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"Over 90% of protests this summer were peaceful, report shows" -- TheHill -
back in June, at least 15 people had died...

15 People Died In The Protests And Riots Following George Floyd’s Death. Here’s Who They Are…
back in July...."While the protests were peaceful, extensive riots across America emphatically were not. These riots came with a death toll of at least 21 people."…
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Donald Trump Jr steps into spotlight with attack on Joe Biden as 'the Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp' as he and Kimberly Guilfoyle make emphatic cases for his father's second term…
President Trump appears w frontline workers who have battled COVID & 6 freed American hostages held abroad as RNC highlights personal stories of those he has intervened to help

nice headline editing on the actual article vs homepage @DailyMailUK…
Republicans present their diverse face by having Donald Trump endorsed by Herschel Walker, & Georgia Democrat who says his party wants to keep black Americans 'on their mental plantation'

another deceptive editing on the homepage vs article @DailyMailUK… ImageImage
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@flyonthewal1 @DOEChancellor @Estuaryqueen @EastSideGadfly @ericbgoldberg @EmilyHellstrom1 So what rabbit hole did I just step into?
Are these 3 slapping labels on people, and teaching children how to do the same?

#Democrats like to divide people into 4 arbitrary groups white/black/hispanic/asian AND THEN #LIE and say everyone self-identifies by their "skin color".
@flyonthewal1 @DOEChancellor @Estuaryqueen @EastSideGadfly @ericbgoldberg @EmilyHellstrom1 The reality is only people taught by parents or teachers or politicians to be #racists; self-identify by "skin-color".

There's no such thing as "Asian" except in the mind of a #racist.

There's Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.

Those are cultures/languages.
@flyonthewal1 @DOEChancellor @Estuaryqueen @EastSideGadfly @ericbgoldberg @EmilyHellstrom1 There's no such thing as "Hispanic" except in the mind of a #racist.

Hence the government classifications of "white hispanic", "black hispanic" etc.

Really there's multiple cultures speaking dialects of Spanish and Portugese.

Again, cultures/languages.

NOT "skin color".
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7:29PM - We're checking in on the CHOP ZONE for the nightly march down to the West Precinct. Follow along live!

We're still waiting for things to get started.


Thread 👇
8:05PM - The march is prepping to leave, they are working their way through Cal Anderson park collecting additional marchers.

The group is chanting "off of your ass, and into the march."
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Beaucoup ont découvert Crèvecoeur lors de ses récents lives avec le jésus des jus, notamment grâce à ce remarquable thread de @l_extracteur

Mais d'où je le connaissais déjà ? #thread ⤵️
#email #marketing #manipulation #bullshit
En 2014/2015, la voix me passionnant, je suis tombée sur des contenus d'un certain Lorenzo Pancino, professionnel reconnu de la voix-off...
... avec ses mots à lui : "Lorenzo Le Magnificateur, Coach des stars & des Leaders charismatiques, Expert en prise de parole en public, face caméra et micro, Professionnel de l’animation radio/tv et comédien voix-off, Auteur, Conférencier"...
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Look at What This Asshat Said Edition. Well, he says some true things and some not so much. #ABLeg #handsoffmypension…
Ahh.. Postmedia💩 I will stay in my lane and deal with education portion of this editorial. Or maybe the problem is just over-generalization...
#ABLeg #ABed #fail
Check out this quote...
"Sure, well-paid consultants can browse the provincial books before pointing out the bleedin’ obvious: that we pay more per head for public services, yet this doesn’t translate into better outcomes. That’s simple number-crunching." #nottrue #bullshit #ABLeg
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For anyone wondering how shitty cgl “consultation” was. There’s this report. Cgl dupped Wet’suwet’en into telling territory stories and calling it consultation. Including my late grandpa wahtaghet.

#Wetsuweten #WetsuwetenStrong #CoastalGasLink #bullshit #cgl
This report even includes a story of the kweese war trail that was bulldozed over. That story/area wasn’t mentioned in the mitigation plans.
Cgl used a Wet’suwet’en contractor to take elders on a paid trip onto the territory without telling them it was going to be used for consultation. The contractor emphasized the money aspect and to just take it.
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@realDonaldTrump Spoke in the East room today. He talked about the last 3 years and the disgrace it has been.

The stock market would have crashed if @POTUS did not win. It has been on a meteoric rise since Trump won Nov 2016.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS The market has responded favorably to the #SOTU speech.

@POTUS waxed on the beauty and majesty of the Chamber and how it represents our country. President Trump is celebrating today.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS He did nothing wrong and has gone through hell...but today #TrumpAcquittedForever

First there was #Russia Russia Russia - itwas all #Bullshit -@realDonaldTrump Then there was the #MuellerReport
and lives were ruined.
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Travis "speaks" edition. Well, Travis won't talk to the press about anything pension related. But he did send a letter to a teacher that had some crazy stuff in it. #ABLeg #ABEd #handsoffmypension
Remember that both Travis and Kevin have a strategy of keeping their yaps shut and hoping this pension anger dies down. My opinion is they don't understand this well enough to know how bad they have screwed up or what they need to do to fix it. #oops
A loyal reader of this tweet stream is an example to us all. He was persistent with his MLA demanding answers to his questions until fobbed off. Then, he was persistent in demanding answers from Travis. What do you know, he got a response! #Hallelujah
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Time for "What's My #ChronicPain Personality Disorder?"

Does continual #pain make you suspect others aren't on your side? Does severe pain make you detach from relationships or restrict your emotions? You have a CLUSTER A Disorder! / thread
When you're in #pain, do you feel excessively emotional & seek attention? ... Congratulations! You're histrionic! (Cluster B)
Does having continual #pain give you an "excessive need to be taken care of"? Join the 17.4% of #CPPs in Cluster C Personality Disorders!

(17.4 strikes me as a little low, peeps. Who's not having enough pain? We should be in the 20s, if not the 30s on this baby.)
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This is your daily pension announcement: The war room at the Chez Meek is ready at action stations!! Here is UCP MLA Ron Orr (Ponoka) @RonOrrMLA reviewing the ATRF pension hijacking. I am going to have to go through this again... #ABLeg #ABEd…
First, I would like to commend @RonOrrMLA. He has definitely tried to dig into this complex and multifaceted issue. I am not being facetious. He has dug in deeper than most MLAs. I do need him to engage in some critical thinking and challenge Travis occasionally. #getthehistory
Ron should be concerned about re-electability. These pension changes are abusive in nature. You will please note that he does not comment on the wider changes to other public sector plans. I think police officers, fire fighters and others should communicate with Ron.
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This is your daily pension announcement: I was provided with the "fact sheet" that is given to MLA's for constituent meetings. Nothing new in the gaslighting.

Travis, release the business case like you promised a month ago.
I don't want to deal with all the points in the MLA handout. But, I have to because they are just so #stupid

First the title: "Misinformation re: teacher pensions"

You could actually release some information yourself Travis.
"When you look at a 10 year average, AIMCo outperformed ATRF at 9.4% versus 7.4%." #bullshit

Travis is intentionally misleading. Returns need to be risk adjusted to be comparable. These are not.
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Hier kommt meine #Bullshit Liste zu dem Artikel von Dieter Kaufmann, Kanzler der @uni_ulm und Bundssprecher der Kanzlerinnen deutscher Hochschulen #BayreutherErklärung… @berndkramer
@uni_ulm @berndkramer 1. Bullshit: Die Wissenschaftler*innen sind empört weil sie sich Dauerverträge wünschen. Nein, es geht um eine systemische Frage. Die Frage nach guter Arbeit in der Wissenschaft.
@uni_ulm @berndkramer 2. Bullshit: "Dauervertrag". Das Wort ist ein politischer Kampfbegriff, der durch stetige Nutzung normalisiert wird. Es ist tatsächlich umgekehrt: siehe Richtlinie 1999/70/EG des Rats zur EGB-UNICE-CEEP-Rahmenvereinbarung über befristete Arbeitsverträge…
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Der #Jammerlappen, ein Thread:

Es wird nach der Wahl in #Sachsen und #Brandenburg immer gesagt, man wäre abgehängt, man würde wirtschaftlich schlechter dastehen und man hätte bei der Wende soviel verloren.
#BULLSHIT! Und warum das so ist, versuche ich hier zu ergründen:
Nach eigener Aussage sind die Menschen in Sachsen und Brandenburg mit ihrer wirtschaftlichen Situation zufrieden…, jammern aber rum, sie fühlten sich wie Menschen 2. Klasse! Was gibt es denn da zu jammern? Hübsch wiederaufgebaute Altstädte,
niedrigere Mieten, niedrigere Lebenshaltungskosten als im Westen, neue, gut ausgebaute Autobahnen, Wirtschaftsförderung und landschaftlich touristisch attraktive Gebiete (will nur keiner hin, wenn man Ausländer nicht haben will, sind auch Touristen!).
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So the former Mayor of #Baltimore, #CatherinePugh, is heard on video saying you can smell the rats, the decaying animal carcasses.

The current President of the Maryland Senate called #Baltimore a "g*d damned ghetto" and worse:

A top-rated @HBO series fictionalizes but tells the story of #Baltimore's crime laden streets:

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Ça y est, c’est parti, tous les médias reprennent en boucle le pseudo scoop du @canardenchaine , qu’on a connu mieux inspiré, sur la «contamination de l’eau potable par le tritium » des vilaines centrales nucléaires.

Pur #Bullshit

Mini #Thread
Notez que cette stratégie de la peur a déjà été essayée ailleurs. Aussi le gouvernement canadien avait il posté en 2009 cette réponse à certaines association canadiennes dont l’alarmisme avait également fait les gros titres de certains médias.…
Que disait le gouvt canadien (hormis que le tritium est un isotope de l’hydrogène, ce qui fait tout de suite moins peur) ?
« Les niveaux de tritium dans l’eau potable des collectivités situées à proximité des centrales nucléaires ne posent pas de risque pour la santé ».
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Sérieux, je veux savoir comment ils arrivent à calculer qu’une heure de vidéo sur smartphone consomme autant qu’un réfrigérateur pendant 1 an.… Un frigo pas trop nul, ça consomme 200 kWh sur un an. Donc une vidéo sur le smartphone consommerait 200 000 W.
A ce niveau, on peut considérer que la consommation du smartphone est négligeable. En étant gentil, votre box va tirer 0,02 kWh. Même en visant très large sur les serveurs de streaming, c’est complètement *n’importe quoi*.
Je comprends même pas qu’on puisse encore voir ce genre de conneries. Parce que même si on comprend pas où qu’on n’a aucune idée de la réalité, ça prend 3 minutes de faire une recherche pour se rendre compte qu’il y a un souci.
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WOMEN //a thread//

I was raised by all women.

My father had gotten my mother pregnant when she was just 15. His father
insisted on an abortion or he'd 'write my pops out of the will'. My pops bailed.

My mother raised me--and 4 siblings--mostly alone.

Mom's water broke in biology class. she finished HS--preggo--with me, in 1975. There's pictures of me as the little cheer squad mascot for the #RioLindaKnights.

As I grew up, I remembered the power and influence and wisdom of WOMEN in my life. My Great Grandmother was the key:
Great Grandma Florence had bought 3/4 of an acre in #NorthSac (w/ her husband), when acres were $5.00 ea. They couldn't afford a full one! Great Grandpa died & I never knew him.

Grandma was our true #MATRIARCH. She had a huge garden w/veggies on one side, flowers on the other.
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Bon vu le taux de #bullshit et de #FakeNews dans les médias en ce début d’année, je vais me fendre d’un thread sur les choses qu’il est encore malheureusement nécessaire de rappeler en 2019. Je ne ferai que lister. Les sources ayant déjà maintes fois été partagées ⤵️
La Terre est quasi-sphérique (aplatie aux 2 pôles et déformée par les reliefs) et elle gravite autour du Soleil et non l’inverse.
L’Homme a bel et bien marché sur la Lune.
Vu l’immensité de l’univers, il est fort probable que des civilisations extra-terrestres existent.
Mais vu l’immensité de l’univers, il est fort probable qu’elles soient trop loin pour que nous puissions communiquer et je ne parle même pas de les rencontrer.
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Well it's not going to be hard to figure the Dem response to the SOTU. Stacey Abrams, the rising Dem "rising star" and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, is giving the Dem response to @realDonaldTrump SUTU on Tuesday. The person that ran on an identity politics platform.
The minute she lost, she played the race card. Claimed the election was stolen from her, and refused to concede. Now she's a rising star? Wow that's a pretty low bar. Yesterday she published an essay on Identity politics.
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@lemondefr @cecile_crampon Le #nucléaire serait la solution au réchauffement climatique, si les journaux bien-pensants comme @lemondefr arrêtaient leur #bullshit #greenwashing antinucléaire !
@lemondefr @cecile_crampon Un exemple pratique :
C'est le #GIEC @IPCC_CH qui attribue 12g au nucléaire, 11g à l'éolien, et 44g #CO2/kWh au photovoltaïque.
@lemondefr s'empresse de citer une des études les plus défavorables au #nucléaire, à 66g #CO2/kWh, et oublie gentiment de préciser
@lemondefr @cecile_crampon @IPCC_CH que le #photovoltaïque et l'#éolien ne se suffisent pas à eux même, et imposent de boucher les trous AVEC DES ÉNERGIES FOSSILES, seules disponibles et assez flexibles pour "boucher les 70% de trous" dus à l'immense intermittence de ces #EnR !
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So it appears @RepMarkMeadows and company have gathered enough evidence to suggest that the FBI, under the Obama completely ignored a major lead in the HRC email scandal, according to leaked transcripts of closed-door testimonies of several current and former bureau officials.
@RepMarkMeadows The ICIG Charles McCullough informed the FBI in 2015 that a forensic review of HRC’s emails showed anomalies in the metadata of the messages. The evidence in the metadata showed that a copy of every email HRC sent during her tenure as the SoS was forwarded to a foreign 3d party.
@RepMarkMeadows McCollough appeared before congress several times, here's @jasoninthehouse questioning him
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Ha ha ! Mr. Jamal openly defending and supporting #terror designated #MuslimBrotherhood who are nothing but a bunch of rapists & thugs !
In his this OpEd, he continues to show this empathy towards #MuslimBrotherhood leader #Morsi and glorifies #Politicalislam and says it has to be part of a government ! #Bullshit
The #Islamist- loving @JKhashoggi forgets that #ISIS is a direct offspring of #politicalislam and #MuslimBrotherhood offshoots !!
Yet he is happy to glorify them ...
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On m’a envoyé hier un lien vers des ressources pédagogiques à propos de la controverse autour d’#Alésia. Oui, nous allons évoquer un épisode important pour notre mère patrie, la victoire d’Allésia. ⬇️ #thread
cc @Jonhattan_V
2 mots de contexte : j’ignore qui est l’auteur du document dont on va parler et mon idée n’est pas le moins du monde de dénigrer les ressources du @reseau_canope. Qui est un très bel et très précieux outil (d’habitude).
Les enseignants connaissent bien le réseau Canopé / ex-CNDP. Cet organisme de @EducationFrance a pour principale mission de produire et diffuser des ressources pédagogiques à destination des profs (latin/histoire, ici).
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