** Q-Thread 3/10 - 3/11 **
Snowden returning to the US? It would seem that we were allowed to see somewhat of a 'negotiation' take place between #QAnon and @Snowden last night. There is a LOT to digest here so let's dig in. #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
#QAnon starts us off with a link to the NSA site, where a 'puzzle game' is played based on the tic-tac-toe game from the movie 'War Games'. Not sure what the relevance of that is in this context, only that Q has used the 'Shall we play a game' numerous times.
As of the time of D-3019, @realDonaldTrump had 'forwarded' (RT'd) 11 Tweets. The primary topic (theme) seems to be #Demo corruption/ethics problem. @TomFitton and @paulsperry_ seem to be the portals of choice. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #StormIsUponUs
March Madness is of course a reference to the annual NCAA basketball tournament. Every year Hussein and others fill out their [Brackets] and it is believed by many Anons to hold coded information pertaining to deep state movements/operations.
As you can see from the graphic above, the first game of the March Madness tournament is on March 19 @ 3:42pm. The [-21] reference from D-2903 where #QAnon said: "Within the next 21 days BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place.", lands on March 19th. BUT Q said WITHIN...
So this is NOT a countdown TO the 19th. Expect the BIG HAPPENINGS between now and the 19th. When #QAnon asks if you have your [ ] filled in, this is a play on the tourney brackets and the killboxes that Q uses to mark target information/people. #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
Here is a link that will help you identify the [Bracketed] players from previous #QAnon drops: pastebin.com/rkdEkmTq
The Anon who was compiling this information seems to have ceased operation in December of 2018. However, it can still be very useful to help you check brackets.
@Jordan_Sather_ tweeted an article from 2016 centered around how In-Q-Tel, the agency venture capital branch, provided funding for multiple startups in Silicon Valley- whose purpose was to mine data/photos from your social media accounts.
Snowden was still working for the C_A when he began working for the NSA. His purpose was to expose the NSA spying on American citizens, and the tools they used, in an attempt to subvert the NSA and neuter their abilities.
The NSA is Military Intelligence and they were given a 'blank check' following 9/11 under the Patriot Act, and expanded their domestic spying exponentially in the name of catching terrorists. However, they ended up catching the C_A doing their own domestic spying.
This was a big problem for the agency, so they had to slow down/shut down the NSA's capability- Enter Snowden. Snowden, infiltrated the NSA and released their spy tools to the public. By doing so, he essentially gave their tech/KEYS, to the entire world.
Not only to embarrass the NSA, but to also expose the depth of their spying to the public- hoping to cause a great backlash against the NSA. Once this happened, Snowden fled to China, then to Russia. If you remember, the contents of Vault 7 on WikiLeaks contains a tremendous....
... amount of information on how the C_A had set up their own hacking network, employing 5000+ hackers and the tools they used through Kaspersky Labs- a Russian internet security company- to make the agency hacks appear to be from Russia.
The C_A is only allowed to operate in Foreign environments- NOT domestic. However, they were able to 'skirt' these laws by transitioning into investing into Silicon Valley startups- MANY. We have covered this recently here: threadreaderapp.com/thread/1103335…
Here is where the negotiation between Snowden and #QAnon begins. Snowden had posted the attached tweet- after Manafort sentencing. Also attached is an Anons breakdown of this tweet.
So think back to when #QAnon and Snowden were communicating last year about him 'Coming Home'. D-893 3/8/2018 and D-903 3/9/2018, circa [1 year Delta], Snowden tweets the above- 3/11- Action today?
This is where #QAnon brings the choice: Parades or restraints? Check out the breakdown from an Anon that kinda sums it up.
When we connect the Snowden dots- Snowden released the NSA tools/keys, travels to Russia via China, then the Shadow Brokers release the actual code of the NSA keys. The Shadow Brokers originated in Russia- #QAnon is leading us down the path that Snowden gave them the info.
The Shadow Brokers link in D-3021 was first given to us in D-145. This is the pushback article which was an attempt to claim the NSA had been compromised by Russia. Whether you are talking about Kaspersky, Shadow Brokers, Snowden or Manning- the goal was to subvert the NSA.
Q- finishes off D-3022 with "STAND STRONG, GINA." Notice the comma? This is NOT a message TO Gina- this is a message FROM Gina. Q is giving us a deeper look into understanding the depth of the spy game. Where this leaves Haspel, I have no idea- But that comma is a BIG DEAL.
Snowden was VERY blunt and outspoken against Gina when she was nominated for the Director position. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
Here is where the pressure gets applied. #QAnon reminds snowden of the fate of John Perry Barlow. Agency Director from 2012-2016 was [John O. Brennan]. As far as Q's Question to how they knew about [JPB] prior to his death- Control. They knew of [Brennan]'s plan to remove.
I gave you guys & gals this 'nugget' last night.
All the payment processors shut off Assange's $$ & Barlow helped him get paid through Freedom of the Press Foundation. FPF was also the driving force behind archiving the entire internet. That is bad for those who hide. #QAnon
Barlow, with associates:
James Dolan. Dead suicide
Aaron Swartz. Dead suicide
Kevin Paulson.
Created SecureDrop- To give whistleblowers an outlet to allow their 'inside' information to be published by WL.
The C_A needed to get this under control and sought a 'hostile' takover.
Barlow had a 'heart attack' weeks after #QAnon published his name.
Dolan- Suicided
Swartz- Suicided
Paulson- Turned over control of SecureDrop to FPF who's Board is chaired by SNOWDEN and includes John Cusak and Daniel Ellsberg.
#WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
Once the FPF had control of SecureDrop- they not only had a honeypot to identify whistleblowers, but an outlet to pass their information securely to 'journalists'- 4am talking points. See D-760- attached. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
#QAnon links us to the Snowden tweet about Haspel that I shared already. It would appear that Q is taunting Snowden with the Questions being asked.
Banking on HRC to win?
You never thought she would lose.
Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home?
Then #QAnon makes it clear that they 'Old Guard' is NOT in control anymore and the rogue elements are neutralized. Then Q finishes up the 'negotiation' with a clear directive:
Now here we have ANOTHER comma. This comma leads me to believe that in their taunting of Snowden, #QAnon may be expressing sarcasm here in WELCOMING Snowden home- In Russia. Another words- you made your bed so lay in it. Of course- the simple translation would be that his.....
.... options have expired and he has NO CHOICE, but to come back home and give up everything and everyone that he knows. Remember D-3021: Parades or Restraints? It looks like 'negotiations' have broken down & #QAnon is going BDT- You have no choice, turn or they will suicide you.
It would seem that #QAnon has further clarified Snowden's position:
John Perry Barlow POST January 27, 2018
John Perry Barlow DEAD February 8, 2018

This would lead one to believe that if Snowden does not act SOON, his epitaph will be completed.
#WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
I would like to give you this tidbit of information via the YT channel of @tracybeanz. This will connect a lot of the dots that I mentioned above, more in depth- so that you can see how this all came about.
Now lets tie some other connections. Do you recall me making a BIG FREAKING DEAL out of Palantir during recent threads? C_A > In-Q-Tel > Palantir. Palantir attacked WikiLeaks and whistleblowers in general back in 2011. mintpressnews.com/palantir-the-p…
Why would BIG DATA organizer Palantir attack WikiLeaks? Think logically. WikiLeaks is the enemy of C_A and Palantir was out to destroy them. So here is the attack on WikiLeaks: Chinese dissidents? Wow. wikileaks.org/IMG/pdf/WikiLe…
Palantir passed the document to those who needed to be swayed on the validity of WikiLeaks and whether or not they could be trusted. However when the doc 'leaked' (Hacked) and went public, Palantir attempted to publicly recant and apologize to WikiLeaks. businessinsider.com/palantir-wikil…
So as we mentioned earlier, John Cusak (the actor) is on the board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF). Here is an article he wrote for the Huffington Post back in 2013- titled "What is an Assange". huffingtonpost.com/john-cusack/wh…
Now note the date on the article from the Washington Times. This is just prior to John Perry Barlow's death. When you read the article, you will see that they accuse WL of stealing emails and spreading 'Right Wing Conspiracy Theories'. washingtontimes.com/news/2017/dec/…
"The parting of ways between the FPF and WikiLeaks was first reported by The Daily Beast last month in an article that claimed that several of the foundation’s board members had become “disenchanted with WikiLeaks,”
Especially Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked classified NSA documents in 2013 and joined its board the next January. Mr. Snowden has quietly served as the FPF’s president since early 2016."
“The pressure against WikiLeaks, its staff and its allies has increased as a result of our CIA and Democratic party publications,” Mr. Assange wrote in the email.
“The FPF faces criticism for receiving donations on our behalf, but that is its function,” wrote Mr. Assange.
“If it bows to political pressure it becomes part of the problem it was designed to solve and yet another spurious free speech organization—of which there are plenty.”
So FPF gave Assange the message that they too would be cutting off processing for WikiLeaks and Assange called them out for 'bowing to political pressure'. Reality is that FPF had been happy to help as long as WL only published info targeting the right.
Notice what Assange said earlier- “The FPF faces criticism for receiving donations on our behalf, but that is its function,” wrote Mr. Assange. Now read this: "A non-profit created in response to the banking blockade against WikiLeaks ......".
So like I said earlier, FPF was set up by Barlow and Assange for the purpose of funding WL and the clowns had wrestled away control from Barlow and left Assange hanging once he started exposing the deep state corruption. Make no bones about it- Snowden is a TRAITOR.
BUT, because of what Snowden holds, he is being offered a way out. See D-628
#QAnon mentions John Perry Barlow, FPF, SecureDrop and asks 'for Whistleblowers?' or a honeypot for the clowns in America. This post is what likely caused the deep state to move on Barlow.
[Brennan] looked at this and knew that it was a matter of time until Barlow started talking because he was pushed out of the FPF. Snowden had been President of the FPF since 2016. So on February 6, 2018, 10 days after #QAnon dropped his name, Barlow had a 'heart attack'.
So here is more information on why FPF cut off Assange: thedailybeast.com/free-press-gro…
Xeni Jardin was a founding member of the board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit established as a censorship-proof conduit for donations to WikiLeaks after PayPal and U.S. credit card companies imposed a financial blockade on the site.
During the election season, Jardin noticed WL veering violently off its original mission of holding governments/corporations to account. Beginning in July of 2016, WL began releasing a cache of 'stolen' email from the DNC, & injecting WL Twit feed with....
"the kind of alt-right rhetoric and conspiracy theories once reserved for Breitbart and InfoWars." Really? The Emails were EXPOSING GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION! Don't look HERE, look THERE (WL). Assange was holding true to his mission of holding governments/corporations to account.
Jardin continued- “Suddenly the voice of WikiLeaks seemed to be all about questioning one candidate—Hillary Clinton—and doing so in a way that was designed to benefit the other.”
So get this: "The foundation’s impending split with Assange is a microcosm of a broader anxiety over him amongst his erstwhile allies now that WikiLeaks has made common cause with extreme right-wing forces, principally Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin." WOW....
Freedom of speech only exists if we agree with what you are saying. If you are posting (DNC emails) that help Donald Trump, then screw you, we are going to shut you down. That is a great exhibition of your platform FPF. You truly are for making sure that there is Freedom. NOT.
Jardin went so far as to accuse Assange of a conspiracy with Trump. “Trump, his sons, and his surrogates are now dropping WikiLeaks into their anti-American rants like a hashtag,” Jardin commented. “Strangest of bedfellows.”
Assange responded: “If you can’t support the organization FPF was founded to support perhaps you should resign,” wrote Assange. After a pause, he repeated the suggestion. “You have a duty as a board member. If you can’t dispense it, perhaps you should resign.”
So in summary, you can tell that the FPF, which had been created to HELP Assange/WikiLeaks, had turned on them because WL exposed Clinton/DNC and their corruption. Sad.
These are just re-drops of D-634 and D-677. Meant to draw the connection that Q knew the plan against Barlow. That is why #QAnon said it on the 27th- to PROVE that it was planned.
I have not figured this one out yet, so you guys help me. The graphic shows that Barlow died the night of Feb. 7th.- Then #QAnon says what time in Russia 8th? So what day and time did he actually die? It would appear that the Anon is drawing attention to the disparity.
This article, written 2/11/18 says that Barlow died on the 6th- NOT the 7th. John Perry Barlow, writer and activist, born 3 October 1947; died 6 February 2018.
This website, which was linked in D-677 was written on Feb. 7, 2018 and says that Barlow died "in his sleep this morning."

Here is Barlow's last tweet.
Doesn't look like Barlow liked Snowden all that much.
This one is going to require some digging- so that I can give you good information. Very specific questions. I will get back to you soon.
OK. I finally have "some" answers, so let's go. "" = #QAnon
"[RR] deposition week?"- Last word I had was the 15th.
"[RR] departure thereafter?"- That's also what I heard.
"[MUELLER] report post deposition of [RR]?"- I certainly hope it is immediate. Let's get this party started
"[MUELLER] sealed indictments installed [DC] prior to [RR] loss of power?"- It is REALLY hard to tell when the loss of power or [RR] happened. Assuming that it coincided with Whitaker appointment to AAG, that would be 11/7. It is also hard to tell which indictments were Muellers
All that being said, from Oct 2017 to Nov 2018, there were 600 sealed indictments filed in [DC]. Undoubtedly the vast majority of those are NOT from Mueller. To be honest, I am not sure how #QAnon expects us to find the information, in specific as requested. I am frustrated.
When I cannot find answers, with the 'limited' resources I have, I get a bit irritated. Here is a link so if you can figure out how to drill down to the specific information, I will be greatly obliged if you would share it with me. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…
Now that I can move on. I will say that I think that #QAnon is setting up a bit of an okie doke on everyone. Q's Questions would lead one to believe that Mueller/RR went off the rails without oversight of Sessions/Whitaker, but the counts of sealed indictments do not indicate it.
It seems like the Sealed Indictments were higher under Whitaker..... So? More Questions, fewer answers. I will tell you that in the doc that I linked, I saw an indictment that has been unsealed titled USA vs Snowden. Here is the docket #1:18-cr-00333-DLF. But good luck on info.
Moving on. The Ohr testimony dump that came last week sent shockwaves across the internet. There were multiple contradictions vs other testimonies, and with the deposition this week, we should have some blockbuster revelations to work with. After the [RR] deposition- Hammer down.
Apparently Pelosi did come out and say that impeaching @realDonaldTrump would just cause more division, adding 'He is not worth it". Well, the impeachment threat was never real anyway. They know it would be overplaying their hands & there is ZERO chance of success. LOSERS.
Schumer & Pelosi put out this 'statement' today. Message to @realDonaldTrump - They tried. But I really think that this is just a statement to attempt to 'gin' up support and hope from their base. They used the previous budget battle as a benchmark for their success.- Tone Deaf.
The #Demos are attempting to run their regular playbook on @realDonaldTrump. Projection, blame, manufactured crises, more projection, labeling, etc. Saul Alinsky's Rules for radicals 100%. The demos TRULY have ZERO ideas & the only way to rally their base is to vilify an enemy.
The msm #FakeNews media has DEFINITELY lost control of the narrative- they have a <10% approval rating. This had led them to make wild & crazy claims on-air, which has just brought them to the brink of extinction. Once the DECLAS brings the FACTS into clear focus- GAME OVER.
@AntiAnt31352694 posted this tweet: Trump derangement- they hate Trump so much that he can do nothing right.
In an attempt to prove Anti-antifa wrong the crazy cat lady posted this: Actually we hate trump because he can't do anything right.
Seems legit.... right? SMH
#QAnon has told us that 4-6% will be unrecoverable. They are forever lost to the fake reality they have been told their entire lives- See D-337 and D-529- Attached. They will literally be unable to cope with the TRUE reality that is about to be unveiled. #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening
#QAnon drops a beautiful video link which is followed by a LONG list of the enormous accomplishments of our great President in his first 2, HIGHLY EMBATTLED years. Imagine how much will get done in the next 2 years, once the coup running traitors are gone. whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat…
#QAnon is calling ALL HANDS ON DECK- to meme the crap out of @realDonaldTrump's accomplishments. We ARE the news now and MUST drive the message in order to over shadow the #FakeNews propaganda machine.
G-pop testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee today. [1]
Michael Gaeta testimony transcripts to be released very soon. Post testimonies this week according to the word on the street. [2]
George Papadopoulos knows what is happening. Look at what he posted 3/9.
[Michael Gaeta- FBI Rome]? No wonder the Italians have been brought into the fray. Here is another tweet by G-pop:
As I said, George knows what's up. Plot Twist.
CF/U1 Whistleblower Nate Cain put out this tweet today in an effort to 'step into the light'. He/his family are being targeted, so he puts it on record that he is NOT suicidal, in good health & avoids dangerous behavior. #QAnon provides sound advice- Stay in the light.
Events this week:
- Matthew Whitaker meeting with Judiciary Commitee tomorrow
- Flynn Trial Update & Status Report Due
- ICANN ongoing
- House Oversight Committee - FOIA: Examining Transparency Under Trump
- Paul Manafort sentencing date tomorrow
- Felix Sater testimony incoming
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