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calling into MPR allowed me to talk about how the stress and anxiety from doomscrolling often compounds the inequality experienced by Black Americans and dual-culture folks (HK, Beirut) who are more likely to encounter and have a personal connection to bad news
the doomscrolling experienced by many cis white Americans is very different if you're closely watching #BlackTwitter, if you're on a work visa, or following the updates from Hong Kong (12 hours ahead of EST)

don't forget to drink a big glass of water today
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And will not God give JUSTICE to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily.”

— Yeshua Image
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement vs. Black Virginia Conservatism

A White Virginian Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro… Image
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So you wanna know more about #therapy while #BlackInAmerica :
[A brief #MedEd 🧵] 🛋
Kick back and read along while I answer some common questions about therapy for #mentalhealth and #wellbeing :
[#medtwitter #BlackTwitter #MentalHealthAwareness #bipocmentalhealthmonth ]➡️
Questions addressed in this 🧵:
📌Wait therapy? I thought you were a psychiatrist?
📌Therapy, isn’t that just for rich white people?
📌How can I be sure they ain’t just putting my business in the street?
📌 Okay, I may be interested, but how do I find one? #psychtwitter ➡️
✅All psychiatrist are therapist, but not all therapist are psychiatrist.

Okay, this is a very general statement, but true.
All graduates of medical residency programs in General and Child/Teen Psychiatry have been trained in different types of psycho-therapy. Psycho like 🧠➡️
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Victoria Rowell is one of the most mistreated actresses ever, but her story rarely gets the attention it should. She has been bullied, racially mocked, SPIT on, and silenced for advocating for black representation in television (thread)
In the era of #BlackLivesMatter and greater awareness of the need for racial equity in every industry, more people need to learn about this. VR has been outspoken for many years but unsurprisingly, her voice has been silenced by a racist system.
First for some background: VR is considered a legend in daytime television for her iconic role as Drucilla Barber Winters on The Young & the Restless, which she played from 1990 to 2000 and 2002 until her exit in 2007.
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Finally read #thatletter and ... oof. All I see is a group of people who have been or fearing being called out.

No specifics. No substantive critique. No explicit attention to the fact that so-called "cancel culture" is a creation of media elites - not the masses.
What has been branded as "cancel culture" is a mix of two things. Primarily, it is being forced to face the consequences of one's actions; held accountable by those with considerably less structural power than the offending party.
The speech and actions taken by otherwise disenfranchised groups and people, specifically via social media platforms, are nullified without reinforcement in "real" social settings. Who here has the power to revoke the social, political and financial capital of the elite?
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1/ Twitter, help me find the new independent investigator for Elijah McClain's death. I said I wasn't going to watch the video but here I tears over the police arrest and subsequent medical (cardiac) arrest of Elijah McClain, both of which can be seen in the video.
2/ I've been an ER doctor for 11 yrs. I've cared for >50,000 people with occ malpractice consulting. So here is a free consult based on the body cam info ONLY. I don't care what the media or paramedics document. Elijah McClain's heart stopped at the scene, not during transport.
3/ When EMS arrived, he was vomiting, moaning...not fully awake and alert. EMS gives him a dose of Ketamine presumably so that he would "calm down" and cooperate during transport to the hospital. Ketamine (works in ~3-4m when given in the arm muscle like in Elijah's case).
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Have you ever listened to a black woman in America explain what the Movement for Black Liberation is all about? Be honest! Have you? Here's your opportunity. Presented by me, Mr. #ProfessionalVirtueSignaler Part 1/?
Part 2
Part 3 w/ Dominique Hazzard w/ @BlackYouthProj
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In response to and solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter , @icsjournal has put together the following list of articles that have dealt with questions of race, discrimination and oppression and have been published by the journal over the years. The are all #openaccess now
.@a_kanjere has written about the discursive strategies employed to defend #whiteness and white innocence in the comments sections of articles written by authors of colour:…
In an article from 2012 @schradie explores how class, race and ethnicity intersect with social media inequalities, in particular with regard to blogging:…
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It’s been extremely encouraging to witness surge of energy among Asians for #BlackLivesMatter. From media coverage to countless online+offline convos to solidarity statements to direct actions, I’m hopeful that this groundswell will last. 1/x

Love this graphic by @kalamendoza
Based on queries I’ve been fielding from journalists + DM’s from people ranging from high schoolers to retirees, rounding up some reflections, links, + suggestions for further reading + doing 2/
The fact that there there’s been sprinkling of media coverage on (US+Asia) is a hopeful sign , suggesting that people throughout our communities are truly receptive to understanding how anti-blackness operates in American life 3/
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Thread: I think this is an opportunity to talk about different "pro-black" ideologies. Its past time black people openly have discussions about black "nativism" vs Pan-Africanism and citizenship vs separatists ideology. #icantbreathe #BlackTwitter
While I do understand the natural reaction, anyone telling you that black people need to just "separate" themselves from white folks, respectfully, doesn't what the hell they're talking about. A lot of our communities are already "separate".
..and even if we did build our "own " Chinatown or little Italy. It would still be on U.S soil and subject to laws, white supremacist ideology and white fragility. We've done that before and yall act like y'all don't know what happened. We are here to eat the failures of America
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Thank you @ColleenKraft for being consistently vocal 💪🏼💪🏿💪🏽

Let’s work on #tweetiatrician #advocacy training by @AmerAcadPeds to have more robust & effective strategies vs increasing backlash & #bullying
as experienced by @NicoleB_MD @DrToddWo, worse for #minoritiesinmedicine
From @bfrist on #LinkedIn: concerning loss of scientific #integrity by political agendas

#scicomm teaching has been to “avoid politics” = sitting in sidelines

why engaged #tweetiatrician were a separate species apart from other #STEM professionals…
We need to be multidisciplinary like work with school nurse leader @RobinCogan

When I have taught official @AmerAcadPeds guidelines to trainees in hospital settings & staff member has walked by, they assumed “political” & “unprofessional” when per AAP
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After WW2, the Americans wanted to boost the confidence of the beleaguered Europeans so the USA ‘gave’ Africa to them to manage but by the 1980s, the US decided to step back in. #BlackTwitter #NSFAR
By the end of the 1980s, Japan was seen as a serious challenger to US hegemony. Japan put forward a major investment plan for Africa which outraged the AMERICANS. The then Secretary of State James Baker put forward an alternative plan, the BAKER PLAN to kill of Japan’s plan
By mid 1990s, the Americans were faced with another Asian upstart. China wanted access to Africa’s resources & would offer infrastructure in return. The US negotiated with China that it would limit its involvement in key areas. Stay out of DRC’s economy & Africa’s SECURITY
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If you are #blackAF then you need to see what blacks are going through in China.
They are trying to deflect by blaming the black traders in the south of the country as being responsible for a growing second wave of coronavirus cases.
Even the local MacDonald's put up a sign saying No Blacks allowed. MacDees has since apologised...but they were only obeying the government
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Doctors have discovered a #TrumpVirus so the CDC needs #BlackTwitter to help find causes and symptoms. I found 10:

1. If you bathed in urine from a Russian sex worker, you might have #TrumpVirus

2. If you had unprotected sex with an adult film star, you might have #TrumpVirus
3. If you didn't wash your hands after grabbing a woman by the ... You might have #TrumpVirus virus

4. Covfefe causes #TrumpVirus

5. You can get #TrumpVirus from quid pro quo over the phone, even if the call was perfect
6. If your skin is the same color as Ernie from Sesame Street, you might have #TrumpVirus

7. You can get #TrumpVirus from working in closed spaces near people who believe electroshock therapy can cure homosexuality

8. Jeffrey Epstein died from complications due to #Trumpvirus
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1/9 Last week I filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against @ACOG The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights
Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq. (“Title VI”).
2/9 The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is in violation of Title VI as it has intentionally discriminated against me on the basis of race by denying me the opportunity to participate as a member of one of its integral planning or advisory bodies,
3/9 the @PtSafetyCouncil Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare.A meeting was scheduled with ACOG leadership on January 10th & it did not take place.The meeting was to include ACOG CEO Dr. Maureen Phipps & the current Chair & Vice Chair of the Council on Patient Safety,
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President Trump is not perfect, but no one is. #Trump2020LandslideVictory
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Come along as we celebrate Black men and women who have contributed to academia. This month we are going to honor these brilliant academics in history who you may not know about. Let's learn about them together. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #BlackLivesMatter Enjoy!
Day 1: Edward Bouchet (Sept.15, 1852- Oct.28, 1918) graduated from Yale with a PhD in Physics in 1876. He was among the first of 20 Americans to be awarded a PhD in Physics (the 6th of any race at Yale). Due to racial discrimination, Bouchet was unable to #BlackHistoryMonth 1/2
secure a university position so he moved to Philly & became a teacher at the Institute for Colored Youth (now called Cheyney University of Pennsylvania). Read more about Edward Bouchet here: 2/2 #BlackHistoryMonth2020
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@YNB This is why some of Sanders support can be fairly described as Trump-like. There is a belief, that he is the only person, not necessarily the best of many options, but the ONLY person who can save this country from ruin. That's not policy, that's personal.
@YNB His sycophants and surrogates only are mostly desperately punching up because 1. They crave mainstream validation and attention 2. They envy those who are considered more credible than them. Notice also the targets of their rage are often men and women of color
@YNB These aren't the actions of political supporters, these are the actions of a personality cult. And when you confront a reasonable Sanders supporter about how this behavior is counter productive they will shoulder shrug or say "You have to understand how frustrated people are"
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My #BlacksForYang Series 21-28 October.

Sign up for Notifications each time I post...It will be like one of those Twitter Op Eds I did, helps put everything in one place.

Should @AndrewYang worry about reaching & SECURING the Black Vote? #YangGang

@AndrewYang Thread 1: Pandering Vs Meaningful Policy

In 2020..Politicians must spend more effort talking to us not at us..".that candidates’ efforts to engage black communities often focus more on symbolic gestures than MEANINGFUL interactions." #BlacksForYang…
@AndrewYang What I really want the #YangGangFamily to understand ...ANYONE specifically talking to us about our own issues different to yours is NOT PANDERING...It's pandering when it's all about style (sounding cool, playing hiphop, photo ops etc..) and ZERO fake interest.
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Instagram is helping this get out, but it needs more attraction. This Happened in Philadelphia,Pa on Thursday. A group of school kids and I were waiting for the bus at the bus stop when a cop car came to us, slowed down and stared at us then kept going down the street.
He then returns 3 minutes later with another cop car and now there are 4 officers. It was 87 degrees out side and the young gentlemen who’s about 14 did not have a shirt on at the time. The officer grabs him aggressively and pushes him into the police car while trying to get...
.... the rest of us to go down the street to the next bus stop. We refused to move. The officer then waits until the next bus comes and try to get everyone onto the bus while he still has the young man in the car. Once again we refused to walk away until the young boy was once...
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Here are just a few reasons why all #blackpeople #Blacktwitter #BlackLivesMatter should #GoogleAndrewYang

1) #FreedomDivided of 1K/mo for all US adults. Could help build black wealth quickly. 3 fam adults living together = $3K/Mo buy a 200K house in 5.5 years #YangGang
2) On top of the #FreedomDividend, he also recognizes the historical injustices done to us through slavery and supports the exploratory bill in Congress to figure out reparations logistics. #Yang2020

3) Our boy @AndrewYang also wants massive criminal justice reform. Every cop gets a camera and turning it off is assumption of guilt, no private prisons, decrim of weed and opiates, and mass pardoning for those in jail for nonviolent drug charges. #GoogleAndrewYang #YangGang
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#BlackTwitter and Black Social Media has been infiltrated. Not just by bots, but with disinformation. I'm challenging any organization or Black blue check- If you have a problem with #KamalaHarris's record, DEBATE ME! Let's stop the smears & set the record straight.
Let's talk #Kamala's full record, not just the smears y'all want to spread.
#KamalaHarris California AG Record

Kamala AG in her own words

Senate Record Pt1

Kamala SF DA Profile
Now let's address the lies, smears, disinformation y'all like to spread. My offer stands to any organization or Black blue check: debate me on #Kamala's record!
Dem Debate Disinformation Debunked

Truancy Hit Piece Debunked
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In the midst of this #KMichelle/#LilNasX/#WranglerJeans conversation about black people in Country music, I've heard several incorrect statements that I'd like to personally clear up. I'm glad everyone is excited and ready to be a fan and support, let's just have correct facts.
One incorrect statement that has been repeatedly made is that there hasn't been one black female to chart on the Country charts. That is NOT true. Here are the black women that have charted on @billboard in Country music:
Linda Martell was the first in 1969 with "Color Him Father"(she was also the first blk woman on the @opry. She was ironically signed to a record label called Plantation Records 😑)
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I am not personally religious, but I have great respect for most who are. I believe that, like with any other set of beliefs, how your religion manifests in your treatment of others is what's important. Does it call you to service others? Help your neighbors? Bring you peace?
I honestly don’t care what you believe. I care about how your beliefs impact others. I care if you see me as less than for not believing. I care if you try to push/force your beliefs on me and my rights. I care if your beliefs cause blind hate for those not like you.
I love people who are devoutly just about everything. I respect their beliefs and will respect traditions especially if I am in their spaces of worship. I do not believe that any religion is better or worse than others.
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