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“We’re going to focus on one fight we’re dealing with right now. The guy who’s been lying — Lin Wood and John Pierce — we’re going to focus on them right now….”

“We’re going to focus on those liars.” - #KyleRittenhouse 🙄

When asked why Lin Wood is the first target, #KyleRittenhouse responds:

“I don’t want to talk much about him, other than he’s a liar, and he’s putting my family in jeopardy. We’re getting death threats because of the lies he’s saying…. It’s just disturbing.”
Rittenhouse shared news about his litigation plans during a Dec. 8 interview with BlazeTV’s Glenn Beck, where the two discussed Rittenhouse’s life before the shooting, the lengthy legal battle behind his acquittal and his plans for the future.…
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I’m yelling at my phone, DA #Binger, & the moronic Dave Miranda, so I figured I’d record it.

The amount of wrong contained in one sentence is truly astonishing. Did they even see the #KyleRittennhouse trial?

I’ll post the rest at my @OnLocals! Come see!
Oh. My. Gawd. Here you’ll listen to me hopping up & down & pacing as I try to control myself.

Guess it’s time to play the “#KyleRittenhouse crossed state lines w/ his AUTOMATIC weapon” game again!

PLEASE go to as I’m posting much more there, for free!
Listen to #Binger in this segment. It perfectly encapsulates the problem.

These people consider the “breakdown of society” to be citizens saying ENOUGH & protecting themselves when their government abandons them. The breakdown was the elites ditching us!…
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To put a stop to all the fake #KyleRittenhouse social media accounts. Kyle now has official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts.

Links in thread below…
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Raw Body cam Footage of NBC Following Jury Bus
Raw Body Cam footage of NBC following jury Bus
Raw Body Cam footage of NBC following jury Bus.

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RAW BodyCam Footage of #NBC Producer Following Jury Vehicle

Part 1
RAW BodyCam Footage of #NBC Producer Following Jury Vehicle

Part 2
RAW BodyCam Footage of #NBC Producer Following Jury Vehicle

Part 3
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Okay I’m gonna state a life stream in a few mins. I’ll post the link below next. First time EVER doing this to talk pop culture/politics/law, whatever.

I’ve only ever done crypto, so I need help! Give me stories/topics? What can we discuss?
For those interested, I'm trying a LIVE STREAM for the first time, to discuss culture, politics, guns, law, #Rittenhouse case, you name it! I'll discuss mostly any topic, so we'll go through a few!

Watch today's live stream!

- #Rittenhouse case & forward assist demo
- TX #ChadRead shooting
- #DominickBlack case/Binger potential appeals
- Rittenhouse "rifle raise" vid rehash
- #KylesPledge & #KylesLaw
- #Bitcoin & #Crypto update & trading strategy
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Some comments about tonight’s #TimCastIRL. Firstly, thanks for the shoutout and kind words @JackPosobiec & @LawSelfDefense, but I may have messed up.

I texted Jack to tell him to give me a shoutout, but I may have promised too much! Let’s hope he doesn’t make me deliver on it! Image
Maybe @Timcast & @sourpatchlyds will finally follow me now!

If you never saw my video about the prosecution’s closing in the #Rittenhouse trial, here’s the link. It was pretty spot on!

Now that you’re seen the real closing, what do you think?
The thread got broken up, but this was the next part.
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No “string of robberies” in the neighborhood at all.

"No burglaries were reported in neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was killed, contradicting suspects’ claim: report".
"Fucking Ni@@er" is what he said before he shot #AhmaudArbery.

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Pediatrician here. The acquittal of #KyleRittenhouse exemplifies all the ways America is messing up teen boys & perpetuating gun culture, while meanwhile terrorizing youth of color. 🧵1/
I’m a doc for plenty of 17-year-olds and, like everyone else, can’t help but notice that Rittenhouse got a pass for murder while #TamirRice & #TrayvonMartin & countless other teen boys of color (often much younger) are killed (often by police) in the absence of a crime. 2/
Every last one of these kids is a son, brother, grandkid, who is violently robbed of a future and whose families will struggle with grief and trauma for the rest of their lives. 3/
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When I got my license to carry 10 years ago, something my instructor showed us still sticks in my mind. He showed us a video of a girl walking out of target, a van pulling up, people grabbing her and throwing her inside. Literally a textbook kidnapping in open day.
He paused and asked each of us what we would do in this situation. Almost everyone answered, drawing their gun and trying to stop them or get the plates and call the police. I think someone even said shoot the tires or something.
All seem fairly reasonable, except shooting the tires.

“Let’s just assume you shoot the kidnappers and you’re the hero. You would be wrong”

“This girl is a runaway and her family got a tip she was at this store and the only way to get her back was to snatch her like this.”
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Det seneste døgn har jeg fået mange henvendelser og reaktioner på afgørelsen i #KyleRittenhouse sagen. Folk der gisper over frifindelsen og mener, USA er gået i stykker. Jeg er absolut tilhænger af, at folk føler og mener, hvad de vil,
men ud fra begrundelserne for folks foragt og forbløffelse synes jeg alligevel, der er brug for et par nuancer.
Meget af den kritik, jeg hører, handler om, at Rittenhouse aldrig skulle have været i Kenosha og slet ikke udstyret med et skarpladt semiautomatisk gevær.
Det er helt op til hver enkelt at mene, MEN det ændrer ikke ved, at Rittenhouse ifølge loven i Wisconsin havde ret til et at være i Kenosha, hvor han efter egne udtalelser kom for at beskytte lokale forretninger, der blev udsat for hærværk under de igangværende demonstrationer
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Maybe if the Left cared AT ALL that Antifa/BLM riots keep violently DESTROYING communities and killing people, & helped put an end to the riots rather than promoted and celebrated them, there would be no cause for a Rittenhouse to patrol the neighborhood.
Here's why Joe Biden is "angry and concerned." He's a hypocrite who DOESN'T "stand by" the Rittenhouse verdict at all! It doesn't fit his narrative of "white supremacy." So the Left will continue to inflame racial tensions regardless of facts.
But what the Left better understand is most Americans DON'T accept their confused and inaccurate worldview. So we're NOT simply going to "take a beating" and will defend ourselves and speak out for truth...
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To the people upset today about the #RittenhouseVerdict let me suggest that you consider a possibility: are you sure you are right?

You base your perception of the case on certain facts. But are you certain those “facts” are actually true?

Lawyers learn to ask themselves constantly “how do I know this? And is my source of information correct?” Try that exercise for every fact you believe to be true.

For instance, you often hear that #KyleRittenhouse brought a gun across state lines.
Except there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that he did so. A Wisconsin resident stated that he gave him the gun after he arrived in Kenosha.

Sometimes a fact can also be true and distorted. You hear a constant drumbeat of “he crossed state lines.”
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The #KyleRittenhouse case in USA is a perfect example of the regime change nexus of Big tech + Fact checkers + activists + media. The exact thing we have seen in India from Shaheen Bagh, Hathras, #FarmLaws etc.

For over 15 months media has been telling us over 100s of hours of footage, social media posts, YT videos by American Dhruv Rathee and American Vir Das and American Swara Bhasker. Etc etc that

1 Rittenhouse crossed state boundary with a weapon (He did not)

2 that he had

no right to possess (it was perfectly legal, prosecution had to openly say it in court)

3 he went to a city he had no business with (his father lives there and Kyle was working there)

4 he shot BLM protesters out of racist motives (every person he shot was white & criminal)
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EARLIER raw footage thread: This was the scene outside of the courthouse as supporters and opponents of #KyleRittenhouse learned that he had been fully acquitted.
Jacob Blake's uncle says he's shocked "as hell" about the #RittenhouseAcquittal, but he felt the judge "was putting his hands on the scale" on evidence and procedure rulings.

He says Rittenhouse "wouldn't have made it down the street" without being shot, if he were Black.
Mark McCloskey (who was photoed armed confronting BLM) said it's a "great day for the Second Amendment" and that he "couldn't be prouder" of justice system following Rittenhouse verdict.

He says he only visited post-trial so they "couldn't be accused of influencing the outcome."
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#RaceBaiting #Channel4akeNews @SiobhanKennedy4 @Channel4News "reports" on #KyleRittenhouseInnocent verdict

"Forget" to mention 3 he shot were ALL WHITE


Falsely accuse him of illegally buying gun

Why wouldn't a jury in a mostly White country be mostly White?!?!
Why mention #JacobBlake shot by White cop

As though BLACK cops don't shoot people including Blacks & Whites

Or that #KyleRittenhouse in breach of curfew

WTF do you think all the rioters were?!🤦‍♂️

And WTF regurgitating "defence" of convicted felon also accused of domestic abuse
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Today in Kenosha, a jury found #KyleRittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

They reached the legally, and I believe morally, correct verdict.

The system worked...this time. But let's take the opportunity to talk about how it sometimes doesn't, and came close to failing here.🧵
Rittenhouse was fortunate enough to have the things a defendant is supposed to have, competent counsel and a sympathetic judge. Not perfect counsel, mind you, as a defense attorney myself I could backseat-lawyer them all day, but they did an overall good job.
A lot of people had concerns about the impartiality of Judge Schroeder, who repeatedly intervened on the defendant's behalf and seemed to hold the prosecution to higher standards than the defense. But this is actually how the system is SUPPOSED to work. It just...doesn't always
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#KyleRittenhouse's family spokesperson is speaking to reporters now. We have it live on @SpectrumNews1WI
@SpectrumNews1WI "Kyle's a freeman, and rightfully so. It's been a hard year." - Rittenhouse family spokesperson.

"THey just want to spend time with their brother and son. The family doesn't have worry right now."
@SpectrumNews1WI apologies for any typos. *Free man*
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Cut to picture of #KyleRittenhouse posing with white supremacist proud boys and doing the white power hand signal

"Shame" on someone, certainly, but it ain't Joe Biden

#bbcaq Image
Sickening to see the far right in the UK & US celebrating this guy - he took a military rifle to a protest in a different state and shot three people, killing two


#bbcaq #c4news
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Good morning from #Kenosha!

It's day 15 of the #RittenhouseTrial, and the 4th day of jury deliberations.

I'm in the courtroom today. Judge Schroeder has more unrelated cases -- and it appears jurors may have gone right into deliberation as they have the last few days.
Confirmed with a bailiff, jurors have gone straight to deliberations. #KyleRittenhouse
Yesterday, we didn't hear from jurors at all until the end of the day when the judge asked if anyone had questions when they were being dismissed.

One of the women on the jury asked if she could take a copy of jury instructions home, which Schroeder allowed.
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BREAKING: Further evidence of the #KyleRittenhouse DA suborning perjury, adding to a plethora of prosecutorial misconduct.

The Khindri brothers, BOTH Sal & Sam, were present at car source earlier in the day, with Kyle, Dominick, and Nick.
DA knew 👇
NEW: In addition to video, a second source confirmed this information as per the post below. It was posted 8/25/2020, & the prosecution put them on the stand knowing they were lying about speaking to #KyleRittenhouse earlier.

The state knew they were lying and suborned perjury.
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Far-Right conspiracy website with 1998 MS-Paint design energy + infamous for spreading literal fake news + promoting white nationalists + Proud Boys once again exposed in disinfo campaign, after falsely claiming "Leftists" were amassing bricks in #Kenosha.…
This fake story was promoted at the same time that far-Right groups were promoting open violence and murder on social media.
Far-Right conspiracies spread on social media were at the heart of what pushed people like #KyleRittenhouse to murder #BlackLivesMatter protesters. We spoke with a #Kenosha resident last year who described the deadly impact of these lies.
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