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KSA & other Arab Countries

They have adopted UnIslamic Civilisation for economic & lecherous reasons since they got independence from colonisation. Warnings of the Prophet SAW were ignored. God has His ways to get the message of #Islam out loud.
Compromising the Islamic #Values of KSA for the sake of #Business & #Money in the name of progress. Ignoring the fact that who tried to poison the Prophet SAW to this level of enmity against #Islam

Intervention and #Deception by the #Kuffar are going on for long time in Mekkah & Madina Muslims’ two holiest cities in KSA. Letting the camel into the tent would have serious consequences to #Ummah…

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And here's a quick thread about what I'm trying to do in this book: 1/
The book is about the approach of comparative feminist theology as an intervention into #Islam vs. #feminism debates. I outline a new approach that is in conversation with diverse religious feminisms, including #womanism, #african womens theology, and #decolonial theologies 2/
This book is also a response to #Muslim discussions of #egalitarianism, #equality, and the need for constructive positions (in addition to deconstructive critique) 3/
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Provocative statements - #Pakistan: Jamaat-e-Islami leader calls for #Ummah unity to solve the ‘#Kashmir issue’! Image
"The unity of the Ummah is the solution to all problems. The problems of Kashmir and Palestine can be solved immediately if the Islamic countries raise their voice with full force," said Pakistan's Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul-Haq.
Pakistan Jammat-e-Islami Leader Sirajul Haq has reiterated his stand that a united Ummah could decisively solve the problem of Kashmir and Palestine. On December 30, Pakistan’s Jamaat-e-Islami had
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A social media trend #BoycottIndianProducts was pushed by #MuslimBrotherhood, a radical Islamist front using multiple fake news. It was supported by Qatar-Turkey-Pak nexus.

Objective was to hit India’s image. But the bigger target was Saudi.

A thread:…
A trend #مقاطعة_المنتجات_الهندية started on Sept 23 protesting tragic event in Assam. It was also widely portrayed by many Arab media, claiming anger in Arab world about atrocities on Muslims in India.

However what Arab media did not tell:

The trend was artificially pushed by MB influencers form Cairo, Doha, and Istanbul.

That the ‘news media’ were also affiliated with MB
And that the main target was Saudi Arabia.

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Do you remember #Janabi? Abir Al Janabi. A 14-year-old #Iraqi girl. In 2006, Janabi's father stopped sending Janabi to school in fear of the #US Army's focus on his daughter. The Army who was establihing "#democracy" and "#human rights" in Iraq. 1/32
Janabi used to stay at home, spending her days of adolescence playing with her younger siblings.
The U.S. military's security checkpoint was located just 200 meters from Janabi's house. One day, a #USsoldier notices Janabi. And Janabi and her family were doomed right then. 2/32
For a few days at first, the #soldiers repeatedly came to Janabi's house in the name of search and made ugly gestures towards her. One day the four #armies decided that today they would be the day to enjoy Jamabai and kill some #Muslims. 3/32
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Some short-sighted people think that the reason why Islam and Muslims lag behind is because they do not practice worldly knowledge science, in fact it is a reflection of their short-sightedness and their limited ideas about Islam and the history of Islam. Or is it the...1/17
ultimate manifestation of their defeatist mentality or a worn-out speaker who is mentally disturbed in the face of materialism?

The reality is that Islam and Muslims are lagging behind, or in other words, the reason why Muslims are falling from the seat of supremacy is....2/17
that they have deviated from the basic tenets of Islam. Because, like other religions, Islam has not come to change the specific aspects of human life, but Islam wants a complete and complete change in human life. When Islam and Muslims fully implement the basic ideals and...3/17
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We all want Islam's victory. But I don't think much about how victory will be, which way it will be, how this path will be. Even when I think a little bit, it is not very logical or clear. Our thoughts are stuck inside of some emotions, anger and within some basic framework. 1/16
As a result, our thinking is often unrealistic and depends on imagination.

One of the reasons for this is some misconceptions about the history and reality of the Muslim Ummah. Though the ideas are wrong, as a result of long-term propaganda, it has taken the place as root...2/16
in people's minds. As a result, our thoughts on Islamic rule and the revival of the Ummah are repeatedly stumbled upon. Stuck in a maze. These popular myths need to be broken. Otherwise, you can't get out of the maze. 3/16
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Imagine a group of people imprisoned in a huge palace. There is only one exit door. That soor is closed from outside. You will need a key to open the door. There are Ten holes in one of the palace wall. Only one hole has the door key. No one knows which hole it is. 1/15
The calculation is very simple, isn't it? Once you search all the holes and find the key, the problem is gone.

Yes, the calculation is straightforward. But there is a complication. The key is in one of the ten holes, but there are poisonous snakes in the other nine. 2/15
Because of this complexity of simple equations, no one is daring to come forward. Everyone is sitting idle. Some have chosen a relatively comfortable corner of the palace and started arranging the beds. Everyone seems to have accepted captivity as their destiny. 3/15
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We Need To Protect #Türkiye From Suffering The Same Fate As #Andalusia !

By Yusuf Kaplan


#Islam #Erdoğan #Muslims #Ummah #OttomanEmpire #OsmanlıKhilafat #TheGreatOttomanState
Modern history represents how the #Secularist & #Capitalist #Europe was established while Islam & #IslamicCivilization was grounded to a halt .
After centuries of painful experiences Europe finally realized that it would establish itself on the stage of history unless it shattered the world-guiding global siege of Islamic civilization .
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• The Qur’an is the Speech of Allahﷻ.

• Excerpt taken from Al-Aqeedah Al-Wasatiyyah, Lesson 9.
• Ustadh @abunaasihoon Khalid Hassan.
• Friday 29th January 2021.
• 1/5.
#Aqeedah #Creed #Salaf #Sunni #Islam #Ummah #Sahabah #Taymiyyah
• 2/5.
• 3/5.
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#Morocco Joins The Treachery Of #Normalisation

Morocco Becomes The 4th Country In The Last 4 Months To Normalise Ties With " #Israel " In A Deal Brokered By #US , Joining #UAE , #Bahrain & #Sudan .
As Part Of The Agreement , US Agreed To Recognise #Morocco’s Sovereignty Over The #WesternSahara , Where There Has Been A Territorial Dispute Between Morocco & The #Algeria-Backed #PolisarioFront , A Breakaway Movement That Seeks To Establish An Independent State .
#US Has Made A Number Of Economic & Political Concessions In Order To Entice Nations To #Normalise Their Ties With The Usurping Criminal Entity Of " #Israel " .
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In 1310-1311, the Mongolian leader Oljaitu Khan sent a delegation to the Sultan of Delhi Ala-ud-Din Khilji (1266- 1316) ordering him to surrender & to bring his wife as a gift.

Thread 1/6

#islamichistory #history #ummah #islam #delhi #india #pakistan Image
The Sultan's response was not long in coming, he executed all the 18 members of the Mongolian delegation by having them run over by elephants. After hearing this, the Mongols were so horrified that they did not dare to take revenge.
2/6 Image
The Sultan spent much of his 20 year old reign by pushing back the Mongol invasions from Afghanistan.

In one of the most epic battles, he raised an army of 300,000 Muslim Ghazis and 2,700 fighting elephants to defend his capital Delhi. He killed more than 20,000 Mongols..
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Minister says FO let down Kashmiris Shireen Mazari criticises FO on #Kashmir strategy… PTI opposes NOC for Raheel to head Saudi-led military alliance Truth is stranger than Fiction #CPEC #SaudiArabia
Minister says FO let down #Kashmiris Shireen Mazari criticises FO on #Kashmir strategy… PTI opposes NOC for Raheel to head Saudi-led military alliance Foreign Minister rebuts Mazari

#SaudiArabia #CPEC
Minister says FO let down Kashmiris Shireen Mazari criticises FO on #Kashmir -… PTI opposes NOC for Raheel to head Saudi-led military alliance Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Official Policy of PTI on #SaudiArabia
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۱- جنرل امجد شعیب اسرائیل سے دوستی کے حق ہیں انہوں نے علمائے دین کو جاہل قرار دیا جو اسرائیل کے دشمن ہیں

Spy plane an evidence of Indo-Israeli collaboration: PAF… (11 June 2002)

۲ - جنرل امجد شعیب اسرائیل سے دوستی کے حق ہیں انہوں نے علمائے دین کو جاہل قرار دیا جو اسرائیل کے دشمن ہیں

Spy plane an evidence of Indo-Israeli collaboration: PAF… (11 June 2002)

رٹو طوطے کی جناح کی ۱۱ اگست کی تقریر کو ڈھول پر پیٹنے والے جناح کو اسرائیل پر بھی پڑھ لیں

How India's Muslim backlash, led by Jinnah, thwarted the Balfour

Israel News |…

#UAEStabsMuslims Image
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