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Elon Musk's Twitter bid and hostile takeovers: Corporate Law and Strategy

A thread....
Elon Musk has launched a $43bn hostile takeover of #Twitter by offering $54.20 per share in cash.

This is hostile takeover strategy is known as a tender offer (an offer to purchase stock shares from a target Company's shareholders at a premium higher than the market price)
A hostile takeover in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), is the acquisition of a target company by another company/person (the acquirer) by directly approaching the target company’s shareholders, either by making a tender offer or through a proxy vote without the Board's approval.
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1/n Trying a thread on where I will be looking for the next #corporategovernance lapse in India after #ILFS #yesbank #NSE . What exactly to look for is as important as what not to look for
2/n Do not differentiate between promoter driven or professionally run organisation. Remember while #Ranbaxy was promoter driven #ILFS was professionally run
3/n do not get over cautious on real estate , infra - remember India’s major corporate governance lapses happened in ‘clean’ sectors such as IT, Financial services, pharma - the fallen angels came from holier than though segments
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ Leeds finance firm boss Liam Wainwright banned from being a director for adding >£12m in false entries to company records.… . “Under the hood”, the case becomes rather more interesting. The administrators proposals tell ... Image
2/ the all too familiar gruesome tale in the “Wild West” that is U.K. Financial Services. The debenture holders & company’s directors included rather fascinatingly the now deceased Lord (Prof.) Barrie Pettman & colleague Dr Richard Dobbins, amongst other things academics & ... ImageImageImageImage
3/ prolific finance/accountancy writers/publishers…. The administrators proposals outline a quite astonishing “bitch fight” in the “mysterious world of corporate insolvency” between debenture holders mounted on their chosen Insolvency Practitioners. ImageImage
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The State assigns three non-negotiable rights to itself:
1. Monopoly over Violence
2. Monopoly over Stealing and Extortion
3. Monopoly over Propaganda

And it hates competition.

Everything else is rubbish - including what school Civics school books say
Big Tech, especially Google & Facebook, are now equal partners in this game on the psychological/behavioral shaping front. If only you knew how the lawlessness that these companies seek and operate in, has a natural elective affinity with the State's aims. A thread on this soon.
Till I get some quality time to build that thread, go through this one. It will open your eyes on how you have no free will, just an illusion of it. You are being conditioned and trained, used as object whose behavioral futures are being extracted and sold
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Filip Gregor will be providing an overview at a session co-organised by @ShareAction @BHRRC @Global_Witness @InvestforRights & @purposeofcorp

Looking forward to the commentaries of @EU_Finance, @Lysgaard_Signe @ericsson @barbara_bijelic & @thomasoftayler

For those that are not able to follow the event live, a recording will be made available in ERIN's platform

#ERIN2020 @ShareAction
“One ring that binds them all” - @MWachenfeld @ThemisResearch refering to the #sustainablefinance, corporate #sustainability disclosure, and mandatory #due diligence. Where are the gaps & synergies?

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A lot of Companies are on firing spree. Everyone need to be more vocal about it. This will create collective needs, that will lead to Process Improvements. Designing those processes and new Ecosystems will give jobs to many Coaches, Analysts, Consultants & Image
Software professionals. News, Information & Media need to take active participation to capture the personal scenarios. This is the actual meaning of a "Progressive Society". Exchange of thoughts develop needs. Growing needs require investment in newer product and
services. Utilization of product and services create returns. This results in exchange of commerce, maintain value and a healthy economy.

To start with, Investors need to invest in News & Media Houses to explore the latent scenarios of the current times.
#firing #hiring #hr
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The revised #SecuritiesLaw will come into effect on March 1,…
The chairman of the CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission), Yi Huiman, said that 2020 is the key year for the rule of law construction in the capital market.
Among all the amendments, certain highlights have received extensive attention from the market.
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Can anyone suggest talks on Delegating UX?
There is a field like Design Management. Although delegation is a step up. The Board of Director's delegate powers to the Executive team. Now that UX has been institutionalized and considered an established domain, service design influences all aspect of corporate governance and
market, UX leadership have matured to step in the shoes of Board Members, I am looking for talks connecting these aspects. #delegate #UX #corporategovernance #boardmember #leadership
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@userfocus @jina Hi, I am trying to understand what is not a Design System. Sometimes we have to negate to reach to conclusion. So I am thinking of collecting snippets, processes and scenarios that somebody might have thought is a Design System but actually not. #NotDesignSystem
I think you should take a look at this thread. @framer @InVisionApp @figmadesign
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Skype interview for U.S. Company that is 14000 KM away.
Mandatory Walk-in for Indian Software Company with 4 hours of travel hassel on Weekends and discussion ends in 10 minutes if capability don't match.

Lack of Corporate Governance in Software Industry and then
these companies complain about License Raj.

Seems like Skype is a Tool not Solution and Tech-Savvy is a Claim not Practice in India.

Remember what's goes around comes around. We are part of the same ecosystem we are cultivating!

#recruitment #hiring #hr #manager #jobs
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7 September 2018  #BeatCancer
@Bradleysfight May Bradley Rest In Peace and his family and friends always be comforted by his memory. I hope the #HelenRollasonAward 2017 from BBC
Sport will have helped them.
7 September 2018  #BeatCancer
@harry_moseley @Jack_Marshall_ May they
Rest In Peace and may their families and friends always be comforted by their memory.
7 September 2018  #BeatCancer
@Rachael_Hodges @steveevans51 @_StephensStory May Rachael
Bland, Steve Evans and Stephen Sutton Rest In Peace and their family and friends always be comforted.
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