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Halo bro sist, sambil nunggu ada yg nyimak ya, nunggu agak maleman, sory jg nih soal kelanjutan cerita "Ada yg lain di rumahku" gak bisa ku terusin, soalnya emang dianya gak suka kalo saya cerita2in.. #malamjumat
Jadi ini cerita nyata, dari kakeknya temenku, kemarin kebetulan maen kesana, dan cerita2 gitu soal mbah bongkok ini, saya coba ceritakan dari awal mulanya ya, versi bpknya temenku #malamjumat
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Melukai hati seseorang itu sangat mudah, namun menyembuhkannya sangatlah susah.
Berfikirlah sebelum berucap karena kata maaf belum tentu bisa menyembuhkan luka dan trauma. 🙏

Selamat Pagi Sahabat ❤️🇲🇨
If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one. ❤️
Those who spend their time looking for the faults in others usually make no time to correct their own. 🙏
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This site map is a treasure trove of REAL TIME Articles & Events revealing the #true magnitude of human trafficking happening all over the world. #California is lit up like a Christmas Tree!

@TraffickStop2 #HumanTrafficking #TraffickStop @POTUS
An Example of a News Story from the Map - "20 people have been arrested and face charges for human trafficking and prostitution, according Merced Police."

@TraffickStop2 #HumanTrafficking #HumanSexTrafficking @POTUS…
A Local Event Shining The Light on #HumanTrafficking from the Map

"A candlelight vigil was held Thursday to honor local victims and survivors of human trafficking."

#HumanSexTrafficking @TraffickStop2 @POTUS…
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1) Time to shelve #Bernie!
#KamalaHarris is back!
#Breitbart returns to the sacrificial early runner redelivering some history. #Harris, worked her way up dating(?) #WillieBrown. In 1994, then-outgoing #Speaker of the #CAStateAssemblyBrown appointed Harris to a state board....
2) with a $72,000 salary.
#Brown wrote in the #SanFranChronicle that he dated her & influenced her carrier.…
Watch the money when she drops out of the #2020Race. It's all about #TheMoney...
3) One of the little nuggets that are left out of #WillieBrown's admission ==> #Brown had separated in 1982, but never divorced, so the statement is in fact #True... As well, that she used the affair for advancement. Her personal preferences/proclivities have since surfaced.
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No evidence: the drug wore off, he used a condom, she woke up confused and drove home after the humiliating conversation. They were friendly the day before and she accepted his offer to stay over instead of taking the road so late. No witnesses. The perfect #crime. #FicFri
Overdose survived. She flirted with him until he invited her over again. She denied him nothing in bed, she was #obsequious. “I’ve got a surprise”, she said, and massaged his feet as he sipped the wine she gave him. He died of sepsis a week later. #vss365 #AmWriting
“He committed #treason against the sacred dojo. He disgraced the sport”, they said. “Perhaps. I am still going to the cremation ceremony. We must protect our art and not speak ill of a dead coach”, she said. “If he has a #soul, it will burn in hell”, they said. #FP #FridayKiss
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THREAD: there is no one way to be a writer, no one way to tell a story, no one way to do this thing we do as a hobby or as a job or as an art form. Some write a little every day, in an office; some write a lot at one time at varying, sporadic points. It's all okay.
I think it's important to challenge all pieces of "Known Writing Advice," all those chestnuts of Vital Lore, and to see what they are and what works for you. We all have our own weird fingerprints to imprint upon this thing we do.
I think it IS important to talk about the things you do and the processes you use to write and tell a story and to hold them up and examine them -- share them with others, and listen to their ways of doing things, too.
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