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You mean a man who was LITERALLY acquitted after a very public trial and a fair amount of footage depicting him being attacked, violently, physically, and defending himself? #censorship #gaming #kylerittenhouse #Fanatical

I didn't realize that Fanatical was so overtly against the rule of law in the US. 2/13
> At Fanatical we never want to offend our loyal and important customers and as a reaction to the feedback, we have taken immediate action to pull the content from the bundle. 3/13
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Friend of Proud Boy Dustin Grant and wife Carrie, Jericho Jamison, was arrested for 2nd degree murder, after killing 3. Carrie Grant called Jamison "Our #kylerittenhouse". Misty Fox is also helping to raise legal funds for Jamison.

(… Image of man identified as ...Image of 3 Facebook comment...Image of misty Fox sharing ...
Misty Fox is leader of Bundys Peoples Rights group, helped shut down vax site in Oak Grove & sued for being told to take her gun that was not permitted on fair grounds to her car. Body cam footage contradicts her claims (…)
Killer and victims knew eachother (300 person town, everyone knows eachother), Jamison and 2 men killed appear to be loggers. Rumors that deceased were stealing things when killed. Sheriff's confirm there was a dispute. Jamison's GF is helping share Go fund me for deceased 🧐 Image of a go fund me that ...
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RAW BodyCam Footage of #NBC Producer Following Jury Vehicle

Part 1
RAW BodyCam Footage of #NBC Producer Following Jury Vehicle

Part 2
RAW BodyCam Footage of #NBC Producer Following Jury Vehicle

Part 3
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No “string of robberies” in the neighborhood at all.

"No burglaries were reported in neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was killed, contradicting suspects’ claim: report".
"Fucking Ni@@er" is what he said before he shot #AhmaudArbery.

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Pediatrician here. The acquittal of #KyleRittenhouse exemplifies all the ways America is messing up teen boys & perpetuating gun culture, while meanwhile terrorizing youth of color. 🧵1/
I’m a doc for plenty of 17-year-olds and, like everyone else, can’t help but notice that Rittenhouse got a pass for murder while #TamirRice & #TrayvonMartin & countless other teen boys of color (often much younger) are killed (often by police) in the absence of a crime. 2/
Every last one of these kids is a son, brother, grandkid, who is violently robbed of a future and whose families will struggle with grief and trauma for the rest of their lives. 3/
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Det seneste døgn har jeg fået mange henvendelser og reaktioner på afgørelsen i #KyleRittenhouse sagen. Folk der gisper over frifindelsen og mener, USA er gået i stykker. Jeg er absolut tilhænger af, at folk føler og mener, hvad de vil,
men ud fra begrundelserne for folks foragt og forbløffelse synes jeg alligevel, der er brug for et par nuancer.
Meget af den kritik, jeg hører, handler om, at Rittenhouse aldrig skulle have været i Kenosha og slet ikke udstyret med et skarpladt semiautomatisk gevær.
Det er helt op til hver enkelt at mene, MEN det ændrer ikke ved, at Rittenhouse ifølge loven i Wisconsin havde ret til et at være i Kenosha, hvor han efter egne udtalelser kom for at beskytte lokale forretninger, der blev udsat for hærværk under de igangværende demonstrationer
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To the people upset today about the #RittenhouseVerdict let me suggest that you consider a possibility: are you sure you are right?

You base your perception of the case on certain facts. But are you certain those “facts” are actually true?

Lawyers learn to ask themselves constantly “how do I know this? And is my source of information correct?” Try that exercise for every fact you believe to be true.

For instance, you often hear that #KyleRittenhouse brought a gun across state lines.
Except there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that he did so. A Wisconsin resident stated that he gave him the gun after he arrived in Kenosha.

Sometimes a fact can also be true and distorted. You hear a constant drumbeat of “he crossed state lines.”
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EARLIER raw footage thread: This was the scene outside of the courthouse as supporters and opponents of #KyleRittenhouse learned that he had been fully acquitted.
Jacob Blake's uncle says he's shocked "as hell" about the #RittenhouseAcquittal, but he felt the judge "was putting his hands on the scale" on evidence and procedure rulings.

He says Rittenhouse "wouldn't have made it down the street" without being shot, if he were Black.
Mark McCloskey (who was photoed armed confronting BLM) said it's a "great day for the Second Amendment" and that he "couldn't be prouder" of justice system following Rittenhouse verdict.

He says he only visited post-trial so they "couldn't be accused of influencing the outcome."
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Today in Kenosha, a jury found #KyleRittenhouse not guilty on all counts.

They reached the legally, and I believe morally, correct verdict.

The system worked...this time. But let's take the opportunity to talk about how it sometimes doesn't, and came close to failing here.🧵
Rittenhouse was fortunate enough to have the things a defendant is supposed to have, competent counsel and a sympathetic judge. Not perfect counsel, mind you, as a defense attorney myself I could backseat-lawyer them all day, but they did an overall good job.
A lot of people had concerns about the impartiality of Judge Schroeder, who repeatedly intervened on the defendant's behalf and seemed to hold the prosecution to higher standards than the defense. But this is actually how the system is SUPPOSED to work. It just...doesn't always
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#KyleRittenhouse's family spokesperson is speaking to reporters now. We have it live on @SpectrumNews1WI
@SpectrumNews1WI "Kyle's a freeman, and rightfully so. It's been a hard year." - Rittenhouse family spokesperson.

"THey just want to spend time with their brother and son. The family doesn't have worry right now."
@SpectrumNews1WI apologies for any typos. *Free man*
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Cut to picture of #KyleRittenhouse posing with white supremacist proud boys and doing the white power hand signal

"Shame" on someone, certainly, but it ain't Joe Biden

#bbcaq Image
Sickening to see the far right in the UK & US celebrating this guy - he took a military rifle to a protest in a different state and shot three people, killing two


#bbcaq #c4news
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Good morning from #Kenosha!

It's day 15 of the #RittenhouseTrial, and the 4th day of jury deliberations.

I'm in the courtroom today. Judge Schroeder has more unrelated cases -- and it appears jurors may have gone right into deliberation as they have the last few days.
Confirmed with a bailiff, jurors have gone straight to deliberations. #KyleRittenhouse
Yesterday, we didn't hear from jurors at all until the end of the day when the judge asked if anyone had questions when they were being dismissed.

One of the women on the jury asked if she could take a copy of jury instructions home, which Schroeder allowed.
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En DIT is dus schandalig eenzijdige verslaggeving van de #NPO😠
Is het #narratief zo belangrijk dat alle #feiten er maar voor moeten wijken?
Of is dit soort journalisten gewoon te LUI om zich op de hoogte te stellen?
We gaan er puntsgewijs doorheen.
1) @carolmrock zegt dat #KyleRittennhouse niet uit dezelfde staat komt, maar laat zorgvuldig weg dat hij op 29 minuten rijden woonde👇 dat hij in Kenosha werkte en er familie had.
Dat is misleidend.
2) Ze noemt zijn wapen een mitrailleur. Over #misleiding gesproken. EN overdrijving.
3) ‘Het werd wat onrustig,’ zegt Carol. Over understatement gesproken.🙄
Kijk vooral de beelden👇 en zie wat een ontzettende rellen daar gaande waren. #Misleiding
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Judge Schroeder is going to make a statement this morning about an arrest being made by Kenosha PD after a #KyleRitthenhouse juror/jurors were followed by someone who claimed to work for NBC or MSNBC. Those outlets apparently say the person does not work for them @LawCrimeNetwork
When asked whether this has impacted deliberations, Judge Schroeder wouldn't elaborate and will wait for the attorneys @LawCrimeNetwork #KyleRittenhouse
This incident remains under investigation according to Kenosha Co. Sheriff's Office. I have message into Kenosha PD. Judge says it's under investigation @LawCrimeNetwork #KyleRittenhouse
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Good morning from #Kenosha

It is the 14th day of the #RittenhouseTrial … and the third day for jury deliberations

The front steps of the courthouse are empty for now.
Per @mtarm with the AP, a court official said the jurors have begun deliberations for the day.

They were behind closed doors for nearly 9 hours Monday (with a lunch break) and nearly 8 hours yesterday. #RittenhouseTrial
Yesterday -- jurors asked to see several videos in evidence, including drone video that has now become part of two motions for a mistrial.

The #Rittenhouse defense said it didn't know it had a lesser quality version until last Friday.
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1. Some snafu with the evidence in #KyleRittenhouse Trial. They are trying to respond to the jury request to view video. There is a problem about the video they have and the one actually admitted. The judge wants to reopen the evidence to allow the one they saw to be admitted.
2. It's the video of one of the shootings. The prosecutor has said they have no objection to the three videos that were on a drive that was admitted can be given to the jury. They are apparently in agreement. The prosecutor says give them the exhibits allow them to watch in the
3. courtroom by themselves. No attorneys and judge not present. The prosecutors said that they can use their tech related computer. Defense is asking if the defendant has a right to be present but the judge does not agree and says they look at evidence in the jury room without
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Kraus says the DA's office got a call about the higher quality drone video when Lackowski was testifying. He said they gave what they believed was the full file to Ms. Wisco - it came in without objection @LawCrimeNetwork #KyleRittenhouse
Kraus: it was an exhibit for 4 days in court. They thought they gave Ms. Wisco full copy. He says they didn't change anything and provided it via Air Drop on her iPhone. We did not mean to give them a different copy. We didn't know it was different until Friday @LawCrimeNetwork
Kraus: I cannot explain why Ms. Wisco's file had been compressed. That is not something we can be held accountable for. The software on Ms. Wisco's phone compressed the file @LawCrimeNetwork #KyleRittenhouse
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Rittenhouse trial Day 13 thread: second day of jury deliberations
The rain has stopped and more people are starting to gather outside. This guy is getting a lot of attention, he’s walking back and forth and shouting “F*** BLM” & “BLM is a terrorist organization”
This woman was cleaning the courthouse. Our team coverage continues throughout the day on @CBS58. @KristenBarbar is inside the courtroom today, and our crews will have full reports starting at noon
Our @CBS58 team has been reporting this case for more than a year; stream our in-depth coverage from inside the courtroom here:…
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Good morning from the #Kenosha County Courthouse.

I'm inside the courtroom as we wait the jurors to return to begin deliberations on the charges against #KyleRittenhouse

Yesterday, jurors were behind closed doors for nearly 9 hours, with a break for lunch.

The court reporter just informed us that the #RittenhouseTrial jury has started deliberating.

Judge Schroeder has an unrelated hearing right now -- which is why there is no activity in the courtroom.

I'm assuming they went into the deliberation room right around 9, then.
Nothing new to report here from Kenosha at 10:27 a.m.

Judge Bruce Schroeder walked in the main doors to his courtroom a little bit ago. He has an unrelated hearing in here in a few minutes.

We might get some sort of update then.
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UPDATE-Jury has been deliberating for 2 1/2 hours #RittenhouseTrial
So far they’ve asked for individual copies of the jury instructions.
As a reminder, the instructions are 36 pages.
#VerdictWatch #KyleRittenhouse
UPDATE- Jurors are Rittenhouse trial ONLY requested pages 1-6 of the jury instructions. Those pages include the information about self defense aspects of the case.
Judge has not put a limit on how late the jurors can deliberate tonight. Jury will decide
Jurors have been deliberating 5 hours now #RittenhouseTrial
If you want additional information about the specific counts, here’s a helpful explainer from @AP @mtarm
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Kyle Rittenhouse is selecting the 12 jurors who will deliberate his case by drawing random numbers from a tumbler. Stream on @CBS58:…
Here’s how he did it
And now the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse is in the jury's hands. 6 of the 18 were dismissed, the other 12 have been sent to deliberate the five counts he faces. They are allowed to ask to see evidence again and to ask questions of the judge.
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