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#Nasrallah: To our Christian brothers, neither Hezbollah, nor Amal, nor the Shia, nor any Muslim is your enemy. But Let's focus on Hezbollah.
#Nasrallah: When Daesh and Nusra penetrated eastern Lebanon and the Bekaa, who was their friends, their ally and their financial support? It was the Lebanese Forces party.
#Nasrallah to Christian Lebanese: Ask the people of Rablah, Deir Attieh, Maaloula, ask the churches in #Syria and the clergy in #Syria, how did Hezbollah treat you?
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Historische Analogien sind riskant, sie können jedoch Horizonte öffnen, durch Aufzeigen von gemeinsamem & unterschiedlichem historischen Situationen.

Der Paradigmenwechsel von der westlichen US-Dominanz zum asiatischen Jahrhundert wird durch Covid19 (Corona) noch beschleunigt. Image
Bis zum Jahr 1820 waren die größten Volkswirtschaften der Welt stets China und Indien. Nur in den letzten 200 Jahren haben Europa und die Vereinigten Staaten ihren Siegeszug angetreten. Gegenüber den 2.000 Jahren zuvor ist die westliche Dominanz eine Anomalie. Image
Natürlich wird sie irgendwann ihr Ende finden. Alle großen Weltmächte scheitern letztlich an ihrer eigenen Macht und Übergröße und gehen unter. Image
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Huge blast heard in central #Beirut.
#Iran puts its proxies under tremendous pressure in #Iraq and #Lebanon to survive, as they face an uncertain future after losing the elections in Iraq and major people rejection in Beirut.
Why #Hezbollah wants to remove the #Beirut blast Judge. It's ironic to see such acts from #Iranian proxies which confirm their infiltration into the internal affairs of #Lebanon and wider region countries.
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Do you know the story of #coffee?

Sure you get it from Starbucks or grind it at home but its story was not as simple as farm to pot

The story involves dancing goats, Fatwa, babtization, kings, revolutions, patriotism, Beethoven

Coffee has a rich & troubling history

☕️ Thread
1/ 1st, the legend:

Legend has it that an #Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi witnessed his goats gamboling after eating coffee shrub’s red fruit. Perplexed, Kaldi tried the fruit himself and realized the same effect on him. A monk witnessed it & took some of the fruit with him.
2/ Now, the history:

The coffee plant and fruit has been used for 1000s of years but it wasn’t until the 13 century when the beans were roasted, which sky rocketed its popularity. Coffee originated in Ethiopia but it was across the Red Sea, in #Yemen, it was first cultivated.
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Deadly Explosion Hits #Aden, #Yemen, Report Suggests

A car bomb detonated on Sunday in the Yemeni city of Aden, Al-Jazeera reported. According to preliminary data, the attack targeted a convoy belonging to Aden Governor Ahmed Lamlas.… Image
So far, there has been no official information about the number of killed or wounded by the explosion, however, reports suggest that four people have died from the assault. The governor is believed to have survived the blast.
#Aden #Yemen #BreakingNews
Deadly Explosion Hits Aden, Yemen
Reuters reported, citing witnesses, that multiple casualties are feared after a blast hit Aden's #AlTawahi district.
A car bomb detonated in the #Yemen city of #Aden, Al-Jazeera reported.
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Deeply honoured that @PrixBayeux has given us the TV award for this report from #Yemen in January. It comes as the UN Human Rights Council halts an independent investigation into possible war crimes by all sides in #Yemen. #YemenCantWait
This is Ruwaydah, 8. She was shot in the head by a sniper, as she went to collect water. It was her brother Amri, 10, who dragged her to safety. Human rights activists in #Taiz have documented hundreds of attacks on children by #Houthi snipers. #YemenCantWait
The maiming and killing of children is not limited to one side in the war in #Yemen. We reported in 2018 on the school boys killed when their bus was hit in an airstrike by the #Saudi led coalition. At least 40 children never came home. #YemenBusAttack #YemenCantWait
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...An ongoing conflict in #Yemen in which war crimes and atrocities occurred and a humanitarian crisis unfolded...
...Police brutality, militarized law enforcement, and systemic racism in the US...…
...Extractive activity and threats against Indigenous communities and their territories in the Amazon...…
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Saudi began new moves in an attempt to rescue the most prominent “#ISIS” lord of Saudi origins, after the criminal court in #Sanaa sentenced him to death along with another foreigner.

Special sources reported Saudi contacts to conclude a new prisoner exchange deal,

including Naif Salama al-Ruwaili, the leader of #ISIS, who was seized by army and popular committees forces during the recent battles, which culminated in purifying #Bayda Gover from the elements of terrorist groups.
The Criminal Court in Sana’a had issued a death sentence
for Al-Ruwaili and another leader in the organization, who holds Kenyan citizenship, Rashid Ali Jarb, after they were convicted of terrorist crimes in #Yemen.

The verdict was pronounced after Sana’a forces published new documents on the extent of cooperation between the
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#Sanaa calls on UN to continue work of Group of Experts on #Yemen.

The National Salvation Government of Yemen has on Wednesday called on the Human Rights Council to renew the mandate of the Group of Experts as the only UN mechanism that investigates human rights violations
in #Yemen.

This came during a press conference held by the national team concerned with dealing with the United Nations Committee of Experts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in the capital, #Sanaa. The meeting had as aim to clarify the position of the National
Salvation Government on the fourth report of the international experts’ group on #Yemen, which was submitted to the Human Rights Council on September 14.
The UN experts committee expressed its regret that they were unable to reach #Yemen for the third year in a row,
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#Yemen: The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, which monitors violations of the Stockholm Agreement and Ceasefire in Hodeidah, reported 268 violations staged by US-Saudi forces and mercenaries during the past 24 hours. Image
A source pointed out that the violations included flying nine spy drones over various districts, two airstrikes by warplanes on Al-Salif, two attempts to infiltrate into Hays, and developing combat fortifications in Hays and Jabalia.
They staged 36 attacks and 207 attacks with live bullets.On a daily basis, the Saudi-led aggression violates the UN-backed agreement, reached between the warring sides during a round of UN-sponsored peace negotiations in Sweden in December 2018.
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1. Today, the UN body tasked w/ "promoting + protecting human rights" failed.

The UNHRC decided to delete the only int'l investigation into #Yemen abuses while the war(s) continue + justice is absent b/c... those implicated would rather not.

A thread on the history of #UNGEE:
2. Since warring parties began fighting, others have been trying to mitigate impact. They've done so in myriad ways, calling for peace, for aid, for int'l law compliance, reporting facts amidst a sea of nonsense, working towards justice. In and outside #Yemen.
3. As part of this wider mosaic of rights-related work, early on, a group of civil society orgs set their sights on the UN Human Rights Council. They wanted to persuade states to establish an international investigation for #Yemen.
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1. Following #HRC48 vote in Geneva on #Yemen, as have done for years, and disbelieving that in 2021, there's a worry states will quash only int'l investigation into rights abuses due to pressure from parties, as war continues. #SupportUNGEE

Watch here:…
2. Netherlands introduces resolution to renew mandate of UN Yemen investigation (UNGEE) for two years. Reminds that UNGEE created by consensus in 2017. Efforts to quash UNGEE came only after first report on warring parties' rights violations.
3. Netherlands also reminds that UNGEE is complementary to the Yemeni National Commission, not in competition with the group, and that the resolution includes a call for support to the Yemeni National Commission.
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This excellent article tells the history of #Yemen [AND of oil tankers] through the prism of the FSO Safer, the floating, imminent ecological and humanitarian catastrophe that the #Houthis are using not only for leverage but also as a potential bomb.…
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#Yemen: The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, which monitors violations of the Stockholm Agreement and Ceasefire in Hodeidah, reported 234 violations staged by US-Saudi forces and mercenaries during the past 24 hours.
The source pointed out that the violations included  two strikes with warplanes on Al-Salif and eight strikes spy drones on several districts, the flying of 13 spy drones over several districts. They staged 21 attacks and 180 attacks with live bullets.
On a daily basis, the Saudi-led aggression violates the UN-backed agreement, reached between the warring sides during a round of UN-sponsored peace negotiations in Sweden in December 2018.
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The Yemeni army and popular committees have achieved field military advance on the outskirts of the center of #Al_Jouba district in #Marib province, after fierce battles with ‘Hadi’s forces’ backed by the #Saudi-led coalition.
Hadi’s forces had pushed all their military
weight during the past few days to prevent the fall of the southern entrance of #Marib city, in parallel with the intense air strikes of the #Saudi-#Emirati coalition aircraft, which exceeded 35 raids a day.

However, this did not prevent the fall of the positions of those
forces in the south and east of #AlJouba, led by ‘Al-Khshina’ camp, which is the last of their camps in the district, according to tribal sources, the battles moved from the borders between Al-Jouba and #Harib districts to along ‘Muthallath Wasit’ area overlooking the
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#US-Saudi Aggression's Daily Update for Tuesday, October 5, 2021
#Yemen: The US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries on Tuesday continued to bomb a number of provinces injuring civilians.
The airstrikes caused damage to public and private property. The mercenaries fighting with Saudi forces in the west coast violated the Stockholm Agreement in Hodeidah with a number of attacks.
The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, which monitors violations of the Stockholm Agreement and Ceasefire in Hodeidah, reported 253 violations staged by US-Saudi forces and mercenaries during the past 24 hours.
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Dozens of people from the northern #Yemeni provinces who work in the Crater area of Aden, southern #Yemen, have been kidnapped by the #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (#STC) militias on Monday, local sources said.

by Emad Almarshahi- October 5, 2021

1/2 Image
#STC militia members raided a number of shops and kidnapped dozens of workers across Crater area, and took them to detention centers on charges of helping Salafist militia leader Imam al-Noubi escape from the area, according to the sources.

1/4 ImageImage
In a Facebook post, southern #Yemeni journalist Abdul-Rahman Anis mocked the STC militia for celebrating the arrest of workers from #Taiz working in a sewing shop as a “security achievement.”

He described holding vendors and sellers as punishment for al-Noubi’s escape
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SANAA, Oct. 05 (YPA) – Doctors With Borders or Médecins Sans Frontières (#MSF) described on Tuesday the murder of the Yemeni doctor, #Atef_AlHarazi, as “tragic in #Lahj province, south of #Yemen.
@DrChristou, International President of the @MSF, said,
1/2 Image
“The tragic deaths come in different contexts, and are a glaring example of the violence that some of our colleagues face in their daily lives.”

@MSF was deeply shocked because of the tragic loss of the live of the doctor Al-Harazi,
as a result of violence, outside the organization’s work, noting that @MSF workers around the world sometimes work in precarious environments, he added.
On Monday, the Yemeni doctor, #Atef_AlHarazi, who is one of doctors working in the MSF, was killed in one of military
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#UNGA #FirstCommittee opened October 4th. Read highlights from statements for the General Debate that mention conventional weapons and the #ArmsTreaty here ⬇️
In her statement @UNODA’s @INakamitsu noted that a critical piece of the disarmament puzzle is the effective control of convention arms including efforts to mitigate and address its humanitarian impact, and excessive accumulation and illicit trade. #ReduceHumanSuffering
.@INakamitsu welcomed exchanges at #ArmsTreaty #CSP7, particularly on this year’s thematic focus on SALW and effective stockpile mgt. She cited #ammunition, an integral part of weapons used in conflict, as an issue that has long lacked dedicated, multilateral attention.
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US-Saudi Aggression's Daily Update for Monday, October 4, 2021

#Yemen: The US-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries on Monday continued to bomb a number of provinces injuring civilians. The airstrikes caused damage to public and private property.
The mercenaries fighting with Saudi forces in the west coast violated the Stockholm Agreement in Hodeidah with a number of attacks
In Sa'adah,two citizens were killed and four others injured by the Saudi army's fire in Al-Raqo area in Munabbih border district
In Marib, the US-Saudi aggression launched 10 raids on Al-Juba district, and two raids on Sirwah and Al-Abdiya districts.
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It begins: UN Security Council "press" conference by Oct Prez @KenyaMissionUN @AmbMKimani - Inner City Press emailed asking for WebEx access (as it has at IMF) & Q's on #Afghanistan #Burma #Cameroon, #Yemen #Nigeria - no answers. #UNcorruptsEveryone - thread Image
Now @AmbMKimani says UNSC will go on junket to Niger (no UN mission there) and Mali (failing mission); he quotes an unnamed Ambassador at breakfast this morning trying to "touch reality." The reality at the UN today is censorship ImageImage
Now @AmbMKimani says "UNSC is expected to negotiate a resolution for the mission for a Referendum in #WesternSahara." The UN has been supposed to hold that referendum for decades and never did, took money, had sex abusers running MINURSO… Image
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#ADEN, Sept. 29 (YPA) – The UAE-Backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias have abducted eight citizens from Dhamar province who were working in #Yemen’s southern port city of Aden.

On Friday night, October 16, 2020, STC militias aboard two military pickup vehicles
broke into the house of Abdullah Ali Yahya al-Hayyi, a resident of Inma’a city in #Aden province, and arrested all those in the house, including women and children, and all workers who used to sell the qat herb, from his tribe Anas-Dhamar, according to testimony of the
“They beat my husband, insulted and tortured him and all those with him on charges that they are loyal to Ansarullah, and then beat me with a stick and threatened my husband that they would hurt me in front of his eyes, in order to force him to confess. This led my husband to
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#YEMEN:CBY Sends Warning Letter to Bank of #England
The Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) warned the Bank of England of serious repercussions regarding its intention to release the Yemeni assets it has in favor of the Central Bank in #Aden.
“The Central Bank addressed the
Bank of England, objecting to granting the Central Bank in #Aden the authority to dispose of Yemen’s funds frozen in it since 2016,” the #CBY said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

It pointed out that the release of those funds and granting the authority to dispose of them
to the Central Bank in #Aden is unjustified, and will lead to significant damage to the rights of the people.

The CBY clarified that the Bank of England’s implementation of any agreements with persons of non-legal capacity is a violation of the constitution and #Yemeni law
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#YEMEN:Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi denounced #Britain’s granting of #Yemeni money to mercenary government backed by Saudi-led coalition in #Aden.
Al-Ezzi said on Twitter @hussinalezzi5 over our money to the corrupt and terrorists falls within the meanings
of escalation and clear adherence to war strategies, which confirms that peace is a decision that has not yet been born and that their talk about it is still a form of misinformation and lies. “
He added “#Britain is aware more than others that it is #Yemenis’ money and that Hadi’s government represents only thieves, corrupt, #alQaeda, #ISIS and the Brotherhood’s organization.Despite all that, #Britain insists on sending Yemeni money to these
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