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OMG. Modern "conservatism" is like a giant Krakken, with tentacles reaching into every aspect of our lives. #cdnpoli #IStandWithTrudeau #BetterOffWithRachel #WhoElectedTheseCouncilorsAnyway #Thread This is going to be a long and disturbing thread. Get comfy.
At the federal level we have unprecedented dirty tricks from the CPC, trying to topple the Liberal government with continuous made-up scandals...…
At the provincial level, here in Alberta, and in other conservative-led provinces, the provincial government is pushing through policies that are aimed at generating profit for their friends rather than for the public good... For-profit healthcare, education, no protests...
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The way that the UCP treat women is unacceptable.

From Joseph Schow’s sexist comments to Shannon Phillips, to Tyler Shandro’s public naming with intent to silence Dr. Ratti and Wing Li, to Shane Getson’s nonverbal intimidation tactics in the legislature.. and there’s more.
Getson was also incredibly rude and condescending to his female constituent during a meeting, high paid twitter trolls like Matt Wolf attack private citizens (mostly women) who disagree and critique his government’s policy (which is our right!) in attempts to silence them AND..
Nicholas Milliken used his power as chair to bully Marie Renaud in one of the most misogynistic power trips I’ve ever observed. This party does not care about women. They are actively working to relegate us and our voices to past decades.
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What we've learned today? @jkenney @shandro are #Gaslighting bullies who continue to rob all of #Alberta to feed #UCPcorruption while crying when someone questions their ethics or lack thereof #ableg #abpoli

Oh &
@Albertadoctors want every one to be nice #abhealth
Guess what, MLA letters & petitions aren't stopping the dismantling of this Province.

The only one who can stop it is
Her Honour Lois Mitchell.

Your Honour I'm asking you will you use #RoyalAssent to stand up for democracy & justice?… #ableg #abpoli
So much for nice today, for all those in DMs no I'm not an #ndp staffer.

Here's a little history lesson #AbLeg

My parents were in #healthcare my entire childhood spent in #yqr #sask

My mom was a chapter leader for @SUNnurses in 1988.
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Premier @jkenney ,
I did not vote for your UCP candidate. I do not like your platform or policies. Nevertheless, you are the Premier of Alberta and you won with a solid majority. Those of us with different points of view are, I believe, handling this with... #ableg #abpoli 1/16
considerably more decorum than many very vocal conservative supporters after @RachelNotley and the NDP won the last election. As I recall, there were calls for a “kudatah”, along with many suggestions that our then Premier should be executed, along with her caucus. 2/16
You have a majority government. You can pass whatever legislation you want. Apparently, that is not enough for you. You feel the need to demean the opposition, and the Albertans they represent, while you do it. 3/16
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Fear & Loathing in Alberta: the Big Fat Lie of Election 2019 THREAD #GentThreads #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #yeg #yyc
First of all, thank you Edmonton, for being the intellectual & moral hub of this entire province. The rest of us, evidently, were all too ready to elect to power a team already revealed as white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists, frauds, criminals & climate deniers /2 #abpoli
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Saw this question and felt compelled to respond.

Today I am making the point that psychological manipulation & intimidation is being employed by far right to quell dissent to their ideology.
Federal and provincial conservatives continue to frame independent analysis & rejection of their ideology as “anti-Canadian”, “anti-Albertan”, “anti-oil”, “anti-Family”. The implication is that dissent to their ideology is equivalent to treason and subversive.
When a citizen fears for their safety or expects vandalism for posting a candidates election sign, we’ve normalized their intimidation.

The transformation of our collective understanding of freedom of speech has been insidious and purposeful.
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Albertans have some decisions to make regarding what direction they want our province to go. I am hearing a lot about track records and taxes on all sides of the fence so I wanted to throw my 2 cents out into the internet universe. #ableg #abpoli #abvote 1/
Society pays taxes for a reason. Those dollars collected are designed to go to needed infrastructure, repair & maintenance as well as programs that save us money in the long run and make our society a better place to live. It's literally the governments JOB to spend those $$ 2/
Both sides have a track record. Albertans need to decide which track record they like and which track record they want to see for Alberta's future. I have chosen my view and my side and I would like to tell you why I think we are #BetterOffWithRachel 3/
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I have some words to say regarding a lowered wage for people under the age of 18. I have real life experience and some pretty harsh opinions on why this isn't a good idea and why this isn't a fair idea.
#ableg #abpoli #abvote #FightFor15 #abndp #UCP
Point #1. I was on my own paying rent, utilities, food, clothing & transportation when I was 16. My rent, utilities, food, clothing and transportation was NOT at reduced cost because of my age so why should my wage have been reduced because of my age?
Unless we don't care about putting vulnerable people in poverty and holding them there? Unless we don't care about all people in society and if they have the ability to meet their basic needs?
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#BalanceForBetter THREAD: For too long, women in our province have faced barriers to work, unequal pay and high levels of violence.
On #IWD2019 I’m so proud of the concrete steps that @RachelNotley and our government have taken to make REAL, positive change for women.
Steps like:
Creating the first standalone Ministry for the Status of Women in the country.
Proclaiming May as Sexual Violence Awareness Month.
Increasing supports for survivors of sexual violence + increasing funding for women’s shelters. #IWD2019
We passed Safer Spaces legislation allowing Albertans experiencing domestic violence to break a lease and flee their homes. This helped over 400 people in the first year after it was passed.
We covered the cost of abortion pill so it is free to all women who need it. #IWD2019
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Happy #IWD, folks. Today, @jkenney & @Alberta_UCP will to try to tell you they love women, they support women, they defend women. Let’s revisit the short 2 yr history of the party and their action on women’s issues - because we all know that actions speak louder than words #ableg
One: @JasonNixonAB, UCP House Leader fired a woman for speaking up about sexual harassment. Nixon was her boss and he fired her for speaking out. #MeToo
Two: Every single member of the @Alberta_UCP caucus walked out on a historical bill to protect women while they access healthcare. They walked out not once, not twice, not five times, BUT TWELVE TIMES while MLAs debated legislation.
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