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and the meaning of 'LOADSTAR 3'

For it there is a test
1 & 2 were given,
3 is a quest.


3 = Gifts from God.

GOD> [Life] > [Sovereignty]
> [Free will ]

Solving the riddle = decoding the Babylonian Grammatical Construct [FRAUD]
& the Babylonian Money Magic slavery deception.
Although we have the gifts of life and free will, through fraud and deception we have lost our god-given right of


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Of all players in WW ll, Germany was the least inclined to seek "world domination."

Very convincing sounding narrators of documentaries about the era will pronounce that they did in ominous tones yet

Germany only "invaded" the lands taken from her by the (((Versailles Treaty)))
Addressing invasions vis-a-vis "world domination"

Poland🇵🇱 Ethnic Germans in danger there

Soviet Union: Judea headquartered in Soviet Union (where they had genocided the ethnic German Kulaks) had declared war on Germany

France🇫🇷forestall invasion from…
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What the governor of Louisiana and the Mayor did to Trump was shameful, and petty. The city of Monroe has held hockey games there is no reason at all what so ever it should have been hot enough in the civic center tonight that a woman literally fell out!!!!!
There were no cold drinks. That is unheard of here in Louisiana. Never in the history of a civic center event in Monroe has this ever happened. Don't let them lie and say it was the number of people either. They could have killed the woman that fell out from heat exhaustion.
I heard they "Ran" out of bathroom tissue. None in the civic center, none in the store room, none in the convention center. The convention center was not opened for overflow either. Not something you want to hear people complain about.
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This is both horrible and horribly sad.

Melissa Grover Sovereign Citizen Message To The President… #BitChute
She talks about her right to shoot and kill police officers.
Her beef is with "sharia" police and the family court system that took custody of her grandchild.
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EXPOSED: Names Of 44 Congressional Traitors Promising To Give America Away…
United Nations Takes Over Utah Taxpayer-Funded Facility, Claims It's "International Territory"… #BitChute
United Nations 2019 Conference - Spreading Tyranny in Utah
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Two Party System , Thatcher Kinnock, Bojo/Jezzer Swinson/Owen/Steele Plus Ca Change… #BitChute
Read 30 tweets… Almost Ten Years in Sweden and the pennies finally drop, The Swedish Theory of Love combined with the broader context of the first two decades of the 3rd Millenium, not least Erik Gandini's earlier work.
#Consume #Obey #911Truth #GrubStreetJournal @Wiki_Ballot…
Ghandinis first breakthru movie on Sarajevo marks the prologue to a filmography charting medium as message into the digital age. Herzogs Lo and Behold fills in as pt 3 of the mediums trilogy
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#LIVENow in a few minutes with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on Global Gestapo 12: Gloria Naylor & Stephen O'Keefe--The CounterIntelligence Zionist Superstate at -- join us!
#YoutubeCensorship Global Gestapo 12-- apparently too hot to handle for Youtube has been REMOVED, as violative of Community Guidelines on Hate Speech. I have sent an appeal but will upload on Vimeo & Bitchute in a few. 2/
While Dr. Karlstrom & I speculate on reasons why, I think it mostly means someone reported this video as "hate speech." This raises the question at heart of #HateSpeech #FreeSpeech: Is it a crime to speak about #Zionist imperialism, #Jewish supremacism, and facts of history? 3/
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cc @99freemind @POTUS #KAG
On The Trail of Hillary Clinton in the Devil’s Glen, Ireland (pilot: The Grand Torino) [mirrored]… #BitChute
cc @IPOT1776 theres tunnels
From 27Jun19
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These barbarians should #GTFO now and don’t bother looking back. Also, take @Ilhan and @RepRashida with you! #NeverSharia #BanShariaLaw #Qanon #MAGA
Stop labeling people w/ mental disorders-phobias are on the DSM. #Islamophobia is ridiculous bullshit. WE DON'T FEAR YOU. WE JUST DON'T LIKE YOU OR YOUR BARBARIC IDEOLOGY.@Ilhan @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib @RepRashida #NeverSharia #BanShariaLaw #Qanon
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How to select the media we use to be informed?
Be very careful about Fake News, which is nothing more than propaganda & give preference to independent media, so that you can analyze important issues based on facts and evidence.
Jewish Control of the Media in the United States and therefore around the World
see here
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