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Draad - Explosief verhaal van Pulitzer Prijs winnaar en journalist Seymour Hersh. Via diverse insiders en interne rapportages concludeert hij dat de Amerikanen samen met Noorwegen de #Nordstream2 pijpleidingen hebben opgeblazen. 1/13…
1. Afgelopen juni hebben duikers van "the US Navy Diving and Salvage Center" uit Panama City explosieven bevestigd bij de #Nordstream pijpleidingen die op afstand tot ontploffing kunnen worden gebracht. 3 maanden later worden 3 van de 4 pijpleidingen opgeblazen. #Nordstream2
2. 2 maanden voor de Russische inval in Oekraïne begon werden er in een topoverleg al plannen gemaakt om de #Nordstream2 pijpleidingen te vernietigen. Bij het topoverleg waren in ieder geval onderstaande personen aanwezig wist een insider te vertellen. #NordstreamSabotage
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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#Herzl: "It's essential that the sufferinngs of jews become worse." #TaShuVu.
#Brenner: #Nazi-#Zionist economic partnership. ImageImageImage
#Russia's President #Putin: 'Victory in #Ukraine is assured, I have no doubt about it.' | 18 January 2023
- Putin was speaking from his home town of St. #Petersburg in televised remarks.
He is trying to END war that has continued in #Donbas since 2014.… Image
The #HouseBill269 - against #nazi-#zionists.
Bipartisan bill targets anti-Semitic incidents by making them felonies | January 26, 2023
- State lawmakers of both parties are pushing a bill to counter the rising number of anti-Semitic incidents in #Florida.…
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“Assister” på arbejde i den nordlige zone ved #NordstreamLeaks mandag. Fartøjets ekspertise er off-shore undervandsarbejde. I weekenden lå det over sydlige læk tættere på #Bornholm - @Energistyr kender ikke noget til skibet @forsvaretdk tier af operative hensyn stille (1/6) Image
Mere om “Assister” i artiklen her 👉 (2/6)…
Mandag lå også missil-destroyeren “USS Paul Ignatius”🇺🇸 tæt ved “Assister”. Vi kunne høre dens radar summe ⚡️ i vores intercom. Sammen med et forsyningsskib satte den kurs mod Østersøen omtrent samtidig med #NordstreamLeaks som US & @NATO tager meget seriøst (3/6) Image
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Chi ha sabotato i gasdotti #Nordstream1 e #NordStream2? I russi? Gli americani? O altri?

Un 🧵.

Le operazioni di sabotaggio sono avvenute al largo dell’isola danese di #Bornholm, molto lontano dalle coste russe, e nel cuore di acque controllate da paesi #NATO.
I russi hanno le capacità per compiere una simile operazione?

Teoricamente sì, ma si tratta di un’operazione estremamente pericolosa e complessa.

L’impiego di sottomarini può essere escluso
(basta leggere questo thread)
L’ipotesi più probabile è invece il ricorso a sommozzatori (estremamente complesso e pericoloso, data la discreta profondità) o droni subacquei.

In entrambi i casi ci sarebbe la necessità di navi di appoggio, facilmente individuabili.
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My take on #NordStream explosions 💥 3 total leaks, 2 on #NS1, 1 on #NS2. Neither CURRENTLY in use to ship gas due to breakdown in relations btwn #Russia & #Europe over #RussiaUkraineWar 1/8
#NordStream leaks are near #Bornholm, #Denmark. 12 nautical miles from international waters, 70 meters deep = dive-able 🤿 2/8
Very hard to imagine that this was an accident, deep sea pipeline leaks are pretty rare. It is likely sabotage. Could be divers, likely not a spy submarine for a variety of reasons #NordStream 3/8
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1. Some rambling thoughts that occur to me as I ponder the #UkraineCrisis: A Geopolitical Tweet Thread of Uncertain Proportions.

I really fail to understand the number of people I see actually defending #Russia re: #Ukraine.
2. #Russia has security concerns. I agree. History and geography necessitates they are going to be wary of being attacked, particularly across the North European Plain.
3. But if you want to keep your neighbors out of a rival alliance, invading, seizing territories, ignoring security guarantees previously given, interfering with their internal affairs, and massing hundreds of thousands of troops on their borders doesn't seem like the best method
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#Germany #Russia #USA #Denmark #Bornholm

The #sanctions against the #BalticSea pipeline decided by the #US #Senate meet with resistance in #Moscow, criticism also came from #German Chancellor #Merkel. The #Kremlin still expects #NordStream2 to be completed.
Meanwhile, #Russia accuses the #UnitedStates of violating the law with pipeline sanctions.The punitive measures #violate international law and are an example of unfair competition, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow. "Such actions do not please Moscow or the #European capitals;
they do not like #Berlin or #Paris," said Peskow. He accused the #US of violating #international law and "expanding its artificial dominance to the #European market". Chancellor Angela #Merkel has also criticized the #US Congress's sanction resolution.
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In the early part of the first millennium CE, the #IndoEuropean language known as Proto-#Germanic diverged into an East branch (which included #Gothic) and a Northwest branch.

Northwest then split into West and North branches when Proto-#Norse developed in #Scandinavia. Image
Until the 8th century, #Germanic #languages, including Proto-#Norse, were written in Elder Futhark, the earliest #runic #alphabet.

The name #Futhark comes from the initial phonemes in the names of the first six #runes:
ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ

By the beginning of the #Viking Age around 800 CE, Proto-#Norse had evolved into Old Norse, and #Scandinavia's writing system transitioned from the 24 #runes of Elder #Futhark to Younger Futhark's 16 runes.

The #Swedish #Sparlösa #Runestone from ~800 CE features both #alphabets. Image
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