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This post will be my new "Collection - entry point", regarding everything I like you to know about this "shocking masterplan of the Elite" aka
that I came across and like 2 share Image
First, a quick lead to:
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1. [Thread] Should pregnant people get the #COVID19 #vaccine? And what about people who are planning on having a baby?

Short answer: Yes.

@KeMohale spoke to @priyasomapillay to find out how the jabs protect pregnant women and their babies.
2. @priyasomapillay says pregnant people are more likely to get very sick from #COVID19. That means a higher chance of ending up in hospital or needing a ventilator.

That’s why it’s important for them to get a COVID jab.
3. Is it safe for #pregnant people to get a #COVID19vaccine?

@CDCgov data shows there isn’t a difference in the #sideeffects pregnant people and those who are not pregnant experience. The most common reactions people have are fever and arm pain.…
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‼️ EMA’s regular press briefing on #COVID19vaccines and treatments will be broadcast live 🔴 today, 5 October, from 14:00 to 14:30 CEST. #EMAPresser

Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments.…

Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing. Follow #EMAPresser.
EMA concluded that 3rd doses of #Comirnaty and #Spikevax may be given to people with severely weakened immune systems aged 12 or older, at least 28 days after their second dose. #EMAPresser
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Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments.

Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing. Follow #EMAPresser.
Currently approved #COVID19vaccines protect from the most acute consequence of this disease: hospitalisation and death. As many people as possible should be fully vaccinated. #EMAPresser
The evidence is becoming clearer on the need to consider additional vaccine doses for people who may poorly respond to #COVID19 vaccination, such as those with severely weakened immune systems or some elderly patients. #EMAPresser
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#Coronavaccins - voor een gegarandeerde overvolle #ICbezetting gedurende het HELE jaar en je toekomstige digitaal gecontroleerde #slavernij.

#masssurveillance ImageImageImageImage
Former #Pfizer employee :


August 27th, 2021.

Biotech Analyst DESTROYS #BigPharma in BOMBSHELL…

Het Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé in #Leeuwarden vindt dat een school neutraal moet zijn en geen verlengstuk om plannen van de #overheid door te drukken.

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This interview with @Yan_Liu_HistMed about his book, “Healing with Poisons: Potent Medicines in Medieval China,” is not to be missed! ☯️ #medicalhistory #chinesemedicine #toxicology #pharmacology #毒 #medicalhumanities #illness #poison #donottrythisathome…
“In this episode we talk to Yan Liu about the long history of the use of poisonous medicine in the Chinese medicine tradition, particularly in the medieval era.” #opensource #sideeffects #effects #cure #adverseeffects #healingprocess #toxin #medicine #drug…
“One of the things I want to highlight is breaking this misconceived dichotomy between Western and Chinese medicine,” says Liu. “It’s problematic. Chinese medicine used poisons just like Western medicine.” @Yan_Liu_HistMed
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(1/n) There are interesting correlation between Google search trends & the daily counts of #CovidVaccines administered.
Data for the USA.
Data sources:… and
#vaccination #sideeffects
Here is what I found:
(2/n) Trend in “headache”, “migraine” and “dizziness”:
(3/n) Trend in “fatigue”, “numbness” and “stroke”:
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1. Teletubbies thread. Teletubbies announced that they have been vaccinated. Teletubies is for preschool children. They are obviously trying to brainwash very young children. #teletubbies #brainwashing #mindcontrol #programming
2. They announced this on their twitter account @TeletubbiesHQ #teletubbies #mindcontrol #theyareafteryourkids
3. In line with the massive side effects reported then the blatant propaganda rightly drew redicule.
Tinky Winky: Blood Clots
Dipsy: Constant intense headache
La La: Bell’s Palsy
Po: Premature menopause
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/12/2021…
The Weekly Quill – The Hope Diamond in the Rough…

#history #diamonds #mining
You Might Have Earned It, But Don’t Forget That Your Wealth Came from Society…

#wealth #SocialInstitutions #value #InformationProcessing #profit #power #responsibility
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/10/2021…
Complexity Economics: Proceedings of the Santa Fe Institute's 2019 Fall Symposium (Dialogues of the Applied Complexity Network)…

#ComplexityEconomics #SantaFeInstitute #proceedings #book
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If you study #vaccine + #sideeffect... you automatically cross into #healthcare & #medicine regardless of what other label applied

I'm a #vaccineswork #vaccinessavelives #pediatrician & #tweetiatrician careful on #data #quality particularly for women, WOC, POC

This is my lane
Every seeming kind of "not a big deal" thing related to #vaccineswork blows up in our faces like death threats via online mobs against #pediatrician #SciComm

May seem extreme but take a look at the escalation of responses to my identifying "bad #data"…
We can't wait for yet more false "vaccines affect (THEY DO NOT) fertility" trope to circulate

anyone who is generating data on #vaccine "#sideeffects" needs to think about clean, quality, meaningful data. Junk data: common, but this actually matters…
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Over the course of a year our reporting in the #SideEffects series has created transparency, influenced legal action and helped consumers get the best price for their prescription medication.

Here is a thread of our biggest stories in the investigation in the past year.
2/ March 2018 - Dispatch reporters @martyschladen @CCandisky @DispatchSully and @darreldrowland started investigating the role of pharmacy benefit managers and the high costs of prescription medication.
3/ March 2018 - We reported concerns by some pharmacists that CVS Caremark was charging Medicaid high prices and paying pharmacies low prices for the same drugs.

The next day State officials announced they would look into CVS Caremark billing practices.…
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1/ For the past couple of years, Ohioans could buy the generic version of the heartburn treatment Prilosec off the shelf at most any drugstore for less than 60 cents a tablet — and less than 40 cents online.
2/ However, Ohioans were being charged $6.57 a tablet to provide large quantities of the exact same drug through the state’s Medicaid program.
3/ Those apparent overcharges for just this one 20-mg pill totaled about $2.4 million in only 18 months, from the start of 2017 to mid-2018
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A #special #warning for my folks w or w/o #disabilities who might be taking #Flexeril / #cyclobenzaprine

it says on the warning sheet that very few folks have had #depressive #sideeffects, and maybe I'm just a rarity.

but if i have to take that thing for 2x in a row
It's small & #insidious.
It starts with "will I ever get better?" & it can escalate into, "Why do I try?" depending how long I am on it.

I only need it sporadically, but yeah.
Changed my world to know that was a possibility.
Now I can say after using it..."Is this thought real?"
For those who would suggest other methods, this one is the best one i have for now.
(In a few years, maybe something that works better will come along or they might know more about why #EhlersDanlos happens)

In the mean time I wanted you to know, in case this happens to you too.
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No evidence: the drug wore off, he used a condom, she woke up confused and drove home after the humiliating conversation. They were friendly the day before and she accepted his offer to stay over instead of taking the road so late. No witnesses. The perfect #crime. #FicFri
Overdose survived. She flirted with him until he invited her over again. She denied him nothing in bed, she was #obsequious. “I’ve got a surprise”, she said, and massaged his feet as he sipped the wine she gave him. He died of sepsis a week later. #vss365 #AmWriting
“He committed #treason against the sacred dojo. He disgraced the sport”, they said. “Perhaps. I am still going to the cremation ceremony. We must protect our art and not speak ill of a dead coach”, she said. “If he has a #soul, it will burn in hell”, they said. #FP #FridayKiss
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