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In 2018 I created an ongoing #ClimateEd thread about the #ClimateCrisis.

Five years later, it's time for an update.✅

This #ClimateAction thread has a TON of info to help EVERYONE get #ClimateBrainy about the #science and facts of #climatechange.📊

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Here's the old thread, which I'll no longer be updating:

It still contains MANY informative articles and links from reputable sources, so it's worth revisiting, even if some info isn't all that up-to-date.

The old tag was #Climate_Ed.

New: #ClimateEd👍
This NEW thread will contain PLENTY of top-tier posts from MANY solid #climatescience contributors, so come back regularly to see what's been added.

#Climatebrawl folks especially, as you can use these posts to #refute #deniers handily.

Don't argue with any trolls, however! 🧌 Image
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#AbruptClimateChange #ClimateBrawl #ClimateEmergency #TalkCollapse #GlobalDimming @Msmariablack @pewtergod @ItsTheAtmospher @SmilGeoff

🌍🔥Oh, look-Guy McPherson was right (again)

“warming—especially since 2010-is driven mainly by steep reduction of climate-cooling sulfate 1/
2/aerosol particles in the past 10-20 years, as new regulations limited emissions from the biggest sources, including the burning of coal & heavy ship fuels.”
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The CO2 Coalition are posting a re-imaged version of a long debunked fraudulent graph branded with their logo

The original version was from mining engineer Monte Heib's old crank blog…

Debunking thread 1/8 Image
Heib's badly plotted graph cites 2 sources:

(CO2) Berner et al 2001

(Temp) Scotese's old website: Image

1. Berner et al 2001 directly REFUTES the false claim that there is "no correlation between CO2 and temperature"

"there is indeed a correlation between CO2 and paleotemperature, as manifested by the atmospheric greenhouse effect"…Image
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The temperature of Earth's surface, depends upon two relatively easy to measure parameters, energy coming in from the sun, and energy emitted by the Earth's surface and atmosphere.
NASA has a set of satellites measuring these parameters.
The "easy" one is incoming solar energy- that varies slightly over the course of the entire series and as represented here was (as measured at top of atmosphere) 340.185W/M² + 0.058% / - 0.043%.
2/4 Image
The change in upwelling IR emitted by our surface, oceans, ice, & atmosphere is profoundly changed- the atmosphere is retaining an additional 0.33W/M² per decade, during the satellite's run. That's ~ an additional 1/1000th of the sun's energy being "held back" / decade
3/4 Image
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Okay, this is how climate deniers think, and this is a perfect example of why their lack of basic logic & intelligence make them not just very easy to immediately dismiss, but also make fun of.
Gravity is a scam
We know gravity isn't real, it's scam. It's a Marxist/ fascist/ woke conspiracy where all the data is adjusted.
It's all to create a single world government, under Soros and Gates.
It's only here to take away our freedom and tax us.
How do we know gravity is a scam?
For years we've been taxing gravity by charging more money for bigger items.
The more it weighs, the more we've been taxing it and yet the weight is still the same!
A pound still weighs a pound no matter how much we tax it!
Our centuries of tax hasn't made gravity weaker.
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There's a lot of misunderstanding on electrical power generation, it's part of the reason why many think wind power is more expensive or requires more infrastructure, even though the oposite is true. So let's get electricity generation!
Take a coil of wire- spin a magnet inside of it, and you generate electricity.
Thank you folks, you've been a blast, good night!
Okay, so it's a bit more complicated than that (and more about that way later), we need to spin that magnet.
There's a lot of ways to spin that magnet, and most of those involve generating high pressure steam. (I'll do hydropower later)

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This account was originally began as a parody of the "Grand Solar Minimum" movement, an attempt to hook a few in (quite successful, I might add!) thinking GSM is in total control of climate when the reality is, there's no GSM.
An explainer
Sunspots are magnetically active areas on the "surface" and a few hundred Km below on the sun. Remember that the sun is this 1.4 million Km diameter ball of superheated gas (~25% Hydrogen, 23% Helium, & some heavier elements) and the surface is constantly changing.
Sunspot cycles are roughly 11 years long, can be over 14 or as short as 7, there's actually a 2-part cycles with northern and southern hemisphere components. There's a small change in solar energy activity compared to sunspots, here's a time comparison of the two:
3/ Image
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If we are in a climate emergency... It's not in lives lost due to natural disasters or an increase in geophysical, hydrological, meteorological,or climatological disasters. So where specifically is the emergency? It's in the failed predictions. #climate #ClimateEmergency
No increase in global land area burned and no increase in global major hurricane frequency. Where is this emergency I keep hearing about?
No increase in economic damage from droughts. Where is this emergency?
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Tomorrow 29th of November, I will be hosting the #climatebrawl debate between @TonyClimate and @GeraldKutney!

7pm Paris , 8pm Pretoria, 1pm Eastern Time, 10am California, 5am in Australia, 2am China (if the C02 keeps you up!)

Livestream Link is👇
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The common shades of climate denialism:

👉 global warming does not exist or is natural

👉 global warming is good for you and/or plants

👉 there is no scientific consensus, or the science is too uncertain ... /1

#ClimateBrawl #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
👉 scientists/IPCC are corrupt

👉 future technologies will save us so let’s just wait

👉 policies would hurt the poor

👉 China is emitting much more, or our nation is emitting only a small amount

👉 there is no urgency, as it won’t be that bad ... /2
👉 renewable energies aren’t ready to replace fossil fuels

👉 fossil fuels are essential to civilization and ending energy poverty.

They all have a common message - no need to cut fossil fuel use.

Please share yours if you have others‼️
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The Science is wrong: it's soil, not oil.
A thread about #ClimateChange.🧵
#ClimateBrawl #SoilNotOil #Permaculture #RegenAg
- Corporate green solutions are shams
- Promote gardening if you care about fossil fuels
- An accounting chicanery keeps natural emissions out of view
- The hockey stick is actually about canopy loss
- Switching to alley cropping would reverse it
Not that long ago, I'd have told you that we'd be better off living in edible landscapes to maximize our resiliency and minimize our energy use. I still think this today, but for different reasons.
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Allies of Fossil Fuels:

👉 Climate deniers - deny the science of climate change

👉 Delayers - claim to accept the science of climate change but no rush to do anything

👉 Deniosaurs - senior climate deniers

👉 Doomers - nothing can be done to stop climate change
👉 Fossil fools - believe everything that the fossil fuel industry says

👉 Moles - those that appear to be activists, such as zealots and doomers, planted by fossil fuel industry to cause dissent among the ranks of activists
👉 Oil apologists - laud fossil fuels as essential to civilization and prevention of energy poverty

👉 Zealots - climate activists who attack other activists who do not support their chosen cause

#ClimateBrawl #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
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@toadmeister Toby Young has multiple misleading climate change impact denial articles on his blog called the daily sceptic. In this set of three videos I debunk the misleading claims made on the blog. Part 1 of 3 #ClimateBrawl p.s. @davidrvetter you might enjoy this.
Part 2 of 3 of Toby Young's climate change impact denial debunked. #ClimateBrawl
Part 3 of 3 Toby Young's climate change impact denial debunked. #ClimateBrawl Sources to follow.
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S/O to the FAV Comic Classics on Climate Denialism:


#1 - @citycyclops

#ClimateBrawl #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
S/O to the FAV Comic Classics on Climate Denialism:

#2 - @wuerker

#ClimateBrawl #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
S/O to the FAV Comic Classics on Climate Denialism:

#3 - @wuerker

#ClimateBrawl #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency
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(THREAD) 1 of 5 ⬇️🧵

Oil companies see ‘net positive’ in climate bill …
(And why #BigOil baron @Sen_JoeManchin signed off for $)
#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateBreakdown #ClimateEmergency #ClimateStrike #ClimateBrawl #Manchin #InflationReductionAct Image

At Manchin’s urging, though, it would require the government to offer oil & gas leases on federal land and in the Gulf of Mexico, albeit at a higher royalty rate. It also provides tax incentives for projects that capture carbon dioxide and new forms of energy like hydrogen.”

- @AP The bill would impose a new fee on excess methane emissions from oil and gas drilling while giving fossil fuel companies access to more leases on federal lands and waters.”…
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The 20th century was the cooling climate consensus

h/t @NaomiOreskes

Thread - individual pages of the entire document.

It's worth the read and isn't well known.

It's supposed to be a buried secret....

Save/download & pass it along

cc: @GeraldKutney
Oreskes Page 2
Oreskes Page 3
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PS I am starting to realize to put more specific shit down especially since I know more specific shit down on twitter before they blast me out of existence for saying what I am saying. #TimeCapsule #Nostradamus but not pulling it out of my ass... using real history/facts/data
If my account vaporizes suddenly you will know why. If you don't see me tweet you have to come direct to my timeline. many followers report they never see my tweets.
There are many whistleblowers @rosemcgowan @Alanis and many government whistleblowers that are saying..


Hell everyone even knows this deep down. WE ALL DO!! WE ALL KNOW HOW CORRUPT THEY ARE!!! WHY DO WE PUT UP WITH IT?
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Roll up, roll up, one and all. The circus is in town!
Marvel at the clowns as they slip and slide around... the truth.

It's called "Friends O Science".

You see, that’s the joke!

As Prof @KHayhoe explains: "It's like calling vegans Friends of BBQ."
Prepare to be threaded...
They are the darlings of the denialists, the trumpeters of tall tales, the pedallers of hyperbole. They pretend to love children, yet prefer they be seen but not heard. "Go sit in the corner, dear. The grown-ups are talking."
They abuse the message and image of @GretaThunberg to sell their snake oil and boost their reach

Their recent vid "A Letter to Greta" once again foists the falsehood of the "500 Scientists" onto unsuspecting viewers.

#Lawyers of Twitter, does this not violate the Lanham Act?
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THREAD: Everything that comes out of the mouth - or keyboard - of #Climate #Deniers falls into at least one of ten categories. Here they all are, with examples (and maybe a few drawn from #Brexit, too ...) 1/.
#ClimateChange denial type 1: LIE.
Increasingly popular in US and UK politics, simply say something that is blatantly untrue, e.g. "The Arctic is cooling", "Greenland isn't melting", "No evidence CO2 causes warming," "Brexit will be good for Britain", etc ... 2/.
#ClimateChange denial type 2: Half-truth.
Show someone half the facts and conceal the other half, and lead them to an incorrect conclusion. e.g. "Many IPCC scientists say warming estimates are over-estimated" (ignoring that at least equal number would say the opposite). 3/.
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@HC_Richardson @KevinMKruse Hi Heather - yes, this thought has occurred to climate scientists! Here are just a few examples of how the climate science community has been pushing back on false narratives for over a decade now. They span a very broad range, from scientific societies’ reports to social media:
@HC_Richardson @KevinMKruse 1/ @skepticscience has collected, ranked, and developed basic, intermediate and advanced responses to nearly 200 of the most common myths about climate science. Their responses also include links to the original literature so readers can go deep. See:
@HC_Richardson @KevinMKruse 2/ for well over a decade now, climate scientists @ClimateOfGavin and @RasmusBenestad and other experts have been running, a commentary site on climate science for the interested public that frequently responds to false allegations about the science.
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Calgary-based 'Friends of Science' claims to be "a group of earth, atmospheric & solar scientists".

In reality it's an artificial 'astroturf' campaign funded by the oil and gas industry, the purpose of which is to dishonestly attempt to discredit climate science & public policy.
An example of the 'science' and rational thought they claim to espouse. 👇

There is no difference between this kind of mindset and that of any alt-right conspiracy theorist wearing a tinfoil hat in a basement.

"Climate scientists & environmentalists have long suspected that @FriendsOScience was a front for fossil fuel companies trying to block government action to reduce carbon pollution, but FoS always declined to reveal their source of funding."

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