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The blockchain industry will reach a $1,000,000,000,000 valuation in the near future.

Do current limitations on scalability and cost hinder its potential?

Introducing #dappchains.

🎯 Must-Read Thread! Image
The vision of a multi-chain network and scaling problems of L1s have facilitated the boom of the #dappchains.

✦ The idea of an application chain was not born yesterday. #Cosmos envisioned creating an ecosystem of universal connectivity beginning.
⚡️As a solution for resource-intensive decentralized applications, #dappchains is a new way to scale and reduce strain on the network.

Imagine a game that has millions of players. Should the game rely on the scalability of another network that hosts other games?
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Hey anon, still excited about this crazy crypto space?

Have some spare time during Christmas holidays?

Read on for the latest #GameFi related alpha, qualify for potential #airdrops 🪂 and potentially also a #LENS 🌿 handle (for those still missing out)
Intro artwork 🐸Pepe In Christmas Festival🎅 sold already, atm no other choice then right click save 😜

Check out more from @FolkNft art on @foundation - some dope💉 art pieces are still available 👉
#GameFi / web3 gaming seems to become the next meta, and it has not really been affected by the recent events that caught even some of the #smartMoney investors by surprise...
VC investments seem to have been significantly reduced lately, but not for GameFi (on our observations)
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Web3 Gaming Industry Overview 2022

🧵In this thread, we've compiled everything you need to know about #Web3Gaming's past, present, and future, so you don't have to!

- Looking at 2021 & 2022
- The limitations of the current Web3 gaming industry
- The future of Web3 gaming
1/24 Image
The year 2021 is fantastic for the GameFi sector. The crypto market is in a bull run phase with the persistence of the global pandemic.
Some Southeast Asian nations have very high unemployment rates, making the idea of "play to earn" a lifeline for many people.
In such circumstances, #AxieInfinity was born and quickly became a global phenomenon.
A number of play-to-earn games also started to appear from this point on, just like mushrooms after rain.
3/24 Image
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1- @AxieInfinity $AXS is up more than 100% after a massive downside
2- On Sunday 13 November When Axie Infinity $AXS made a new price of 4$ and now 5 December the price pumped more than 2x, $AXS pumped today more than 25% Open price is $6.68 and is high at $8.8 at the time writing.
3- @AxieInfinity is a blockchain-based trading and battling game that is partially owned and operated by its players. We update our $AXS to USD price in real time. Axie Infinity is up 25% in the last couple of hours. The current @Coinmarketcap ranking is #51.
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1/ A thread 🧵

We know how bad market conditions are and you must be looking for a hub to get the best #P2E games to give you some funds and a little distraction.
What you're looking for is on @YGGIndia $INDI, a sub-DAO of @YieldGuild that's… Image

…pushing the narrative for top gaming in #India. With #IndiGG, the mission is simple. Making India a #Web3Gaming Powerhouse that would connect users/gamers to their favorite #P2EGames.
There's quite a list on #IndiGG now and… Image

…they are all top notch

@AxieInfinity which is also one of the best #P2EGames where gamers can battle, collect, build and also earn.

With #IndiGG, it would be easier to network with fellow… Image
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The MCap of top 8 gaming companies was worth ~$200 billion in May 2022.
6 of them are establishing their #web3 teams. The opportunities are real. And we're very early.

So, in the coming days, how should you evaluate a #gamefi project?

Learn this concept: GameFi Trilemma 🧵👇 Image
The #GameFi trilemma is composed of ● playability
● profitability
● accessibility.

The problem arises when games only can optimize two components at any given time. Image

Web 2.0 games give up profitability for players.

Most Web 3.0 games have given up accessibility by charging a hefty price for NFTs.

And for each component in the trilemma, there are existing problems and we'd like to highlight some potential solutions. 💡
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Great #AMA done on @Stepnofficial #STEPN by @HuobiGlobal , co-hosted by @CryptoCoinCoach and speaker @shitirastogi from StepN.
* StepN in short
* Mission
* NFTs
* Price stability
* Security
* SocialFi
* #BSC
* Luck
* Success stories
* Partnerships 🧵👇
#StepN in short:
* #Move2Earn health and fitness application. Users equip sneakers and then move outdoors to earn token & #NFT rewards.
* Built in wallet & swap marketplace + other features to facilitate easy onboarding of non crypto users.
* #STEPN wants to build a lifestyle app. Not just gamification.
* Mission in 3 steps:
1. Fitness application for people to move outdoor
2. Bridge between #web2 and #web3 (simple mechanic & UI) where people own their own digital assets through NFTs
3. Carbon neutrality
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What Are Play-to-Earn Games? 9 Best Crypto #NFT Games of 2022 Image
Play-to-earn games reward participants with digital cash or non-fungible tokens. In recent years,
these blockchain-backed games — also known as #P2E — have gone mainstream, becoming a core component of nearly every metaverse out there, with each platform boasting its own form of cryptocurrency to pay online gamers for their time commitment.
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A (long) thread of my opinions (as the greatest predictor in history) on two main possible outcomes for the recent "hack" of the Ronin Bridge. #AxieInfinity #Rugpull @Jihoz_Axie
(1) 75% chance - Inside Job/Rug Pull:

In this case, one or more of the Axie team members planned out this attack and executed it like this on purpose.
This one objectively makes the most sense because there were 4 compromised private keys, which are virtually impossible to "hack" unless you have physical access to them. Additionally, the Axie team ignored confrontation about the hack and took all of 6 days to make any response.
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MEGA Thread #OasisProtocol : The privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

Here's everything you need to know about $ROSE, tackling the challenges of the contemporary economy that poses economic and privacy concerns.

A thread 🧵👇
1. My recommendation to read first:

I've written about the fundamentals of $ROSE previously in a simple to understand thread below.

2. In this thread, I want to focus on the upcoming events, ecosystem and potential value $ROSE offers to us as investors.

Firstly, with an ecosystem fund this accelerates growth by creating an economic flywheel incentive designed by @a16z that I will explain below.
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🔽Read All

#hiddengem #Gamified Ecosystem
🚀Next #AxieInfinity
👀You are not Late yet

#ZooKeeper @ZooFarming
🌀Defi & Gamified Ecosystem
🌀Multichain & MultiGames #P2E
🌀Gigantic Partnership
🌀Global #NFT #OpenZoo Market
🌀Trending - Tiny Market Cap ImageImageImageImage
- 1⃣ -

#Defi | #Gamified | #Ecosystem
1⃣Gamified Farming
👉NFTs Boost Rewards
2⃣Single Staking
👉 Zero IL
3⃣Expedition Staking
👉Farm NFTs

📹Tutorial on Youtube Channel

#Zookeeper @ZooFarming #P2E ImageImageImage

#Gamified | #P2E | #Ecosystem
🎮Multiple Games
🏎️#ZooRacers 1st Game

-Tradeable & in-game Character
-Unique Abilities

3⃣ All Compatible
Windows | Apple | IOS | Android ImageImageImageImage
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Recession in @AxieInfinity : how and why.

NOTE: This is not a big problem! This is normal. We have economic cycles IRL. of course we have it in the metaverse land too.

Difference: we can better anticipate and change

Here are 7 ways Axie can manage inflation and recover 🧵
Economics is the most important aspect to get right in your economy. It builds the backbone of the entire market, but it is complicated to get right.
We wrote a highly valued research report on P2E Economics to help with the economics design. And this time, I want to apply it to Axie Infinity, and talk about how their economic policy led to economic recession that we see right now.

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How @AxieInfinity and @YieldGuild can save the world.

(Why the world is broken... and how crypto could help fix it.)

#AxieInfinity #P2E #P2Egaming

a 🤯🧵👇
Axie Infinity, as you know, is a game where players breed, battle, and trade digi-pets called Axies.

The goal is to earn Small Love Potions - SLPs.

SLPs can be traded for other cryptos and traded for fiat.

Thus, the "play-to-earn" model.

#P2E #P2Egaming #playtoearn
It became bigly popular in "developing" countries like the Philippines, which were hit hardest during the COVID lockdowns.

This awesome Coindesk article by @leah_cb goes into more detail:…
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I played a lot of Ragnarok Online from 2003-2020, and today I want to publicly write up my thoughts on $SLP in parallel to RO.

This tweet isn't financial advice, just wanted to post this since I get dozens of questions about SLP daily. Hope this helps!

Let's dive right in! 🧵
The in-game currency in Ragnarok is called 'zeny'. It's like gold, that players can earn by selling loots from monsters.

Zeny is needed to pay for basic goods like potions and basic equipment.

It's also needed to purchase higher-end gear, and pretty much ANYTHING important.
You need zeny to buy top-tier cards to equip to your gear...

You need zeny for potions so you can do boss hunts.

You need zeny for supplies for War of Emperium (guild wars).

You need zeny to get around town, to pay for warpers and butterfly wings (item to teleport).
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#رشتو @PegaxyOfficial


🌐بازی‌ای که امروز قراره معرفی کنیم #Pegaxy نام داره.

این بازی تقریبا ترکیبی از بازی‌های #AxieInfinity و #zedrun هستش. Pegaxy

🎮برای شروع بازی نیاز به یک اسب دارید.
برای خرید اسب باید از طریق marketplace خود بازی اقدام کرد.

💵حداقل قیمت خرید اسب 1000دلار هست و با توجه به این‌که می‌شه اسب‌ها رو اجاره کرد بهتره برای خرید ریسک نکنید و اجاره کنید.

💰هر ۱۵ روز هم اجازه‌ی برداشت توکن‌ها داده می‌شه.

🌐توی بخش renting می‌تونید اسب اجاره کنید.

شیوه‌ی اجاره کردن به این صورته که یک نفر اسبش رو در بازه‌ی زمانی مشخصی با قیمتی که تعیین کرده برای اجاره می‌ذاره و شما می‌تونید هزینه‌ش رو پرداخت کنید و اون اسب رو تو اون مدت داشته باشید و ازش کسب درآمد کنید.
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En este hilo voy a intentar dar información sobre la situación actual de $VRA , en qué punto pienso que se encuentra y noticias recientes que han o pueden tener influencia sobre ella.


Si observamos el gráfico a 1 año, vemos claramente la figura de taza con asa y como ahora está retestando para hacer soporte. Figura muy #Bullish, debería ir a corto plazo a buscar ATH y alcanzar los tan ansiados 0,10$

Si analizamos un poco más de cerca los movimientos de las últimas semanas, vemos como se ha ido formando una bandera y en mi opinión se encuentra en un momento de acumulación que irá rebotando hasta encontrar ruptura alcista con Fibo 0,786
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✨The Metaverse Index is 14 tokens in ONE ✨

In this thread 🧵👇

-Where to get 40%+ APY on $MVI? 🚀
-What is the "Metaverse"? 🌎
-What's in the Metaverse Index? 📈

Because which sector in crypto has the greatest L2 potential? Easy, the Metaverse.

x/ ImageImage
1a/ Where to get yield on $MVI?

@SushiSwap on @0xPolygon

Stake your $WETH / $MVI LP token to get about 35% yields.

Earning both $MATIC and $SUSHI rewards. Image
1b/ Where to get yield on $MVI?

@AdamantVault on @0xPolygon

Stake your $WETH / $MVI from SushiSwap on Adamant to auto-compound your rewards

@0xPolygon's lower gas fees makes this possible. Image
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Sale hilo 🧵 con sitios web que tenes que tener agregados a tus favoritos, si es que estás en el mundo de las #Criptomonedas

Coingecko es una página donde vas a poder encontrar todos los proyectos #cripto del mercado, con datos oficiales como página web, redes sociales, smart contracts, etc.
También vas a tener datos de exchanges, y mucha información más.

Un sitio donde vas a poder encontrar un calendario con fechas importantes de miles de proyectos.
Lo bueno es que tiene varios filtros para el caso de que quieras ver algún proyecto en particular.
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今天心血来潮研究了一下 #zedrun 的 breeding,发现在控制入场门槛方面比 #AxieInfinity 健康许多。但矛盾之处在于NFT和GameFi项目都以高价作为破圈标准,所以同为18年上线的游戏,Axie拔得头筹,而Zed Run则被评为“不温不火”,这条thread可能会侧重游戏数值设计层面聊一聊这个游戏的优劣之处。
1.Axie的遗传特性多、公式复杂且在强操作性的游戏对局中不易体现。6个身体部位分别受3种基因影响,主要体现在外观的改变,并相当广泛地影响了攻击、防御、速度、生命等6个数值。 简言之就是数值复杂、可控性弱。
2. 相反,Zed Run遗传特性简单可控,就像孟德尔的豌豆实验。马匹比赛表现仅由能力、耐力和体力3个数值决定。其次是繁育目标明确:血统型、比赛型、外观型。在breeding玩法中,明确的目标和繁育公式能给予玩家更多引导和鼓励。
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Sun, 10.17.2021

Video # 33

0:00-15:24 #BTC. Bullish dates Nov 2 & 3, 17

15:24 - 17:52 #Hoge Finance will have a big drop on Nov 11th

17:52 - 26:45 #Tfuel

26:45 - 41:45 #XRP, 3 (Feb/March)…4…5 (30 days close)…27. $XRP is a hidden treasure
41:45 - 46:25 #Shiba big 4. Best out of 3 - top performer. Best contender for 2021-2022. Oct/Nov/Dec but Dec 13th to 15th favorable days

46:25 - 51:45 #DGB, big moves in 2021-2022. Big upgrade. Dec 8 moves up

51:45 - 50:00 #Tether . Next year 90% market price will plunge!
55:00 - 1:00:30 #Binance will be investigated now to Nov, cleared out. Security comes in

1:00:30 - 1:02:45 #FLOKI - it will not outperform Shiba!! Floki is a one time fluke. Shiba stands on its own

1:02:45 - 1:03:35 #Dent will be profitable
1:03:35 - 1:04:20 Solana & #XPRT
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就连Axie这种破圈P2E的经济模型也逐渐暴露出了各种问题,今天做个thread简单聊聊如何规避Axie Infinity出现的“少子化现象”吧~📝🔍
#AxieInfinity #P2E #GameFi
1. 通过设置属性加成/解锁技能点机制,鼓励玩家孵化Axie。即使玩家不需要新的Axie,也能通过孵化后burn掉多余的Axie来增加同属性Axie数值战力,或者解锁新技能,并且这种加成要远超过经验加成,至少等同于局内的被动加成。
2. 前一个机制理论上可以解决Axie孵化量不足的问题,但可能仍然无法解决新玩家难以入场的问题:愿意在市场上出售初级Axie的玩家变少了,因为大家都burn掉初级Axie去加成已有的Axie,或是想要出售更高附加值的高级Axie。
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🐟 #AxieInfinity 🐦
🐦 🐟
🐟 🐦

Seguimos haciendo grandes progresos en Battles V2, The Ronin Dex y Land.

➡️➡️➡️ seguimos 👇⬅️⬅️⬅️ Image
Los desarrolladores axie Infinity y nosotros Alis NFT estamos contento de crecer como comunidad, apoyando tanto el crecimiento de cada persona, sea por los incentivos económico sino como una hermandad que se ha llegado a la amistad digital 🤗

✌️A continuación la noticia 👇👇
¿Qué depararán los últimos 3 meses para nuestro movimiento?

Antes de sumergirnos, queremos tomarnos un momento para agradecer a todos y cada uno de los miembros de la comunidad de Axie. Tenemos un movimiento asombroso y diverso compuesto por:
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#NFTs Nedir ?
''Benzersiz token (NFT), blockchain üzerinde eşsiz bir varlığı temsil eden gerçek dünya varlıklarının tokenlaştırılmış versiyonlarıdır''
-Reel Hayatta NFT'ler Nasıl kullanılıyor ve Örnekleri?
-NFT Ne işe Yarar?
-NFT nereden Satın Alınır?
1-) #NFTs Nedir?
Blockchain üzerinde eşsiz bir varlığı temsil eden bir dijital tokendir. Dijital varlıklar veya gerçek dünya varlıklarının tokenlaştırılmış versiyonlardır. NFT'ler birbiriyle değiştirilemediğinden, dijital dünyada gerçeklik ve mülkiyetin kanıtı işlevini görür.
2-) Pazar payı hızlıca büyümeye devam eden NFT sektörü şimdilik 2,5 milyar $ dolarlık hacime ulaştı. İlk 15 NFT pazarının dağılımını gösteren grafiği ekte paylaşıyorum.
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* * * * * * THE 13 TYPES OF NFTS * * * * * *
* * * * & Why They Matter to Investors * * *

1/ This is a summary of my looong video on the 13 types of NFTs with the main takeaways.

(Video here: )
#NFTCommunity #NFTinvesting #NFTs

... 13 circular images representing the thirteen types of NFTs.
2/ I divide the 13 NFT categories into:

#NFTs that already move significant amounts of $$$

#NFTs that are not moving much $$$ but show promise

... Diagram. At the top is written: 'NFT TYPES'. In the left col

Comprises #digitalart but also #jpegs of physical art (photographed canvases, illustrations...) sold as jpegs on NFT marketplaces

Due to megasales like @Beeple's this category got all the headlines during the 1st NFT Mania of Feb-Apr'21

Then focus moved to On the left sales page for a painting of Sean Jantzi on the
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