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"Media find out how easily Putin’s cronies get UK Golden Visas. According to consultants, employees of the migration service are poorly trained and bypassing anti-corruption checks will be 'easy-peasy'”…
"The house that Trump built. Russian billionaire nearly lost millions in a deal with future US President. Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev managed to get back the money paid to Donald Trump"…
"Oligarch Boris Mintz complained about living at £10,000 per week. A former member of the Forbes list is asking the High Court of London to lift restrictions on spending for his family"…
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Tom Barrack's (Chairman of Trump's inaugural committee) N284CC 6/26/19 Bahrain-Dublin
From Kushner's Middle East buyout conference. Normally refueling is done in Shannon.
"Jared Kushner's 'deal of the century' fails to materialize in Bahrain" Surprise!😉…
Stephen Schwarzman's (Blackstone) N113CS 6/26/19 Bahrain-London
Rupert Murdoch's (Fox "News") N89NC 6/26/19 Rome-London
ICYMI DeVos' N253DV flew from Grand Rapids to London 6/24/19
Surely just another 'coincidence', right?
Russian Direct Investment Fund's (Kirill Dmitriev?) LX-SIX 6/26/19 Bahrain-Moscow
Stephen Schwarzman, who also was in Bahrain, was a member of RDIF's advisory board 2011-2014(?). Dmitriev met with Erik Prince in Seychelles.
"The secret Seychelles meeting"…
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It has been eight months since Canada announced that it would halt the issuance of *new* arms export permits to Saudi Arabia, pending a broader "review" of weapons exports to the Kingdom. Of course, 2 months prior, the Saudis halted any new contracts w/Canada across the board...
...making Ottawa's suspension appear little more than a politically inexpensive fig leaf, especially as upwards of $1 billion worth of weapons have been shipped to Saudi Arabia from Canada in the meantime, under existing permits
Unlike the UK, in the 8 months since announcing a "review" of arms exports to Saudi Arabia, @CanadaFP does not appear to have published any bulletins/advisories about it on its export/import controls page, only relaying information via the media or in parliament
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"Libertarian gets in hospital with brain concussion following interrogation at Federal Security Service."
Even Russian Federal Security Service doesn't like Libertarians...…
"Rogozin sets up his own treasury. The contracts of Roscosmos will be supervised by Roscosmosbank"
Yeah, that'll fix the problem...…
Stephen Schwarzman's (Blackstone) N113CS 4/12/19 Waterbury-Teterboro-Palm Beach
He's been flying a lot to PB in the past few months
"TRUMP, KUSHNER, RUSSIA AND THE BLACKSTONE MYSTERY. Something More for Robert Mueller to Investigate?"…
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“Americans, you pay taxes but will your government protect you? Maybe not” - wish more discussion this morning about @thedailybeast story last night alleging Bezos hacked by Saudi regime & then smeared by an American company. WOW, bad sign & can go crazy…
Congressional Intel, Homeland Security, Commerce committees, DNI, FBI should quickly address this allegation and whether it’s true. Did a foreign country hack CEO of 1 of America’s biggest companies and then with help of a different American company conduct influence campaign?
Saudi regime hacking American targets then conducting influence with the assistance of Americans, if true, should result in immediate criminal investigation. A failure to do so is extreme 🇺🇸 weakness with dangerous consequences similar to Russia interference 2016
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Johnsonville (Sausages) LLC's N600JV 1/13/19 Porto-Damman-Dubai 1/19/19 Dubai-Jeddah (flight to Porto missing) 1/20/19 Porto-Nalpes, FL en route
Johnsonville won't let a "little" thing like #KhashoggiMurder affect on their travels
"Brat or not? WI plitics"…
Sawaris family's (Orascom Group) M-ASRI 1/20/19 London-Teterboro
Sawiris built North Korea's main cellphone network and invested in a bank there. Why aren't they sanctioned?
"Need a North Korean Missile? Call the Cairo Embassy"…
VistaJet's (charter) 9H-VJO 1/20/19 New Delhi-Helsinki (refueling)-Newark
Dumb Jr getting visitors from India?
"Donald Trump Jr.’s tour through India is staggeringly corrupt"…
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Pictures are making the rounds on the internet, by a site called, purportedly showing #Khashoggi while being dismembered . They are fake. They are from a Canal+ police drama called Braquo - Season 4 Episode 5 "Virgule"
The interesting bit is that in the TV drama, it is Turkish thugs who killed a Turkish diplomat with a chainsaw for messing up with their criminal activities #KhashoggiMurder
The site that published the pics has gone 404:…
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1) “Objects in cup are hotter than they appear.”

The #KhashoggiMurder #hoax #psyop gets weirder and weirder and weirder.

It’s #coffeetime
Tuesday, October 23, 2018.
3) Is Hatice Cengiz an impostor? Is this person a male intelligence operative playing a female role?…
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Who will lead the Islamic World in the future? #Turkey has no choice but to tell the truth about #Khashoggi tomorrow and take the lead of the Islamic World from #SaudiArabia.
No World leader is willing to save Mohammad Bin Salman. Even if honesty and dignity have left the Whitehouse since Trump is ruling, still @realDonaldTrump is not able to save the #SaudiArabia, Crown Prince.

During MBS era, #SaudiArabia sold Palestine & the Palestinians to Trump. No Saudi leader ever dared to go so far.

MBS destroyed #Yemen under the impotent world's eyes and didn't blink an eye.

One single crime, #KhashoggiMurder, is MBS worse nightmare.

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Crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman lied when he said Khashoggi left the consulate.

He also lied when he said Khashoggi died from a kind of "Karaté fight" with 15 men.

It all depends on #Turkey and only #Ankara : will Erdogan bring out the truth or plays along the Saudi lie?
I believe #Turkey President Erdogan won't sell out his own reputation and will have to unravel the truth with solid proof in #KhashoggiMurder . Not an easy choice.

Nothing and nobody can remove MBS from his throne except the #USA .... or a coup d'etat.

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I can't rebut the @JSchanzer piece (in @TheAtlantic ) on US-Saudi relations in the wake of the #KhashoggiMurder nearly as ably as @EmmaMAshford does, but wanted to add a thought. <thread>
2. For all the earnest thought given to Russian grand strategy in Syria, it’s the Assad regime that has driven Russian policy there since 2015, not Moscow. Assad knows what he wants, with some precision. Putin & his crowd don’t.
3. The Russians are after general, vague objectives — presence, prestige, etc. — & thus are easily manipulated by Russia’s Syrian client. There are similar aspects to the US-Saudi relationship. We know what Prince Fish wants from it — a blank check from Washington.
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Jamal Khashoggi was Purposefully Murdered: A Professional Interrogator’s Opinion

Before I was medically retired for injures received in combat, I performed over 300 interrogations at the highest levels within the United States government. I also received recognition
from the U.S. Congress for my work as an instructor at the Human Intelligence Collector Course. So, I am intimately aware of the intricacies of preparation, conduct, and conclusion of an interrogation as well as the national and international laws applicable to it
Everything that has been reported thus far points to directed murder and mutilation, NOT an interrogation. Never has civilized nation interrogated a member of the free press, nor has one ever incorporated a bone saw. Journalists are invaluable at providing open source
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