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Nigeria's inflation report for June 2021 has just been released. 🇳🇬

But we didn’t get the usual Twitter update from @sgyemikale and the good people of @nigeranstat because of the Twitter ban. #KeepItOn

See, we hate to say it but prices are still rising. 📈


From the price of coca-cola that has risen from ₦100 to ₦120 (or ₦150) to yam that has gone from ₦800 to ₦1,500 per tuber in one year.

Prices can't seem to stop increasing.

But it's not all doom and gloom. The inflation rate (the pace at which prices increase) fell to 17.7% in June, from 17.9% in May, the third consecutive decline this year.

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Countrywide internet outages in Cuba following widespread anti-government protests. #KeepItOn

According to @kentikinc data, internet traffic to/from Cuba dropped to zero at 20:05 UTC (4:05pm local).
UPDATE: According to @kentikinc data, internet traffic to/from Cuba continues to be erratic since two brief total blackouts beginning at 20:05 UTC (4:05pm local). #SoSCuba #KeepitOn
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Its time to #LetTheNetWork
Join us for a panel discussion that brings together experts from around the field to discuss the question of whether the use of the #KillSwitch can ever be justified.
#democracy #KeepitOn #internetshutdown
What if we told you that the largest #democracy in the world is also the World's #internetshutdown capital?
It wouldn't be so hard to believe with the stats that show how #India has become infamous for constantly controlling the information highway.
#LetTheNetWork #KeepitOn
A practice that started in 2012 as a measure to curb violence & unrest in conflict-ridden areas has now become the first response from the government for matters ranging from peaceful protests to cheating in exams & even to mitigating tensions during a wrestling match.
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On 12 June, PM Modi was the ‘lead speaker' for the session on Open Societies at the G7 Summit. He asked G7 to uphold democracy, right to assembly, freedom of expression, transparency, digital inclusion.

Meanwhile, the situation in India:

@accessnow's #KeepItOn report shows that India under PM Modi has made its mark in the world, quite literally as the country is consistently a top performer in the internet shutdown race. 2/11

#HYPOCRISY101 #YouthIsWatching #WalkTheTalk

@G7 @BorisJohnson @JustinTrudeau
@freedomhouse’s Freedom in the World 2020 report ranked India as the ‘Countries in the Spotlight’ for the “deterioration of basic freedoms”. India moved down 10 points from 2017 and has been given the status of a ‘partly free’ country. 3/11

#HYPOCRISY101 #YouthIsWatching
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@Mazigburugburu1 @DONJAZZY @ @OgbeniDipo @AbdulMahmud01 @henryshield @DrOlubamiji @ChukwuOsazuwa @Chilometric @TundeTASH
1)At 18, all mum wanted for me was marriage. We argued many times, and I was labeled a rebellious child because I wanted to get a degree before marriage.
2) Mum would wake me up every 2 a.m. to remind me of how poor they are and how they can’t afford me a university education, and the option left for me was marriage. I stood my ground, bought a Diploma form in 2011 without their knowledge. Alas! The forewarned unpleasant reality
3) of not having the wherewithal for my university education dawned on me in 2011 when UNN offered me admission to read Linguistics. All my parents could raise for me was 12K. Thank God for my elder sister who came to my rescue. And reacting to my elder sister’s assistance,
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While we are witnessing a rise in the blocking and removal of content online, it becomes important to track these instances of free speech violations and ignite conversations around the status of free speech in India.
#Twitter #socialmediaban #censorship
If you have posted any content that has been removed or any warning has been issued by any social media platform. Please fill the form or email us at to tell us more.…
It is through comprehensive documentation that systematic change can be brought, we have aimed to do that with our Free Speech Tracker and Internet shutdowns tracker as well. Please help us collate more information on content removal by filling this form.
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The 1985 murder of 26-year old Bernard Ogedengbe by Buhari haunts me. It’s as if I let him down by failing to convince Nigerians that Buhari’s evil and should not be rewarded with the highest office of the land. I cannot get over what happened in 2015. Soyinka’s words haunt me.
When Soyinka describes the pain of Ogedengbe’s extrajudicial murder and the hell-days of 1984-1985 under Buhari, his prose rises to a painful decibel that you can taste. Buhari is evil, he has committed crimes against humanity. To forgive his crimes is to taunt our humanity.
As Africans long accustomed to the history of subjugation and erasure, two things should be sacred to us: Human life and narrative. How we treat ourselves and what we say about ourselves define the worth of our humanity. I see myself as a human rights activist who loves to write.
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If someone is shot while protesting, use these 10 tips to save their life urgently!

{A thread dedicated to #June12thProtest protesters in Ikeja, Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Port Harcourt & everywhere} #KeepitOn!

Retweet widely 🙏
Follow these steps to save a gunshot victim from dying;

1. Secure your own safety first!
2. Send a brief SOS call to alert others.
3. Look for any source of bleeding, you can remove victim's clothing if necessary
#June12thProtest #KeepitOn
4. Stop the bleeding with pressure - if no medical supplies, cover wound with clot, shirt, scarf, etc
5. Keep pressing down hard on the bleeding area with both hands. Press & press!
6. If injury is very deep, press the cloth into it to pack the wound
#June12thProtest #KeepitOn
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On June 12, 1993, Nigerians voted for a man to be president in what was supposedly the last stage of a transition process that had started a few years earlier.

Unfortunately, the mandate was stolen and the elected man wasn’t sworn in as president. #DemocracyDay #June12thProtest
In fact, that transition process would drag on for another four bloody and dark years via Abacha.

Today, as in previous years, we honour the memory of that stolen mandate and the collective strength of Nigerians against dictators in the journey that led to this civilian govt.
Today we talk about “protecting” your vote. But the voters of June 12, 1993 protected their votes the ultimate way—by taking to the streets and defying Abacha's bullets via IBB's orders.

Today exists because the Nigerians of 1993 did not give up the fight. #June12thProtest
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How far Naija? #KeepitOn

1/ On Tuesday last week, President Buhari tweeted that “many of those misbehaving today are too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of lives that occurred during the Nigerian Civil War...
2/ ...Those of us in the fields for 30 months, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they understand.” This Tweet with its reference to the civil war, was seen as a threat by many against the people of the South East and so they reported it.
3/ Threatening a genocide against a people is a violation of Jack’s Twitter and therefore , the president’s tweet was deleted. Two days later, President Buhari announced a ban on Twitter.
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Excerpt @simon_ekpa

Benue State people, the generation of cowards and burgers. Fulani terrorists chasing you and your children out of your homes and your children are helpless, all you do is to farm and eat.
Shame on all the men from Benue State. All the men from Benue are...
idiots, very BIG idiots. Benue men you are all idiots. All you know how to do is to make babies that you cannot protect. You bring innocent children to this world and expose them to danger. If you see any man from Benue state, give him a name like idiot. I am just so angry..
at any man from Benue State, look at their children! Conquered idiots. 😡 they can’t protect these innocent children. -SE

Kano Lagos No VPN Tinubu Egypt North Iganga #KeepitUp #KeepitOn North Buhari Onion Vice President Lai Mohammed
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1. Hitler & Joseph Stalin enjoyed massive local support, just as Buhari enjoys massive BMC support. But Stalin & Hitler were competent dictators. Much of German Machines are Hitler’s WWII ingenuity. Buhari’s case is different. #KeepitOn
2. He depends heavily on the West for loans, grants, tech, guns & ammunitions, logistics & military intelligence, medicine, R&D.

But once the West questions his Human Right abuses, he quickly remembers Nigeria is Sovereign Nation. #KeepitOn
3. Buhari; a coward who hides behind proxies: late Abba Kyari, Malami, Garba Shehu, & Lai Mohammed, to torment, kill & abuse Nigerians

An aloof emperor, he actually thinks his Empire is eternal. He handed Nigerians a Pax Nigeriana (Nigerian Peace) as he understands it #KeepitOn
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False Dichotomy Between an App and a Country
A pro-regime apologist said he’d rather lose an app (i.e., Twitter) than lose a country. Nonsense! That’s called a false dilemma (or a false dichotomy) in logic. A false dilemma imposes an unnatural and deceptive limit on options. You
can have both an app and a country—like many countries do. You can lose a country without an app—such as Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, etc. And you can simultaneously lose an app and a country, such as Buhari’s Nigeria seems pigheadedly moving towards. But if your country’s fabric
is so brittle that it can be dismantled by the mere dissident chatter of disaffected citizens on an app, then you have no country to lose in the first place. If you really want a country, go do some work to have one so that mere insurgent chatter on an app can’t undo it. Start
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This @elrufai tweet clearly illustrates the dangerous perception folks like him have of "power" & "control" in a constitutional democracy governed as a republic. Though his opinion is not shared in the op-ed, the tweet shows exactly where @GovKaduna leans. Thread***@SERAP
@NebojsaMalic's op-ed praises "BASED" Nigeria for teaching the US how to respond to "tech tyranny" and compares Trump's "toothless" response to his #twitterban with Nigeria's 2 day-rapid response ban of @Twitter. @elrufai seems to agree with pride!…
@NebojsaMalic op-ed is problematic on many levels. First, the assumption that #TwitterBanNigeria could be a teachable moment for the #USA or is indicative of the responsiveness of the @MBuhari govt to ANY aspect of governance is at best ignorant!…
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Check this thread for protest locations outside Nigeria.

Keep the pressure on Internationally!!!
#KeepitOn  #FixNigeria
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A Thread

#KeepitOn Yoruba #PHTwitterCommunity #Orashitwittercommunity Abuja #IPOB
Any historians in the house to vet this:

Forgotten History Of Igbo Tribe And Northern Alliance.

Do you know that when Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister of Nigeria;

Chief of Army Staff was from SE
Chief of Naval Staff was from SE
IG of Police was from SE
Chief of Defence Staff was from SE
Internal Affairs Minister SE
External Affairs Minister SE
Education Minister South SE
Many other key ministries to SE
Parliament President SE
Unilag VC from SE
The University of Ibadan VC from SE
North resisted same at ABU!
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I tried to register an organization in 2018 but the Nigerian government said “no” because the name of the Org. had the word “lesbian” in it. That was a blatant violation of my constitutional right to freely associate and freedom of expression. When I sued the govt. and..
the High Court sided with the government, citing the discriminatory section 4 of the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act signed by @GEJonathan , Nigerians cheered. I remember people saying “no space for this in Nigeria”. I laughed cuz discrimination be like breakfast
It goes round and everyone will eventually get their share. The truth is that when we allow the government to discriminate against people and deny them their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms simply because we do not like them or agree with them, we inevitably…
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مقتل 66 شخصا على يد لصوص ماشية في شمال غرب #نيجيريا
#KeepitOn Image
أقدمت عصابة من لصوص الماشية على قتل 66 شخصاً، في هجمات شنّتها على سبع قرى في ولاية كيبي في شمال غرب نيجيريا، وفق ما قالت الشرطة النيجيرية لوكالة فرانس برس السبت
وأوضح المتحدث باسم شرطة ولاية كيبي نافع أبو بكر أن عشرات المسلحين الذين يستقلون دراجات نارية هاجموا سبع قرى مجاورة في منطقة دانكو-واساغو الخميس
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TRIAS POLITICA (Separation of Powers)

The concept, TRIAS POLITICA was developed by 18th Century French philosopher Charles Louis de Secondat, baron de la Brede et de Montesquieu in his publication Spirit of the Laws. #Malami #TwitterBan #KeepitOn #VPNs #LaiMohammed #Bubu
Baron M asserts that the political authority of the state should be divided into three powers: legislative, judicial, and executive. These three powers must be separate, operated by different persons, and independently. #Malami #TwitterBan #KeepitOn #VPNs #LaiMohammed #Bubu
The separation of these powers is a key element of the principle of “checks and balances” designed to prevent tyranny, concentration, or abuse of power by “kind bullies” or their overexcitable agents. #Malami #TwitterBan #KeepitOn #VPNs #LaiMohammed #Bubu
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🧵Today we are launching an emoji for the #MilkTeaAlliance, an online solidarity alliance first started in April 2020 as a Twitter meme which has grown into a global pro-democracy movement led by activists and concerned citizens in 🇭🇰🇹🇭🇹🇼🇲🇲 and around the world.
To celebrate the first anniversary of the #MilkTeaAlliance, we designed an emoji featuring 3 different types of milk tea colours from regions where the Alliance first formed online. It automatically appears when you Tweet any of the hashtags below👇
We have seen more than 11 million Tweets featuring the #MilkTeaAlliance hashtag over the past year. Conversations peaked when it first appeared in April 2020, and again in February 2021 when the coup took place in Myanmar🇲🇲:
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Is #Myanmar military using @Telenor_mm to spy on activists? In a @bistandsaktuelt investigation, Telenor refused to answer questions on whether the military has access to user data. See the story in Norwegian 👉 1/ #CivilDisobedienceMovement #keepiton #CDN
.@TelenorGroup refused to answer questions on whether the company will even disclose if they receive a directive or a request from #Myanmar authorities for access to user data. This puts #CivilDisobedienceMovement activists + journalists at risk, whose lives are on the line 2/
B4 #MyanmarCoup in Dec, #Telenor disclosed "the gov intends to be able to directly access each operator and ISP’s systems w/o case-by-case approval." They warned of "misuse & breach of customers’ human rights". Why are they not being transparent now? 👉 3/
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#internetshutdown cannot be used as a tool to suppress dissent. This is a violation of the right to freedom of speech & expression as well as the right to life.
#KeepItOn #FarmersProtest #FreeSpeech #FarmBills2020
@rihanna @RichaChadha @meenaharris @world_affairs
The Government of Indian has so far imposed more than 468 #Internetshutdowns since 2012, making #India the #InternetShutdownCapital of the world.
#LetTheNetWork #keepItOn #KissanRally
During the #FarmersProtest, #internet services were first shut down by the central government on #26January 2021 in #Singhu, #Ghazipur, #Tikri, #MukarbaChowk, #Nangloi and adjoining areas from 12:00 to 23:59 hours.
#KeepItOn #SinghuBorder #ghazipurborder
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📢IFF along with @fsmi_in and @SFLCin released a joint statement yesterday condemning the use of internet shutdowns to suppress the farmers' protest. Learn about how you can support this important call. #keepiton 1/n…
Such internet shutdowns will only increase the risk of violence and misinformation and they cannot be considered necessary or proportionate. 2/n
The internet shutdowns have made it impossible for journalists to provide real time updates about the protests and taken away the farmers’ ability to present their version of events through social media. 3/n
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Last weekend, I made a threat on the ongoing #SocialMedia shutdown in Uganda and some implications on the future of #internet & Uganda's #digital agenda.

The thread attracted a lot of engagement and questions. Tonight, I will share some final thoughts on the subject. (1)
Conceptually, social media sites are the largest on-boarding platforms for internet users in Uganda. Notably, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat attract the highest internet traffic- which drives demand for other platform services e.g Google and Zoom recently.
So- when we talk about an "open internet", we mean the FULL resources of the internet. Any encumberance on selected applications has ripple effects across the entire network thus jeorpadizing standardization of internet/data transmission which is essential for innovation & growth
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