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🍃 The Offshore Wind Megathread 🍃

How many times have you seen on TV or read on Twitter that wind power is cheap and that's where the Government should focus its efforts?

Let's have a look at why that isn't remotely true.

#windenergy #greenenergy #renewables Image
@BrknMan @aDissentient @7Kiwi MW not GW, it's late.
@BrknMan @aDissentient @7Kiwi I will say its possible for outliers. HR3 is a shallow, near shore farm and it was built before turbine costs shot up.

That's not the trend were seeing in the UK.
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Nature restoration and #windenergy go hand in hand. 🤝 🌏

With its Nature Restoration Law the EU is planning new legislation to restore Europe’s natural #ecosystems. What's the role of wind energy in this process?

A thread 🧵👇…
The European Commission has proposed binding #restoration targets for specific habitats and species. The EU now aims to restore 30% of the EU’s degraded areas, and ultimately all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050.…
The @EPPGroup in the @Europarl_EN has suggested the 30% nature restoration target and the #energytransition were incompatible.

This is fundamentally wrong (!). Nature restoration and the expansion of #windenergy go hand in hand.

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After a decade of stagnation, we sense a wind of change in #CentralEurope. Governments must now use the National Energy Climate Plans (#NECPs) submission to translate these recent improvements into higher targets for #windenergy.

A thread 🧵👇 An onshore wind farm in Cen...
The accelerated build-out of #renewables will increase #energysecurity in Central Europe and bring down the #electricityprice for local industry and households by up to 29%, according to @EmberClimate research. An onshore wind farm in Cen...
Our CEO says: "Wind is 17% of all the electricity consumed in Europe today and will be 43% by 2030. The whole of Europe is going to have to contribute. #NECP update offers a great opportunity to nail new targets and spell out the policies on #permitting and #grids." An onshore wind farm in Cen...
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The EIA released its Annual Energy Outlook
Here's 15 forecasts that went right and wrong over the past decade - a thread #oott #oil #natgas #renewables
Oil Demand: In 2011, oil demand was forecast to be 19.1 Mbbls/d by 2022 (actual: 17.7 Mbbls/d) Image
Part of the energy revisions reflect changes to U.S. population growth (which has been revised down 6% since the 2018 - the first year with forecasts out to 2050). By 2050, U.S. population is expected now at 370 mln vs. 395 mln people previously. Image
U.S. Crude Supply: In 2011, oil production was forecast to be 3.8 Mbbls/d by 2022 (actual: 9.6 Mbbls/d).
2050 production forecast has been revised 5% higher y/y to 11.2 Mbbls/d. But overall, for the next ~30 years, the EIA expects production to remain mostly flat #permian #bakken Image
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#ClimateChange is one of the easiest selling points for your woke politicians to spend money they don’t have on weather problems they can’t fix and keep y’all in a state of fear on an impending doom.

The reality is all those experts, scientists, politicians follow the money Image
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Yesterday, I was in a #TwitterBeef with this person over #WindEnergy & it being cleaner than producing & burning gasoline. I said that "Windmills don't require #carbon to run." Each post was more frustrating than the last with this guy. So much so, I missed the obvious counter.
His claim was that because windmills require oils for cooling and lubrication, carbon is required for them to run. "To run." To produce energy. I should have shot back with this analogy.
Engines need coolant & oil, but don't require either to run. They require a fuel to produce the energy to force the piston down & create torque. Windmills produce produce energy BY HAVING WIND TURN THEIR BLADES WHICH TURN GENERATORS.
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India’s #power situation may be “comfortable” in May-Aug, but could be challenging in Sept-Nov if #coal supply is impacted during monsoon, @IEX_India_ CMD Satyanarayan Goel told @rachitaprasad.

Read the full interview in our special series #PowerShock 👇…
@IEX_India_ @rachitaprasad @IEX_India_
CMD Satyanarayan Goel said that September is going to be another difficult month.

Read the full interview to find out why 👇…

@rachitaprasad ✍️ | #PowerCrisis #Power #CoalCrisis #CoalShortage #Electricity
In May, wind will pick up and we will get almost about 150 million units of extra generation through #windenergy, said Goel in an interview with @rachitaprasad.

Read the full interview in our special series #PowerShock 👇…

@IEX_India_ #PowerCrisis #Coal
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1. I took this photo yesterday during a beautiful sunrise while driving early in the morning from my village to Rotterdam. You can see one of the wind turbines in the eye of the rising sun.

This starts a thread about wind turbines 🧵

2. The Netherlands has a reputation as a country of windmills to mill grain or pump water, and we still have some 1,100 of the classic types.

But the Dutch were not the first to harness the wind: Ancient Babylonians started some 4,000 years ago.


3. At the end of the 19th century, modern wind power was first developed in Denmark, where the first horizontal-axis wind turbines were created in 1891, and a 22.8-meter wind turbine began operation in 1897.

#wind #energy #renewables #solar…
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How to facilitate Digital Services Economy transitions in next decades?
Together with @dseinnovations team and @setcoingroup we develop #ESG transformation framework and roadmap for governments, international organizations, corporations funds & LP’s
Check overview in thread👇
#humancentric Global Economy
Benefits of services economy to local countries & #gdp growth
People become main asset of digital services economy
Next 👇
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Wind Energy Facts – Learn How Wind Energy Works
1. Currently, over 340,000 wind turbines are operating on the planet Earth.

2. The first used windmill found in history is in China, which dates back to 2000 BC.

3. Alta Wind Energy Center situated in California is the largest wind farm in the world & includes 586 wind turbines
4. London Array is the largest sea wind farm that includes 175 turbines, located in the outer Thames Estuary.

5. Most of the wind turbines are installed offshores or on the prairies because they receive constant strong winds.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/08/2021…
Grimm Choices: How Energy Transition Threatens A Fairy Tale Forest…

#WindEnergy #germany #environment #forests #consequences
‘Escape mutation’ in Covid strain discovered in Angola able to evade Coronavirus antibodies…

#COVID19 #africa #variants #EscapeMutation
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/19/2020…
Albert Edwards: The 10-Year Yield is Heading to Zero - Articles - Advisor Perspectives…

#investing #deflation #forecast
Optimization is as hard as approximation – Machine Learning Research Blog…

#optimization #MachineLearning
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Hello everyone! This is @AlexMillerPerry. I am taking over the @ItnMistral account today to share some information about myself and my research. Let's get started!
My research project is titled “Social Acceptance, Path Dependency, and the Low Carbon Transition”. I am examining the role of path dependency in the transition from fossil fuel based electricity to renewable energy sources (particularly wind energy). Image
You may be wondering what I mean by path dependency. It’s a concept that has evolved in the academic literature to try and describe the influence of past events and decisions on contemporary processes.

For energy transitions, it means that we need to take history into account.
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#TodayInEnergy - Average U.S. construction costs for #solar and #wind generation continue to fall #electricity #photovoltaics #PV
The average construction cost for #solar #photovoltaic generators is higher than #wind and #naturalgas generators on a dollar-per-kilowatt basis, although the gap is narrowing as the cost of solar falls rapidly.
Total U.S. #windenergy capacity additions increased 18% from 2017 to 2018 as the average construction cost for wind turbines dropped 16% to $1,382 per kW.
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As part of their twinning programme, representatives of #Smiltene 🇱🇻 visit the desalination unit of #Milos 🇬🇷. This EU-co-funded modular construction allows great flexibility — inspiring solution to replicate!
Powered by #WindEnergy exploited on the island, thanks to a fruitful cooperation with a national energy provider, exploiting the full potential of an island's energy self-production 🌬️
Thanks to an ingenious reverse osmosis process, 1/4th of the 4200m3 of water treated every day is turned into drinkable water for the population 🥤
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