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Chatham House "Future Scape" London 2025-35

"Care pounds" or social credits
We are injected all the time with whatever Big Pharma dream up and implant into us, including Ai nanotechnology wired straight to the #iot We are connected

Our babies are lab grown GM products
Not many people around in this Chatham House future Scape and roads and cars are gone
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by Edward L. Bernays

Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”—Edward Bernays
#EducationDialogue #disinformation #computationalpropangada #propaganda…
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Do you see it yet? This is a permanent program ushering in digital passports, #surveillance, & a new #data economy, global in scale. #Vaccines are about emerging markets - not health. The bedrock of #4IR #biotechnology going forward.

"#Mask of the Future - World Economic Forum"
"BreathTech-S³ #smart-material sensor & #Bluetooth-connected app. allows users to monitor breathing #data in real-time... #IoT

#CO2 build-up - if air quality [] is reduced, the user will be alerted to find a safe place to take a breath of fresh air,..."
Chatham House Futurescape, 3-D digital model of London, 2021-2035. A jumbotron on left reminds (faceless) citizens to #test. 'VR holidays' which appear in 2060, "are already being rolled out today as a reaction to the restrictions on travel." [April 14, 2021] #4IR #GreatReset
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1/ Why you probably aren't bullish enough on
@SecretNetwork and @sienna_network $SEFI $SIENNA

Conservative price prediction for $SCRT:
April: $17-$20 🚀
May: $50+ 🚀

Thread 👇
2/ Secret Network is not just a privacy play (The ONLY mainnet blockchain with computational privacy for all applications / smart contracts deployed on the network) but also a #DeFi platform play.

3/ As I write this, $SCRT mcap is $256m.

Still wildly undervalued just by the simple comparison of smart contract blockchains.

Not even considering that there is NO OTHER smart contract blockchain with computational privacy by default.

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Let’s talk about incentives and how they are driving real world performance on @Helium #ThePeoplesNetwork. A thread:
1/ A few days ago, I was explaining to my 15y/o brother about how @Helium created a self-optimizing global #IoT network. It all starts with incentives...
2/ At the time, I happened to be driving over to set-up a hotspot with a former colleague that worked on the network design team at my old company, one of the leading global players in industrial #IoT. It got me thinking...
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Now we port the #LoRaWAN Driver ... From Apache #Mynewt OS to #RISCV #BL602… Image
Our #BL602 #LoRaWAN Driver has many Layers (like Shrek) ... Let's peel the Shrek ... (erm) Layers 🧅… Image
The Application Layer (left) of our #BL602 #LoRaWAN Driver exposes LoRaWAN Functions to Application Firmware ... Join Network, Open/Close Port, Transmit/Receive Packets… BL602 LoRaWAN Driver: Appli...
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No doubt some out there are thinking that if #Holochain is free & open source & is used for #IOT how will that affect the price of #HoloFuel in a positive way?

The answer is "Network effect"

Network effect happens when a product or service gains value as more people use it.
Even if they are not directly paying for it. The name becomes synonymous with particular technology.

I think when it comes to #IOT that industry will know the word #Holochain, & when it comes to Peer-to-Peer apps that advertise this fact, it will have the same network affect.
The same can probably be said for Holo hosting in the #CloudComputing industry.

That's the irony of #Holochain, at the moment it lacks world wide exposure but in reality it can & will work with so many different industries & social groups probably hundreds if not thousands of
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This is an older article, maybe many have seen it but first time for me.

It compares #Holochain to #Blockchain for #IOT.

No surprises how it ends.
How #Holochain is able to remove malicious nodes.
"Conversely, #Holochain preserves a lot of storage space and network bandwidth that make the system more scalable than Blockchain. "

Link to article below.
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To give you a brief comparison of the capabilities of #Holochain to #Blockchain, I just noticed a #Polkadot project for #IOT named Nodle.

This thread will really highlight the weakness of old technology vs new tech.

Firstly because it is blockchain, it needs to be tokenized
because that is the working parameters of blockchain, it is forever stuck in an uncomfortable place of having to tokenize most evolutions.

The other problem is in its very design, needing humans to act as mobile nodes.

The company behind this created a great hardware device
for tracking #Coronavirus which saw people wear the device & be alerted for social distancing & contact tracing.

But the #Polkadot blockchain-ization of it really does highlight the weaknesses of #blockchain.

Because blockchain needs to have a global consensus to validate
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My personal opinion on the price of $Hot #Holochain.

What I think will happen in stages & how that will affect price.

Not financial advice.

I think that there is currently an awakening within the crypto space about #Holochain & that may seem like an obvious observation but
when I say that, judging by the tweets I see there many that still don't fully appreciate its scope.
The reason I say that is because so many talk about it as a coin/token in the traditional sense, & along with that comes the questions about "partnerships".

To me the word
partnership in cryptocurrency is just a sales tool that benefits both mentioned parties by feeding their investors with new hope, new news, new....something!

But still I am yet to see a #Blockchain partnership that actually lead to any external revenue which isn't surprising
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Helium Explains: The @helium Token Image
The @helium Token is the native cryptocurrency and protocol token of the Helium Blockchain. Its symbol is $HNT. The first $HNT was produced on July 29th, 2019 at 09:43pm UTC as part of the Network's genesis block. Prior to this date, there was no premine of $HNT. Image
The @helium Token is designed to serve the needs of two primary parties on #ThePeoplesNetwork:
1. Hotspot owners, who mine $HNT for providing and maintaining coverage.
2. Enterprises and developers, who connect #IoT devices and applications to the Network using Data Credits. Image
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#Datenschutz-advokaten und -apologeten vermissen regelmäßig Begründungen für die These von der Dysfunktionalität des #Datenschutzes und der #DSGVO.

Daher hier nochmal ein kurzer österlicher Thread mit 16 Hauptkritikpunkten👇

Der #OneSizeFitsAll-Ansatz der #DSGVO behandelt alle gleich: Finanzamt & Blogger, GAFA & den Bäcker die Ecke.

Vorzugswürdig wären bereichsspezifische Regelungen und solche, die die Macht des Datenverarbeiters sowie Risiko & Nutzen der Verarbeitung stärker berücksichtigen.

Der #AllOrNothing-Ansatz der #DSGVO macht alle Regelungen davon abhängig, ob ein personenbezogenes Daten vorliegt oder nicht.

Dieser Ansatz ist viel zu undifferenziert. Er berücksichtigt weder den unterschiedlichen Schutzbedarf noch das unterschiedliche Verarbeitungsrisiko.
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Mini thread on why
@helium #ThePeoplesNetwork is shaking the foundations of the #wireless #telecommunication industry.

1/ As a professional #IoT product marketer, I used to spend years selling networks to cities and utilities...
2/ Those networks might take another few years to design and deploy before they could be fully operational. We had teams of network designers whose full-time job was to design the ideal #meshnetwork topology for a specific geographic deployment...
3/ then we had more teams of customer deployment reps and lawyers who had to negotiate access to limited pole mounting infrastructure. On the other side of the table, we had customers that were getting pitched on multiple competitive #wirelessnetwork technologies...
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Helium Explains: $HNT Mining Rewards
Hotspots earn $HNT for building and securing network infrastructure and transferring device data. The amount of $HNT distributed to Hotspots depends on the type of “work” they perform based on the value to the network. Here’s a full breakdown of $HNT mining rewards.
Hotspots are chosen as a Challenger by the network to issue Challenges (encrypted messages over the internet) to a selected Hotspot, receiving 0.95% of token rewards for doing so. Hotspots can issue challenges to any location around the world 🌎, not just to local Hotspots.
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Email: "You have a new sexual partner in your MyGov inbox"
Instagram: "We noticed you have 3 sexual partners in common with Charlie.  You should hook up". 
WikiLeaks: "There are calls for a senior politician to resign after leaked app data shows a pattern of assignations with junior staffers over many decades".

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Could the Everard Psyop be a catalyst to further the UK's SDG's Agenda 21/2030 targets?

The UK has targets to meet, including

16.1: Significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere

5.2: Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres
The day after the "vigil"

Politicians were calling for new legislation and now want the policing bill to add "more protections"…
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Oct 11 2018: "The #WorldEconomicForum, an International Org. for Public-Private Cooperation, has opened the Centre for the #FourthIndustrialRevolution #India. The centre is the fourth of its kind in the world after San Francisco, #Tokyo & #Beijing."…

"With Centres in 13 countries the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network works w/ governments, leading companies, civil society, innovators & experts from around the world to pilot new approaches to technology adoption & governance."…
"Projects will be scaled across #India & globally. As part of the WEF's global network, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India will work closely with project teams" across the globe.

Founding partners/members include #Microsoft, #Salesforce, #McKinsey, #Gavi:
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Project #Alvarium in a nutshell:
Disrupt the #edge security model!

The edge remains a hostile environment for computing.
So, protecting #data in use thru a #data confidence fabric and #ConfidenceComputing is the objective of this @linuxfoundation project.

@IOTA @DellTech
How does #Alvarium work?

It implements a kind of #trust #sidecars for #data streams with trust metadata and confidence scores thus creating the data confidence fabric.

@IOTA @DellTech
Where does @IOTA and the #Tangle come into play in #Alvarium?

The #TrustSidecars (e.g., attached to #IoT devices) directly store the trust metadata in the #Tangle. Metadata consumers simply subscribe to updates on the Tangle.

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#subex #Q3marketupdates #Q3concall #Q3updates
Concall transcript Q3fy21
Rev 93.9 cr ,Ebidta 20.3 cr & PAT 8.5 cr
9mfy21 Rev 275.9 cr up 6% yoy
Interim dividend of 10%
Moved into new corporate office in Bengaluru
In IoT focus on mftng sector,secured 4 new customers in Q3
ID central (identity analytics solution) launched in Indonesia, 1st customer onboard

NGP platform, next gen platform to revolutionize way telcos operate in OSS & BSS system ,cloud native API based application

Expect more 5g contracts in APAC & ME in coming quarters
Vision to emerge as a leader in digital trust solutions in multi vertical environment

Closed about $28.5mn deals in 9mfy21 ,Q4 to exceed Q3 in deal wins

Tech mahindra partnership around Block chain area

New product offering for Telcos- Augmented Analytics platform
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Learn #WithoutLimits from Black experts in leadership, IT, finance, programming, music, marketing, and more. Explore this special 2021 selection of 21 courses, curated in celebration of Black excellence:

#BlackHistoryMonth Image
Explore ways to express the brilliant, passionate you in this course from @UMich: Image
Learn how to build inclusive leadership in your organization: Image
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Last weekend, I made a threat on the ongoing #SocialMedia shutdown in Uganda and some implications on the future of #internet & Uganda's #digital agenda.

The thread attracted a lot of engagement and questions. Tonight, I will share some final thoughts on the subject. (1)
Conceptually, social media sites are the largest on-boarding platforms for internet users in Uganda. Notably, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat attract the highest internet traffic- which drives demand for other platform services e.g Google and Zoom recently.
So- when we talk about an "open internet", we mean the FULL resources of the internet. Any encumberance on selected applications has ripple effects across the entire network thus jeorpadizing standardization of internet/data transmission which is essential for innovation & growth
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@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil A nora de Azenate Barreto Abreu, empresária q teria vendido R$ 15 milhões em #leitecondensado ao governo de @jairbolsonaro em 2020, também tem uma empresa c/contratos c/o @govbr federal. Ao todo, a mulher já recebeu +de R$ 7 milhões em repasses desde 2015.…
@MANOEL17544203 @ptbrasil @jairbolsonaro @govbr ÁUDIO-B0MBA!! B0LSONARO PERDE APOIO E CPI DO #leitecondensado VEM AÍ!! via @YouTube
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Bildiğiniz gibi ağlarla birbirine bağlanan insanların ötesinde artık birbirine bağlanan nesnelerin çağını yaşıyoruz.

Yaşadığımız dijital çağda baş döndürücü bir hızda yaşanan gelişmeler, sınırsız keşifler, bizlere yepyeni bir dünyanın kapılarını açıyor.

#Nesnelerinİnterneti Image
Nesnelerin İnterneti (Internet Of Things) olarak nitelendirilen bu yeni düzen, her çağda olduğu gibi yaşadığımız dijital çağda da teknolojinin hayatlarımıza olan direkt etkisini görünür kılan en yeni örneklerinden sayılabilir.
Peki nedir bu Nesnelerin İnterneti? Kısaca, akıllı niteliğe sahip birçok nesnenin; akıllı saat, akıllı telefon, küçük ev aletleri, akıllı ev sistemleri vs. şebeke içinde kullanılıp birbirine bağlanması olarak tanımlanabilir. Image
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On 29/12/2020

The UK's first COVID Test & Vaccine Passport was announced as "Ready for Rapid Deployment".

The Hub a UK tech company new mobile App-based COVID QR passport platform developed by @innovateuk is aimed at getting Britain back into work.

This means the implementation of a QR scanning system and software at all places of work.

The Hub QR Passport Platform.…

The @DHSCgovuk has previously said they were ‘continually exploring ways in which we can return to normality’ & ‘We have no plans to introduce immunity passports following THIS vaccination programme.’…
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