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🇬🇧 has made private finance the driver of climate diplomacy. There’s been a big early announcement from the #GlasgowFinancialAllianceforNetZero (#GFANZ)…
There's much to welcome here but it's also "work in progress" (eg we need 2025/5 yr targets).
Detailed analysis is warranted. But if we zoom out, we can see that the big execution challenge is there’s “near zero” alignment between what humans need to #thrive vs the incentives that drive the *daily* behaviour of the financial sector players who are the BSD’s today 2/15
This is true for ALL the big issues of today: economic, social, environmental & governance. #PrivateVoluntaryInitiatives just aren't fit for purpose when it comes to #systemic threats. For an intellectual deep dive with 11 cartoons (!) see @Duncan_BBR 3/15
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Stroke outcome #prognostication

☝️#Stroke clinicians are routinely asked by patients and families regarding prognosis.
🧠The cognitive process underlying prognostication is #complex, poorly understood, and sometime #biased by personal experiences Image

#Fact: Clinicians, even those with expertise in stroke, perform poorly in predicting clinical outcomes
In this case-based study, overall accuracy for predicting death or disability at discharge was <20%😩
#JURaSSIC… Image

☝️Several prognostic #models have been developed to aid prognostication after ischemic stroke
These models #outperform clinician #judgment in predicting stroke outcomes
@GeorgeNtaios Image
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The #game of “economic moats” within most public #blockchains has made it hard for people to join in by forcing people to choose between geek and geeker. Go ahead and ask anyone new to #crypto how to get started and its like deer in headlights!

Time for a thread:
2/ Blockchain is a #technology that is meant to bring safety and freedom to you, yet most #dapps today have it's users completely at the control of the company that created it!
3/ When we try to use #blockchain networks, you feel like you are treated like a machine, instead of a person. Making people feel controlled and manipulated through poor system designs that have not fixed the hard part, treating you like a person.
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As I embark on #PGY30 , I’m reflecting upon my transition to #Intern year and thinking of the new #Residents starting this week…a short thread 1/

#TipsForNewInterns Image
Don’t listen to the #intern jokes.

You are a doctor now and fully a part of the #HealthcareTeam …a VERY important part! 2/

#TipsForNewInterns Image
Take the opportunity to learn from everyone…especially your #nurses.

Also take note of the ppl who treat other staff and patients rudely.

You’re not too young in the game to gently correct them…as you’ve been part of the #HumanRace for a long time. 3/

#TipsForNewDocs Image
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Green Urine: #NEJM
....will be seen in #COVID – Why? Massive use of Propofol. While Green Urine is Benign, effects of prolonged over-sedation & immobilization ++ #DELIRIUM are not 😤 Wake them up & get out of bed. Start w/SAT…#A2Fbundle & #PICS

#medtwitter #nursetwitter
1/ re: SATs to avoid over-sedation in #COVID19 pts, Thx @phanton_icu for Protocol Blindness caution & @Nitkjain reminder “Easier said than done.” I’ve been pondering your comments all day & think them ripe for further conversation on #A2Fbundle

#medtwitter #pulmcc #nursetwitter
2/ Remember, protocols like #A2Fbundle are guides & not “1-shoe-fits-all pts.” Correct, we must deviate when needed. However, these 6 principles (ABCDEF) are derived from 35 NEJM, JAMA, Lancet papers +400 others & now >25,000 pts of data. Not chump change.
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1/ During the final session of the 2020 Religion News Association Annual Conference, I made this statement. What follows is my statement on the #abortion debate. #rna2020virtual Image
2/ Whoever builds the house sets parameters for possiblities within. Burned by gains of #CivilRights, seething from Supreme Court anti-segregation ruling (Bob Jones vs USA), southern White men constructed #abortion debate framework in 1983 as staging ground for cultural warfare.
3/ Pro-life vs Pro-choice is an inhuman frame, meant to draw battle lines, meant to set the stage for winners/losers. It is so last-century. And it is inaccurate. Those who built the pro-life frame have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, what they really cared about is white life.
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1/ Over the last several weeks, I began journaling my response to the murders of #GeorgeFloyd, #AhmaudArbery and #BreonnaTaylor. My world is uniquely intertwined to the present challenges.
2/ As an African-American father of 3 boys, I am a son of Ghanaian heritage, and married to a beautiful scientist of Ghanaian-American descent. I have the privilege of co-pastoring a multi-ethnic church in the Boston area.
3/ All of my worlds are affected by the brokenness of racial injustice.
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Prophetically speaking, the church needs to help people learn how to process loss & grief. As a nation, we have experienced so much loss and eventually this will catch up with us. We need to learn how to heal through healthy processing of our pain. #thrive #Covidcreate
While re-opening reflects the economic reality of loss of work, could it also be our attempt to avoid processing our pain as a nation? #thrive
From a pastoral care standpoint, the hardest time is not right after the shock of the loss of a loved one. It is in the moments that everyone is gone and we are alone by ourselves trying to wrestle with pain. The time after the funeral is the loneliest.
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Aquí comienza su andanza el Grupo Itaca, nuestra idea es unirnos todas aquellas unidades o servicios con programa para S Post-Cuidados Intensivos, poner en común nuestros avances, nuestras dudas y tratar de perfilar, entre todos,el mejor abordaje de esta patología
Si queréis incorporaros os invito a leer el post y mirar la web…
Nos reuniremos 1 vez al mes por videoconferencia y una vez al año, presencial, este año la tarde previa a la Jornada del S Post-Cuidados Intensivos, el 26 de Noviembre! Image
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Today, in the 34th National Congress of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Society @SENPE_ , celebrated in Santiago de Compostela. I’ve talked about the importance to follow-up our ICU patients and the nutrition support in Post-ICU patients.

#SENPE2019 #THRIVE #PICSyndrome ImageImageImageImage
Nutritional scores and Muscular US in the Post-ICU clinic ImageImage
Conclusions Image
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🗣️And it is finally out!

👉Amazing shared forum from @OPENPediatrics about #PedsICU rehab and patient (family)-centered care

👉Please share/RT this paradigm shift lecture

#thrive #ICUrehab @McMasterU

@karen_choong from 🇨🇦…
🗣️Al final llegó!

👉Increíble foro compartido desde @OPENPediatrics sobre rehabilitación en #PedsICU y cuidados centrados en el niño y su familia

👉Comparte/RT esta charla sobre cambio paradigmas

#thrive #ICUrehab @McMasterU

@karen_choong from 🇨🇦…
Thread/Hilo (🇬🇧🇪🇸)

Epidemiology has changed. New children population: SURVIVORS
La epidemiología cambió en #PedsICU : nuevos niños: SOBREVIVIENTES

Cambio el patrón de MORTALIDAD
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Today 9:45 a.m. room 33 @SCCM #ccc48

"Bringing Meaning & Life Back to Survivors of Critical Illness"

I'm looking forward to a great session with @ICU_Recovery + @JulieRoganCNS

Here are my slides to give you a sense of what the conversation may be about. Join us!
Mark Mikkelsen and I have been deeply influenced by Creditor's classic article

These graphics hopefully forthcoming from Oxford Textbook of Medicine edited by @icuresearch

@SCCM #ccc48
Recovery-focus means thinking about preventing long-term harm, but also realizing critical illness is bad and some damage will occur given the limitations of our science and art

We need to help patients + families rehab but also ADAPT

@SCCM #ccc48
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