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THREAD - “Open letter” to @SouthwestAir CEO Gary Kelly - written, I am told, by an SWA employee & posted to Facebook. It was sent by a friend (who didn’t have link). God bless this employee. #DoNotComply #StandUpForAmerica - “The Big Choice” - READ… (1/15)
The Big Choice

It’s time to embrace the national discussion instead of finger-pointing who’s to blame over last weekend’s meltdown. The elephant in the room IS the mandate and the termination of thousands of employees and disruption of air travel after Nov 24th… (2/15)
…Amazingly, Southwest Airlines finds itself at the center of what is likely one of the most pivotal moments of our lifetimes and nation! There is no going back to “normal” or whatever you want to call pre-Oct 4th when the mandate was announced. There are two paths. Two…(3/15)
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I saw #DoNotComply trending & just knew it would be a bunch of idiot anti-vaxxers rambling about how the pandemic is fake & Bill Gates is trying to plant a microchip in you or some BS about the NWO.

I thought we got rid of all the Qderps on Twitter. Guess they just dropped the Q
Alright. My notifications are blowing up from all the anti-vax derps. This tweet is muted.

Feel free to argue amongst yourself and trade conspiracy theories you've learned from FB posts and YouTube videos that have made you all "experts".

Here's your official Degree.
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#TonisArmy will not let this be buried.

If this case is not addressed, we will not and #DoNotComply with whatever @ukhomeoffice or @WHO has to tell.

#endofchurchage #UnitedNations as it all a system set up by @RoyalFamily #TheQueen as was @BBCOne
and until @Ofcom @CPSUK @MaxHillQC @UKHomeSecretary @UKHouseofLords deals with this #crimenews, there really isn't anything @PoliceChiefs @MHewittNPCC or any member of @MetTaskforce who feels what has been made known is acceptable then as Toni rightly states, we have no
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VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days of Vaccination”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government – The Expose…
Dr. Naomi Wolf~
On Vaccine Passports
"Has the power to turn of your life"


Vax passports are nothing more than total control!



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Dr. Naomi Wolf~
On Vaccine Passports
"Has the power to turn of your life"


Vax passports are nothing more than total control!



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- Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, one of the bravest authors this world has ever seen. Image
The 5th, 6th and 7th sentence of the book breaks down 3 classes of people.

- The Organizers of Prisoners/Government
- The Enforcement Group/Military and Authority
- The imprisoned

My Q’s:
- are all groups “imprisoned” by something?
- Which group is one in?
- On who’s order? Image
“Oh, you citizens who love to travel! Do not forget that in every station there are a GPU Branch and several prison cells”

When read from the authors perspective this quote is a warning that the state has overreached.
When read from the State’s perspective it is a direct threat Image
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1) Im going to have to debunk this crap right here

It use to be a vaccine prevented people from a specific virus or disease and they worked

This vaccine is not preventing a person from getting a virus and they are pushing this fake narrative that the unvaccinated are to blame
2) This 'vaccine' does not prevent a person from getting Covid and there is not enough data to support the claim that it lessens symptoms (the CNN article proves elsewise).

The vaccine has been shown to provide little benefit to anyone other than the very vulnerable.
3) As for the claim that the vaccine lessens symptoms, the fact is that most people who have had the virus (if we trust the tests) have had either no symptoms or mild symptoms. I myself had mild symptoms. Only people with vulnerable immunologies had severe symptoms.
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Shut down for two weeks.
Wear a mask.
Social distance.
Sit granny by the window.
Don’t visit family or friends
Stay home.
Only shop using one person.
24/7 reminding you of a pandemic.
Wasting billions and billions,
We just vaccinate the old and vulnerable
Tell public get tested Image
Protect the nhs clap
Coerce a lower age group to now protect granny
Threaten care workers or lose a job
Even though they worked though.
Next coerce the younger group,
then 60-40
Now start blaming the public as the enemy’s or they harm granmy
Encourage public to get tested Image
Start telling all key workers get the jab or your harm others or lose your job,
Who again all worked though the so called pandemic.
Next bring in a new variant with no means of finding that variant
And say it spread faster in a lower age group.
Tell public to get tested Image
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@JoeBiden this is a political pandemic forcing an unknown & possibly dangerous substance into the bodies of Americans when we have other means to prevent & treat them instead. “Biden declares war on DeSantis and Abbott: 'Get them out of the way'”…
How can a mandate be pushed on us when the critical timeline part of the clinical trials is ignored & while our country is being overrun by people at our borders? @GovAbbott @GovRonDeSantis We Support You! @WhiteHouse you can threaten all you want, we will not comply!
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Among Twitter's trending topics are "#DoNotComply," "Dictator Biden," "King Biden," "Biden regime," #massnoncompliance" and "GO TO HELL." So you can tell that "facts not feelings" conservatives are having a little trouble keeping their meltdowns to themselves.
These are real reactions, being boosted by the biggest influencers in conservative thought and media. It's not Russian bots or troll farms. People truly believe that doing the bare minimum to protect others and themselves is tyranny to be met with violence.
Just shutting up and getting the free, safe vaccine that keeps them out of the hospital never occurs to them. Because they're special and important.
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Programming the New Human Species
Hydrogel) [Part 1]…
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THREAD: As FDA hearing on emergency use authorization for COVID vaccines takes place in DC this a.m., I will summarize the 3 installments of my #COVIDGATE series on corruption of vaccine clinical trials. We must not simply think and do as we're told. /1

#COVIDGATE Part One unpacks Moderna & Pfizer's clinical trial-by-press-release strategy of conditioning Americans to parrot the "more than 90%" or "94.5% effective" soundbites without understanding what the trials actually measured.…
Pfizer enrolled 43,538, of whom 94 (about .2 of 1%) were identified as having COVID. Moderna included 30,000+, of whom 95 (about .3 of 1%) categorized as having COVID. In other words: Vaccine tested on those at incredibly low risk, not only vaccinated but also unvaccinated. /3
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