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🚨PhD headline findings🧵

If leaders adopt high-impact low-carbon behaviour:
- others tend to follow
- leader credibility and approval sky-rockets 🚀

If leaders don’t lead by example
- leader credibility drops 🤨
- others are less likely to act

➡️Leading by example increases a sense of collective effort on climate

➡️It is not viewed as “individual” if leader motivation is trusted and they fulfil their other leadership functions (i.e. not *just* taking individual action)

➡️Leading by example appeals to most people
How and why does low-carbon leading by example work?

To find out I did:
➡️4 focus groups
➡️19 leader interviews (UK MPs)
➡️a survey experiment (n=1267)
➡️a survey of recent flyers who stopped flying for a year (n=344)

Here's what I found...
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The #COP27 Leaders Summit has officially started!

Major areas @E3G are looking out for
➡️Willingness for a deal on #LossAndDamage
➡️Plans to tackle emission reduction gap
➡️Action on global financial architecture revamp #Bridgetown #JETP

Follow 👇 below thread for live updates
UNSG @antonioguterres called for a historic Climate Solidarity Pact between developed and developing countries 🌍
"We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator. Humanity is faced with a choice: cooperate or perish. Those who give up are sure to lose."
UAE 🇦🇪 President Mohammed Bin Zayed pledged to carry forward UNFCCC agenda at next year's #COP28 with the first #GlobalStocktake and ensure inclusion & representation of everyone, especially women and youth
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"The 21st Century Question: Emergently Engineering the Future"

Follow this 🧵 today and tomorrow for highlights from our 2022 #AppliedComplexity Network and Board of Trustees Symposium:…

#Web3 #Cities #Polarization #EmergentEngineering #Decentralization
We start with a talk by SFI President David Krakauer:

"Would anyone care to guess why we're so GOOD at building transistors and so CRAP at designing drugs?"

"This thing [points to transistor] lives in a centralized system. This thing [points to cancer drug] lives in US."
"I'm going to pick on economics, because we like to do that at SFI. 'Ooh, look at that cover! So techy. Global, heat maps...' But here's 'Networks' [in the textbook]. THAT'S IT. Here's '#ComplexityEconomics.' NOTHING."
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A 🧵on some of the big climate & energy reports that have just come out ahead of #COP27, before we have to abandon this ship..

➡️ @UNEP Emissions Gap Report
➡️ @IISD_Energy Navigating Energy Transitions
➡️ @IEA World Energy Outlook
➡️ @LancetCountdown on health & climate change
Bear in mind that (1) Last month, a study from @sthlmresilience reinforced the message that every fraction of a degree counts. Five dangerous climate #TippingPoints may have already been passed due to the 1.1°C of global heating caused by humanity to date;…
... and (2) Atmospheric levels of three greenhouse gases -- CO2, methane, and N2O -- hit record highs in 2021.…
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Everyones heard of tipping points that are catastrophic. But there are cascading changes in socio-political-technical systems that can be positive tool!
Cracking #TippingPoints conference at @GSI_Exeter with researchers @KateRaworth @rahmstorf et al
"why we have failed to even bend the emissions curve (despite over 30yrs of scientific warnings!) compellingly reveals the role of the power of vested interests in blocking action

Need movements to overcome this!" Collective action+ Power->#TippingPoints
3/ Read Meadows on the Exponential CO2 Stick:"It shortens the time for effective action. It loads stress on a system faster & faster until coping mechanisms that have been able to deal w slower rates of change finally begin to fail"…
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Several people asked if I could share the slides from our #TippingPoints conference session. So I thought I'd put them up here too.

Thanks to all who took part. I look forward to working together to grow our understanding of social movements can accelerate tipping points🧵1/n
The importance of building powerful social movements with carefully targeted campaign goals came up repeatedly throughout the conference.... 2/n

Movements are a crucial to achieve social change, as it is not enough to just have evidence, or even to communicate it with compelling stories, you also need to build counter-power that can force change in the existing system 3/n
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We’ve got a new paper out on climate #TippingPoints in @ScienceMagazine: “Exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple climate tipping points”…


🧵Thread on what it says, & the implications:

1/30 #ClimateChange
Climate tipping points (CTPs) have become a major global concern since the first major CTP assessment in 2008, which provided a definition and identified nine parts of the climate system (named "tipping elements") with potential CTPs.…

There have been major climate science advances since then, with improved models, observations, & palaeoclimate records helping understand how and when CTPs could occur.

Based on this, new elements (e.g. permafrost) have been proposed, & others (e.g. monsoons) questioned.

3/30 Map showing location of pre...
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Guess they're talking about Canada & @liberal_party re #BayduNord #TMX #LNGCanada
#oldgrowrh #clearcut 👇
"Ongoing investments in fossil fuel infrastructure & clearing large swaths of forest for agriculture undermine the massive curbs in emissions needed to meet Paris goal"
Such cuts would be hard to achieve without without drastic, economy-wide measures, the panel acknowledged. It’s more likely that the world will pass 1.5C

#JustinTrudeau never had any INTENTION of meeting 2C much less 1.5C target
Many experts say #CCS is UNFEASIBLE with current technologies, & even if it could be done it would be far costlier than preventing the emissions in the first place."

They need to elaborate what they mean by costlier @MarkJCarney @s_guilbeault
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/31/2022…
Immune activation in irritable bowel syndrome: what is the evidence? | Nature Reviews Immunology…
#ImmuneActivation, #IrritableBowelSyndrome, #ResearchResults
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Al cierre de la #COP26, mantengo la esperanza. Sí, lo acordado no es suficiente, pero para mí es un paso adelante en la transformación del sistema. En 2009 estuve en Copenhague y el límite del 1.5 y la propuesta de #Ecuador de #DejarElPetróleoBajoTierra se sentían inviables. 1/6
Hoy,el #PactodeGlasgow mantiene vivo el 1.5, menciona por 1ra vez a los #CombustiblesFósiles y el carbón y reconoce el imperativo de duplicar el financiamiento para la #adaptación. Para mí, ese paso de ser “inviables” a ser el status quo muestra que el mundo sí está cambiando.2/6
En medio de la impotencia que siento al no ser negociadora,los eventos y conversaciones de la #COP26 también me llenan de inspiración.Hay incontables iniciativas en todo el mundo, y especialmente en el #Sur, que también están cambiando el sistema y requieren ser visibilizadas.3/6
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/08/2021…
Grimm Choices: How Energy Transition Threatens A Fairy Tale Forest…

#WindEnergy #germany #environment #forests #consequences
‘Escape mutation’ in Covid strain discovered in Angola able to evade Coronavirus antibodies…

#COVID19 #africa #variants #EscapeMutation
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🌍Neutralność klimatyczna Polski do 2050 to 380 mld euro - pisze @McKinsey. Raport potrzebny i ciekawy, ale poniżej kilka uwag od @paczyzak i @hetmanski_m ⬇️ #longread
(1) Po pierwsze, autorzy w oszczędny sposób wskazują na to, które z sektorów gospodarki zdekarbonizują się pierwsze - wszędzie mowa o 2050 roku, a nawet jak padają wcześniejsze daty np. dekarbonizacji ciepłownictwa,
to są one odległe o 10-15 lat od obecnej mediany szacunków. W polityce klimatycznej kluczowy jest stały postęp (#tippingpoints), a nie “załapanie się” ze wszystkimi odhaczonymi zadaniami na jakąś odległą datę.
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RT this [THREAD] of articles if you'd like to ask Twitter's most popular UK political commentators - the vast majority of whom seldom or never mention the Ecological Emergency - for analysis of the politics of catastrophic #ClimateBreakdown, #MassExtinction & #EcologicalCollapse.
Dear @jonsnowC4 @peston @bbclaurak @bbcnickrobinson @afneil

'we could be looking at an epic extinction event, caused by ourselves, which could include exterminating our own species, or at least what we call “civilization,” in as little as nine years.'…
Hi @OwenJones84 & @paulmasonnews

'We are already facing mass extinction. There is no removing the heat we have introduced into the oceans, nor the 40bn tons of CO2 we pump into the atmosphere every single year. There may be no changing what is happening'…
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