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"Lawlessness has festered in too many of our communities" @HomelandKen tells Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee

"The department will always uphold the right to peacefully protest, but there is no right to loot, to burn or to assault others"
"President Trump has made it clear that we cannot and will not allow acts of violence, intimidation or chaos to prevail in American streets" per @DHSgov @HomelandKen

"The Department of homeland security is proud to participate in implementing such policies"
re #Election2020 - "Our goal at DHS, our fundamental goal, is to ensure that American voters decide American elections" per @HomelandKen "As we sit here in September of 2020, it seems an important point worth reiterating"
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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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New scenes, massive sweep op against #AlQaeda / #AQAP & #ISIS in AlBayda, by Yemeni armed forces & Ansarallah (#Houthis). MSM will never report such true victory on extremist; they seem to prefer the fiction action version of it!
New scenes, massive sweep op against #AlQaeda / #AQAP & #ISIS in AlBayda, by Yemeni armed forces & Ansarallah (#Houthis). MSM will never report such true victory on extremist; they seem to prefer the fiction action version of it!
New scenes, massive sweep op against #AlQaeda / #AQAP & #ISIS in AlBayda, by Yemeni armed forces & Ansarallah (#Houthis). MSM will never report such true victory on extremist; they seem to prefer the fiction action version of it!
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#alQaida "further entrenching in regions beyond its historical stronghold in #Afghanistan" per latest @UN report

"It exploits the tarnished #ISIL [#ISIS] brand & societal fractures to enhance legitimacy & gain local traction & recruits" per the report
#alQaida "is covertly active in 12 #Afghan provinces & Ayman al-#Zawahiri remains based in the country" per @UN report based on member state intel

Total number of AQ core fighters in #Afghanistan est. to be 400-600
#alQaida core leadership "maintains close contact w/the #Haqqani Network" per @UN report, which adds AQ's #Zawahiri met w/Yahya Haqqani in Feb. 2020 "to discuss ongoing cooperation"
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#ISIS-#Yemen struggling, per @UN member state intelligene

"Besides its weakening military capabilities, the group suffers from a lack of financial resources & struggles to pay fighters.. #ISIL core may lose interest in ISIL-Yemen if it cannot improve its performance"
#ISIS-#Yemen primarily in Bayda’ & Dali‘ Governorates, per @UN report

#AQAP rejected tentative #ISIS truce offer after failed attempt to grab control of strategic logistic lines in Bayda'
Interesting: #ISIS-#Houthi connection?

"One Member State reports recent Houthi cooperation with #ISIL-#Yemen, including in the form of an exchange of prisoners in April 2020" per @UN report
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Working on a project the last couple of months about the history of #Al_Qaeda and where it is now. A big takeaway: there has probably never been a moment when the group is so manipulated, influenced, and even controlled in places by state powers.
The role of state intelligence services in manipulating and using terrorist groups for their own ends remains nearly absent in Terrorism Studies; most people even think it's all "conspiracy theory" talk. But it's such a massive operational factor that this is weird.
.@ReuelMGerecht once wrote that the 'nonstate' actor ... designation [of Al-Qaeda] was always more myth than fact". If he overstated, it wasn't by much.…
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NEW: @TheJusticeDept AG William Barr touts "significant developments" into deadly December shooting at @NASPCOLA that killed 3 and wounded 8 Image
NEW: Information found on phones of shooter, Saudi Air Force Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, ties him directly to #AQAP per Atty Gen William Barr

@FBI Dir. Chritopher Wray: Info on the phones show @NASPCOLA shooting "brutal culmination of years of planning"
Alshamrani "talked w/#AQAP about his plans and tactics" in the months leading up to the shooting, @FBI's Wray "He was helping the organization make the most he could out of his killings"
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QUESTION: A new video from #AQAP is out w/info that suggests the Saudi Airman, responsible for the attack at the #PensacolaNAS was in communication with them. Is this video legitimate? We ask @FightExtremism Sr. Director Hans-Jakob Schindler. Follow this thread for his answer.
"In the video (put out by @siteintelgroup) AQAP claims that they are responsible for the attack. As far as the video is concerned, it features the will of the attacker, which was clearly made before the attack. Therefore, I would give the video some credibility"
"Furthermore, AQAP has links into Saudi Arabia and has several times attacked targets in Saudi Arabia, including most famously the attempt to kill the Saudi Crown prince in 2009."
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1) BREAKING: #AQAP releases video claiming responsibility for December’s shooting at Naval Air Station #Pensacola, Florida, providing the will of attacker Muhammad al-Shamrani, which was written in September 2019, three months prior to attack. Image
2) The video also contains remarks by recently killed AQAP leader Qassim al-Rimi, who says of Shamrani: “For several years, our hero moved between several US military bases in America to select and contemplate his best and fattest target.” Image
3) #AQAP under Rimi’s leadership continued to focus on external ops in the US. Good that he was taken out, despite no official confirmation by US government (though @realDonaldTrump’s retweeting of my commentary on Rimi seems to be confirmation of sorts). Image
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1)An #AQAP leader was killed via U.S. drone strike in Wadi Ubaidah district of #Marib #Yemen, according to Yemeni news reports. The Wadi Ubaidah area is known as a long-standing stronghold for AQ militants in the country. Name of the leader was not stated.
2)Will be interesting to see which #AQAP official warranted the intel & military resources required to carry out a precise U.S. drone attack...AQAP in recent years has dwindled. As it stands now, top publicly known officials are leader Qassim al-Rimi and official Ibrahim al-Qosi.
3)Breaking: It appears that Qasim al-Rimi, leader of the Yemen-based #AQAP, was the individual targeted & killed in a U.S. drone strike on Saturday, January 25 in Wadi Ubaidah, east of #Sanaa - a longtime stronghold for the group. AQAP has yet to officially confirm his death.
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Okay, this Europol on Telegram thing worked, easily the heaviest hit jihâdism online has ever taken. I like how most of the old channels simply lost their admins, the channels are still available as an archive. Good for research.
In the past most action was intended to wipe propaganda - especially videos - from the web. Made it somewhat annoying to search for older things but really didn't work.
This was about distribution of new propaganda. The only cases I specifically remember in the past was the 10 years 911 video of #AQ and #AQAP's Inspire (don't remember the issue) that were delayed some days due to high pressure by security services.
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Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #Yemen #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
By @PressTV
U.S.-Saudi arms deal comes at a huge price, and it is NOT MONEY!
Life in Yemen’s Hodeida Now Worse than Before “Ceasefire,” as Saudis Still Intent on City’s Capture…
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Fascinating, in-depth reporting by @AP on the #Saudi-#UAE coalition’s complex dealing with #AQAP in #Yemen.

- Key thought: this is the challenge #AQAP (& Nusra/#HTS in #Syria) poses, by embedding into & reflecting broader local dynamics.…
@AP #pt: Just like #HTS in #Syria, #AQAP in #Yemen is not a wholly contiguous organization of committed global jihadis - it's strengthened itself by embracing local drivers & structures.

=> That provides opportunities for counter-actors, but they require [some] engagement to do so.
@AP #pts: Another parallel to #Syria is seen in how the extent of localism embraced by #AQAP may in fact have weakened its long-term durability; by leaving large swathes of fighters vulnerable to cooptation by adversaries/rivals.

For more, see @Dr_E_Kendall:

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Excited to publish the 6th paper in the @MiddleEastInst's counter-terrorism series:

- "Terrorism & Human Rights: The Perspective of International Law," by @GeorgetownLaw's Prof. David Stewart.

A *truly* comprehensive resource:…
@MiddleEastInst @GeorgetownLaw Lots more great research to come from @MiddleEastInst’s CT series, incl. papers on:

- #ISIS vs. #HTS media strategy
- #Yemen’s jihadi landscape
- Competing Clerical Authority in #Syria
- #ISIS’s Future/s
- Liwa al-Fatemiyoun & Afghan Shia jihad
- Syria’s Shia militias

& more.
Excited to announce the publication of the 7th release in the @MiddleEastInst's counter-terrorism series:

- A fantastic paper by @charliewinter & @HaidHaid22, comparing the communications strategies of #HTS & #ISIS in #Syria.

Check it out!…
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