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2/ On Mar13 #Trump tweeted that #COVID19 was less dangerous than the #flu.
But on Mar19 he told Woodward: "I wanted to always play it down because I don't want to create panic."
By then >2M cases were reported worldwide.
14,892 cases had been reported in USA, 52 deaths.
3/ On June 20 in Tulsa #Trump called #COVID19 "KungFlu" thereby blaming China for the #pandemic + likening it to "just the flu."
By then death rates were soaring, 2.1M Americans were reported with COVID & 125,000 Americans had died of it.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/09/2020…
We need to shift our focus from competencies to agency | by Esko Kilpi | Medium…

#agency #competencies
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Here is my take. #China DID release a virus that killed alot of ppl. Remember all the riots the #CCPChina could not contain? GONE The crematorium seen in space? #Democrats took advantage of this w many other countries following suit to try to instill communism.
Remember, #Birx said on national TV the #flu is gone. Remember #Pompeo said this was a drill. @POTUS mumbled something along the line of thx forvtelling me.. Remember #Gates had a mtg in early November re a pandemic. .
#CDC revised deaths n said 6% of ppl w #COVID19 died w/out underlying disease. Remember #Democrats and #FakeNews are not saying a word re the revised #CDC %. What did #FakeNews #AOC and other ppl say re how to beat @POTUS was to destroy the economy. You isolate or quarantine sick
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#Flu in Australia
😷We were looking at another #Flunami -equalling Jan & Feb then March & unprecedented physical distancing happened.
🤧21,104 lab confirmed cases reported in 2020; 1,065 from April onwards
🤧117 cases in August, a traditionally peak month Image
Source of those numbers:…
😷Looking at some sentinel lab results to 23AUG, FluA viruses (87% of all confirmed), mostly the A/H1N1 strain, *were* dominating in Aus before restrictions for #COVID19 were rolled out
🤧Yes, there has still be #flu testing during pandemic in Aus-up to 30,000 tests/week Image
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.@AndrewZwicker sponsored bill AJR198 acknowledging #PANS #PANDA This legislator now wants to mandate a #flu vaccine for all students. As a sponsor of AE, you are aware that vaccination can contribute to this disease TICS, OCD, Anxiety… #shameful
Note - Autoimmune encephalitis is NOT a contraindication according to ACIP, therefore, a medical exemption will not qualify....imagine that.
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Is #govt doing #Enough for #Covid_19?
There is huge debate about govt not doing enough or hiding true data. Majority of people look at the data & facts published by govt with skepticism. The blame is , data are tailored to portray the shining picture in #Covid_19 management. 1/
I,as one, neither completely deny the accusation nor completely agree to it. I shall try to touch upon if actually govt doing enough or not in another space but let us first ask ourselves.
ARE WE DOING ENOUGH ??? Let’s ask few questions to ourselves before we question anyone!
1) are we taking all precautions ?? Do we wear masks as much time as possible ? How many times we put the mask down without reason ? Are we using right mask?
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Well that's...interesting....
#NoFluforYOU (humour, not suggesting there is *no* flu)
Laters global @WHO #Flu map is a very wan thing.… Image
This is from 19JUL2020 just for some sort of comparisons... Image
Will be interesting to see what this report looks like in 6 months
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1. News: Federal Government and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to Persuade Americans to Take COVID-19 Vaccines… #COVID #TRIALS #Manipulate #Population
2. News: What Coronavirus? THOUSANDS of Leftists March in Chicago Chanting,

“No Justice, No Peace, Defund the Police” (VIDEO)
.… #COVID #Protests #Chicago
3. News: “I’m Not Going to Be Silenced!”

– Houston Doctor Stella Immanuel Doubles Down

– When Was the Last Time Fauci Saw a Patient? (VIDEO)
.… #Doctor #Stella
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@petermbenglish I just heard you on @ShelaghFogarty ‘s @LBC show, you’re spot on. Johnson is playing down the pandemic in an increasingly Trumpian manner, the virus isn’t going away and we need to ensure as many people have their #flujab before ‘flu season hits.
If not enough people have a #flu jab, we’ll have a perfect storm of seasonal ‘flu and Covid-19, and if that doesn’t banjax the NHS, then I don’t know what will. As most of the #antimaskers are also #antivaxxers ,
how do we cut through the nonsense that they’re peddling and make them see sense? After all, we need them on board! I’m not sure that us calling them stupid or selfish is helping… it’s making the conspiracy-theory types dig their heels in even deeper. 😔
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/30/2020-2…

Shrinkflation: Why Everything From Tuna Cans To Toilet Paper Is Shrinking, But Prices Are Not | Endless Thread…

Reliance Looks To Conquer Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain Market With JioKrishi…

#SupplyChain #farmtofork
Twitter Thread by Eric Feigl-Ding: Worrisome Virus Mutation…

#virus #coronavirus #mutation
#dna #change #CRISPR
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Okay, I'm seeing a lot of "the end is nigh"-type posts as well as a lot of people misunderstanding this story, so let's talk about "pandemic potential" for #influenza viruses…
This is based on this report in @PNASNews. The paper is behind a paywall, unfortunately, but this isn't journal club: let's just go over the basics of #pandemic #flu.…
Flu viruses are segmented, meaning their genomes are divided into 8 pieces of RNA. This means that if multiple flu strains infect the same host, they can basically shuffle their genes and form what we call reassortants.
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"Globally, more than 7.8M cases of #COVID19 have now been reported to WHO & more than 430,000 deaths.

It took more than 2 months for the first 100,000 cases to be reported. For the past two weeks, more than 100,000 new cases have been reported almost every single day"-@DrTedros
"Almost 75% of recent #COVID19 cases come from 10 countries, mostly in the Americas and South Asia.

However, we also see increasing numbers of cases in Africa, Eastern Europe, central Asia and the Middle East"-@DrTedros
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Dr. Sergio Resta: A tutti coloro che continuano a sostenere questo crimine mondiale .....

Dr . Sergio Resta




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😷#Flu (is not) in Queensland to 31MAY2020.
Record lowest baseline in 6 years thanks to physical distancing and perhaps related to decreased testing levels as well
Source:… Image
😷Nationally, Australia has also seen its lowest #flu case numbers (& rates, not shown) in April and May since 2010/2007 respectively (also much less testing was done back then). Image
In Queensland, private lab Sullivan Nicolaides virus testing data shows the same #flu pattern, but adds info about the non-enveloped rhinoviruses (RVs) and adenoviruses. RVs are on the surge (⬆colds and asthma attacks)… Image
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#STUDY: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM) After #Influenza Vaccination

A case report of ADEM in a 42-yo woman within 3 weeks after seasonal #FluShot.

#LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjured #InformedConsent #WakeUp
ENCEPHALOMYELITIS is a well known side effect of #Flu vaccines

FLUAD #VPI, page 7:…

Encephalomyelitis, GBS, convulsions, neuritis, neuralgia, syncope etc.

#InformedConsent #LearnTheRisk #FluShot #ADEM Image
ENCEPHALOMYELITIS is a well known side effect of #Flu vaccines

FLUARIX #VPI, p.13-14:…

Convulsion, encephalomyelitis, facial palsy/ paresis, GBS, myelitis, neuritis, neuropathy, syncope etc.

#ADEM #FluShot #InformedConsent Image
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#Flu in Australia to 15MAY2020
This year is in pink. The year was tracking for a lot of reported infections - as big as the 2019 #flunami (green). Then physical distancing.
Flu testing *is* still happening, but I can't speak to whether levels may have dropped due to SARS-CoV-2 Image
Respiratory virus data in next tweet is from Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology labs weekly report.
They service #Queensland, northern New South Wales and wider Darwin area and Alice Springs… Image
As expected, #flu and other viruses have been hit hard by physical distancing...but the rhinoviruses are still there. And at decent levels. Interesting. There R0 isn't thought to be higher than SARS-CoV-2 (unless it needs a fresh look) Hardier for longer because non-enveloped? Image
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A healthy #Florida girl was paralyzed by the #FluShot…

#ADEM is an auto-immune disease that occurs when the immune system "mistakenly attacks its own brain tissue," after a #vaccination or infection.

ENCEPHALOMYELITIS is a well known side effect of #Flu #vaccines

AFLURIA #VPI, p. 14:…

Neuralgia, paresthesia, convulsions, encephalomyelitis, encephalopathy, neuritis/ neuropathy, transverse myelitis, & GBS

#InformedConsent #LearnTheRisk #FluShot #ADEM Image
#STUDY: Post-#vaccination Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM): Literature review & illustrative case (after the #FluShot)

ADEM has been associated w/ several #vaccines such as smallpox, DTP, polio, #HPV, MMR, #Flu, HepB etc.

#LearnTheRisk #InformedConsent Image
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You’ve probably seen or heard about the #PlandemicDocumentary video. It reaches many conclusions that have zero scientific support and are dangerous because they could harm your health. Here are rebuttals and references to just a few of the false claims. A thread. (1/x)
False claim #1: The novel #coronavirus was lab-made.

Truth: Genetic science allows us to understand how and when viruses emerge. Analyses by trusted scientists clearly demonstrates that the virus occurred naturally. (2/x)
You can read the scientific paper@K_G_Andersen @scrippsresearch; @arambaut; W. Ian Lipkin; @ColumbiaMSPH; @edwardcholmes; & Robert F. Garry @Tulane here (3/x)…,
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#Remdesivir begins distribution in the #USA today via #EUA.

I thought would write down some practical #tips based on my #qualitative anecdotal experience after personally treating close to 200 patients with #COVID19.

For quantitative results, wait for the papers¬—thread
“this juice works, doc!” When you hear similar expressions 1-2 days after starting #remdesivir multiple times, you start to wonder. Don't recall a similar proportion of patients smile after feeling so sick 1-2 days earlier with #COVID19. x/n? Wait for the papers.
Like #treatment for any severe infectious disease (meningitis, Gram-negative bacteremia, influenza pneumonia, etc), earlier is always better. #COVID19 is no different. #Remdesivir stops #SARS-CoV2 replication, but won’t heal the lung injury.
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Like most of us in here in #QuarentineLife I've got a lot of extra time on my hands. So I decided to make a thread highlighting the failure, ineptitude, stupidity, and hypocrisy of #Trump and his executive branch in regard to the #COVID19 pandemic
January 18th Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar attempts to speak with Trump about the virus but Trump does not listen and interjects, asking about vaping and when certain flavored vaping products will be back on the market.
Jan 22nd Trump said “We have it totally under control.” On January 30th Trump said that “we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for us.” Also stated that he trusts President Xi.
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#COVID19: 3655 #SARSCoV2 genomes have been sampled.

On the left, strains are organized by the number of mutations.

On the right, strains are organized by time.

The US has the greatest concentration of divergent strains, including ones branching from the most #lethal strains...
On the left, you can see which regions are the most mutated. "S" (~21,750 - ~25500) corresponds to the S1 and S2 spike protein fragments and there appears to be one major mutant site there. On the right, you can see a world map of all strains.

In contrast, the flu is much more slowly evolving, with only 6 dominant strains as of 2019.

The #flu also doesn't have the same immune cloaking mechanisms as #SARSCoV2 and is evenly distributed across the world.

Stop comparing the flu to SARS.…
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"First of all, we’re pleased to have interpretation services available in Portuguese today, and I’d like to welcome all Portuguese-speaking journalists.

WHO remains committed to providing access to as much as information as possible, in as many languages as possible"-@DrTedros
"I’ve said since the beginning that the most important resource in the fight against #COVID19 is solidarity.

The launch of the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator on Friday was a powerful demonstration of that solidarity"-@DrTedros
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A healthy #Florida girl was paralyzed by the #FluShot…

#ADEM is an auto-immune disease that occurs when the immune system "mistakenly attacks its own brain tissue," after a #vaccination or infection.

#STUDY: Post-#vaccination Encephalomyelitis (#ADEM): Literature review & illustrative case (after the #FluShot)

ADEM has been associated w/ several #vaccines such as smallpox, DTP, polio, #HPV, MMR, #Flu, HepB etc.

#LearnTheRisk #VaccineInjury #WakeUp Image
#Illinois Teen, Christopher Bunch, Dies of #ADEM Three Weeks After #HPV #Vaccination…

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is a reported side effect of #Gardasil, listed in the Gardasil package insert.

#VaccineDeath #InformedConsent #LearnTheRisk Image
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@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice No
1/ The PERCEPTION of something *believed* to be threatening triggers a response in the amygdala, which activates lower areas of the brain that changes one's physiology to freeze, fight, or run.
@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice 2/ #FakeNews & Daily Death Counts keep the #Amygdala charged-up for those who believe #COVID19 is to be feared.

When the #amygdala is activated your higher brain functions= #criticalthinking, don't work

@thorns_thicket @Emilinalala @JVoluntaryist @raleighpolice 3/ YOU are more compliant & easily controlled
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