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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/23/2020…
A radical theory says major crises remake America every 80 years…

#future #cycle #america
A three-agent robotic system for Mars exploration…

#mars #robotic #exploration
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#WalkAway "My husband and I voted blue for as long as we were able to vote. The last election we were a home divided. My husband voted for Trump and me the other. He started to see through the decades of lies and failed promises from the Democratic Party.

1/ Image
The constant exploitation of minority groups and the working middle class and impoverished for their political gain became overwhelming to me, and now I will vote for Trump in this years election! FINALLY a president who is NOT a career politician. He truly is the people’s

president. He doesn’t owe favors and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. He may be rough around the edges and may not be eloquently spoken, but his heart is in the right place. He cares about all Americans. We need equality for all, we need law and order, and we need to uphold

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R/T - #America honors diversity. We have two ways of resolving conflict: Honest Debate & Voting.

"Woke" #Democrats are secular #Taliban. If you don't agree, they burn, kill and destroy until you submit. #CancelCulture #BidenRiots #Election2020 #MAGA2020… ImageImageImage
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Thread about #Qatar🇶🇦, #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦, #MuslimBrotherhood and 9/11 Attacks!




Let us start with State of Qatar 🇶🇦,

Qatar is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar's total population was 2.6 million: 313,000 Qatari citizens and 2.3 million expatriates

Qatar has been ruled by the House of Thani since Mohammed bin Thani signed a treaty with the British in 1868 that recognised its separate status.

27 February 1972

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani became the Emir of Qatar
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This day in 2001 I was sitting in the dining facility at Ft Benning, GA, going through basic training & shitting my pants as I watched the second plane hit. We knew something was up when the Drills turned the TVs on. We could never imagine how that day would shape, and in some...
cases end, our lives. I will never forget the men & women I served with during #OEF & #OIF. I met boys who turned into men, women who fought as hard and proficient as the most highly trained infantry soldier, and the very best #America and humanity had to offer. We faced the...
darkest evil of this world throughout the #MiddleEast & #Africa that streamed in from the four corners of the Earth to kill #Americans and try to break our resolve. Upon leaving the #military I learned the truth of the #Iraqwar & our alternative motives going into #Afghanistan...
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He lies and Americans die.

This is despicable. @realDonaldTrump is an incompetent racist and narcissist who’s only concerned with his personal self interests. Publicly he said it “was just like the flu. It’s a Democratic hoax. It will just go away.”
To tell the public that it’s not a big deal is an egregious dereliction of duty. #america #covid19 #trumpisanidiot #vote
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SEPT 9, 2020 #amd09blue

@americandream09 @realDonaldTrump #amd09blue9920

#BackTheBlue #BackTheBadge #Police #POTUS

Real News! Image
SEPT 9, 2020 #amd09blue

@americandream09 @realDonaldTrump #amd09blue9920

#BackTheBlue #BackTheBadge #Police #POTUS

Real News! Image
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Ready for a #JoeBiden history lesson?
During WW2 our #submarines could dive to a depth of 350 feet. The Japanese believed around 150 feet was their depth limit and would set their depth charges to that depth or less. >
Then a US #Congressman, #AndrewMay, visited #PearlHarbor and when he got home told the media “our subs can dive to 350 feet”. Most of the subs we lost during WW2 were lost after the senator shot his mouth off. >
Moving forward to current times, read this and never forget this about #JoeBiden: When he was the Vice President, he did the most unthinkable thing for a man in his position. He revealed the unit that killed #BinLaden. On May 3 2011, at a national event in Washington, >
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/07/2020…
Connecting Croatia on a bridge built by China – POLITICO…

#bridge #china #croatia
Dark Matter Experiment Finds Unexplained Signal | Quanta Magazine…

#signal #DarkMatter
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@grasshopperxcc @realDonaldTrump Sing this is Japanese! #Japanese #Japan #JapanQ #QJapan The - Stick the NEW WORLD ORDER up your AR$E Challenge #challenge #America #UK #Canada #NZ #CHINA #Russia #Germany #TikTok #WORLDWIDE all languages singing this 👇 and we can put them all together #unity
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The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline.

However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will
tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

The Rothschilds claim that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars.

They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now
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1/ I’m so tired of the phrase “American Exceptionalism” and the concept that America is the “greatest country on earth”. I feel it speaks to a deep narcissism within Americans and is a basis for Americans thinking that invading other countries is okay.
2/ Other countries do not exist for us to do whatever we want with them. They are not less-than. The people who live in them are just as valuable as we are.

#imperialism #AmericanExceptionalism #America
3/ This narcissism, this attitude that others aren’t impacted, don’t have a role in the world and that they are purely there to be acted on, is seen on an individual level as selfishness.

This is why white people in America don’t wear masks.
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1/ The clinician in me now observes 2 prominent, young Black men diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer. I urge my white colleagues to investigate & query the role of systemic racism on this incidence and recognize that it is likely occurring more often than reported @SWexner
2/ This tragedy is another opportunity to acknowledge the vast amount of gaps in knowledge we have on the impact of daily racism on Black American health. This ignorance, willful or unintentional, can no longer be ignored by medicine. @DrIbram @DrOniBee
3/ Without a family history of colon cancer, he wasn’t even old enough to be recommended for routine colon cancer screening. The @AmericanCancer recommends starting at age 45. Other organizations recommend starting at age 50.
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Sorry for the delay. Thread on Waste and my thesis:
Waste is broken down in 3 segments:

Recycling, Disposal & Collection
Disposal is still in early innings (maybe 3rd) of consolidation Image
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The #GOP has FAILED #America under #DonaldTrump. It all started with the #MuslimBan within DAYS of becoming #POTUS. Dismissing people outright based on their religion alone!? He denied it and in the same day called it a Muslim Ban on TV. How can we forget when he called all
Mexicans "rapists and murderers"? How can we forget that he called their desperate situation thay forced them to come here an "invasion"? How can we forget that a man heard those words spoken in El Paso, drove to El Paso, and shot up a @Walmart in El Paso by "coincidence". How
can we forget the fact that #COVID19 started infecting and killing the ENTIRE WORLD and #DonaldTrump called it a hoax. Be preferred to sit around coming up with racist names for the virus while it crept into the country. When he finally acknowledged it, he PUBLICLY asked Pence
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“After the holidays, people started getting sick. But then again, people always got the flu around the holidays. This year was strange, though, because all the flu tests were coming back negative…In mid-February, a number of residents were diagnosed with pneumonia..." #COVID19
March 1: an 18 person team from the CDC arrived in Kirkland: epidemiologists, lab experts, & infection-control professionals. A CDC spokesperson confirmed that its role was “not to provide treatment,” but rather to offer “technical guidance” to study & not help. #COVID19 #America
March 7: federal backup finally arrived. It came in the form of a Department of Health and Human Services “strike team” 28 military doctors, nurses, technicians, and aides. They brought #COVID tests, not enough for the staff, but finally enough to test every resident #coronavirus
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4 covers of "Le Petit Journal" dedicated to #Serbia in WW1. (1/2).
Courtesy of, found on a Tweet that I cannot find again, hence RT.
4 more covers of "Le Petit Journal" dedicated to #Serbia in WW1. (2/2).
Courtesy of, found on a Tweet that I cannot find again, hence RT.
3. These 8 covers show pro-Serbian feeling & encouragements pushed in #Paris during #WW1.
At the time, #France was trying to obtain the establishment of a #Balkan front in order to help #Serbia, pincer #Quadruplice & alleviate Western front.
80,000 French died there.
And we won..
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1/ I continue to be impressed with what @BU_Tweets has been able to do in a short period of time regarding #COVID19 response. The actions they have taken are a big part of why I joined the team to help the Boston University community
Dashboard:… @BhadeliaMD
2/ Is the dashboard perfect? Of course not. It is a starting point to build from.

- BU developed their own test and protocols to screen the entire community with the capacity to run 6,000 tests a day with results in 24 hours (!) @bu_phd_students
3/ - Created a new department "Healthway" to manage the health of students, faculty & staff

- Developed and trained teams of contact tracers, triage nurses and results notification specialists

- Instituted universal masking policy and 6 foot social distancing at all times Image
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#CrossfireHurricane: ultimate form of 'gaslighting'. How so? Mueller investigation was based on allegation that Trump campaign violated Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). We read that here:…

Who really violated FARA? The Clinton Foundation. Let's go:

This 2-minute clip from that fateful Clinton Foundation Congressional hearing provides even more specifics:…

#ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers #DoyleandMoynihan
#PlayingtoWin #America #USA #RuleofLaw #ObamaGate
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"MEDICAL MIRACLE From God" Says Totalitarian CRIMINAL Dictators in #Australia #Victoria #Melbourne, NO FLU DEATHS THIS YEAR! RECORD LOW YEAR!
It's "Not" that they're LYING & FRAUDING, They want u to believe that the social distancing Fairy waved it's wand Image
2/ ‘MASSIVE DROP’ IN FLU CASES by "Miracle" in #Australia #AU as the entire country held hostage in Tyrannical Dictatorship the likes of Hitler's Nazi Iron Curtain.
-There have been ZERO DEATHS associated with influenza across Australia so far this winter! WTF!!!!
-Positive cases nearly non-existent! an 84-99% per cent drop in #Australia!
-They are just claiming Flu is #COVID19 obviously just like in #America! CRIMINAL FRAUD FEDERAL CRIMES!
-Dr Chant said if you have respiratory symptoms, “it is most likely that you have COVID, not flu"
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
MASSIVE PROTESTS MILLIONS in #SouthKorea in, get this, a Q Protest! O.O BOOM 💥 Against Mask Restrictions, against #COVID19 #Scamdemic Against #ChildTrafficking & against the #NWO #Globalism by #UN #EU &the Elite Crime Cabals. INCREDIBLE #Spain also Today
3/ Many TROLL FARM accounts attacking this video LYING through their faces that supposedly there are no protests in #SouthKorea. TOTAL LIARS!!! Of course there are HUGE protests in Korea now! Don't listen to these LIARS! Look at their TROLL accounts!! TROLL FARM DISINFO people!!
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@POTUS @RichardGrenell

#QanonArmy PLEASE READ 👇…
Did you know that members of #USArmy, #NATO and #KFOR were victims of #KLA terrorist organisation who they came to "protect" from Serbs in #Kosovo???

"We didn't want #Albanians to start killing us, so we let them keep killing #Serbs" !!!

#QanonArmy #WWG1WGA #Trump2020Victory 👇
"We will likely witness the next act of war by #US-led #NATO against our WWI and WWII ally #Serbia that has NEVER been a threat to #America, on behalf of the Washington darlings who, incidentally, fought for the #Nazis and today occasionally fight for #Jihad"
#QAnon2020 #Trump 👇
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