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@TwitterSupport why's it taking me up to 2 days to tweet one post with a brief film clip? What's going on?
What happens is I post the film clip then for 1 or 2 days it gets stuck at about 90% uploaded? Seems like #censorship to me? Can you look into it please?
Are you aware of our rights as citizens to express our opinions unhindered under both the US #1A and UN #Article19 ? ImageImage
.... so that means I can't tweet while the previous tweet is 'uploading' [censored]
Seems like nothing has changed on this platform?
Correct me if I'm wrong 🤔
#Censorship #1A #Article19 #FreeSpeech #SpeakersCorner
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Thread on internet connectivity in #Wuhan, #China:

Network data from the last ten days show a gradual fall beginning 17 January 2020.

The decline is consistent with population exodus as residents either flee the city closing up shop due to #coronavirus or for #LunarNewYear 📉
Diurnal internet connectivity falls similar to #Wuhan were observed in the US last year corresponding to mandatory hurricane evacuations.

These can be distinguished from power outages and flooding, with #HurricaneDorian the most recent reported 🌪…
Meanwhile the China Education and Research Network #CERNET that connects research facilities and universities has adopted an apparent internet curfew cycle in #Wuhan.

Connectivity falls between 12 am and 6 am daily from 22 January onward for unknown reasons and with no reports📉
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1. Black ppl, no matter where we come from, experience racism - and that racism shapes our life chances. In this edition of our meme series, we’re looking @ #BlackImmigrants and how laws & policies have devastating effects on foreign-born Black ppl here in the U.S.

A thread...
2. The US Census notes there are around 4.2M Black immigrants in the U.S., & of that number, about 600K are #undocumented. For these Black ppl, living @ the intersection of immigration & race, bias, racism, and criminalization make their experiences uniquely difficult. Examples…
3. After #HurricaneDorian devastated the #Bahamas, Black folks living there found it difficult to seek refuge in the U.S.. Bahamians were denied entry into the U.S. & the current admin. has refused to extend Temporary Protected Status* to the Bahamas.
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1/ 🎥 The wonderful Dream Doctors in action in the #Bahamas.

#Israeli #medical clowns are in the Bahamas to help children regain some of their sense of control over life, to process the trauma using humor. To be kids once again. 🤡


2/ Due to their extensive experience & specialized training in this field, the Dream Doctors have developed an innovative method for working with those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.🤡

Read more here▶️

#BahamasStrong 🇮🇱🇧🇸
3/ The Dream Doctors Project is a unique non-profit organization integrating #medical clowns –”Dream Doctors”- into the hospital #healthcare system in #Israel.

These days they bring some clowning joy to the #Bahamas after #HurricaneDorian.

More 📷▶️… Image
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1. methane fountains in Siberia
2. ultrarapid typhoon intensification
3. strongest hurricanes ever
4. hottest Arctic heatwaves ever
5. hottest September ever
6. hottest summer ever
7. hottest month in world history

The planet we think we're living on no longer exists.
Explore these threads for extraordinary details on this climate and ecological catastrophe.

Only total political/economic system change can limit the damage now.



This could kill billions by the 2040s.

We must stop all emissions by 2029.…
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A Chart: Fascist Attacks Against Immigrants Just in Past Two Months, as of September 14, 2019
There is a massive refugee/immigration crisis around the world. Tens of millions of people are desperately fleeing for their lives.
July 14
Trump unleashed barrage of racist, anti-immigrant tweets directed at 4 Democratic congresswomen of color. He demanded the 4 “go back to the crime-infested places from where they came.”…
“The Demonization, Criminalization and Deportations of Immigrants”
From Bob Avakian's speech "Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution"

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Dear White Evangelicals, your President changed policy at border in Ft. Lauderdale today. Kept black people out. Called them dangerous gang members—very bad people. Actually, they are desperate families who just lost EVERY SINGLE THING in #HurricaneDorian. #matthew25 #luke10 1/
Dear White Evangelicals, You are the ONLY voting block that still supports Trump. Only one thing can be concluded from this marriage: Two have become one. You are Trump. Trump is you. 2/
Dear White Evangelicals, The most disturbing thing is to see Trump using the same logic you use to keep non-whites out of your churches, leadership teams and board rooms. Blackness = violent = keep them away. 3/
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It looks like the worst of #HurricaneDorian is past us. In many ways S.C. was lucky, and with some help, we’ll be able to rebuild.

If you can, please help out local relief efforts ➡️ ️
I'm also thinking of the Bahamas this week. They saw catastrophic impacts that will likely take years to recover from.

You can help aid @RedCross efforts on the island here ➡️
@RedCross While we don't yet know the full extent of the damage, we do know one thing for sure: our climate is changing.

Devastation like we're seeing in the Bahamas is no longer a unique occurrence.

We need action on climate change.🌎
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#Elohim Assistance, #HurricaneDorian

1. via #NEIOH The Lightning in the hurricane was real but was infused with Energy to slow and transmute much of the Energy.
2. People might judge that the area hit was less important and this is not true. We had to STOP the Power where it was. From there We assisted the people being hit in the Bahamas as much as possible, ...
3. ...Saving many there by Power Shields over their body that could not be seen. We do not interfere with Prime Creator and the greater Purpose of the Sacred Force as well as the Collective.
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A THREAD. Please share.
This is an existential crisis. People are still dying of injuries sustained during the storm or of medical emergencies now. The current death toll of 30 is likely 10x that.

In Abaco, there is the “stench of death.” The landmass is decimated. There is some lawlessness and looting—which is less an indictment on the character of our people and more a result of this state of war with nature.

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Death toll in the Bahamas likely to multiply rapidly as rescue workers uncover true picture in badly hit areas. More flights are going with supplies, more people coming out — including 91 year old Jean Lowe, who’s lived here all her life. British aid efforts also increased. @GMB
Becky & Ryan tell me the most incredible tale of survival @GMB, how they saved their children from raging flood waters. David Lowe, another lifelong resident, shares pictures of his destroyed community- in a landscape “changed forever” by #HurricaneDorian.
The scale of devastation is shocking with an incredible challenge ahead to help those in dire need. People arriving from the chaos on #Abaco tell of a breakdown in law and order, with gangs roaming the streets. Many are asking the #Bahamas govt to accept more international help.
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(Thread 1/10)

“The science is absolutely clear: #ClimateChange is an existential crisis—one that is no longer a distant threat but a clear and present danger.”

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS

"#HurricaneDorian, reported to be one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record, is stalled out and barely moving as it pummels the #Bahamas. It has flooded neighborhoods, destroyed homes and left several people dead."

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS

"#ClimateChange is moving indeed faster than we are. The #ParisAgreement states we must limit global temperature rise to 1.5 °C. But current national #ClimateAction plans get us nowhere close. Instead, we’re on pace for a 3 °C rise or more.”

@PEspinosaC at #EUNorwayCCS
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#HurricaneDorian has finally moved away from the #Bahamas, leaving a devastating trail of destruction in its wake. Now the rescue & recovery operation can begin in earnest - with a desperate need for help in the northern islands. I’m in the capital #Nassau @GMB.
The @RoyalNavy already has @RFAMountsBay in the area, able to distribute aid by helicopter. @joncstone from @DFID_UK is helping to assess how British resources are best used, working with @SarahDicksonUK who opened the new High Commission in the #Bahamas just two weeks ago
“Historic, unprecedented and extensive” - words used by the Bahamas PM to describe what faces his country. Aid agencies like the @BahamasRedCross are initially assessing need from videos on social media, with access to many affected areas almost impossible until now. @GMB
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Over the next few days & weeks we will be coordinating with @GovRonDeSantis to secure prompt federal reimbursements to #Florida counties for storm-related costs. But we face some hurdles regarding #HurricaneDorian 1/3 #Sayfie #FlaPol
.@fema “Category B Reimbursement” is for pre-storm “Emergency Protective Measures” but are generally limited to direct federal assistance provided if @FLSERT is unable to meet a counties needs. It does not appear any direct federal assistance will occur with this storm. 2/3
I am concerned (as is Governor)that in future counties may be reluctant to undertake pre-storm protective measures if costs will not be reimbursed. Especially since many of these counties are still waiting for reimbursements from 2016 & 2017 storms.

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Hurricanes can also cause heavy rains, landslides and floods.
If you have to travel, follow recommendations issued by local authorities #HurricaneDorian
Be careful with electric equipment near stagnant water.
Submerged car batteries still have an electric charge #HurricaneDorian
Listen carefully to the 📻 or 📺 news for information from the local authorities.
Be sure your family knows what kind of alert 🚨 they will receive in their area and the steps they will have to follow if this happens #HurricaneDorian
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Those wishing to make a contribution to #HurricaneDorian #BahamasRelief efforts can go on this website from ⁦@USAID⁩ to find out the best way to do so 1/4…
Bahamian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested humanitarian assistance,including transport & distribution of humanitarian supplies, search & rescue assistance,& support to NEMA,specifically for disaster & incident response,including management & distribution of donations 2/4
Prime Minister Minnis says most immediate need is food & water, followed by a request to set up tents & portable toilets as soon as viable. He will make any and all government land that is not under water available for this purpose 3/4
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Assume you need help in a disaster. Do you have an easy way to display your coordinates and accuracy value on your phone? #FindMeSAR ( is an open source webpage I developed as a public service. #Dorian #HurricaneDorian Image
When you desperately need help you might not be at a street address or you might not know the address or the street signs might be underwater, blown away, burned up, etc. But if you provide your coordinates and accuracy value there is a good chance responders can find you.
The first time you open FindMeSAR you must be online. Afterwards, this webpage will work offline. This is done with "appcache" coding. Thus, if you have a weak cell connection and can only text, you can include your coordinates and accuracy value in your text.
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Florida now starting to feel the effects of the outer bands of #HurricaneDorian. Latest pictures from #Bahamas are horrible - massive destruction by wind and floods. The storm lessening slightly, but still heading towards the US coast where millions wait & prepare. More @GMB
Families have been having fun on the #Florida east coast beaches, but this father is also having to deal with his children’s fear as #HurricaneDorian approaches.
Jim Byrne (originally from Liverpool) is trying to get information about a house he’s built on the devastated Island of Abaco. He’s also working hard to defend his property in Palm Beach - worries about tidal surges and flooding on the #Florida coast.
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#HurricaneDorian from 5 p.m. update.
ME: Still watching.

If it turns north, it will be due to the trough by Wed. with track models showing it coming "precariously close" to FL. Models "fairly stable".…
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Floridians awoke Labor Day to find that Hurricane Dorian had yet to turn north away from the coast as expected, instead stalling to an agonizing crawl while continuing to pound the Bahamas with winds of 165 miles per hour.…
“It is still possible for the hurricane to deviate from this forecast, and move very near or over the coast,” the hurricane center wrote. “Users are reminded not to focus on the exact forecast track.”
Bahamians woke up Monday to 165 mph winds, life-threatening rains and 15 to 23 feet storm surges that left homes and roads under water from Grand Bahama to New Providence.
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It's not Friday, but here's a bonus #FunFact #Thread about the #AltGov. It's topical to #HurricaneDorian
2/ It is true that they got their start right around the inauguration in 2017. There have been a few events that have been have caused them to organize and build structures. The 2017 hurricanes were one.
3/ An #AltGov-started initiative ended up bringing in follower volunteers literally all over the world, and they developed technology and structures that were responsible for saving thousands of lives.
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🚨BREAKING: latest Euro model projects that Category 4 #HurricaneDorian will approach south #Florida, sharply veer north, and stay OFFSHORE while hugging the coast. US (GFS) model shows similar #Dorian track up #FL’s east coast.🌀🙏

h/t @JeffRanieri
Latest GFS (US) model of monster #HurricaneDorian shows near-miss of #Florida’s east coast (agrees with Euro), but higher risk than Euro model for #Dorian to impact #GA, #SC, and #NC. Here’s hoping that #Dorian stays OFFSHORE.🌀🤞🏼

5am update from @NHC_Atlantic also projects an eastward shift in #HurricaneDorian’s track up #Florida’s east coast, but now places the Carolinas in #Dorian’s path.😳

Here’s hoping the Euro model is right, and #Dorian stays OFFSHORE.🌀🙏
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Hurricane Dorian is now projected to grow into a Cat. 4 storm.

One of the most accurate storm predictions, the European Model expects a track that would strike a full frontal blow on Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

If #HurricaneDorian follows this path, it would devastate Florida's beaches, many of which are nourished by dredging.
As of the 11pm update tonight, #HurricaneDorian2019 has jumped 20 miles per hour in wind speed to rise from category one to category two. In the evening. Since the 5pm advisory. These kinds of hurricanes can grow to awesome sizes if they slow down near the coast. Dorian might.
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Some #Floridians board up their windows and fill up their bathtubs for a hurricane. My parents ... make biscotti. #HurricaneDorian #NightEditorProblems Image
#HurricaneDorian update: My parents baked enough pita bread to last weeks. There is Category 4 Arab energy in this house. #NightEditorProblems Image
#HurricaneDorian update 2: My fridge stopped working today.

Fourth time in six months.

Repair guy said he’ll come out ... on ... Tues ... dayyyyyyyarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!

#NightEditorProblems This shows how screwed Flor...
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