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Mar. 1:
1/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

#Crimea report:
New #Russian #Missile #Attack could be #Pinpoint or in #Multiple waves

This was announced by the head of the #Joint ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Warships #Ukraine .@oleksiireznikov…
Mar. 1:
2/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

..#JointCoordinatingPressCenter of the #DefenseForces of the #South of #Ukraine, #NataliaHumenyuk on the air of the telethon.

According to her, the #Russian..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ships #Ukraine…
Mar. 1:
3/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

.#Russian #Ship #Grouping on #CombatDuty in the #BlackSea continues to be unchanged.

“These are 15 #Russian #Ships, among which there are 5 #Missile #Carriers..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War…
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#Waves narratives for 2023:

- New Waves (Waves 2.0). Not all Proof-of-stake chains are born equal: probabilistic consensus POS is much more decentralised than PBFT one. Let’s take it to the limit - 1000+ tx per second on L1 keeping full decentralisation!
Multi-chain EVM L2, connecting to different L1’s, not only Waves. Finally EVM on Waves, but let’s try to do more - L2 as a bridge between different L1’s!
Power DAO platform - new governance model for blockchain and beyond - let’s make futarchy-like approaches finally real. Skin-in-the-game KPI based governance to make # DAO’s work.
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The interior of a single virus particle  contains a dense assembly of #ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) that package the genome to form the #nucleocapsid (protein shell of a virus). Notable, it has a cylindrical shape that matches the particle geometry. 1/10…
However, many peope have not understood that these viruses do not #spread exponentially, but in waves (fairy tale of #exponential #growth). 2/10
In this regard, Farr's Law should be mentioned (William #Farr on patterns of #epidemic events), which was banned from the German #wikipedia at the time, but could still be read in the English wikipedia. In the meantime it has marginally reappeared. 3/10…
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A lot has happened over the past weeks regarding $WAVES, $VIRES and $USDN. Let's dig in🧵👇
First of all, for background I refer you to my thread that covers everything that has happened this year:
Second of all, there are still people who call @sasha35625 heroic because he took on the bad debt on @viresfinance. Let's cut the crap, he is the 'mysterious whale' that made this mess in the first place and he took over his *own* accounts.
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Queuing up for tonight's sold out (but streaming) Community Lecture by Fractal Faculty Professor @seanmcarroll!
🧵 Follow this thread as we look into Schröedinger's Box with @seanmcarroll (newly appointed to Chair of #NaturalPhilosphy at @johnshopkins) and learn about the #ManyWorlds hypothesis of #QuantumMechanics:

"Even if we're wrong, it's not magic, it's #physics, it's #science, and it can be understood."

"When we look at the world, we don't see the entirety of reality. What reality is, is the #superposition of the many different ways..."

"#Space is one of the many things in #reality."
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1/ What's next for #DeFi?🤔

I researched roadmaps of 25 major protocols to find out.

A lot is coming up: protocol-owned-stablecoins, new tokenomics, decentralization plans, The End Game for Maker and more.

These are the top 7 trends coming for DeFi 🧵
2/ First of all, the past year for #DeFi was brutal.

DeFi tokens have been sinking against #ETH since at least October 2020.

DeFi Pulse Index, which tracks major DeFi tokens, has dropped 69% against $ETH just in the past year alone.
3/ Why?

• Inflationary design of DeFi tokenomics
• Lack of protocol revenue redistribution to the token holders.
• Attractive #ETH staking APY

For example, the only use case for Uniswap's $UNI is to vote and 0% of its generated fees are distributed to the UNI holders.
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How did we speculate on the market based on information appearing on the anonymous #web3 platform?

We check if the information in #bigshortbets is reliable!


It was a very high-profile case, for several months we were talking about the potential demise of LUNA in many media, even @dokwon engaged in insulting @rafal_zaorski.
We started in January, there are some baits about.…
[2/x] During the #depeg at the beginning of the year, we warned the community about #Terra problems and the high yields needed to capsize the project. They called us FUDsters then.

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Time for the #Waves DeFi Revival Master Plan! 📜

Here is the plan to build Waves #DeFi back better than ever 👇🏻
2 major problems started April 2nd:
1️⃣ @neutrino_proto, $USDN stablecoin depegged from the USD - due to large selling of the USDN in the @CurveFinance pool
2️⃣ @viresfinance suffered a liquidity crunch - due to all the lenders deposits being loaned out to large borrowers
Both problems are still existing today.

$USDN is - almost - back to peg at $0.97 and Vires withdrawals are limited by the amount of liquidity that is repaid every day by borrowers.

We understand how hard this has been on the community, which is why this plan is so important.
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I got digging into the rather curious #WAVES address #3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr, which is the center of some controversy since some analysis was performed on its recent activity in lending USDN to borrow USDC/T presumably to manipulate the market
On November 22, 2020 #3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr withdrew 1,325,034.714 $WAVES from @binance. This address's first transaction was only a few days earlier, and this was only the beginning.. In the course of just over a month, it withdrew 5.64M Waves from #Binance...
4.95M of these were used for #USDN issuance, for a total of 41.28M $USDN. 30.88M USDN was transferred to what appear to be Liquidity / Lending platforms, but I haven't fully confirmed this as of yet..
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¿Cómo gestionan los exchanges centralizados tus fondos y por qué es importante que lo conozcas? 🔑

Este hilo sirve como introducción para entender mejor el próximo hilo de #Waves y otros sobre análisis en cadena.
Acompáñame para recibir está píldora de conocimiento 💭
⬇️ ⬇️
Antes de empezar os dejo el hilo entero en este enlace por si os es más cómodo de leer:…
Empecemos definiendo qué wallets que utilizan los CEX.
Como bien sabemos todos, los wallets podemos dividirlos en 2 grandes grupos: cold wallets (el símil sería una caja fuerte) y hot wallets (el símil sería tu monedero del día a día).
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#DeFi Daily 10/03/22

$BTC saw a breakout yesterday during Asian trading hours. Price cleanly broke above the $39.5k resistance line, while the hourly RSI moved into overbought levels, revealing a renewed short term #bullish momentum.

Read more: 🧵👇 BTCUSD Graph
$ETH had a similar move yesterday as it broke out of its inverted head and shoulders pattern. Looking at the daily time frame, ETH is forming a wedge pattern where the level to break above would be around the $2.85k level.

/1 ETHUSD Graph
#DeFiTVL rose about 10bn overnight to 204.5bn currently. This was again led by @terra_money and @wavesprotocol, with TVLs sitting at 26.4bn and 2.4bn respectively. #Terra’s #TVL has grown by 12.2% over the past 7 days while #Waves has grown by 48.5%.

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Plan de diversificación en #Stables, toma 4 🎞️

🥅 Red: #WAVES

⏳Tiempo de uso: Semanas

💵Monedas: #USDC #USDT

- Actualización -
Antes de empezar, un par de aclaraciones:
🟢 #Vires viene rindiendo entre un 14 y 28 % (APY) anual en USDT y USDC, más el #APR -
🔵 Lo que subo, lo pruebo antes, por ej acá tengo metido 2 tías y un primo dentro del pool que si los pierdo no me afecta -
🟣 Siempre #DYOR y #NFA
1⃣ Para ir a #WAVES, primero tenemos 3 formas de registro, la más fácil es mediante e-mail o sino instalando la billetera de "Waves Keeper" y asociarla (Dejo link)
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A simple beginning in this long journey.🙏

Let us choose the most simplest & most effective of all tools - #Elliottwave
IF the name sounds complex & alien to you, let us call it just #Wave - Why ?
In the market, Prices never flow like a river but unfold like waves.. yes., waves
#Waves advance, then retrace and with each advance & retraces, they gather strength & thus the subsequent advances grow in strength & intensity until they blow themselves up. Then, they go into a quiet mode.
This is Nature's Law; Crowd behaviour and we deal with just that.
What this Nature's Law states is that the advances & declines follow "Fibonacci sequences"
1, (1+1)2, (2+1)3, (3+2)5, (5+3)8, (8+5)13, (13+8)21 & so on...
It has been observed by Ralph.N.Elliott (1939) that these advances move in 5 waves followed by a 3 wave decline - 12345 & abc
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Here is how the daily dollar for savers on @Muna_africa is generated 💸

Dollar savings on #Muna is done with USDN - a stable coin like USDT but algorithmically backed by Waves.

Waves are locked to mint new USDN via neutrino smart contract
Learn more:

📉 Say Waves price is $30, 30 USDN will be minted if 1 Waves is locked on the neutrino SC

🛡️#Waves is a Leased Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency which means it can be staked on a node to secure it's network and generate more Waves as reward for block validation on the network

Since #Waves is a POS coin, the locked Waves used as collateral on neutrino smart contract to mint USDN are put to work, staked on Neutrino node running 24/7, validating blocks, generating more Waves for securing the network 🥳

This process creates new #Waves (block reward)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/16/2021…
How to Make Sense of Contradictory Science Papers…

#SciencePapers #contradiction #SenseMaking
College Didn’t Create Today’s Social Justice Warriors; Middle and High School Did.…

#SocialJustice #youth #SchoolCurricula #skills #content
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/02/2021…
From Tragedy to Hesitancy: How Public Health Failures Boosted COVID-19 Vaccine Scepticism…

#PublicHealth #COVID19 #vaccines #skepticism #LessonsLearned
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/09/2021…
Europe’s third wave: ‘It’s spreading fast and it’s spreading everywhere’…

#COVID19 #waves #surges #europe
PSYOP, Cyber, and InfoWar: Combating the New Age IED - Modern War Institute…

#cybersecurity #infowars #military #InformationSecurity
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/23/2021…
Five tips for understanding and managing your emotions to build flourishing connections…

#EmotionalIntelligence #ProfessionalRelationships #psychology
Essay on Academic Bullying Full of Misrepresentations…

#academe #bullying #OpEd
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
The Bayeux Tapestry Gets Digitized: View the Medieval Tapestry in High Resolution, Down to the Individual Thread…

#artwork #digitization
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/05/2020…
Tracking the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia using genomics | Nature Communications…

#tracking #COVID19 #pandemic #Genomics
Why efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better | Psyche Ideas…

#optimization #efficiency
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0/ Reasons why you should be #Bullish on $BAND @BandProtocol

If you are bullish on #defi and smart contract adoption, you want to get exposure to needed middleware like #oracles. Smart contracts can't access real-world data and APIs, and oracles like $BAND solve this problem
1/ Chainlink dominating 97% of the entire oracle space having the first-mover advantage. $BAND was founded in 2017, on the market since late 2019 with now around 2.6% of chainlinks market cap.
So the question is how big can $BAND grow and capture value relative to $LINK?
2/ If we look at other spaces eg smart contracts, $EOS & $ADA are around 10-15% of $ETH's market cap

Exchange token show a better ratio with $HT at 40% of $BNB value while $OKB and $FTX are around 10%

If $BAND does a similar ratio of ~15% of $LINK - that puts it already at ~$25
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