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How @discord is a scammers paradise 🏝

A story /🧵 on how the lack of a trust layer 🤝 for the internet creates a breeding ground for scams / scammers with #red flags 🚩 to watch out for along the way.
1/ First, some team background. A lot of our team have backgrounds in fraud prevention / #investigation 🕵️‍♂️ which we’re extremely lucky to have as it prevents 🛑us falling for what you’re about to read.
2/ Around 2 weeks ago we were approached for a transaction via someone out of the blue on @telegram.

We’ve had plenty of these reach outs be incredible so only a small 🚩 here.
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🪨 & 🛹

Born To RoLL Skate Video, Featuring myself & FAMILY …
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Myself & Tyrone/T-Bone (T-Bone Was in OSIRIS #THE #STORM

Madison Wisconsin
“Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan”

Tactical Skateboarding Full Length Video
Put my heart & soul into my part in this Video, BoRn To RoLL!

#Madison Wisconsin
#One Love

The Champ Is Here !

.@taylorswift13 — CALM DOWN might Make sense to everyone now …
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Pelajaran dari Hyundai dlm memposisi & mempromosi jenama | Sewaktu menjadi pelajar d US hampir 30 tahun lampau, kereta Hyundai sering menjadi bualan kami para pelajar Malaysia d sebabkan oleh 2 perkara: harga jualannya yg murah dan kualitinya yg rendah 1/14 #ioniq5 #marketing
Sebagai pelajar yg hidup dgn elaun sara hidup dari penaja, kereta jenama Hyundai dah tentu jadi antara calon "favorite" (walaupun org lain tak pun "berahi" dgn kereta jenama Hyundai ini d waktu tu).

Ya lah, harganya jauh lebih murah berbanding dgn jenama lain. 2/14
Oh ya, ini kereta terpakai ya, bukan kereta baharu. Maklumlah, kami pelajar.

Tetapi, dengan harga yg murah ia d pakejkan dgn kualiti yg rendah.

Ada d kalangan kawan2 yg dah pun punyai kereta berjenama Hyundai, akhirnya terpaksa menapak ke kampus.

Hyundai dah tersadai. 3/14
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“Global Warming”?

More like, it’s going to get #COLD !

[New World Order Back & White]
[Skull & Bones]
#Hangover Krew
#RED & WE PLAY #BLACK Claws Out !!!!!!!

Born To Rise Up outa this Hell, NOT Hell Raiser !!!

There is no Step #5 !!!

NO MORE PINS IN ME !!!!!!!!!
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For the last 1 week & (4)(3) days everyone has had A lemon or two chucked at them in some way shape or form, yesterday [they] threw the whole 🍋 🌳 …
Today as MANY feel they are at the lowest they’ve ever been in life, together as A whole, I’ve always promised I would be at my ImageImage
Very BEST …

Turn 10 .✍️ Image
Who are You Going to Call Upon? …
#SWEET Skateboards
#SWEET Water
White Water ImageImage
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A Goofy 🐮 🐄 Movie …
Scooby Snack Time …
kPEPermit The Frog …
SIMON says ..
Mickey MOUSE Skate Video .

Cow - Wisconsin
Scooby - doG
PEPE - Skateboarder
Peter Griffin - Pan/Jesus/The Griffin
SIMON - Take Care Of My Sheep
Mouse - PAW PAW
I AM & This is my Command, LOVE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU!

Everything you hav been taught is A lie, it’s A Throne of lies ..

I Command you give my people the biblical truths with COMPASSION, LOVE & EMPATHY , EVERYTHING .

Everything that has been kept from humanity, Show them
Who has been right in front of them this whole time ..
SHOW the people All That has been kept hidden from them & WH-Y !

Shock the world awake, MY people are ready.✍️

1 Jesus Nick Name - Pan
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Whenever you’re Ready, I’ll be here waiting ..

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THE GAME being played right now is #RED light, Green Light …

#Red L

Time 2 Play
Time 2 Eat

While so many others have been eating, Others have been starving—Having Patients, Waiting patiently for the right moment,THINKing about others who are also starving …
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Below, Not for Anons.

.@USNavy, #BOX 123 .. 🍎
#RED 1 #RED 2 [3][456]
KeySecured When?


23(3) John F Kennedy
[4] HELLO George
Fire Breaks Work

Barry, Knock Knock ..
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Shane Owns WCW, Just remember …
He gives it all back to THE PEOPLE ..

Hulk ends up choosing to go back to his #ROOTS, #YELLOW & #RED ..
The Toaster
The Vacuum
The Light
The Radio 🎶
All Looking for their Master, I was once lost, being searched for, I have been found..

My #REAL FAMILY Means everything to me, all the hate in the world or drama, I have no time for. .
I choose to be the change, those who choose
Daily to be lost forever being apart of the problem, that’s their choice ..
Eventually it’s all going to be even more clear than it already is, those who chose the paths they have of hate/division will eventually have A choice to make, that choice comes once forgiveness of self
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Join us at 11:00 CET today for our online debate! Don't miss out on the chance to learn how the EU LPG market can become 100% renewable by 2050, and what role the EU legislation, such as #RED, can play in the #GreenTransition.…
“All of Europe’s #LPG demand in 2050 can be supplied by #bioLPG.” Eric Johnson, Managing Director, Atlantic Consulting.
“We can replace heating oil with propane on the short term and replace propane with biopropane on the longer term.” Joël Pedessac, Director General, France Gaz Liquides.
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Como no podía ser de otro modo, #Red me ha fascinado. No solo es un triunfo de Pixar, sino que también creo que es su propuesta más redonda desde ‘Del revés’ (de la que ya han pasado 7 años) y un paso adelante para el estudio a todos los niveles.

Hilo va explicando por qué
Quienes me conocen sabrán que llevo tiempo contemplando la trayectoria de Pixar con escepticismo, convencido de que Walt Disney Animation le tomó la delantera más o menos a partir de ‘Frozen’. Porque lo percibía como un estudio acomplejado, incapaz de prosperar creativamente
En la última década Pixar ha sido incapaz de sobreponerse a dos circunstancias en conflicto. Una, la absorción de Disney y la directriz de exprimir fenómenos a toda costa. El efecto ‘Cars’, que más allá de las ochenta secuelas de ‘Toy Story’ pronto nos llevará a... ‘Lightyear’
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It's Wednesday, so we have a new weekly summary for all of the daily investment posts. This thread includes data from:
@tombfinance / @Reaper_Farm
@HectorDAO_HEC / @nemesis_dao
@osmosiszone / @ThorNodes
@VaporNodes / @AngelNodes

Check it out!
2/ First let's take a look at @tombfinance, staking $TShare / $FTM LP in #autofarm @Reaper_Farm. @FantomFDN #drama caused some lower price action this month, but Tomb shows some consistent returns. Don't care about price, I care about #Compounding
3/ Next, let's look at @HectorDAO_HEC. APR is slow and steady and this project is pretty boring with very low returns. Price action continues to decline, but looks like a bottom is near. The pivot to a bank and $TOR saved the #rebase project, but we'll see what happens with $HEC
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The #Truth is:
The #Empire (#NATO) cannot create a #No-#Fly zone over #Ukraine, because the #Russians already did that in what is called:
The #Russian #Strategy of #A2AD:
What is Anti-Access/Area-Denial (#A2AD)❓
A2AD denies an adversary’s freedom of movement.
AA –inhibition of enemy military movement into an area of operations.
AD – denial of enemy freedom of action in areas.

Russia’s Anti-Access Area Denial 👇Click👇
👉…👈 Image
Ow... We forgot:
This map is of #Before the current #Crisis.
Now there is a new #Big #Red #Circle around #Belarus (that is now also pink) and #Eastern-#Ukraine (that is now shaded pink // green).
#A2AD in full action.
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We need a #profitable investment strategy. When it comes to #bitcoin, this task seems very simple: just hold and number will go up. This maxi view advocates a constant buying strategy commonly called dollar (or unit) cost averaging (#DCA/UCA). But is this the best we can do? 🧵 9 Image
1. The annual chart above shows that, indeed, #number just keeps going up. What about those red candles though? Can we avoid losing money in the red years? Is there a #pattern to them?

The losses can be significant (56-73%) so it would be good to know what to do in those years.
2. The simple answer is that the #red candles repeat every 4 years (the 1st one is an exception: it came 1 year late late due to a lack of #bitcoin market for the first 1.5 years).

Why every 4 years? Because that's the length of the block subsidy #halving cycle (vertical lines).
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Happy Madison


Make sense?
Let me know when you have figured it out so we all can move on.


Warp Speed

Make sense?
Let me know as soon as you figure it out. The faster it’s figured out, the easier moving forward will be for those trying to find that 1 missing piece you feel you need to see everything crystal Clearly ..
Sky High Skate Shop
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Data shows Modi Govt strategy on fighting #Maoist #Red terrorism & putting down #Left extremism in #India is working.
Incidents of Maoist terrorism have come down by 70% from all time high of 2258 incidents in 2009 (when Sonia Gandhi's NAC was dictating policy) to 665 in 2020.
Significantly deaths (Civilians + Security Forces) caused by #Maoist #Red terrorism have declined by 80% from all time high of 1005 in 2010 (when Digvijay Singh got Sonia Gandhi to halt anti-#Naxal ops) to 183 in 2020.
Geographical spread of #Maoist terrorism has also declined to 53 districts across 9 States, compared to 76
districts across 10 States in 2013. Declining trend in incidents of #Left extremist and #Naxal violence and its geographical spread continues in 2021.
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