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THREAD: Watching today's @FERC monthly open meeting. Among the highlights: a potential final decision to pursue a $20M enforcement case against Energy Transfer over the Rover #pipeline, and action on #transmission line ratings.
And we're underway.
@RichGlickFERC said public will be able to attend next month's open meeting, provided COVID numbers are encouraging.
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Why #Ukraine 🇺🇦 matters to #EU, #US, #UK, #Canada, the world thread 🧵↓

© Olena Karpenko Image
This is #Ukraine 🇺🇦 pictured on top of a map of #Europe. It's the biggest European country, bigger than France. Donbass' territories occupied by Russia are as big as Switzerland.

What is happening now is not a small local conflict, but a hazard for the whole world.

Why does #Ukraine 🇺🇦 matter?

✅ 1ˢᵗ in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;
✅ 2ⁿᵈ place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;

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1/7 Thread on Rising #Impact of NATO-#DeepState
#Warmongering on the #European Gas #Imports
from #Russia.

The #Yamal Natural #Gas #Pipeline:

Cost: $36 Billion
Diameter of 14,20cm
Capacity 33 billion m³ a year.
Squeezed by warmongering:

2/7 Dec. 14, 2021 - #Yamal-#Europe #Gas
flows #Stable: Press.

#Belarus leader Alexander #Lukashenko has made repeated #Threats to halt operations on a #Pipeline that sends #Russian natural #Gas to #Europe:…
3/7 Dec. 15, 2021 - #Russian #Gas #Exports
to #Europe via #Yamal #Pipeline #Rises,
despite warning by Alexander #Lukashenko
from #Minsk, #Belarus:

"To suspend the #Transit of natural gas in response to Western #Sanctions, boosting spot #Gas #Prices."

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Another update on crews investigating the oil sheen that was discovered: #ocoilspill

➡️ On November 20, crews scheduled for planned work on the pipeline observed and reported a sheen of 30’ by 70’ as they approached the area of the line. #breakingnews
Divers conducting the planned assessments on the line then discovered small droplets on the syntho-glass wrap.

Unified Command deployed pollution responders & oil spill response organization assets to investigate the sheen & whether it was related to the pipeline.

As of 1400, no sheen has been observed by on-water or aerial assets. The old wrap was removed from the line and the new wrap was installed.

Crews will monitor the line overnight to ensure effectiveness.
#ocoilspill #news
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In my live CTV #interview today, I said that #migrants crisis on #Belarus #polandborder is escalation of crisis between the EU, in particular #Poland, & Belarus. Lukashenko uses migrants from Middle East to retaliate for EU support of Belarus opposition & previous #sanctions.
In my CTV #interview today, I also said that in spite of a threat by #Lukashenko to shutdown a transit #gas #pipeline, this is unlikely because it would affect not only the EU but also #Russia which own this pipeline, supplies the gas & is an ally of #Belarus
I said that new EU sanctions against #Belarus won’t be effective because previous #sanctions for falsification of presidential elections & forced landing of passenger plane were ineffective & because Belarus relies on economic, financial, political & military support from #Russia
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1. Dieser Beitrag von #RolandGoetz zu #NordStream2 ist inzwischen in der #ZfAS erschienen und, wie immer, sehr informativ. In zwei Fragen bin ich anderer Meinung als der Autor: Die psychologische Wirkung möglicher US-Sanktionen ist nicht zu unterschätzten.
2. Es geht hier auf europäischer Seite um kommerzielle Unternehmen, die durch #NordStream2 ankommendes sibirisches #Erdgas transportieren und kaufen sollen. Werden diese Firmen es riskieren, vom US-Markt ausgeschlossen zu werden, wenn sich der Wind in Washington wieder dreht?
3. #NordStream2 scheint inzwischen toxisch zu sein. Viele derzeitige und potentielle Partner #Gazproms werden es sich zweimal überlegen, #Erdgas aus der neuen Leitung zu übernehmen.
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Why do I get the sinking feeling that this is the next phase of war on virus. #RSV headlines eerily reminiscent of early #COVID headlines. A new #mRNA that will target healthy children under 12 yrs. The leveraging of #fear in parents. #Children as experimental subjects 4 profit.
"Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is one of the most common agents of upper & lower respiratory illnesses in infants & children worldwide. Those infected may present w/ mild, coldlike symptoms that are clinically indistinguishable from those of other viral resp. infections."
"Routine laboratory #testing for #RSV is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics because treatment is supportive only, and diagnosis does not change the management of disease for most patients..."…
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Luego de algunas semanas de research en ALIBABA $BABA y dada la compleja comparación con otras empresas, decidí plasmar takeaways sobre el modelo de negocio de este gigante (vs similares de USA) del ecommerce $AMZN + fintech $PYPL + cloud service AWS + streaming $NFLX $SPOT.
Todos conocemos $BABA pero hay cierto halo de misterio/confusión sobre el #Businessmodel, su transformación, como lograron ser el "market-leading innovator" y la convivencia entre fundamentals y el PESIMO contexto del PCC de #china. Su ecosistema combina muchas empresas.
Fundada en 1997, año en que $AMZN hizo su IPO y un año antes de $EBAY's IPO, actualmente tiene un market cap de USD536B. Comenzó monetizando la publicidad en su boletín online de negocios y comercio, un modelo mas bien parecido al de $GOOG y $FB con altos márgenes operativos
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In der Hand der Hacker

"Die Cyberattacke gegen die „Colonial #Pipeline“ in den USA bereitet vielen Experten Sorgen. Sie halten einen Angriff auf die #Energie-, #Wasser- oder #Krankenversorgung auch hierzulande nur für eine Frage der Zeit." /1…
"„Es kann gut sein, dass kritische Infrastrukturen bereits kompromittiert sind“, warnt IT-Sicherheitsexperte @z_edian von der @snv_berlin" /2
"In einer Expertenanhörung wurde dieses [#ITSIG20] jedoch von allen Sachverständigen massiv kritisiert, von einem „Anti-Sicherheitsgesetz“ war die Rede. Die Mindest-Sicherheitsstandards seien keinesfalls ausreichend, bemängelten die Experten." /3
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296. #SophieJones (2021) A raw and resonant coming of age story about dealing with grief and overcome pain,it feels very personal. The cinematography is gorgeous and visually stunning with excellent performances by the cast especially the lead who is great.Really good. ⭐⭐⭐1/2 ImageImageImageImage
296. #Moxie (2021) A fun and entertaining coming of age movie that might be a bit flawed, but the performances by the cast is good and it is a bit long however it deals with a lot of important issues and it have a really powerful scene at the end, the direction is strong. ⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
297. #TheHitchHiker (1953) A swift thrilling noir film that is visually pleasing with great direction, it is very tense,suspensful and fast paced (yeah it's only 70 min)anchored by a trio of great performances by the cast. The story might not fully fleshed but still fun. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
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Must-read para cualquier financiero:… #history #finance ht @InvestorAmnesia
Misma línea, más completo, desde hace tiempo en mi #pipeline: Mountains of Debt de Veseth, sobre las primeras crisis financieras post-revolución financiera (ie. popularización/sofisticación bonos). Qué poco ha cambiado la película humana.
Problema principal finanzas públicas no viene tanto por el tema de la innovación financiera, sino por la expansión estado fiscal (superando las "city states"), la dilución fiscalidad, y el incremento "escala" guerras (ie. gasto). Lo aborda Taleb en #Antifrágil.
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Prime Minister @narendramodi is dedicating the #Kochi - #Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline to the nation through video conferencing

Watch LIVE now
In COP 21 held in 2015, as a responsible global leader, PM @narendramodi had pledged in front of the global community that India will reduce its carbon emission, will have a green, decarbonised pathway: @dpradhanbjp

Kochi-Mangaluru #NaturalGasPipeline
This is an important day for India, sp. Kerala & Karnataka. These two states are being connected by a #NaturalGasPipeline. I congratulate the people of these states. Congratulations also to all stakeholders for taking steps to provide #CleanEnergy infrastructure: PM @narendramodi
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#Dishman Carbogen Amcis Concall today at 4pm!

We would be providing live updates & key highlights of Con call.
Stay tuned😀

@unseenvalue @punitbansal14 @VikasReports @anupsoans @Ankit090287 @KevalAshar @MunkThePunk
Reassessment of #API plants:

- Reassessment of API plants to reassure that no product was negatively affected.
- It was done for 90 products.
- And it all went well.
#Indian Operations:

- Costs increased from 20% to 31% due to poor Indian operations.
- Indian operations were not up to the mark due to observations found and #covid.
- They had to move out from the fixed expenses which could not be capitalized.
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I remember when we stopped calling police weapons "nonlethal" and switched to "less lethal" - I thought it was a victory for anti-authoritarian realism, ditching a polite euphemism for a more accurate phrase that reminded us that the cops kill and mail people with these arms.

But after reading what @drfigtree says about the history of these weapons, I'm coming to think that "less lethal" is, itself, a euphemism. Feigenbaum is the author of 2017's "Tear Gas: From the Battlefields of World War I to the Streets of Today."…

Feigenbaum's comments appear in @scarschwartz's piece in The @Guardian chronicling the sickening injuries experienced by #BLM and #Pipeline protesters who were targeted by police wielding these weapons.…

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THREAD: Watching @txrrc meeting today at 9:30 CT to discuss prorationing #oil production. Here's some background on the request, which the RRC hasn't granted since 1973:…
The meeting comes 2 days after OPEC+ announced historic production cuts, and it'll be interesting to see how that colors the RRC's discussion and potential actions:…
And @APIenergy just put out its statement opposing any production cuts. The group will be one of 55(!) scheduled speakers at today's meeting.
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Chairperson of the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP has issued a response to #Wetsuweten Hereditary Chiefs,@UBCIC and @bccla call for an investigation regarding the actions of the RCMP in in Wet’suwet’en territory.Press conference in 30 min.
Getting ready to start. The Chairpersons response will be released momentarily .
The CRCC for the RCMP says the issues raised in the complaint are of “significant public interest”.But at this point a “public interest investigation” will not be initiated.#Wetsuwetan #RCMP
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Nordstream2

The company Allseas stopped its work on #Nordstream2 and the last 300km. The #US punitive measures of the "Law for the Protection of #Europe's Energy Security"
target the operating #companies of the highly #specialized #ships with which the #pipes for the pipeline are laid through the #BalticSea. As a punitive measure, entry bans are provided as well as the freezing of assets in the #USA.
#Washington argues that #Germany will move to #Moscow depending on the pipeline. Democratic Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson wrote a letter to Allseas chief Edward Heerema.However, if the company continues "even for a single day" after signing the US Sanctions Act, it could face
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Denmark #Bornholm

The #sanctions against the #BalticSea pipeline decided by the #US #Senate meet with resistance in #Moscow, criticism also came from #German Chancellor #Merkel. The #Kremlin still expects #NordStream2 to be completed.
Meanwhile, #Russia accuses the #UnitedStates of violating the law with pipeline sanctions.The punitive measures #violate international law and are an example of unfair competition, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow. "Such actions do not please Moscow or the #European capitals;
they do not like #Berlin or #Paris," said Peskow. He accused the #US of violating #international law and "expanding its artificial dominance to the #European market". Chancellor Angela #Merkel has also criticized the #US Congress's sanction resolution.
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1/ Maybe you knew the #TransMountainPipeline was a bad deal. But were you aware of the sheer scope of the damage it’s going to cause in frontline communities and to the environment? Watch the press conference we just held based on new research:…
2/ Whether you’re looking to learn more about #TransMountain or want the inside scoop on how to stop this #pipeline *wink wink* this latest report has everything you need. #cdnpoli…
3/ Head to one of the links above to get the whole scoop, but here are the top lines:
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and off we go #EnergyTwitter! May the thread start! 💡

Did You Know: To provide vital #oil across the English Channel after the #DDay landings, within months secret #pipelines were unwound from massive spools to reach French ports.
Following the #DDay invasion– June 6, 1944 – Allied forces would need vast quantities of #petroleum to continue the advance into #Europe. Allied leaders also knew that petroleum tankers trying to reach French ports would be vulnerable to #Luftwaffe attacks...
A top-secret “Operation #PLUTO” – Pipe Line Under The Ocean – became the Allied strategy. It would fuel victory with #oil production from the #USA petroleum industry. The secret pipeline mission used a popular #WaltDisney character for its logo. #OOTT
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The only thing that will motivate people to #adapt newer #apps in already populated app #market is by declaring a Product Mature when it runs out of Visual Space that means ignoring dropdown menus & drawers completely. #UX #Trend #VisualCommunication #Design #DesignTrend #Product
Calling a Product Mature, gives it an identity. The age have passed, when learning a new software is considered a skill & achievement, integrated softwares are the necessary bridge to accomplish the task. Smaller #Visual Centric #Applications #Integrated in a #Pipeline are
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Today was a difficult day to witness. RCMP enforced an injunction to force them to give access to the Coastal GasLink pipeline that would deliver natural gas to the $40 bill, under construction expansion terminal in Kitimat. #wetsuweten #aboriginaltitle #pipeline ImageImageImage
The problem is, the office of the Wet’suwet’en (hereditary chiefs) have jurisdiction to the land in question, and don’t want the project. They’ve made it explicit they want to protect the last unspoiled corners of their territory.
The Wet’suwet’en have never given up rights or title to their land and have never entered treaty with the government. Despite that, police forced Wet’suwet’en people and their supporters to leave their land and at least 11 people were arrested.
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.@FERC has a lot to be proud of in the 11 months since a quorum was re-established in August 2017.
Among the most significant achievements is the approval of a number of major #natgas #pipeline projects & BILLIONS of cf/d of new capacity. Many of those projects had been waiting for an exceptionally long time.
But there are some areas where we can & should do better — specifically, our review of #LNG export terminal applications. We need more resources!
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