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The 20th century was the cooling climate consensus

h/t @NaomiOreskes

Thread - individual pages of the entire document.

It's worth the read and isn't well known.

It's supposed to be a buried secret....

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cc: @GeraldKutney
Oreskes Page 2
Oreskes Page 3
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PS I am starting to realize to put more specific shit down especially since I know more specific shit down on twitter before they blast me out of existence for saying what I am saying. #TimeCapsule #Nostradamus but not pulling it out of my ass... using real history/facts/data
If my account vaporizes suddenly you will know why. If you don't see me tweet you have to come direct to my timeline. many followers report they never see my tweets.
There are many whistleblowers @rosemcgowan @Alanis and many government whistleblowers that are saying..


Hell everyone even knows this deep down. WE ALL DO!! WE ALL KNOW HOW CORRUPT THEY ARE!!! WHY DO WE PUT UP WITH IT?
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Hey Dr. @darakass - the climate science community has been dealing with this for decades (and you have our full sympathy and support). There are some techniques that have been broadly adopted, for example (1/n)
Recognize the telltale techniques of science denial - many of these are similar between climate and COVID19. See work by @ProfMarkMaslin @GeraldKutney @MichaelEMann @KHayhoe and @UCSUSA such as this… and this… (2/n)
Directly address the lies and intentional attempts at misinformation -great examples here by @KHayhoe in her #GlobalWeirding episodes, but also see resources from @UCSUSA, and #ClimateBrawl by @GeraldKutney (3/n)…
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Roll up, roll up, one and all. The circus is in town!
Marvel at the clowns as they slip and slide around... the truth.

It's called "Friends O Science".

You see, that’s the joke!

As Prof @KHayhoe explains: "It's like calling vegans Friends of BBQ."
Prepare to be threaded...
They are the darlings of the denialists, the trumpeters of tall tales, the pedallers of hyperbole. They pretend to love children, yet prefer they be seen but not heard. "Go sit in the corner, dear. The grown-ups are talking."
They abuse the message and image of @GretaThunberg to sell their snake oil and boost their reach

Their recent vid "A Letter to Greta" once again foists the falsehood of the "500 Scientists" onto unsuspecting viewers.

#Lawyers of Twitter, does this not violate the Lanham Act?
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THREAD: Everything that comes out of the mouth - or keyboard - of #Climate #Deniers falls into at least one of ten categories. Here they all are, with examples (and maybe a few drawn from #Brexit, too ...) 1/.
#ClimateChange denial type 1: LIE.
Increasingly popular in US and UK politics, simply say something that is blatantly untrue, e.g. "The Arctic is cooling", "Greenland isn't melting", "No evidence CO2 causes warming," "Brexit will be good for Britain", etc ... 2/.
#ClimateChange denial type 2: Half-truth.
Show someone half the facts and conceal the other half, and lead them to an incorrect conclusion. e.g. "Many IPCC scientists say warming estimates are over-estimated" (ignoring that at least equal number would say the opposite). 3/.
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@HC_Richardson @KevinMKruse Hi Heather - yes, this thought has occurred to climate scientists! Here are just a few examples of how the climate science community has been pushing back on false narratives for over a decade now. They span a very broad range, from scientific societies’ reports to social media:
@HC_Richardson @KevinMKruse 1/ @skepticscience has collected, ranked, and developed basic, intermediate and advanced responses to nearly 200 of the most common myths about climate science. Their responses also include links to the original literature so readers can go deep. See:
@HC_Richardson @KevinMKruse 2/ for well over a decade now, climate scientists @ClimateOfGavin and @RasmusBenestad and other experts have been running, a commentary site on climate science for the interested public that frequently responds to false allegations about the science.
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Calgary-based 'Friends of Science' claims to be "a group of earth, atmospheric & solar scientists".

In reality it's an artificial 'astroturf' campaign funded by the oil and gas industry, the purpose of which is to dishonestly attempt to discredit climate science & public policy.
An example of the 'science' and rational thought they claim to espouse. 👇

There is no difference between this kind of mindset and that of any alt-right conspiracy theorist wearing a tinfoil hat in a basement.

"Climate scientists & environmentalists have long suspected that @FriendsOScience was a front for fossil fuel companies trying to block government action to reduce carbon pollution, but FoS always declined to reveal their source of funding."

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Zoals @ockhams terecht zegt is wetenschap niet gebaseerd op consensus, maar op waarnemingen en bewijzen. Wat zijn de bewijzen dan in het klimaatdebat? Hieronder een #climatebrawl draadje. (1/13)

In het artikel lezen we: “Patrick Moore zegt: er is bewijs genoeg dat menselijk co2 het klimaat niet beïnvloedt.”. Wat is nu het bewijs dat CO₂ dat wel doet, en dat de mens verantwoordelijk is voor de scherpe stijging van de CO₂-concentratie? (2/13)
De concentratie uit het pre-industriële tijdperk kennen we uit metingen in luchtbellen uit ijs, ze bedraagt ongeveer 280 ppm. (3/13)…
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