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Hey @KCBGroup , this could be us... Just saying๐Ÿ˜Œ
#ui #ux #uxdesign Image
Whilst playing around with glass morphism, I designed a translucent card and icons. KCB might never reply but I would love to hear your thoughts on this redesign๐Ÿค” Image
On that note, it would be fun to see a fingerprint scanner and dark mode integrated into the app.๐Ÿ“ฒ๐Ÿ˜ Image
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Why does the Government of India, Twitter or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag โ€œAllie Hazeโ€? @Twitter #adultcontent #porn #censorship #internet #sex #broadband @JioCare #jiofiber @internetfreedom Image
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom Why does the Government of India, Twitter, or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag โ€œAllie Hazeโ€? Is it by court order? @PMOIndia @JioCare @internetfreedom @TwitterSupport @barandbench
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom @PMOIndia @TwitterSupport @barandbench Did I miss something related to the twitter adult content censorship circular from the Government of India or the Court? @IndianExpressโ€ฆ
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On one end, #Design Students are looking for Design #Projects and on the other end, gullible Budding #Founders have no idea about the existence of Design Services. These budding founders visit the #startup portals and startup #events that redirected them toward #technology
companies & a huge expectation mismatch is formed. The Fonder expect to realize the #vision onto paper but the technology #companies don't sketch. The Designer Sketch. It leads to all type of pass the ball game & discourages all the parties involve. Add the word Design
in #Startup Portal. The first thing that hit the mind is Idea and the second thing is a rough sketch of the idea, that is Design. Be it #ProductDesign, #InteractionDesign, #ServiceDesign, #BusinessDesign, #UX etc.

#Gov #Government #DesignAgency #DesignJobs #UXJobs
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I have stopped providing Wireframes to my clients. This has a shift in the focus and expectations of clients from a #UX Principal Consultant. Now they take a keen interest in Ecosystem Diagrams, Lumascapes, Unmoderated Observational Study, User Journey, improving Operations
before suggesting products to achieve an objective, Macro Economy Behaviour, Individual's Personality, Socio-Political and Demographic Constraints. I learned this by following mature ecosystems like the transaction between Doctor Consultants and Testing Labs.
Similarly, the transaction between Lawyer Consultants and Para Legal Team. So, now I pass all the documentation to the UI designer and achieve the design iteratively, progressing over Kanban or Scrum Agile Framework. Anyway, these days Design Systems have made it easy to follow
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Most of the apps and websites are card based these days. They shows a listing. This listing have cards vertically arranges one after another. The content on those card is fixed. Only the most important content is visible. What if we can customise the content?
Suppose I am searching a new House and specifically looking for Dimension. Or I am searching for Mobile and specifically looking for Camera resolution. Suppose I am looking for Restaurants and specifically looking for Distance. I don't want to dig down tapping! Is it possible to
pin the content that appear henceforth on the cards right on the listing page as we open the app. #UX #interactiondesign #Interactions #InformationArchitecture #IA #design #UI #UIDesign #HCD #retail #Digital #ecommerce #apps #productdesign #HCI
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I noticed Company's Career Portal identify Linkedin as "Job Board" not Social Network. It raise a lot of questions about perceived Branding of Linkedin. The essence of a "Social" Network is in the way it cultivate different types of interpersonal relationships. Linkedin have a
great scope to grow if it can reevaluate its positioning and ethnographic expectations of users.
Check this earlier post.โ€ฆ

#branding #coach #mentor #psychology #sociology #speakers #neurolinguisticprogramming #behavioralscience #conversationalcommerce
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Asked by Tom Cotterill - Does user-centred design fuel narcissism? As a consultant for many companies, I come up against people who are constantly complaining about leaders being narcissistic. It's surprising how as a UX industry we have to be naturally compassionate and
empathetic towards our users but some people struggle to show the same empathy and open-mindedness towards their peers.โ€ฆ
Every action triggered have a backstory. Some of the stories are as follows.
1) Its the result of Steve Jobs Pseudo Corporate
Culture, not the way he actually was but the way he was projected in promotions & movies.
2) Art is about Attitude but UX is not, although aesthetic UI design is about attitude. Some goes with skeuomorphic & other be with flat. In flat too the trend keep changing.
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@AdobeSpark #Feedback. Pinch-in & Pinch-out are not very effective interaction to resize the text boxes precisely in Adobe Spark Android Mobile App. They are good for Zoom-in & Zoom-out from Maps because it don't require precision.
Sometimes when I try to left/right align two text boxes, suppose Title and Content. The auto snap helps me to properly align them but as I lift my finger, the text box slightly displace. That is irritating. I need a tool to fine-tune the movement. This interaction is
for Android Mobile App.

I am not sure that Adobe Spark primarily focusing on Print Media or Social Graphic. As I use Spark mostly for publishing Social Graphic thus I think "Popular" and "Stand out in Social" must be swapped in this page
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The only thing that will motivate people to #adapt newer #apps in already populated app #market is by declaring a Product Mature when it runs out of Visual Space that means ignoring dropdown menus & drawers completely. #UX #Trend #VisualCommunication #Design #DesignTrend #Product
Calling a Product Mature, gives it an identity. The age have passed, when learning a new software is considered a skill & achievement, integrated softwares are the necessary bridge to accomplish the task. Smaller #Visual Centric #Applications #Integrated in a #Pipeline are
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For #Geofencing #apps access to #map need not to be a button interaction, it need to be sliding from left or right to access frequently, repetitively and most important effortlessly. The Data on visible screen space must transform on map instantly. Same goes with #Chatbots that
That way Discoverability and Textual / Visual Content Marketing, both of these will have adequate screen space.
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Product Features can be broadly distinguished into Primary and Secondary Features. Primary Features are further distinguished into Critical Features and Frequently used Features. Given an example suppose its a Healthcare product. Alarms are not something
that beeps all the time. They only beeps in critical times. However, when the alarm beeps, that feature becomes the first priority. Now to make the situation under control, a certain set of interaction need to be followed that should be apparent on the screen
and accessible in minimum clicks. There are a lot of Products which fail to handle critical situations appropriately. There are even more products that undermine the frequently used features and hide them behind multiple clicks and absurd shortcuts. One of that is
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Checkout flow have 5-7 screens starting from Cart to Payment Gateway. Imagine the first screen as a Card. These Cards slide down as we press Next. A new card adds at the top with the next set of info. Next & Back arrow at the top of the new card. That way all the information
will be on one page at all point of time throughout the process. Slide down & Review any info at any point of time just before moving into Payment Gateway.

#Quantitative #Analytics #DigitalMarketing #Digital #CreativeCommon #patent #DesignPatent #Wallmart #Mart #Shopify #Magento
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1/ This is the first time where I have seen a desktop software #Adobe #Photoshop breaking down into smaller applications on Android Platform. I have seen MS Word transitioning into cloud based web application that was launched by Google Doc. Also Google launched Google Doc
2/ Android application. But that is a whole app relaunched with limited functionality on another platform. Adobe Photoshop is not a moderate Interaction Software. Not like analytics dashboard, email client, collaborative apps or a booking app. This is an application used by
3/ Trained Professional. It require high latency, complex specialised tools and design from scratches approach. The Onboarding time is high and learnability curve is steep to be an expert in Photoshop. Adobe have named 5 applications with Adobe Photoshop prefix on Android
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#training #manners #instruction #labels #ai #UI #UX #zeroui #interactiondesign #etiquette #linguistic #communicationdesign. When we talk to a 5 year old kid, we talk to them in a certain manner. This goes with anyone we speak to. Similarly, we have to follow certain manner
with the AI to make the AI understand about our intent contextually. Labeled UI will train both the user and the AI to bind around the manner and manage expectations. Back in our childhood, mom taught us appropriate and inappropriate communication repeatedly and so
its called mother tongue. So one sided teaching AI won't work. It need to be from both the side to level up. Before accomplishing Zero UI goals, we will require to excel in labeled UI. User should look & pronounce the labels on UI to verbally instruct the AI.
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