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Si nous laissons faire, d'ici 10 ans cette injection sera brevetée et en tant qu'organismes modifiés vous appartiendrez à Pfizer/Gates et perdrez vos droits d'humains.
"Ceci n'est pas un vaccin" ...mais un 'virus' pour modifier notre #ADN.
#genome #DNA…
"There is no virus. It's a brand new technology on the human race. (...) they're branding you like a cow."
#chromosome #fertility #Transhumanism…
"it's a Russian roulette."

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Thanks @DrDavidACox for interviewing me for this article on #LongCovid. There’s also great info in the article on research showing #viral RNA in the brains of patients w/ post-SARS syndrome, and viral reservoirs in patients w/ post-Ebola Syndrome:…
2/ The article reads: “Amy Proal, a microbiologist who runs the @polybioRF which studies the causes of chronic inflammatory diseases, believes that small amounts of #pathogens that linger beyond the reach of the immune system in remote pockets of the body...
3/ “...known as reservoirs or anatomical sanctuaries, are at least partially responsible for a whole range of post-infectious syndromes. This includes long #Covid, but also a number of mysterious illnesses which have puzzled scientists for decades, such as chronic Lyme disease..
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@sickanddamned @__ice9 @GemzME @Cov19longtail @VirusesImmunity @MBVanElzakker Walker hi - I very much disagree that #Borrelia or #EBV are typically ” long gone” in infected patients who develop chronic symptoms.
@sickanddamned @__ice9 @GemzME @Cov19longtail @VirusesImmunity @MBVanElzakker 2/ There is a large body of literature showing that even if such #organisms cannot be found in blood, they can persist in certain tissues or the central #nervous system where they are very hard to identify clinically
@sickanddamned @__ice9 @GemzME @Cov19longtail @VirusesImmunity @MBVanElzakker 3/ This is particularly obvious w/ EBV which is a #herpesvirus. Herpesviruses almost never “clear” after #infection, and symptom resolution is due to the immune system’s ability to contain the #virus in a non-replicating state
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Glad to see #ME/CFS mentioned as a disease potentially connected to immunometabolic reprogramming of host cells. But #pathogen activity in ME/CFS is severely understudied. For example, no team has yet searched for organisms in patient cerebrospinal fluid
2/ Further, numerous outbreaks of the disease have occurred that were directly linked to #enterovirus/coxsackie #viruses + autopsy studies of patients w/ ME/CFS have identified enteroviruses in patient brain tissue + stomach biospy samples:
3/ Moreover early studies on #microbiome activity in ME/CFS indicate dysbiosis of #bacterial communities in patients w/ the #disease, w/ one study noting an increase in bacterial phyla in patient blood after a symptom-provocation challenge:
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Very cool to see this hypothesis/paper w/ good examples of how conditions involving #microbiome/persistent infection may, at least to some extent, be communicable. It is indeed a very important consideration for public #health that I have called for myself over the past decade
2/ In that sense I wouldn’t personally call it a “radical new hypothesis.” A similar hypothesis formed the backbone of my graduate thesis and is already supported by a large body of evidence. Here’s a 2014 paper where our team goes into the topic:… Image
3/ We created this “wheel of co-morbidity” to show how often patients w/ 1 chronic condition develop a 2nd or 3rd - supporting a role for #microbiome-driven modulation of host metabolic/genetic pathways in the #diseases, w/ examples of how they involve communicable components Image
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This pilot study found that certain strains of #bacteria in Parmesan cheese (which are derived from cattle gut, milk and the local #environment) can colonize + persist in the guts of people who consume the cheese on a daily basis:… ImageImage
2/ The findings suggest that globalization must be impacting gut #microbiome composition in a growing # of people 👉 Think how an average USA supermarket imports cheese + other #foods from around the globe, meaning people are often consuming an “international” mix of #organisms
3/ I wonder if, in some people, the #gut is not prepared for influxes of so many different global organisms, and/or lacks #immunity against certain strains 👉 If yes, that cld partly explain why people who “eat locally” (their #food comes from the same area) sometimes feel better
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Here, in 24 sick patients admitted to ICU for longer periods, #microbiome diversity tended to decrease dramatically 👉 and subjects’ gut microbiomes often became dominated by pathogenic #bacteria that cld be passed from patient to patient:… ImageImage
2/2 A key takeaway from the study is that, under conditions of imbalance/immunosuppression, #organisms already present in a patient can evolve to become a serious pathogenic threat (eg there is not necessarily a need for a “new” external #infection)
3/3 Similarly, this Stanford team studied the source of bloodstream #infections in #hospitalized + immunocompromised patients 👉 In many cases, the same strain of a particular bloodstream #pathogen was also identified in a patients’ gut microbiome:… ImageImage
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This article details an important series of experiments by researchers at Penn State showing that the HPV #virus may travel through the bloodstream to drive #infection + associated #cancers (rather than only being acquired via sexual contact and remaining only in the genitals)👇
2/2 Indeed in rabbit/mouse models the team detected #HPV in mucosal membranes like the tongue and genitals, but also in the skin/#stomach (a significant finding b/c people with cancer are sometimes found to have papillomavirus sequences in their stomach + internal organs)
3/3 Jiafen Hu on the research team states 👉 “People who are receiving #blood transfusions typically have immune systems that aren't working optimally, so their systems are more vulnerable...We might want to think about adding HPV to the list of viruses...
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Important paper 👉 They identified several #microbiota components strongly associated w/ white blood cell dynamics☝️Supports the growing reality that we must study the human #immune response in concert w/ the increasing # of #organisms capable of persisting in humans
They also clarify that the #radiation + #chemotherapy administed to hematopoietic cell therapy (HCT) patients can cause loss of #microbiome diversity + commensal microbial families 👉 but microbiome diversity can recover during white blood cell reconstitution Image
That supports a 2nd important trend 👉 #Immunosuppressive treatments can negatively impact microbiome “health”, while supporting the immune response may have the opposite effect (improved #microbiome dynamics)
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Ok but how can we expect an analysis like this to produce definitive results without considering the #breast tissue #microbiome 👉 with special emphasis on the #organisms capable of persisting inside many of the cells delineated by the study:…
More on the breast tissue microbiome here 👉 “Characterization of human #breast tissue #microbiota from core needle biopsies through the analysis of multi hypervariable 16S-rRNA gene regions”:… ImageImageImageImage
Also interrsting 👉 Here, in primates, eating a Mediterranean #diet altered composition of the #breast tissue (mammary gland) microbiome + associated microbial metabolites in the region:… ImageImageImage
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Article below present new evidence showing “good' bacteria in #probiotics could evolve in the gut to do harm” 👉 What??? Just kidding, of course they can:)☝️Key statement from article is: "There is no microbe out there that is immune to evolution”:…
Also, what I wish these studies on evolving microbes would better consider is the state of a person’s #immune system 👉 Generally speaking a #microbe is less likely to evolve towards virulence if the immune response is “on its toes”☝️More context here:… ImageImage
Third as #probiotics are added to a growing # of consumer products, I think we could make more careful + intelligent decisions about using them if they were called “#organisms used for therapeutic purposes”☝️ opposed to “friendly” microbes
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Study isolated genomes of 150,000+ #microbes persisting in the human body (many previously unknown) 👉 This vastness of the human #microbiome is why I seldom focus on specific strains/species☝️and instead study shared #metabolite expression + common persistence mechanisms
Especially true b/c although the team did an impressive analysis, their technology did not yet account for many #viral and #eukaryotic genomes☝️Also data was derived from stool, skin, vagina + oral cavity only - meaning #organisms in other human body sites remain understudied ImageImage
Excellent @sminot blog on study states 👉 “..there are many new #microbes that we’ve never seen before. Some of those are new strains of clearly recognizable species...but some will be #novel organisms that have never been cultured or sequenced by any lab”…
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Interesting! 👉 But we may never find that holy grail (a common #microbiome dysbiosis tied to specific inflammatory conditions)☝️B/c the microbiome is so vast..that the metabolic dysfunction driven by different #organisms can result in similar clusters of #inflammatory symptoms
Yet we can still use/develop treatments based off “big picture” trends 👉 Eg: no two patients w/ #cancer have the same #tumor mutations☝️But #immununotherapy harnesses the broad potential of activated T cells to target tumors (w/ therapy “details” personalized per #patient)
Plus we’ve already established many common features of #microbiome dysbiosis 👉 KEY being the the ability of #microbes + #viruses to create proteins/metabolites that dysregulate human signaling pathways☝️Good example here:… ImageImage
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Disillusionment? No. 👉 Just last year, @Stanford’s Steven Quake identified over 3000 previouly undiscovered #viruses, #bacteria and fungal organisms in the #blood of immunocompromised subjects☝️Using cell-free #DNA sequencing that accounted for contamination...
Then concluded the paper by stating that the novel #organisms 👉 “...have potential consequences for human #health. They may prove to be the cause of acute or chronic #diseases that, to date, have unknown etiology…”☝️What hope for #microbiome-based therapies! ImageImageImageImage
Also, as #microbiome researcher, I am incredibly encouraged by the explosion of human #phage + #virome research in just the past years (+ associated tools for novel #virus identification) 👉 Plus, better #archea-targeting methodologies like those used… ImageImage
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