Since Wells Fargo & TD Bank reportedly jumped into the political battle by providing @realdonaldtrump’s bank records to congress, let’s give them the attention they deserve.

New Thread…
First I’m going to discuss battle for Trump’s bank records, then we’re going to look at a recent WF + Cartel money laundering indictment, and then I’m going to show you an inside look at how screwed WF and TD Bank are in reality.

Buckle Up!
Wells Fargo & TD Bank are providing the docs in response to a congressional subpoena - this is a continuation of Democrat effort to gain Trumps tax/financial info.

Never-mind that Mueller had a team looking at this for 2 years, Maxine will save the day!

Never-mind too, at least for a moment, that TD Bank was pulled into recent scandal as Fusion GPS’ Bank.

They put up a visible stink in handing over those records - We’ll get back to that later.
And DEFINITELY never-mind TD Bank’s long-standing relationship with paying Clinton’s for speeches...

Maxine Waters is going to get to the bottom of this ‘Russia Collusion’! 🙃
TD Bank fought hard to block House Investigators when releasing Fusion’s Bank Records, but eventually complied.

Fusion GPS is known to work FOR Russians (Prevezon), Venezuelans (Derwick Associates), and... others.

The Derwick Associates clientele is particularly interesting:

One of their shareholders, Matthias Kroll, was indicted in 2018 for a $1.2B money laundering scheme.…
A brief example of how sophisticated this money laundering is: involves forex exchange, bribes, Banks in Canada, Switzerland, shell companies in Malta & even a Family Trust.

One meeting was at a Miami “Air Cargo” company office that has changed names x4.…
That is some pretty sophisticated money laundering - no wonder Fusion GPS works for DNC!

Wells Fargo has some money laundering issues of their own... as noted in this recent guilty plea by a personal banker opening accounts for Sinaloa Cartel.…
The scheme was less complicated - pick up cash in different cities, deposit in accounts opened/designated for cartel shell co’s & transfer the money.

It is micro-scale when compared to Derwick, **but you have to wonder how many are out there.**…
No really, how many are out there?

* Opened *millions* of fake accounts in all 50 states

* Enrolled customers in 3rd Party renters & life insurance policies

* Incorrectly charged fees

That smells like sophisticated money laundering!…
What is disturbing about the fake account scandal is that the pursuit of Justice was left to State AG’s - Obama’s DOJ was AWOL!…

As a reminder, this was a pre-election scandal. (…)
While many victims of Wells Fargo’s nonsense are being compensated, but pls turn your attention to one that (so far) has NOT been addressed.

@wesleyfelixpsi claims WF colluded with ATF on a “Fast & Furious” type scandal on his family gun store in LV.
First, we should note that Wesley has been extremely open about his claims and he has sought help from various government agencies and politicians.

We have more on this for a later date, but for now, see below.

Their claim is that of a Hollywood Movie - surprised they aren’t on this one, actually - involves a romance with suspected undercover agent, false criminal charges, hijacking over 2k firearms while owner was in custody...

And, of course, the hijacking of a Wells Fargo account!
I’ll add a thread with more info at the end, but today let’s focus on the involvement of Wells Fargo.

After confronting a man, suspected to be a govt ‘plant’, improperly accessing/handling firearms in his store... Las Vegas police arrested & imprisoned Edward Mark Felix (owner)
He was being charged with felonies during the scuffle, while they let the other man go.

The other man, mind you, had previous felony convictions and should have never been near firearms.

They believe it was a set-up - I agree. Mark felt he was defending his store.
While being charged, Mark was ordered NOT to take part in business operations at his gun store, so he left the day to day operations to his then-girlfriend.

He later suspected foul play and brought family in to remove her from the operation.

Pic of her + father & ATF Agents.
It was during this period that Felix claims (w/ATF involvement) Julie Shields:

* Forged store ownership Documents
* Offloaded 2k firearms illegally
* Illegally obtained access & drained bank accounts

Wesley shows documentation to back it up - see letter from WF to ATF Spec Agnt
“... you also instructed Wells Fargo to discontinue production of records until you are able yo review and identify specific items needed.”

Mark was unable to obtain records while it occurred!

... at the instruction of an ATF Agent!
He knows that she sold these weapons, with ATF coordination, bc on her way out she left digital fingerprints.

Here is an email where she tells Ro Ro (a friend):

“The ATF gave me everything and told me to liquidate ASAP.”
He he knows that she personally used the corporate accounts, bc she wrote checks to the ATF regarding license renewal.

He knows that she, or [they], fraudulently purchased more firearms with the Wells Fargo account.

Here is a purchase of a Smith & Wesson 380 - not the most popular gun for Nevada Cowboys but extremely popular in Cartels.

** All of this is illegal purchasing/sales of firearms
He knows that Julie & her Father transferred the accounts in her name bc he has the Wells Fargo paperwork... that even lists the store address.

It was during the time period when he was ordered by court to have ZERO involvement in operations.

[redacted bc obvious reason]
He knows that the ATF transferred the store to Julie, bc their documents show it.

“... past owner, Edward Mark Felix, to it’s new owner, Julie Ann Shields.”
But they F’d up - E M Felix was ordered to not have involvement with the store (pending trial) so he transferred ownership to family, whom was a partner since 1996!

Julie was just acting as an employee - if the store was transferred, it wouldn’t have come from Mark!

He also knows she used Wells Fargo accounts bc he has evidence that she used it to apply for a separate ATF gun license, under

👉🏻Annie Oakley Guns👈🏻

Here is a $200 check to BATFE.
That payment jives with ATF records - here is her separate license under

👉🏻Annie Oakley Guns👈🏻

So she obtained a separate license, but in reality was buying/selling/offloading Firearms under the other license.

And Wells Fargo allowed her to conduct the transactions.
We also know that similarly to the Derwick scheme, the Wells Fargo account eventually flowed to a “Family Trust”.

Instead of Miami, this trust is in TX... and it was established by a (then) Wells Fargo

I wont doxx them (today).
The story of National Survival Store being run over by ATF & Wells Fargo has been avoided like the plague in DC - that is going to change.

Don’t piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining!

Why do the Feds avoid Wells Fargo & Fast & Furious corruption like the plague?
Between Fusion GPS, Crooked Politicians & Crooked Banks... what I see is this - extremely sophisticated money laundering.

Kinda like THIS sophisticated money laundering!…
And under Trump, it appears that DOJ was able to pic some of those Project Cassandra pieces back up!


In terms of NSS - they have heard nothing!

So expect *A LOT* more evidence (Wells Fargo & National Survival Store) to be made public over the coming weeks.
As promised, here is a previous thread on NSS takedown & theft.

Spoiler Alert: The same ATF Agents did the same thing to other stores!

Media: Reach out to me or @wesleyfelixpsi with any questions.

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Looks like $TWTR throttle-monster in full-effect!

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