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Para crear una librería de components en #reactjs siempre te recomiendan:

1. Empezar de cero 🤢
2. Usar una librería y cambiar los estilos 😢

Hay una tercera y MEJOR opción:

✨ Componentes primitivos ✨

❤️ ¿Me ayudas con un RT?

Los components primitivos son accesibles y sin estilo para construir #DesignSystems y #webapps de alta calidad.

Proporcionan todas las bases necesarias para que desarrolles tus propios components con el diseño que quieras rápidamente.

Empieza lista...
Reach UI busca convertirse en la base accesible de tu #DesignSystem basado en React.
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What changes in video game ecosystem would encourage entrepreneurial growth of game developers and game designers?…

#gaming #GamingNews #GamingStartup #StartUp #Androidgames #pcgaming #gamedev #gamedesign #gamedeveloper #AVGC #design #designsystem
The industry is obsessed with terms like immersive gaming, pro gamers, longer gameplay sessions, engagement etc. The game dev community is growing at a rapid pace. The game schools, number of game startups, number of games launched in the market are growing alongside. Games are
competing for User’s attention. One game is trying to snatch the “session time” pie of another game.

The high worth individuals were early adopters of the internet and good spender. Similarly the high worth individuals were early adopters of Apple products and they are
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How about we have Intercompany Design Systems for Hardware and Software Design? Just so, the surround sound gadget from one brand matches perfectly with the TV of another brand and Washing Machine of some other brand that complacent Me with a 360° Aesthetic Personality! Image
Business of Premium Branding & Collectives. Design System of the Universe. Best of Technology and Design.

#branding #3dprinter #Trend #Luxury #premiumbrand #surrealism #gadget #PlannedObsolescence #Economy #NoWar #productdesign #productmanagement #productmanager
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@userfocus @jina Hi, I am trying to understand what is not a Design System. Sometimes we have to negate to reach to conclusion. So I am thinking of collecting snippets, processes and scenarios that somebody might have thought is a Design System but actually not. #NotDesignSystem
I think you should take a look at this thread. @framer @InVisionApp @figmadesign
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What if a Software like Adobe Photoshop only provides Viewport and all the other functions can be added as Plugins & Addons from Market Place?
#DesignSystem #marketplace #Portfolio #app #adobe #autodesk #CRM #ERP #digital #UX #Design #UI #atomicdesign
It will cultivate a pool of addons. Addons will compete among each other but not the software. Cost Management as per addons use. Budget Allocation will be Agile. Focus will improve. A well establish design philosophy & style guide will improve consistency. Learning Curve of each
Addons will be low. Easily adaptable. Easily replaceable with a better addon from another creator. Many way of achieving the same task. Best Practices Guide will be paced. Companies will have less liability. Marketplace addons will find it more secure to run the business as they
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The only thing that will motivate people to #adapt newer #apps in already populated app #market is by declaring a Product Mature when it runs out of Visual Space that means ignoring dropdown menus & drawers completely. #UX #Trend #VisualCommunication #Design #DesignTrend #Product
Calling a Product Mature, gives it an identity. The age have passed, when learning a new software is considered a skill & achievement, integrated softwares are the necessary bridge to accomplish the task. Smaller #Visual Centric #Applications #Integrated in a #Pipeline are
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1/ If you have a heart attack and I jump in to your car to take you to hospital but fail to figure out basics due to overwhelming IoT gadget and unfamiliar app, it could cost your life. Popular Pattern, Legacy Pattern, Onboarding Load, Cognitive Load, Redroute, Learnability,
2/ Perpetual Load, Situational Usability Testing, HMI, HCI, Interactive Controls, Interaction Design. Situational Data Analytics. #userexperience #usabilitytesting #Usability #accessibility #iot #onboarding #familiarity #Cognitive #perpetual #app #hmi #HCI #design #designer
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In a Design System Manager (#DSM), change in master files reflects change in many pages in many application all across the service ecosystem. Sometimes change in a certain UI element (a button, a dropdown, a label) may become unnoticeable w.r.t. the background color and
texture in a certain page of a certain application. One of the reason could be mismatch in contrast ratio. Now the implication of change in master file could be spread across 1000 files in the hierarchy. These files could belong to different application
with their own access control and permission. It is impossible to check each file one by one. The design system should be intelligent enough to inform the respective #UX teams about the change in master file and also the aesthetic disorders it have created.
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Most of the web pages and #apps these days are card based. Why can't we take different cards from different web pages / apps and create our own #dashboard to be used for comparing and #research conveniently? Specially for the small screen like #mobile phones.
Think its implementation for a group discussion over Tour & Travel itinerary #planning. Comparing an #Amazon product with a #Bestbuy product with a #Wallmart product. Drag and drop hotels from different websites and comparing them on a single page side by side.
Comparing any kind of #Sales #Quotation for #enterprise and #business #applications. We have spend good amount of time on creating successful uniform Design System and now we can reap the benefits.
#DesignSystem #integration #UX #Design #Apps #iPhone #Android #FlatDesign
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