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Spate of Q4FY21 results showcase #Economy is on track

#ICICIBank reported Profit of Rs4402Cr,a 260% jump YoY,with NII up a solid 16.8% at 10431Cr

Tech companies have done well,with #TechMahindra reporting Dollar Revenue growth of 1.6% QoQ &Margins up 10bps at 16%
#HCLTech also reported good numbers with Dollar Revenue up 3% QoQ

IT&Business Services segment grew 4.4% QoQ

Even for #MarutiSuzuki,while Profit fell,it managed to have Gross Margins at 26%,Vs 27.5% QoQ

Margin above 25% despite challenges thrown by Pandemic,is good
In Banking space,besides great results by #HDFCBank& #ICICIBank, #AxisBank too reported good results, with Profit at Rs2677Cr,Vs loss of 1388Cr,YoY

While Gross&Net NPAs of Axis rose 15%&52% YoY,with Provisions down 28%,good news is NII is up 11% at Rs7555Cr

#Economy #Modinomics
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Few things on #IndiaFightsCOVID19

#1 Demand Supply Gap
there is a sudden surge in demand for testing, beds, Oxygen, etc. Make no mistake crisis is real

#2 Panic due to scarcity
Panic driven by scarcity. Like a run on bank, remember #icicibank run in 2008 ?
#3 Precautionary Procurement
Patients get into panic driven precautionary engagement - especially beds, oxygen, medicines (Remdesivir etc)

#4 Amplification by panic
panic multiplies efforts. 1 person needing a bed puts word to 5 people - 5X beds are being sought for 1x need
#5 Black marketing thugs
Get into play to make money out of panic situation. Lots of bad elements hand in glove all over

International articles are written showcasing deaths, tragic situations, crematoria. Putting #India down.
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A simple thread. Please spare 2 minutes👇

History is forgotten, as always, needs to be reminded, time & again!

A brilliant lie is spread that the #Congress creates Government banks and the #Modi Government sells them...

Let's go back in history! (1/8)
Today, the 3 largest banks in the private sector, ie ICICI, HDFC & Axis Bank, all 3 used to be government owned but Manmohan Singh, who was the Finance Minister in PV Narasimha Rao government, sold them.(these have eaten away into the business of Govt banks over the decades (2/8)
#ICICIBank 's full name was Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India .. It was a Government of India organization that used to give loans to big industries but in one stroke Finance Minister Manmohan Singh disinvested it and made it private. (3/8)
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ED chargesheet in ICICI Bank-Videocon loan case: “Chanda Kochhar and her husband Deepak Kochhar had close relationship and prior acquaintance with VN Dhoot. Chanda Kochhar was also a shareholder in a company in which Dhoot / Videocon Group had substantial shareholding.
Contd: “Chanda Kochhar was living in a flat which was owned by the companies of Videocon Group.” #EDchargehseet #ICICIBank #Videocon
Contd: “Chanda Kochhar neither disclosed these facts to ICICI Bank nor recused herself from the committees of ICICI Bank recommending / sanctioning loans to Videocon Group of Companies.” #EDChargesheet #ICICIBank #Videocon
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Sensex at 44000+,Nifty at 13000+ & #BankNifty at 9 month high of 30000+💪

Amongst top gainers in rally are SBI,ICICI Bank&Axis Bank;549% rise in Profit in #ICICIBank,reinforces, rally is not just liquidity driven,but excellent Sep qtr results have played big role

SBI reported PAT of 4574.16Cr in Sep'20 qtr,up 52% YoY&9% QoQ

Note,most analysts were not expecting SBI to clock profit of more than 2100 or 2200Cr

PBT for #SBI came at 6341.45Cr,up 25.33%,YoY&14.3%,QoQ

Operating profit was up 12% at 16460Cr in Q2FY21

#EconomyRising #Banks
#SBI is not any other Bank;It is biggest Bank in India,accounting for one fourth of India's lending activity, so great results by SBI,signify, #EconomyRising

NII at 28182Cr,up 5.7%,QoQ

NIMs up 12bps YoY at 3.34%

GNPA in Sep Qtr fell to 5.28% Vs 5.44% in June qtr,with NPAs down
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As per @IlaPatnaik , Govt must not do further recapitalization of PSBs, But need:👇
1. Strong Regulatory Capacity
2. Better Risk management
3. More Banking license to increase competition

But @YPRajesh of @ThePrintIndia choosen misleading headline of it.
Now as @IlaPatnaik says Banks need Strong Regulatory Capacity, she don't talk about the failures of Private Banks like #YesBank #LaxmiVilasBank & #ICICIbank Frauds.

Don't private Banks need Strong Regulatory Capacity?

So its a problem of every Banks not just public sector bank.
@IlaPatnaik says, PSBs need better Risk management of advances, But never raise Question of Govt Pushed loan scheme like MUDRA, Covid19 & now 20 Lakh Crore package. Which is bound to have lot of NPA.

Problem lies here not with bank, coz its @ETFinance @DFS_India pushing.
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Thread #StopPrivatisation

#CITIBank 1812 में स्थापित ये अमरीकी प्राइवेट बैंक,एक उत्कृष्ट उदाहरण है कि कैसे बड़े प्राइवेट बैंक विफल होते हैं और अंत मे टैक्स पेयर द्वारा बचाया जाता है। जैसे की भारत में SBI (पब्लिक बैंक) द्वारा, #YesBank (प्राइवेट बैंक) को बचाने की कोशिश चल रही है।
1998 में, CITICorp ने Trevelers के साथ विलय करके CITIgroup "यूनिवर्सल बैंक" बनाया जिसे एक आधुनिक बैंक बोलकर वाहवाही भी लूटी ठीक उसी तरह जैसे भारत मे #ICICIBank और #YesBank जैसे बैंको को कहा गया।

एक दशक के भीतर, #CITIBank की रणनीति विनाशकारी साबित हुई।
#CITIBank ने 2007-09 तक अपने ऋण और निवेश पे $130 बिलियन से अधिक के राइट-अप दर्ज किए।

सिटीग्रुप की विफलता को रोकने के लिए,अमेरिकी सरकार ने बैंक में $ 45 बिलियन की पूंजी डाली और इसे $500 बिलियन अतिरिक्त संपत्ति और ऋण गारंटी और liquidity सहायता के रूप में प्रदान किया।
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Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

All posts are for educational purposes.
Adani enterprises
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Stocks for 18/09/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day: 3/10 Stocks gave tradeable moves

1/3 : #SRTRANSFIN : PROFIT : +1.6R

Price was going towards previous highs with declining volumes and increasing wicks. Rejected by forming strong Bearish candle

Exit after successive Bullish candles came in Image
2/3: #ESCORTS : PROFIT : +0.6R

Broke out of Day's high forming Very strong candles. Not too convinced because Volumes were lacking.

Exit after price couldn't get past next resistance Image
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Will be posting TA of all #nifty50 stocks in this thread. Any comments, suggestions are welcome!
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Stocks for 13/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results of the Day : 2/12 stocks gave tradeable moves

1/2 : #LnT

After a bearish, wick forming start, price hovered around but gave Bullish breakout at 1:10 pm. Trade was taken after Bullish confirmation.

+2R profits booked Image

Again, after a bearish start, price broke All Time High at 9:25. A little supply came in at 9:30 but trade was taken after Bullish confirmation at 9:35.

+2R profits booked, details on chart.

Please Like / Retweet ! Image
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#AxisBank has raised 10000Cr via #QIP,at Rs 420.10,which is 5% discount to lower end of band

15000Cr,recently raised by #YesBank

In last 6 months,52000Cr raised by #Banks--#CapitalAdequacy will be key in dealing with post #Covid stress

Great move by banks to shore up Capital💪
#ICICIBank wanted to raise 15000Cr but got bids worth 62000Cr today at floor price of 351.36/-

Within few hours of opening,due to huge oversubscription,#QIP was closed

Clearly,there is no dearth of liquidity in the markets

90000Cr raked in by #DebtFunds in July'20
Lot has been written about #BoB's loss of 864Cr in June qtr,from 710Cr profit,YoY

Like i have been saying,most Banks now focus on #AssetQuality&not just Profits

BoB hiked #Provisions by 54% on standard loans,to cover for future losses

In 2013,Banks were doing the opposite😑
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Stocks for 10/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility concepts
Results for the Day, 2/10 stocks gave tradeable moves today.

2/2 : #ESCORTS

Before the charts, Happy Birthday, and Huge respect and regards to the most Humble and passionate trader @ST_PYI who gave direction to my Stock trading!

After bouncing back and forth, price gave clear Bullish bias and gave a Long entry at 12:55. A/D ratio was mostly around 2:1 which supported Bullish bias.

+3R profits booked. Image
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Always compare full body range with volume.

If range of candle is big , should resembles volume..

Big range --->high volume
Small range--> low volume

If it is not that happening, then it is alert. It is against price and action law.. Image
#PriceVolume #Price #volume

Topic:- Stopping Volume or Topping out volume

Very important phenomena observed today during trading.
Stopping volume:-
Vol- Inc
Price- dec
Range of candle -dec
Last cand would be hammer. Image
One more anomaly betn #pricea and #volume
Anomaly between Price and Volume

Just look at the marked candle.

it is bearish candle.


look volume associated with it and Range of the candle.

It is short as compare to prev few candles with the highest vol. Image
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#ICICIBank to raise capital;Last time it raised capital was 20000Cr,in 2007

Capital Raising in 2020👇

#SBI to raise 20000Cr
L&T Finance,2000Cr
#HdfcLtd to raise 14000Cr

#KotakMahindraBank has already raised 7442.5Cr,#IDFC,2000Cr&JM Finance,770Cr
#IndianBanks are expected to raise between $20-$50bn in 2020

#Fitch says,Indian banks need about $20bn,with PSBs alone needing $13bn

Capital raising by Banks is hence great news,as it will boost #CAR& bring down rising credit cost from bad loans,in aftermath of #COVID

Various measures by @narendramodi govt in last 6yrs have empowered Indian Banking

14000Cr to be raised by #HdfcLtd for example,will be for inorganic growth opportunities

#HdfcBank for June qtr,saw 21% growth in advances,25% in deposits,with #Casa@ 40%

Banks,looking healthier💪
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World's biggest banks by asset size

top 4 are Chinese

Indias biggest SBI is ranked 54

India's biggets by market cap- HDFC bank and ICICI bank are not even in top 100!

#SBI #HDFCBank #ICICIBank Image
Ruchi Soya is a 100 bagger
Market Cap (Rs Cr.)42,469.46

India's 2nd and 3rd largest PSU banks:
Punjab National Bank,
Market Cap (Rs Cr.)34,960.49

Bank of Baroda
Market Cap (Rs Cr.)24,050.05

PSU banks are valued poorly or Ruchi Soya investors are crazy? Image
Who made this!!
🤣🤣 Image
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Filed a complaint against #ICICIBank with #RBI #BankingOmbudsman in Nov. 2019. #ICICIBank provided #fake bills to defend its stand.
I submitted 200+ page docket to defend my stand alongwith all fake bills that #ICICIBank provided. The exact same situation happened with
#CitiBank which also provided the exact same fake bill given by the merchant but after constant follow up accepted its mistake and refunded my transaction amount. #ICICIBank representatives from dispute department accepted that the bills are fake but still refused to resolve
the issue. I followed up with #ICICIBank from January 2019 till October 2019 (for 10 months) through hundreds of calls, emails, personal branch visits across Mumbai offices, meeting 20+ representatives of different departments before putting a complaint with #RBI
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In This Thread I am Going To Share Nifty-50 Charts On Daily TF.

All Charts Are For Learning Purpose No Trading Recommendation.

Hope You Will Learn Something.

If Able To Give Closing Above 285 Long Possible.


Looking Good For Long Here After Retesting Of Demand Zone

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