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Is food supply in the EU at risk due to Putin’s war against Ukraine? No

Is there a problem on global maizeđŸŒœand wheatđŸŒŸmarkets? Yes

Is this a reason to throw sustainability targets and #FarmToFork overboard? Definitely not

Here’s why 👇 ImageImageImage
The EU is largely self-sufficient for several key food products.

Production in 2022 of cereals, rapeseed, and sunflower is projected to surpass the previous 5-year average.

▶!wwBwMj Image
In fact, about ⅔ of cereals in the EU are used as animal feed. Human consumption accounts for the remaining ⅓ and biofuels take up 3%.

Meanwhile, 20% of EU food (about 88 million tonnes per year) is lost or wasted. ImageImage
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Analyse de @foodwatch_fr 🧐

Face à la guerre en Ukraine, quelles sont les pressions exercées par les lobbies de l'agrobusiness afin de tirer leur épingle du jeu de la déstabilisation des marchés ?

Comment déjouer ces fausses solutions ?

1⃣La stratĂ©gie du choc : la guerre, un moyen de faire avancer les intĂ©rĂȘts privĂ©s

Les lobbies brandissent la menace de déstabilisation des marchés pour faire avaler leurs solutions aux décideurs en manque de solutions.
Leur refrain ?
👉Renforcer le modùle agricole industriel
Rendez-vous, rĂ©unions au sommet : l’Europe est en recherche de solutions et c’est aussi une formidable opportunitĂ© pour les lobbyistes d’avancer leurs pions.
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Volet agricole (changement de pied): "renforcer notre investissement pour produire plus et adapter le plan Farm to fork qui reposait sur un monde d’avant-guerre en Ukraine. L’Europe ne peut en aucun cas se permettre de produire moins."
Rappel. La stratégie de green deal agricole (dite #farmtofork) défendue par la Commission vise (sans traduction technique) -30% d'engrais, -50% de pesticides, 10% de jachÚres, 25% de bio.
Traduction :-12% de volumes de nourriture, -20% de céréales.

Elle n'a pas encore de traduction en termes de lois ou directives. Emmanuel Macron prend donc le pari, s'il est élu, d'infléchir notoirement les ambitions écologiques de la Commission qui se faisaient, il est vrai, au détriment de la souveraineté alimentaire de l'Europe/...
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France's yearly agricultural exhibition #SIA2022 has opened in a tense context of discussions about food sovereignty. But how is đŸ‡«đŸ‡· faring? Not that well. Only in the past 10 years, 100,000 farms have disappeared, 80,000 farming jobs lost - big increase in farm size 1/n
2/n Increase in farm size often correlated (but not always) with biodiversity loss, eg through plots being brought together, hedgerows removed, more mechanisation. This happened massively during the post-war "remembrement" and is particularly visible in some regions
3/n This has been accompanied by a change in crop types. While France is around 80% autosufficient, there have been decreases in the degree of self-sufficiency eg for fruit and vegs which are imported massively from Southern Europe (the plastic sea of Spain)
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Bruxelles en eaux troubles ! La commission européenne a sciemment caché aux élus du peuple européen les effets dramatiques de la stratégie agricole #farmtofork pendant plus d'un an.

Les députés ont travaillé à l'aveugle.

Mon enquĂȘte via @Lopinion_fr

Pour ceux qui ont raté un épisode, #farmtofork, dont la commission essayait de cacher les effets:
Production de céréales et oléagineux:- 15 %. Fruits et légumes :-13 %; produits laitiers:-10% boeuf :- 17,5 % porc et la volaille: -15%. Prix:+12%

Et pire: la baisse des Ă©missions carbone serait soit nulle... Soit ce serait carrĂ©ment une hausse dĂ©portĂ©e dans l'as pays dont nous deviendrons dĂ©pendants. Un dĂ©sastre. Effectivement gĂȘnant....

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Am Sonntag ist #btw21. Nachdem mein Kollege @sven_kindler vorgelegt hat und ein “Best-of” zu den Leistungen von @AndreasScheuer zusammengestellt hat, hab ich mal die „Leistungen“ von @JuliaKloeckner zusammengefasst.
Ein (langer) Thread
Beginnen wir mit der wohl grĂ¶ĂŸten Schlappe fĂŒr Klöckner in ihrer Amtszeit: Schon von Anfang an zu lasch und unverbindlich, waren die PlĂ€ne fĂŒr das staatl. „Tierwohllabel“ eine einzige Katastrophe.

Weder sollte das Label verpflichtend sein, noch waren die Anforderungen ausreichend: Die Schweine hĂ€tten bei der “Stufe 1” gerade mal 0,9 m2 mehr Platz gehabt- so viel wie 1,5 DinA4 Seiten. Bei dieser “Verbesserung” von Tierschutz zu sprechen ist VerbrauchertĂ€uschung!
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Les grandes manƓuvres se poursuivent autour de la #PAC (politique agricole commune). Gouvernements et dĂ©putĂ©s europĂ©ens ne sont pas parvenus Ă  accord pour boucler la rĂ©forme. Regardons ce qui coince, c’est le @thread du mercredi mais le mardi (c'est pour voir qui suit !)
Prenez un cafĂ© et dĂ©tendez-vous. D’abord, il faut se souvenir que dans cette nouvelle mouture de la PAC chaque pays doit livrer sa dĂ©clinaison ((P.N.S.) du projet global. Projet lui mĂȘme assis, intellectuellement, sur deux piliers, le Green Deal

Et #FarmtoFork ou #F2F pour les intimes, le fameux « de la ferme Ă  la fourchette. On avait d’ailleurs Ă©pluchĂ© pour vous les grandes lignes de cette histoire et listĂ© les mĂ©contents. Combien de lĂ©gions ? Plein !

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#EUGreenDeal/#farmtofork-type policies risk

- diminishing farmer competitiveness in domestic & export markets
- driving up worldwide food prices & reducing societal welfare
- increasing # of food-insecure people in most vulnerable regions
 h/t @drdairy50
"declines in production & trade, coupled with the projected increases in food commodity prices, would significantly reduce the EU’s GDP, especially if adoption was limited to the EU. In that case, the EU’s decline in GDP would represent 76% of the decline in the worldwide GDP"
"By 2030, the number of food-insecure people in the case of EU-only adoption would increase by an additional 22 million more than projected without the EC’s proposed Strategies. The number would climb to 103 million under the middle scenario & 185 million under global adoption"
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MONDAY: #AgricultureBill is back in the Commons.

Most MPs are well-intentioned & #BackBritishFarming, but the truth is, unless standards are enshrined in law, there is a high probability risk farming will be undermined. .@Keir_Starmer understands this.

.@trussliz thinks it's worth undermining our food, farming, animal welfare, countryside & Enviro standards to get trade deals, but has she weighed up the trade-offs? Trade deals gains are tiny compared to losses from trashing our standards —not just £ losses.

Losses from trashing our food, farming & environmental standards are not limited to the 25-50% of British farms DEFRA expects to go bust.

There'll also be massive costs to public health (those who suffer + the #NHS) from food produced by methods banned here.

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Aktuell trifft @JuliaKloeckner die EU Agrarminister in Koblenz zu #EU2020DE.
Gestern gingen dort ĂŒber 1000 Menschen fĂŒr eine europĂ€ische #Agrarwende auf die Straße, organisiert von @wirhabenessatt2

Ein paar EindrĂŒcke von der Kundgebung. Thread von /uk
@JuliaKloeckner @WirHabenEsSatt2 Nach Anmoderation durch @S_Richartz Grußwort von Bernd Schmitz, Arbeitsgemeinschaft bĂ€uerliche Landwirtschaft zu #Klimakrise #Landwirtschaft: „Fairer Handel heisst nicht Freihandel fĂŒr die Industrie, sondern faire Preise fĂŒr BĂ€uerinnnen und Verbraucher!"
@JuliaKloeckner @WirHabenEsSatt2 @S_Richartz Als nĂ€chstes forderte Sabine Yacoub von @BUNDjugendRLP eine vielfĂ€ltige Landwirtschaft mit geschlossenen KreislĂ€ufen. Wir brauchen eine Abkehr der Landwirtschaft von Agrarexporten, hin zu regionalen Lieferketten und fairem Handel – das hat auch Corona gezeigt!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/30/2020-2

Shrinkflation: Why Everything From Tuna Cans To Toilet Paper Is Shrinking, But Prices Are Not | Endless Thread

Reliance Looks To Conquer Farm-To-Fork Supply Chain Market With JioKrishi

#SupplyChain #farmtofork
Twitter Thread by Eric Feigl-Ding: Worrisome Virus Mutation

#virus #coronavirus #mutation
#dna #change #CRISPR
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#Live in Brussels đŸ‡ȘđŸ‡ș IPES-Food's Nick Jacobs is at the European Committee of the Regions (@EU_CoR) for an exchange of views on the impending #EUfarm2fork Strategy.

Nick will be joined by @GuidoMilana @rozathun & @SchilthuisGijs.

⌚ We'll bring you updates from 15h30 CET 👍 Image
The @EU_CoR is exchanging views on #EUFarm2Fork Strategy. For our director Nick Jacobs, initial thinking on the #F2F has taken an "Ă  la carte approach", failing to map out a real "paradigm shift".

#FarmToFork #CommonFoodPolicy

Some thoughts 👇
1. #EUFarm2Fork targets not enough. #Pesticide & AB reduction targets won't be effective w/o viable alternative products/production systems. 2. Techno-fixes (gene editing, feed additives, #data-driven ag) reinforce current system & entail trade-offs! 3. Support for #agroecology? Image
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IPES-Food advisor Francesco Ajena is live at a packed @EU_Commission stakeholder consultation on the #EUFarm2Fork Strategy.

#F2F #CAP #FutureofCAP #EUGreenDeal

Some important reflections at this crucial time 👇 Image
"#CAP provides the tools to make #FarmtoFork successful, but also might allow for its tools & budget to make the #F2F a failure. We need to identify the main gaps & possible inconsistencies b/w CAP and F2F. We must address them early instead of waiting for the next CAP reform."
"In the #EU we need a truly integrated food policy, not an Ă  la carte set of proposals. Proposals need to be mutually reinforcing. With objectives including production systems, food environments, food chains, #trade and access to and protection of #land and natural resources."
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Live now in #Brussels, IPES-Food's Olivier De Schutter (@DeSchutterO) joins the @EURACTIV panel debate on sustainable #food systems:

"Does the EU's #FarmToFork strategy have all the answers?"

For the latest from Olivier, follow us @IPESfood + #SustainableFoodEU #EUdebates đŸ‡ȘđŸ‡ș🌍 Image
@DeSchutterO @EURACTIV @eaAgriFood @SciFoodHealth @ClubofRomeEU @BarillaCFN @EU_EESC @chantalwclement @_RajPatel @fr_ajena Olivier De Schutter spoke to us earlier ahead of tonight's #SustainableFoodEU debate @EURACTIV.

On the EU's #FarmToFork strategy, it is clear that for one thing, we need to "gradually move towards a 'real costs' approach to prices". What does this mean? 👇
@DeSchutterO @EURACTIV @eaAgriFood @SciFoodHealth @ClubofRomeEU @BarillaCFN @EU_EESC @chantalwclement @_RajPatel @fr_ajena "You cannot hope for #consumers to shift diets - towards #plants-based diets, to buying fresh, local, seasonal foods & less processed foods - without ensuring we get the prices right... ensurin good practices are rewarded, and negative externalities penalised!" - @DeSchutterO
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[ THREAD] Our reaction on the #EUGreenDeal. @SebastienTreyer says : « this text meets our expectations, delighted to see the ambition on #carbonneutrality, #biodiversity protection and zero pollution. It is a project for Europe and a message from Europe to the world ».
« But we will also need strong messages on industrial policies to convince the most skeptical. We have questions on the means : after the just transition fund for countries still coal-dependant, what is left to implement the rest of the #EUGreenDeal ? »
@SebastienTreyer says. đŸ‘‡đŸŒ
« It is positive to open discussions on macroeconomic policies but governance issues of the #EUGreenDeal will have to be monitored. For ex, how will the #FarmtoFork strategy be articulated with the #CAP? » @SebastienTreyer asks. đŸ‘‡đŸŒ
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