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Aria 'Woke' @i_heart_rumi
THREAD: My take on #QAnon and references to #OperationMockingbird and why its the KEY being used to overthrow the Cabal from. #ItsHappening already. Please like, retweat, and follow me for more. #MAGA #FollowTheWhiteRabbit here we go down the rabbit hole! Ready?
In reading through the Q material Iโ€™ve been intrigued by the repeated references to Operation Mockingbird, the codename for the CIA operation to infiltrate and control the MSM during the mid-20th century.
Interestingly, the references to Operation Mockingbird in the Q material isnโ€™t always in that context.
It goes much deeper than that, and hereโ€™s my take on it:
The Cabal has been in power throughout the world for thousands of years; from Emperors, kings and princes to religion...
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ONE @Superior_to_God
Few thoughts on today's elections for the 0.01% who will actually see these posts. While leaving the gym this evening I caught several minutes of banter from the in-house #OperationMockingbird installations. (CNN fixed on every television in the place) ..contd...
2. Needless to say the CNN crew was droning on about Trump's failures, and how they influenced the outcome of the elections today. I recognize that today was a major strategic loss, and i am personally frustrated in that regard; however, with a certain level of peace as well.
3. First and foremost: "COMPLACENCY" This is something that was easily visible only a day or so post the 2016 elections. Folks pushing the claim that "Trump Won" so now we can all go home, give up the fight, and get back to our reality television.
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Anti-Pedo Angela @PGAngie1
(Images from "friends of Comet Pizza"website)

Remember when you told us that the pizza place you frequented was family friendly?
#Skippy thinks we actually think he has time to manage a REAL "hot dog stand" in Hawaii, while he is a high-powered DC lobbyist.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
You & your brother rented a "pizza for an hour".

Stratfor Intel email beside it confirms "pizza" as code word.

That poor child!๐Ÿ˜ก
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