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👿Projection Much?👿

NYS vs Donald J. Trump Foundation. Trump, DonJr, Ivanka, Eric re “persistent illegal conduct...”

Trump directed his Foundation funds to be used to settle a lawsuit related to Mar-A-Lago.

Trump used the foundation funds to bolster his 2016 presidential bid
👿Projection Much?2👿

The Trump Foundation was one big ‘persistently illegal’ scam, What a shock!

Instead of sending 💰 collected on behalf of “Veterans Orgs” Trump & Lewandowski directed the funds sent to a retired Army vet who was Trump’s campaign’s SE Regional Dir. 🙄
👿Projection Much?3👿

Remember how @GOP baselessly attacked Clinton Foundation? PROJECTION!

OIG Rpt confirms Comey broke from FBI Procedures in Clinton Probe, but not politically motivated (helped Trump, harmed HRC) & confirmed FBI is acting appropriately in the investigations
👿Projection Much?4👿

OIG Report destroys ALL of @GOPs false narratives. 🤗

OIG find no bias in FBI Investigation of Clinton, faults Comey for Anti-Clinton action

Comey used personal Gmail acct to conduct official business too
👿Projection Much?5👿

Weiner’s laptop was not exam’d earlier b/c FBI was scrambling to handle the issue RU was attempting to install Trump as Pres.

Sessions authorized Rosenstein to remain in charge of the RU inv’n

Sessions said HE advised Trump to fire Comey, not Rosenstein
👿Projection Much?6👿

Ergo Rosenstein isn't disqualified from his role in the Russia investigation, which destroys GOP talking point. 🤗

Manafort & Kilimnik sent witness tampering/influencing emails in Feb, two days post the superseding indictment against Manafort
👿Projection Much?7👿

PSY, the private intel grp that met with DonJr. & Erik Prince Aug 2016 has RU 💰intertwined with Psy Group’s affiliates.

Leonard Leo, EVP of the Federalist Society has hand picked 1/3 of our seated SCOTUS😱

Rudy says Cohen will not flip & cut a deal
👿Projection Much?8👿

Prosecutors are scrutinizing Cohen re likely Illegal lobbying re AT&T, Novartis, etc.

Judge ok’d Summer Zervos defamation case to go forward thus it bars Trump from SCOTUS appeal & affirms propriety of the NYS AG’s Trump Foundation suit.
👿Projection Much?9👿

RU & Syrian Nat’l indicted for 💰washing Millions of $$ for a RU Co that shipped jet fuel to Syria in violation of U.S. Sanctions

We will be hearing more about Billionaire Trump pal Tom Barrack & his shenanigans w/ Saudi princes and so much more.
👿Projection Much?10👿

Trump told G7 the Crimea belongs to RU b/c everyone speaks Russian = Putin’s narrative.

DeVos & co are dismantling regs designed to protect students defrauded by predatory colleges.

GOP put forth two bills to address Immigration issues
👿Projection Much?11👿

Banks & Wigmore (Vote.Leave) hearing ongoing re proposal to build a clone of Cambridge Analytica for Ole Miss😱

US DHS warns of North Korea cyber campaign, days after historic summit

A former Walmart is now housing abt 1,500 Migrant Children😱😱
👿Projection Much?13👿

To handle the horrific incarceration of immigrants Trump admin is awarding profitable contracts to third party contractors w/ ?? histories. It’s all about the 💰💰💰.

YO Sessions the Bible does not advocate ripping families apart.

The Trump Foundation was one big scam, according to the New York attorney general. What a shock.…

An analysis of the Matryoshka doll-like company structure of the private intelligence group that met with Donald Trump Jr. and Erik Prince during the 2016 campaign has revealed the presence of Russian money intertwined with Psy Group’s affiliates.…
NY AG sued President Trump's charitable foundation along w/ its directors, Trump, his sons Eric & Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, alleging they violated state & federal charities law.

Remember how @GOP baselessly attacked Clinton Foundation? PROJECTION!…
The NYS AG’s office filed a scathingly worded lawsuit taking aim at the Donald J. Trump Foundation, accusing the charity and the Trump family of sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing & illegal coordination w/ the presidential campaign.…

NYS vs Donald J. Trump Foundation. Trump, DonJr, Ivanka, Eric re “persistent illegal conduct...”…
💣B O O M💣

NYS AG sued:

Donald J. Trump Foundation,
@RealDonaldTrump, DonJr, Ivanka, and Eric for extensive and
persistent violations of state and federal law.

💣B O O M💣

🔥Trump Rips Off Veterans

Trump & Lewandowski directed that the donations collected on behalf of “Veterans Organizations” be sent instead to:

Stuart Jolly, (LTC, US Army, Ret), Regional Political Director. Southeast, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.🙄
💣O M F G‼️‼️ 👇🏼👇🏼

“Donald Trump personally directed his Foundation funds to be used to settle a lawsuit related to Mar A Lago. Here is the receipt”
Trump Family Ran ‘Persistently Illegal’ Charity, NY AG Says…
Trump allegedly tried to use the foundation — a charitable organization — to bolster his 2016 presidential bid. He’d been leveraging the foundation to his personal benefit for some time, which stands in violation of applicable laws.…
💣Tapper Breaks it Down💣

“Trump ran the Foundation on a whim rather than the law”

A new filing from SC Mueller unsealed on Wednesday identifies two former journalists and the content of messages former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a RU Kilimnik sent them in Feb, just two days after a superseding indictment against Manafort…

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is taking responsibility for authorizing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to remain in charge of the Russia investigation, and detailed the process by which former FBI Director James Comey was fired.…
💣B O O M 💣

Sessions said in an interview released Thursday that he was the one who made the decision to recommend to Trump that he fire Comey, not Rosenstein -- and that therefore Rosenstein isn't disqualified from his role in the Russia investigation.…
James Comey “deviated” from FBI & Justice Dept procedures in handling the probe into HRC, damaging the LE agencies’ image of impartiality even though he wasn’t motivated by political bias, the department’s watchdog found in a highly anticipated report.…
Inspector General Finds No Bias in FBI Investigation of Clinton, Faults Comey for Anti-Clinton Actions

By @DrDenaGrayson…
James Comey: This Report Says I Was Wrong. But That’s Good for the F.B.I.…
@comey statement. Well said Sir, thank you.


DOJ - OIG Report McCabe

Department of Justice
Office of Inspector General
April 13, 2018

Report Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Remember Horowitz & CPAC…
🌶Comey used Gmail too?🌶

Folks, you will need to sit down for this...

Comey used His Gmail acct to conduct official business.

The irony is rich. 😱🤷‍♀️😱

Why Weiner’s laptop was not immediately reviewed:

@GOP #DesperateMeasures

🔑Points to remember:

Re @SummerZervos defamation case against Trump.

Fed prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating whether Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer for Trump, illegally engaged in secret lobbying, as part of the government’s broader probe into Mr. Cohen’s business dealings.…
Who is Leonard Leo, executive VP of the Federalist Society? He has hand picked 1/3 of our seated SCOTUS😱
Who Is Behind Trump’s Links to Arab Princes? A Billionaire Friend

The financier Tom Barrack told the 2016 Republican National Convention that Donald J. Trump “played me like a Steinway piano” in the 1988 deal that began their friendship.…

Trump told world leaders Crimea Is Russian because everyone there speaks Russian, which is straight up Putin’s narrative.

Trump made the remarks over dinner with other world leaders at the G7 summit in Canada.…
‼️Excellent Thread‼️

I can’t wait for Mueller’s next move. Mikey? Most definitely...then Javanka? Parscal? Stone? #TraitorTots DonJr & FlynnJr? Petten, Clovis, Page, Lewandoski? So many to choose from. 🤗🤗🤗

Rudy Giuliani, one of President Donald Trump's lawyers in the Russia investigation, says Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, is not cutting a deal with federal prosecutors.…
⚖️Mississippi Hearing⚖️

Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore the bad boys of Vote.Leave re proposal to build a clone of Cambridge Analytica for Ole Miss😱

Russian and Syrian Nationals Charged With Laundering Millions of U.S. Dollars for Designated Russian Company That Shipped Jet Fuel to Syria in Violation of U.S. Sanctions…
‼️Oldie But Goody‼️

Meet Donald Trump’s Top FBI Fanboy


H/T @BelievnTheDream…
‼️Oldie But Goody‼️

The Secret Behind Trump’s Comically Bad Digital Campaign?

H/T @911…

@maggieNYT & @EricLiptonNYT’s PR puff piece covering for Eric, interesting, no? 🙄

H/T @911CORLEBRA777 @JamesFourM @ericgarland
Separating refugee and immigrant children from their parents isn’t just an emotionally wrenching policy. It’s an enterprise that the Trump Administration is engaged in awarding contracts to independent contractors with sketchy & questionable backgrounds.…
In defense of separating immigrant families, Sessions cites same Bible passage used to defend slavery

YO Sessions the Bible does not advocate ripping families asunder.👿👿👿…
FSB is coming to AL
The $750 million data center coming to Huntsville, approved two weeks ago by the Huntsville City Council under the guise of a masking name.

As @Ericgarland asked, why would FSB want to set up shop next to NASA buildings? 👿😱👿…
‼️Oldie but goodie‼️

In 2012 GOP Congressmen successfully lifted Propaganda Ban which is why we are where we are today 😱

Propaganda that was supposed to target foreigners could now be aimed at Americans, reversing a longstanding policy.…
Two DEMs are demanding a review of the Education Department ethics program.

A senior Education official, hired straight out of the for-profit college sector, helped dismantle regulations designed to protect students defrauded by predatory colleges.…
GOP put forth two bills to address Immigration issues:…
@PressSec Confronted Over Families Separated at Border

SHS deflected and it appeared to viewers of the exchange, she did not care about the plight & inhumanity of separating innocent children from immigrant parents & blamed Trump’s law on DEMs. 😱…
The US DHS said that it has identified malicious cyber activity by the North Korean government, according to a new report released on Thursday, just days after the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.…
💥Please Read this speech💥

by the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas:
⁉️So #MAGA⁉️

Company owned by Chinese government awarded another contract at Trump development

Trump is MCGA & MRGA🙄🙄🙄🙄…
During a debate on Monday, former Rep. Michael Grimm leveled a stunning charge against his primary opponent and successor in office, fellow Republican Dan Donovan — one that would be a potential ethical violation if true.…
🌿An Immigrant’s Story🌿

H/T @saysdana
🔥Goody! Goody!🔥

💣#TeamTrumpMobFamily are soooo #FinCENFuqqd!

💣#MoneyLaundering, fraud & so much more!

💣Hang in there friends!

💣I know the wait for Mueller is excruciating & exhausting, but Mueller is moving like an uber ninja about to pounce on #TeamTrumpTraitors.
Hey Friends,

🌿Once Mueller indicts the traitors, subversives & co-conspirators, etc. we can civilly discuss our varying ideologies.

🌿I am looking forward to #TheRestoration.

Huge shout out to @dwinfrey72 @leesgirl9 @zipillinois @anathymadevice @SaysDana @emlas @Delamofo @BelievnTheDream @mikes_booh @JamesFourM & so many more!

Friends please forgive me if I don’t respond as my mentions are swamped by the time I finish, so pls @ me later if important.


#PAM #PAMFAM #Surrealism
Sleep well #TeamPatriot

I think tomorrow will be lit as well, so buckle up, ignore the hair on fire distractions & laugh at #TeamTreason’s wild assertions & buffoonery. #DesperateMeasures

Yikes! Ghouliani opined the NYFbiO replace fbi mgmt, the ones re Weiner laptop mischief?
@threadreaderapp unroll please and thank you.

#NutShellReport 6/13/18
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