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1. It's clear the left and RINOs have no idea what Trump is doing and I don't want to clue them in. However, I doubt they will understand or be able to stop themselves, even if they read this thread. So, what the hell, here goes nothing.
2. The left to this day speak with fear in their eyes about Nixon's "racist" Southern Strategy. Most of the left believes in this boogyman but many on the right call it a myth. For the purpose of this discussion, it doesn't matter. All we need to know is that Nixon had a strategy
3. Nixon had a plan and he worked that plan. After his defeat in 1960 to JFK most "political experts" declared his political future D.O.A. Nixon laughed at those "experts". He had a plan and he worked that plan.
4. The left called him Tricky Dick. The flower children in the media said make love not war while they dropped acid and checked out. But all's fair in love and war.
5. Strategies, plans, systems are the life blood of successful political campaigns as they are for wars. No battle plan survives first contact but campaign strategies are bigger then one battle. Of course the campaign plans change and adapt as the battles rage.
6. Often times, if a campaign strategy is very good, it surrounds and defeats an enemy before they can defend. Sometimes they end in stalemates or defeats. Sometimes instead of overwhelming victory the win is due to the outcome of one pivotal battle within the larger campaign.
7. No one knows the ultimate outcome that's why the campaign is fought. Sometimes the underdog wins sometimes the underdog is dinner.

8. So Nixon had a plan and he worked that plan. In 1968 that plan won Nixon the presidency of the U.S with a 301 vs 191 vs 46 electoral victory
9. Nixon continued that plan while in office. When re-election time came around in 1972 his plan again won him the presidency. This time to the tune of a 502 vs 17 electoral landslide.
10. What many people forget is that the other side had a plan too as all campaigns do.Their plan sucked. They lost bigly. However, at the time many thought it was a great plan. Their plan became known as the amnesty, abortion, & acid plan. In this case amnesty for draft dodgers.
11. Whoever said history is written by the victors never had a left wing fake media and college system to deal with but I digress.

12. Some plans are good others not so good. Ford, I don't think had a plan. Reagan had a plan. Bush the first's plan was to pretend to be Reagan.
13. Bill Clinton's plan evolved after his 1994 midterms defeat. Bush the second's plan was basically divide and conquer. Obama didn't need a plan, the media handled that like everything else for him. Yes, those are kind of tongue in cheek but kind of not, sue me.
14. Trump had a plan. Hillary had a plan. Her plan was a great plan if we still lived in the 1990's but sadly for her and happily for the rest of the world we lived in 2016. Trump's plan was also a great plan and his was updated for the year 2016.
15. Trump had a plan and he worked that plan. He deployed cutting edge technology (for politics), he created buzz, he actually visited flyover country. He paid his own way. In 2016 his plan won him the presidency with an electoral victory of 306(304) vs 227.
16. Unlike some, his plan didn't end with his victory. His plan continues to this day. His plan is pretty simple in many ways. Keep promises, grow the economy, remember who elected him, counter the opposition. He has a plan and he is working that plan.
17. His economic battles are working. His foreign adventures are pretty successful, he has countered the special consul masterfully. He has remembered those that elected him and he has made it a priority to keep promises. Even in the face of opposition, he never abandons them.
18. Everything he does is part of his plan. He doesn't fly off the handle. He doesn't wake up one day and fire off a tweet about four congresswomen on a lark. If it doesn't advance his plan, it's not done. He is adaptable enough to take advantage of situations as they come.
19. However, he does so when it furthers his plan.

20. As President, he doesn't have a primary (even if the hiker gets in). Primaries are good to fire up your base. Without them, sometimes your base lacks enthusiasm when the general election comes around.
21. If you don't have a primary to fire up your base, you can still get the same result by doing things that fires up your base. You can also latch onto the other side's primary & position yourself as the moderate. U can even do both: fire up your base while being a moderate.
22. How can someone do that? Well you pick an issue that your base loves and everyone but the core of your opposition agrees with. You pick those 80/20 issues and you hammer them. You might hold a big 4th of July celebration, for example. Or you might send out some tweets...
23. ....that selects say 4 anti American congress critters and highlights their Anti-Americanism. You might tell those people if they don't like this country then leave. Some in the past have started a war or gave away freebies or created programs like DACA.
24. The opposition, will of course, oppose you but when you are on the 20% side it's hard to defend. So they might sprout stupid shit like "racist" or "xenophobe" but that has diminishing returns. The point is that Trump has a plan and he is working that plan.
25. What we saw this month is a new battle front in that campaign. So far, the opposition is being routed. From the looks of things, many of them don't even know they are in a battle. They blindly continue to push their amnesty, abortion, and anti-American plans while
26. ..Trump attacks their flanks (when able) and works his plan. IMO the left are unable to see this plan. Their actions tonight on the house floor tends to support this view. They are unable to see because they believe that Trump is unable to form a plan let alone execute one.
27. Pelosi and the Dems played right into Trump's plan tonight. They were seen as out of touch and extreme while Trump gets to fire up his base and appear moderate. Pelosi and company launched their attack on bad assumptions much like Custer launched his.
28. Even when Custer saw the very large village he still held to his assumptions on numbers. It didn't end well for Custer. The Dems, even with 2.5 years of hard evidence that Trump is much smarter& more prepared then they thought, haven't changed their assumptions about him.
29. I don't think it will end well for Pelosi either. Until the Dems acknowledge Trump has a plan, they will continue to lose these flanking battles because they have allowed themselves to be too exposed thinking that the path is clear.

Trump has a plan and is working that plan.
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