheme says that after subsidy, the ex-showroom of a price of a scooter should be <Rs 1.5L. And this subsidy could go up to Rs 60k!
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Climate Group's @abarranco on the IRA and IIJA:

"These historic climate investments will accelerate the transition to a US green economy, creating whole new sectors of clean energy jobs, green and resilient infrastructure, and technology innovation." Image
The ambition from @GovWesMoore: We want Maryland to be the offshore wind capital of the world. In partnership with other sectors, we have a chance to advance climate solutions in a meaningful and sustainable way. Incentivize capital and incentivize movement. Image
"The private sector has led on the study of climate risk impacts. Politics cannot get in the way of this - we can’t interfere with progress on climate action." - @GovWesMoore Image
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1/ Have you ever wondered how an electric vehicle (EV) charge curve works, why charge curves are so variable between EV's, or why EV's throttle power?

Lets deep dive into the physics and answer your EV questions.

An Electric Thread 🧵⚡️👇

What is an EV charge curve?

The charge curve of an EV typically shows how the battery charges over time. As the battery charges, the charging speed gradually decreases until it reaches its full capacity.

The charge curve is influenced by various factors, such as battery chemistry, charging infrastructure, and temperature.

Lithium-ion batteries have a limited charging capacity, and charging too fast can cause overheating or damage to the battery.
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1/ Did you know that the average EV driver fills up with less then a gallon of gas of energy each trip to a EV fast charging station? Think about that!

Let's explore what is behind this & the implication for the future of car refill

Buckle up drivers for an Electric Thread 🧵⚡️
2/ According to publicly available data from @ElectrifyAm, the average amount of energy an EV driver fills up with at fast charging stations is only 33kWh per trip.

At an efficiency of 4 miles per kWh, that's around 132 miles of range per session.
3 / For comparison, gas cars have a range of about 350 miles per tank with 12 gallons of gas.

While EVs still have some catching up to do, the growing availability and convenience of fast charging stations are making them an increasingly viable option for daily driving
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#Thread 🇨🇱🔋 J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir toucher plus que des yeux le futur de la transition énergétique 🌎 et 🇪🇺

👀 Rendez-vous dans le désert de l’Atacama 🏜 au Chili 🇨🇱, zone particulièrement propice à l’exploitation du #lithium 🔋(📷 Plans)
Ce liquide visqueux ? C’est de la saumure de #lithium (solution aqueuse avec sel fondu + lithium, etc…) à son dernier stade d’évaporation de l’eau 💧 et avant purification pour transformation en carbonate de lithium.
(📷 Paul Messad)
Ce carbonate de lithium, qui se présente, une fois raffiné, sous la forme d’une poudre blanche, permet les transferts d’énergies dans les batteries 🚗 📱…
En l’état de la maturité technologique en matière de batterie 🔋, il est indispensable.
(📷 Paul Messad)
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From @MarketWatch

Interest in #EVs is outpacing infrastructure development
2/4 In our piece, The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions we stated, " The electrification of transportation is going to require a massive amount of #mining. The stocks are incredibly cheap."…
3/4 The chart below shows the total change in annual #mineral demand by these scenarios. Demand growth is enormous.

Despite incorporating significant future efficiencies, the IEA predicts that mineral #demand will grow 4x. Image
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#India's #startup ecosystem raised $455 million across 24 deals last week (Jan.16-21,'23) with #fintech #unicorn PhonePe turning decacorn at $12 billion valuation.
#StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #funding #Entrepreneurship #innovation #Motivation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $126 million off 16 deals last week (Jan.23-28,'23) across #cybersecurity, #deeptech, #energy, #gaming, #logistics, #SaaS, etc. with total #funding for Jan.'23 crossing $1 billion. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #inspiration #Thread India's startup ecosystem's funding round up for the last week and also for the January month + an inspirational quote stating that your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
#India's #startup ecosystem raised $49 million off 12 deals last week (Jan.30-Feb.4,'23) across #EVs, #freight, #manufacturing, etc. #StartupIndia #DigitalIndia #VentureCapital #leadership #founders #Entrepreneurship #MondayMotivation #inspiration #innovation #prosunjoyi #Thread Image
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We are here at #AutoExpo2023! We are expecting a lot of exciting announcements around #ElectricVehicles, SUVs and more. Stay tuned…

@MrAhmedSays | @Nishmanya | @Nandiniwhy | #AutoExpoOnTV9
We are starting with @Maruti_Corp that is about to unveil a new SUV concept, and from what we hear it’s all electric!

#AutoExpo2023 | #AutoExpoOnTV9…
The name of Maruti's all-electric SUV - making its world premiere today is Concept EVX, which is part of Suzuki's global EV strategy and will go on sale by 2025

#AutoExpo2023 | #AutoExpoOnTV9 | #EVX | @Maruti_Corp
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LiCoO2, LFP, LTO, NMC, LMO y NCA son tipos de baterías de iones de #litio que se utilizan comúnmente en vehículos eléctricos #EVs. Cada uno de ellos tiene sus propias características y ventajas #invertir #mining 🧵👇 Image
LiCoO2: Las baterías LiCoO2 utilizan un compuesto de cobre, hierro y cobalto como material catódico y tienen una alta densidad de energía. Sin embargo, también son relativamente sensibles a los cambios de temperatura y pueden ser menos duraderas que otras baterías.
LFP: Las baterías LFP utilizan un compuesto de hierro y fósforo como material catódico y tienen una baja densidad de energía. Sin embargo, son muy estables y resistentes a los cambios de temperatura y tienen una larga vida útil.
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My big wish for #European #energy in 2023 is that the @EU_Commission and European #governments push the rollout of #smartmeters and #smarttariffs across the continent.
Why do I say that? Because #smartmeters and #smarttariffs give #energy customers the ability to control their own destiny by enabling them to switch off and on devices depending on how expensive #powerprices are.
#smartmeters and #Smarttariffs enable new #businessmodels such as what @OctopusEnergy are offering. In addition, #digitalisation will allow the smoother and quicker integration of #EVs into the system as well as smart #heating.
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BREAKING: @EcologyWA adopted three life-saving clean vehicle rules that will put WA on track to slash transportation emissions, put more pollution-free vehicles on the road & deliver air pollution relief to the communities that need it most #EVsSaveLives🎉…
"Urgency can be a powerful opportunity - it's fitting for the Evergreen State to join California & Vermont in taking bold measures to nurture our environment & plot a trail for the rest of the country to follow" - Wes Stewart, @SierraClubWASt #CleanTransportationForAll Organizer
#DYK Trucks and buses are responsible for 59% of smog & 53% of deadly diesel pollution? These toxic pollutants are able to lodge deep in the lungs. Thank you @EcologyWA for adopting the Heavy-Duty Omnibus Rule that will put more low-pollution trucks on the road! 🚚🤢 Image
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Picture of the Week: Speed of change around #energytransition is accelerating. Last year the @IEA projected that #renewableenergy installations would be 1800GW over the next five years. Now they are saying that it will be 2,400GW which is the installed capacity of #China.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
1. Geopolitics - #Ukrainian crisis has forced #Europe to accelerate #decarbonization. It has also been a wake up call for #China who is a huge #energy importer.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
2. Opportunity - #EVs, #batteries, #heatpumps and #Solar are multi-billion dollar markets growing at circa 40% per annum and are attracting the best entrepreneurs and businesses across the world
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The Senate weighed in on the grid & the @PUCTX's proposed market design changes last week. Today, the House State Affairs Cmte meets to ask questions of the PUC, #ERCOT, the Independent Market Monitor & industry. I'll tweet some highlights here. #txlege 1/…
@PUCTX Livestream is here and the first panel has just started.…

Another good summary of the events of last week from @rtoinsider and @tkleckner1 here…
Chair Lake starts by saying it was "misinformation" that extremes weren't included in the study. They in fact did not include Uri.

Here's the quote from the study: "The 1980-2019 sample does not include the extreme cold weather event caused by Winter Storm Uri in 2021... (cont.)
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There is a lot of #china bashers out there particularly with regards #energy. The bottom line though is that #China is not only the biggest producers of #solarpanels, #inverters #windturbines and #batteries in the world but also the biggest market for all these products.
This year #china will install circa 100GW of #solarpanels. If you add the 50GW from last year the country has installed over the last 18 months more than the total installed base of the #Unitedstates.
#china will install over 50GW of #wind in 2022 which is more than 50% of all global wind turbines installed this year.
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Big day at #txlege today. Hearing in Senate B&C focused on fixing the grid, proposed ERCOT market changes and in Sen Natural Resources on economic development programs (incl. for energy) and implementation of a bill that bans state investment in sustainable investors #txlege 1/🧵
Here's the first part of the agenda in Senate B&C. Mostly usual suspects. None of the panels will have represention for residential consumers, community groups, renewable energy, battery storage, academia, etc. #txlege #txenergy
You can see the hearings here:
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🚗 FUN FACT - SUVs are the world's 6th largest polluter (if they were ranked as a country)

😷 Total emissions of all the SUVs globally is more than Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Korea

🌍 But despite the fact we are facing a #ClimateEmergency, car makers are still pushing SUVs A bar graph that shows the total annual carbon emissions for
In fact, Growing demand for SUVs was the second largest contributor to the increase in global CO2 emissions from 2010 to 2018. #pollution

The increase in global #emissions from SUVs was more than heavy industry, shipping and #aviation…
But there's more

⛽ Oil consumption from SUVs reached 5.5 million barrels per day in 2020.

🚗 Emissions from SUVs have nearly tripled over the past decade.

⚡ Even electric SUVs contribute to pollution through higher amount of particulates from tyres.…
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Oct 12 2022: "Deep-sea miner stock jumps after first seafloor collection since 1970s"

The "#greatreset" (#Commonwealth w/ WEF as secretariat) includes deep sea #mining. The annihilation of #oceans carried out under guise of sustainability.

#UN #SDGs…
"The fields in the CCZ represent the largest known, undeveloped #nickel resource on the planet & is estimated to contain over 3 times the amount of #cobalt, almost 2 x the amount of nickel & as much #manganese as all global land-based reserves, combined."

#Privatization of the #oceans will allow for ocean exploration & deep sea #mining - both essential for the fourth industrial revolution infrastructure desired by the ruling class technocrats. #4IR #EVs #Salesforce

Learning thread:

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For this edition of the #WeeklyWrap, we’re serving up a triple threat of news stories that have grabbed our attention across the retail, automotive and civil engineering sectors 👇



🛍️🛒 Hawaii-based chain, Bad Ass Coffee, appoints experienced franchising expert to aid its US expansion, where it’s targeting 400% store growth by 2028:

💡 Wejo enables businesses to better understand consumer behavior and analyze new site locations to engage customers and expand more effectively – all through #ConnectedVehicleData:

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⚡China's industry ministry MIIT says lithium producers shall not collude in pricing or seriously deviate from cost pricing.
#China #lithium #EVs
⚡China's industry ministry MIIT held a symposium with lithium producers Thursday and came to the conclusion that China's lithium resources reserve could meet domestic demand.
#China #lithium #EVs
⚡China's industry ministry MIIT says to promote development of lithium industry and accelerate development and utilization of domestic resources.
#China #lithium #EVs
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Power crunch in drought-hit Sichuan and Chongqing disrupts production in auto industry chain; parts of Tesla, NIO, and other EV makers' charging services suspended due to power rationing: local media
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
Tesla has asked Chinese govt to help secure power to its suppliers amid power rationing in Sichuan.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
#FYI: Sichuan-Chongqing region is one of six major automobile industry clusters in China, with an annual capacity of 2.725 million vehicles in 2021, accounting for 10.3% of China's annual capacity.
#Tesla $TSLA $NIO #Sichuan #China #EVs
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