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#Sahel L'armée Fra continue de bombarder d groupes qu'elle présente comme "terroristes".

Elle tue désormais avec des drones Reaper.

+600 personnes dt des enfants ont ainsi été tués cette année pour "défendre les intérêts de la France".

#Barkhane est une guerre néocoloniale
La #françafrique soutient d dictatures qui légitiment en retour l'occupation militaire occid. du #Sahel.

Ce st les mêmes logiq d'accumulation &dominations qui déterminent les violences d'Etat à l'int. & à l'ext. du territoire. Les mêmes industries &actionnaires en tirent profit.
Organiser la solidarité internationale entre les peuples en lutte détermine nos libérations respectives.

Partout et tt le tps, questionnons nos interlocuteurs sur #Barkhane, le néocolonialisme &la françafrique:
à quoi &à qui cela sert-il?
de quel droit &selon quelle légitimité?
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@MouradTeyeb A pertinent 2017 NYT piece on a #France-in-#Africa discussion:

“The Rwanda intervention is the most symbolic of the more than 50 FRENCH MILITARY INTERVENTIONS IN AFRICA”…#French forces are still involved in Africa…"

#Libya #Haftar #Libyaoil #oilandgas…
@MouradTeyeb Rwanda case: French history of “complicity” in Africa from Mitterrand>Macron: “#France was part of the planning, part of the conception & part of the execution of the genocide”

Another case of #French complicity is #Haftar in #Tripoli?

#Libya #Libyaoil…
@MouradTeyeb #Macron in #Libya: #Derna.
#KhalifaHaftar has received decisive assistance from #France in the form of a recon aircraft operated by CAE Aviation, a company which also works for the #French external Intel service”-#DGSE

#Haftar #Libyaoil #OilAndGas #ليبيا…
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#AlFurqan organe principal de l’#EI annonce une nouvelle production // #IS announces a new production from its main outlet
L’audio est d’Abou Hamza al-Mouhajir porte parole de l’#EI
Ch. al-Mouhajir Abou Hamza al-Qourachi compare le #Covid19 à la campagne de la coalition contre l’#EI et les populations qui vivaient sur son territoire
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Civilians in the #Sahel are increasingly threatened not only by radical armed actors and ethnic self-defence groups but similarly by national armed forces in the name of #counterterrorism. Thread on a few recent publications on #Mali #Niger #Burkina:
1/ This piece underlines recent summary executions and enforced disappearances by Sahelian National security forces in the name of counterterrorism.…
2/ As allies of #Barkhane – and trained by #EUTM #EUCAP, Sahelian national security forces thereby contribute to a dynamic that fuels recruitment of radical actors.
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Je n'ai pas tweeté cette semaine. Ce n'est pas parce que je suis malade, heureusement , ni parce qu'il ne se passe plus rien à @francediplo_ASD , loin de là. Alors, la #diplomatie au temps du #confinement , ça donne quoi? FIL à lire pendant que vous #RestezChezVous ⬇️
D'abord, la priorité c'est de continuer à aider nos compatriotes de passage à l'étranger qui souhaitent rentrer en France. Le MEAE a permis à 150.000 de revenir. 👏🏼👏🏼 aux collègues de @CdCMAE , soutenus dans leur travail par des agents de toute la maison.
Ensuite, il faut adapter les #méthodes de travail. Dans la diplomatie multilatérale, c'est vrai qu'on voyage beaucoup. Pas par plaisir ou pour faire chic mais parce que se réunir c'est aussi donner corps à l'idée de communauté internationale 🇺🇳. Donc, quand on ne voyage plus...
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1/lots: A long thread about France's war in the #Sahel, and why I don't like the NYT piece.
2/n First of all, instead of deriding everything a "forever war," let's instead drop the absurd expectation that wars should be quick, or the assumption that can be won quickly are worth doing.
3/ Second, let's talk about "French counter-terrorism."
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Last week, 89 soldiers from Niger were killed in what has become an increasingly volatile crisis in the Sahel.

As President Macron & his counterparts in the region discuss tackling Islamist militants in West Africa, we look closely at the numbers of this deadly conflict.
In 2012 an alliance of separatist & Islamist militants took over northern Mali, prompting France to intervene.

A peace deal was signed in 2015, but not fully implemented & new armed groups expanded across the Sahel region resulting in a sharp increase in casualties.
Jihadist violence is not the only reason for the high death toll in the Sahel.

National security forces & other armed groups have also been responsible for the large numbers of casualties in Burkina Faso, Mali & Niger.
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Incoming #EU High Rep @JosepBorrellF’s first speech gave us a glimpse of #EUdiplomacy’s next 5 years. #EPhearings2019

His endorsement by the Parliament was never in doubt. Still, Borrell’s energetic speech went further than expected.

2/ Borrell shared views with his trademark outspoken tone and all the famed sides of his character:

☞ The mature #EU integration enthusiast and former European Parliament President

☞ The responsible internationalist development buff

☞ The assertive Spanish foreign minister
3/ Borrell raised a shield in defence of the rule-based multilateral order, pointing to Ukraine as evidence of the dangers ahead if it keeps unraveling.

The sub-text: ‘I am not just talking about Moscow being unilateral, Mr Trump’.…
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1. Hilo informativo [muy largo] sobre una #inmigración masiva cuyos efectos están afectando especialmente a #Europa.

Hay informaciones que considero esenciales para comprender la dimensión del fenómeno y algunos de sus efectos.

Empiezo. 👇🏻

2. Tras caer la URSS en 1989, la desestabilización de África causó la caída de aquellos regímenes que eran sostenidos o recibían influencia de uno de los dos bloques hegemónicos: Estados Unidos o la URSS.
3. Es precisamente en ese propicio --y anárquico--  vacío donde florecieron la delincuencia, primero, y el #yihadismo terrorista más adelante.
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Big news from the latest @UN report on #ISIS/#alQaida was ISIS' rebuild strategy and that much of it is being directed by Abu Bakr al-#Baghdadi out of Iraq

But there are a number of other interesting observations in the report...
On #alQaida, the @UN intelligence suggests the group although the health of AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri & AQ's succession plan "are in doubt"
The @UN report also concludes #alQaida-aligned groups "are stronger than their #ISIL [#ISIS] counterparts in #Idlib, #Syria|n Arab Republic, #Yemen, #Somalia and much of West #Africa"
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Zamfara in the last 7 days, like the week before it, reveals how the Military and the armed groups are engaged in a cat and mouse game. Human life remains short and brutish, as about 100 people were abducted and over 30 killed in the past week alone.
The state still suffers at the hands of armed men, including areas that witnessed a lull, following Police & Military deployments. The military is not also smiling with many of the people they were deployed to save. So far they have accused hundreds of complicity in the killings.
On Friday, four people were kidnapped in Jangeme along Gusau Magami road. The following day, three persons were also killed and scores abducted on the road to Sabon Birni from Anka by another band of armed men in #Zamfara.
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Zamfara in the last 7 days has not ushered in the desired results following Military deployment. The Military and the bandits, at best, have been playing a cat and mouse game.
At one moment, expectations rise to the impending routing of the bandits in one particular forest and in the next moment the bandits have melted unscathed to other forests.
For instance, we are witnessing an upsurge of banditry and disturbing violence in Safana and Batsari areas in Katsina state. Media and public attention on this front is at zero level, but not any less more troubling than what had been reported in Zamfara.
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Tomorrow, in Addis-Ababa, the Peace & Security Council (PSC) of @_AfricanUnion meets in emergency on the situation in Sudan under. Nigeria will chair it. It's the 1st meeting of any policy organ of the #AU on the epochal situation unfolding in Khartoum…
Sudan matters to the stability of Africa in a way that arguably no other country does. It is a complex, big, fragile country with borders to the most complex & fragile regions of the continent. The potential for regional stability contagion are huge if Sudan is distressed
Sudan is critical to stability in the #Sahel, North Africa, the #GulfOfAden, the #NileBasin, the #GreatLakes, East Africa; the Horn of Africa, Central Africa & #WestAfrica. There's no other #African country whose wellbeing can so ripple through the continent like Sudan.
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ZAMFARA STATE IN THE LAST 7 DAYS continues to bleed. Bloodletting not abetting, conditions have remained grave and dangerous. The sources of pain for the people remain formidable.
Abductions have aggravated. Terrorists and armed bandits are spreading cruelty and calamity unchecked and unperturbed. There are no signs that military forces and the government have any strategy to counter and neutralize the vendors of death and anguish in the land.
The people of #Zamfara are bleeding both in blood and in cash. The terrorists are daily making millions, milking an already constricted populace of resources and cash, enough to maintain a steady scaling up purchase of arms and ammunition.
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Just In: Credible information reaching me now says, a faction(s) has emerged within #ISWAP. What is not, however, clear at this time is, which of the factions will receive the backing of #IS central and also claim the bulk of the fighting force within the group.
Interestingly, Abu Musab was the person that announced his own sack in an audio recording. Did he make the announcement under duress? Why haven't #IS central said anything yet about the leadership crisis in one of its most active Wilayat?
The coming weeks will definitely define the future of insurgency in the #LakeChad region and the wider implications for peace and security in #WestAfrica and the #Sahel region. Stay with me.
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.@USAfricaCommand Gen Thomas Waldhauser & @Southcom Adm Craig Faller about to testify before the #SASC

Lawmakers already asking about growing influence of #Russia #China in their regions, as well as need to keep the pressure up on terrorism
"Overall US strategic interests in #Africa are very clear" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "Prevent the undermining of our alliances or destabilization of African nations,counter violent extremist organizations,decrease the potential for Africa to become a failed continent"
"Persistent pressure on #alShabaab #ISIS & #alQaida associated groups remains necessary to prevent this destabilization" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser
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This is why and how #ClimateChange and war make an explosive mix in the #Sahel and #LakeChad.
For millions in Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon & Burkina war is a dreadful reality of life. And, as if that’s not enough, comes #ClimateChange, exacerbating tensions between communities, deepening poverty & inequalities, weakening & disrupting people’s means of survival
Temperatures in the #Sahel are rising 1,5 times faster than the global average. Rains are erratic, and rainy seasons shorter. @UN estimates that roughly 80% of the Sahel's farmland is degraded even as roughly 50 million people in the Sahel who depend on livestock compete for land
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[Thread] In #Agadez, Niger - the de facto southern border of #Europe - government authorities working to stop #migration on the EU’s behalf are at odds with the thousands who were forced to stop transporting migrants in exchange for promised #EU support that hasn’t arrived. ImageImageImageImage
In the middle are #migrants, whose risk of dying in the desert has increased with implementation of anti-migration legislation in the #Sahel. Their deaths are the consequences of ‘at all costs’ anti-migration measures by the EU.

To date, no one knows how many die in the desert.
Together with @sahelien_com and @CGCTunis, we are talking with everyone involved in migration here - from middlemen and drivers to international orgs and govt - to better understand and measure the death toll of migrants in the deserts of the #Sahel.

@GlobalCenters @Columbia
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President Obasanjo once called maintaining Nigeria Airways (NAL) irresponsible. Six years later, one of his successors, despite a petition from former NAL employees appealing for ₦45 billion in severance pay, is shopping the world for an investor for a proposed national carrier.
Between a ferocious fight over revenue sharing, and ignoring the obvious on Boko Haram, bad ideas seem to die slowly, such that it has almost obscured the recognition Nigeria’s music industry got from the world’s largest music label.
The latest #BokoHaram attacks don't suggest a resurgence of the group so much as they demonstrate its resilience, capacity for strategic hibernation and stealth.

They also indicate that the financing with which it procures weapons and its recruitment remain largely uninhibited.
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There r multiple conflicts either in advanced stages or simmering across the #LakeChad & Bakasi regions in West & Central African regional belts. These include the #BokoHaram, #Herdsmen attacks, the unfolding separatist war in Cameroon and several other pockets of instability
The multiple conflicts should concern us all. The region cannot afford another war in addition to the lingering conflict over #climatechange and #BokoHaram. The consequences of escalating conflicts in these territories are dire. The regions are on the verge of an implosion.
There is also a growing interest of IS in escalating conflicts in the #Sahel and #LakeChad regions. Either out of ignorance or poor grasp of strategic regional issues, the various govts in the regions are steadily playing to bring to pass the expectations of these warmongers.
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