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Nukes and #iran, what could be done to stop that (by #USA or #Israel)?
With a high chance of a kinetic outcome to the Iran #nuclear ambitions, lets see what could happen.

Allow me to boringly present the results of armchair-ing and sim using @CommandDevTeam (long thread!) :…
@CommandDevTeam Lets understand the criteria for mission accomplished. I assume the following:
a) Nuclear Material Stocks are split between two hardened and well defended Fuel Enrichment Plants (FEP)
b) These two are assumed to be the hardened underground facilites at #Natanz and #Fordow
@CommandDevTeam Natanz is located at 33°43′30″N 51°43′30″E and hardened, underground and strongly defended by Anti Air Artillery (AAA) and Surface to Air Missles (SAM).
This site is vast, with over 100,000 m², and very well protected, see…

Actual Picture, 3rd March 2023:
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Inital imagery via @sentinel_hub of #Natanz Nuclear Facility, #Iran shows no changes in the core area to suggest any form of explosion etc. Mountain area to the south checked as well, nothing there either.
@sentinel_hub Low resolution imagery is always a difficult one to interpret as there are larger variables that can come into consideration,but when it comes to damage from explosions they are usually more obvious, for example, the explosion at the IRGC base in September.
@sentinel_hub Another good example of when dark spots can be spotted on low resolution.

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New analysis published by @janesintel with @stanfordcisac powerfully shows some of the future possibilities of satellite imagery analysis: intra-minute collection by @BlackSky_Inc shows a vehicle in motion at the #Natanz Uranium Enrichment Complex. h/t @puccioni1 #Iran
The vehicle is moving back and forth over the same area, suggesting it is possibly hardening the road in preparation for heavier vehicles or the transport of sensitive equipment, according to the analysis.
An increasing number of companies are offering intra-day or intra-minute imagery collection, offering exciting opportunities for journalists, incl. ship tracking, monitoring activities at detention camps… Would love to hear other ideas!
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Missiles hit #Erbil airport where #US forces are based and the Bashiqa base occupied by #Turkey. Both are considered occupation forces by the Iraqi resistance, not by Kurdistan local government & #Baghdad central government. Turkey maintains over 20 military bases in Iraq.
A precision missile fired from #Erbil hits a Hashd al-Shaabi position in Bartilla leaving one wounded. The hit came amid an announcement from KRG PM Masrour Barzani that "Militia should leave their position at the limit of Kurdistan", following last night's attack. #Iraq.
An explosion at al-Sadr city east of #Baghdad, #Iraq.
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#Iran Says It Will Start Producing Uranium Enriched To 60 Percent Following Suspected Sabotage | Apr 14
- following an alleged attack on the country's main Natanz nuclear site that Tehran has blamed on archenemy #Israel.…
Shadow #Israel-#Iran War Escalates, Threatening to Derail Nuclear Talks | Apr 14
- Israel has escalated its undeclared, low-level war against Iran by destroying the power supply to Iran’s uranium enrichment facility.…
#Iran's president says 60-pct uranium enrichment "response to evil" | Apr 14
- "You cannot make plots against the Iranian nation and commit crimes in #Natanz," he said, adding that "we will respond."…
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#BREAKING Iran tells UN agency it will start enriching uranium to 60%: state media
#UPDATE Iran warned on Tuesday that it will start enriching uranium up to 60 percent purity, two days after an explosion it blamed on Israel knocked out power at its main nuclear facility in #Natanz
#BREAKING Iran nuclear talks in Vienna 'postponed for one day': Russian diplomat
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#BREAKING Israel 'of course' behind nuclear site attack: Iran foreign ministry
#UPDATES Iran's foreign ministry says Israel is "of course" behind an attack on the Natanz uranium enrichment plant the previous day, and vows "revenge... in due time"
#UPDATE Germany has warned that the latest developments surrounding Iran's Natanz uranium plant did not bode well for nuclear talks aimed at reviving a hobbled agreement on curbing Tehran's atomic ambition
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Según informa el diario @nytimes (El New York Times) funcionarios de inteligencia estadounidenses e israelíes, afirman que #Israel 🇮🇱 jugó un papel en la explosión en el sitio de enriquecimiento de uranio de #Irán 🇮🇷 en #Natanz Image
El corte de energía eléctrica en #Natanz, la mayor planta de enriquecimiento de uranio, se llamó “terrorismo nuclear”, para presuntamente entorpecer las negociaciones adelantas en #Viena con varias potencias, con el objetivo de tratar de salvar el acuerdo nuclear de 2015.
“Adentro mira en #Iran la instalación nuclear de Natanz, cuyo reciente ciberataque supuestamente fue el #Israel Lo está haciendo el #Mossad”.
(Reporta el @Jerusalem_Post)
Para más información visite:
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The National Security Committee of the #Iran|ian Parliament says that the #Natanz Nuclear Plant explosion was caused by a “security breach”
The statement reportedly was made by Javad Karimi-Ghodousi
All this is about is dismissing the "It was an F35 airstrike from the middle of the Atlantic ocean, which went into space, did a 360 drop in on Iran and left" rumors.
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The scope of the #Natanz attack is much broader than originally thought. While #Iran has kept quiet, this attack (likely carried out by Israel) could precipitate a new round of US-Iranian escalation seven months after the Soleimani assassination.…
Lots of comparisons are being made to Stuxnet, a coordinated cyber assault on Iran's nuclear infrastructure ten years ago. That attack took a year to repair and set back Iran's nuclear program by years. But there are some key differences…
Tensions between the US and Iran are higher than they were in 2010. The US is gearing up for a confrontation over four Iranian oil tankers currently making their way to Venezuela. This attack could be the first in a series of moves, rather than a one-off.…
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Yesterday, #Iran Intl TV which is supposed to be an opposition media published an article written by pro-#IRGC Morteza AbbasZadeh (#Morteza313 or Azim or Azematt) but under a fake name.They used a nickname for him to hide the fact that he is anti-#Saudi & a #Basij militiaman! ImageImageImage
The article written by Morteza Abbas Zadeh is full of disinformation. For example he has falsely represented Tondar-69 ballistic missiles as HQ-2J SAM system. It is highly possible that he has written it on order of #IRGC in-order to cover-up the security scandal in #Natanz! ImageImage
Here are tweets of Morteza Abbas-Zadeh against #SaudiArabia in support of #Houthi rebels in #Yemen. It is sad to see @IranIntl which is being funded by #SaudiArabia is promoting someone who supports #IRGC & writes against #KSA!

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New @Maxar image of #Natanz Nuclear Facility, debris is 50m+ from the building itself, some explosion. Image
@Maxar Some bits of debris are hitting nearly the 100m mark. Image
@Maxar This had to cause damage to the underground area too, right? I mean, that looks extensive.
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See how scared is #IRGC Intel Organization after I published an investigative report in which I explained #Mossad is behind the explosion of #Natanz's Nuclear Plant! To save their face, they are doing their best to deny #Mossad's infiltration in #Iran Atomic Energy Organization! ImageImageImage
This cyber soldier of #IRGC says that they gonna catch me (kidnap me) and torture me in #Iran!
This one accused me to be a liar & apologist of the regime while in his Tweet revealed that he can't talk about secrets of #Iran's Islamic Regime without having authorization of his commanders (probably #IRGC's Cyber Defense Command)!
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Iran's websites covering the #Natanz incident, Behrouz Kamalvandi, ( بهروز کمالوندی) Iran's Atomic Energy Organization spokesman, says no casualties, being investigated; this links it to the nuclear site

This is third mysterious incident in a week ImageImage
It comes after the June 30 Sina Medical Center (مرکز پزشکی سینا) incident on Shariati st ( شریعتی ); in this article he denies there were radioactive materials or nuclear aspects to the center, oddly why deny it"? Image
then there is the Khojir explosion, initially said to be at Parchin,…
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An accident has occurred at #Iran's Natanz (نطنز) Nuclear Facility.

A shed under construction in an open area of the site was damaged during an incident. According to the reports there is no loss of life and no risk of radio active contamination.
Natanz Plant is located here;…
Reported photo from Natanz Nuclear Facality, #Iran after the “incident” reported earlier today. Image
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