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Let's talk about The Fourth Estate. In light of this gem from @20committee in March of last year.
OK. The Fourth Estate.
Justice Hugo Black Concurrence: NYT vs USA:
"Our Government was launched in 1789 with the adoption of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment, followed in 1791. Now, for the first time in the 182 years since the founding of...
...the Republic, the federal courts are asked to hold that the First Amendment does not mean what it says, but rather means that the Government can halt the publication of current news of vital importance to the people of this country.
In seeking injunctions against these...
...newspapers, and in its presentation to the Court, the Executive Branch seems to have forgotten the essential purpose and history of the First Amendment. When the Constitution was adopted, many people strongly opposed it because the document contained no Bill of Rights to...
..safeguard certain basic freedoms. They especially feared that the new powers granted to a central government might be interpreted to permit the government to curtail freedom of religion, press, assembly, and speech. In response to an overwhelming public clamor, James Madison...
... offered a series of amendments to satisfy citizens that these great liberties would remain safe and beyond the power of government to abridge. Madison proposed what later became the First Amendment in three parts, two of which are set out below, and one of which proclaimed:
The people shall not be deprived or abridged of their right to speak, to write, or to publish their sentiments, and the freedom of the press, as one of the great bulwarks of liberty, shall be inviolable.
In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the...
protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government's power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was...
protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people. ONLY A FREE AND UNRESTRAINED PRESS CAN EFFECTIVELY EXPOSE DECEPTION IN GOVERNMENT. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from...
...deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell. In my view, far from deserving condemnation for their courageous reporting, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and other newspapers should be commended for...
...serving the purpose that the Founding Fathers saw so clearly. In revealing the workings of government that led to the Vietnam war, the newspapers nobly did precisely that which the Founders hoped and trusted they would do."…
NOW. Let's update this. WHY?
Because the government is no longer the ONLY THREAT to a free press as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.
There is a new threat to a free and fair press whose mandate is to serve the GOVERNED not the GOVERNORS.
Corporate Capture =…
But the problem here is NOT just corporate capture of our Fourth Estate by American Corporations. Oh no. It's even more dangerous than that.
The REAL problem is corporate capture of our Fourth Estate by our enemy. Transnational Organized Crime.

I *realize* I sound like a crazy person, talking like this.
But I'm not crazy.
I'm right. My friends are right.
Prepare for transmission of receipts:…
Read ALL of this by @ericgarland. All of it. #Gringo11. Search it. Read it.
Read every piece in this series by @JamesFourM. #1-5. But especially this one:…
Read this entire thread by @LincolnsBible.
Corporate capture of our media by transnational organized crime in the entertainment side of media. Film & TV.
This is HOW tRUmp became president.
He was trustwashed by the media.
Look at film companies' involvement in the 1MDB scandal. It's not a coincidence.
It's a chess move.…
So the real question, the one we all need to be asking is:
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
Neil Gorsuch's patron = Anschutz.
and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?

and #WhatIsTheirMotivation?
I followed the money. It led me here:…
Corporate Capture of the Fourth Estate by transnational organized crime is INTENTIONAL.
Their goal is to destroy democracy. If they can't buy a media outlet outright, they have another tactic to force their narrative to be the only story told: kompromat
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