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I think #BrightWing shows the desperation of #PK. I think PK isn’t happy with a client who doesn’t listen to him. He is a marketer but has a rotten product at hand. He wanted to turn #MamataBanerjee to victim, Mamata decided to play Gangstah again.
So off goes the plaster and out comes the gloves as #MamataBanerjee urges the cadre to be aggressive and violent even against the Central Forces. The strategist seems to have been told to shut up and follow the election #WestBengal way. The goons, gangs and violence.
A strategist hanging out with so called neutral journalist so keen to ensure #MamataBanerjee wins #WestBengalPolls for more than an hour, on a day before polls. Is he hinting out that the candidate has slipped out of his hands when he hints attack on CAPF in Bengal?
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The main conspirator of #DelhiRiots2020 #YatiNarsinghanandSaraswati is still not arrested by @DelhiPolice.
While #AntiCAA protesters are jailed labelling them as #Rioters.
Watch videos in this thread to know how riots were deliberately planned & executed by #RightWingHindu to
stop anti #CAA protests in #ShaheenBagh & other places.
Also one can clearly see how #DelhiPolice & @BJP4India leadership protecting them by deliberate inaction. @hrw @amnesty @AIIndia @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @USCIRF @humanrights1st @HumanRightsCtte @EURightsAgency @HarvardLawHRP
Interesting fact is instigators are upper caste #Hindus while perpetrators are lower caste hindus mostly from #OBC (Other Backward Castes). They are being used as weapon against #Muslims, #Dalits, #Sikh, #Christian minorities of #India to gain power by @RSSorg by polarization
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It's not 'good governance day'. It's #ManusmritiDahanDivas'.

I bet, a lot many Indians are not aware about the same. During the Mahad Satyagraha, Dr Ambedkar bravely showed #Manusmriti its place.
Mahad Satyagraha was a fight to assert the Dalits’ right to access "public water", and to embrace humanity and dignity.

For Dr Ambedkar—a staunch advocate of women’s rights and emancipation—it was a political action to burn #Manusmriti publicly.

On December 25, 1927, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar burned #Manusmriti as a symbol of rejection of the religious basis of #untouchability.

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Article from last year. Upper caste Sikhs dominate land ownership in Punjab. Dalit, who are 32% in numbers, own just 3.5% land. Yet the highest land ownership in India is in Punjab. The Punjab closet is full of skeletons. #FarmLaws #FarmBills #Punjab
Excerpts : In Punjab, upper castes, mostly Jat Sikhs, dominate the farming landscape. Only 3.5% of private farm land belongs to Dalits who make up 32% of the population, according to the Agriculture Census of 2015-16.
"Punjab has the maximum proportion (5.28%) of big farmers owning more than 10 hectares of land among all non-mountainous states of India. The national average is 0.57%, according to the Agriculture Census 2015-16"
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@FriedrichPieter They used to slaughter humans ritually & ate them during old times #Purushamedha sacrifice is human ritual murder. Brahmins used to sell their kids 4 hefty prices 4 this ritual murder. Story of Shunahshepa was spread over by Brahmins 2 discourage practice of selling Brahmin kids
@FriedrichPieter During early millennium Brahmin practice of selling their kids for #ritualSacrifice became extinct bcoz of factors like prevalence of Buddhism & the transformation of the Aryan stock from nomads to pastoral community
@FriedrichPieter However by this time various tribes like Khonds/Kandhs of Ganjam, Vizag, and Kandhamal started practicing human sacrifices - a mimicking of Brahmin - #Purushamedha and their victims where #Dalits
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#Thread Top 5 states with the higest Crimes & atrocities against Dalits:

1) UP-11829
2) Rajasthan- 6794
3) Bihar- 6544
4) Madhya Pradesh- 5300
5) Maharashtra- 2150

Data compiled by @DalitRights
In this country cows 🐄 are given more protection than #dalits ! 10 dalit women are sexually assaulted within 24 hours! If this data does not shock you then what will lets #castoutcaste before its too late #DalitLivesMatter
Manual scavenging - a blot on humanity! More than 95% of manual scavengers are women! #CastOutCaste because Dalits Rights are Human Rights!
#DalitLivesMatter @PriyankaSamy
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Here is the thread for Protests Against the Caste Oppression and the Sexual Assaults from all over INDIA 🇮🇳 on 2nd October 2020 (02.10.2020)

The threat of the pandemic is still very real. So if you can't go that's okay.
Just Amplify!
Get over your numbness and get on to the streets, a pandemic is scary but the current situation this country and especially the women of this country are going through is much more scarier.

Time: 5 PM | 02.10.2020

Location : India Gate

A call by Concerned Citizens of India
Delhi : India Gate @ 5PM
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What happens when a Dalit seeks justice from the courts? Most times, the struggle may be just getting there, or charges are not framed years after a crime. This two-part story, done 20 years ago, continues to be relevant in 2020
#Dalits #HathrasCase 1/13…
When Bhanwari Devi’s 13yo daughter was raped in the bajra fields by an upper caste youth, she picked up a lathi & went after the rapist herself. She had no faith in the police & courts. She was prevented from seeking any redress by the dominant castes of Ahiron ka Rampura. 2/13
It doesn’t mean much, though, in Rajasthan. On average in this state, one Dalit woman is raped every 60 hours. Data from reports of the National Commission show that nearly 900 cases of sexual assault of SC women were registered with the police between 1991 and 1996. 3/13
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Untouchable Dalits and Buddhist Identities

Dalit is not a caste and they're not untouchables . #Dalits are the descendant of ancient #original_Buddhist and never been part of Brahmanical Hinduism. (Mangs, Chamars, Mahars, Madhigas, Malas, Pariyars and

1) Image
Pallars may be out-castes or scheduled castes).

Untouchables may be those who believe themselves, as they are untouchables, by birth and part of Hindus. The Adi-Shudras and Harijan identities were accepted by people who depend the Hindus (Brahmins to Shudras) for

2) Image
political survival.

Dalits/Sudras are not untouchables but they are oppressed and the untouchability was imposed on them. They must realize what they are and what are their original race, language, culture, religion and tradition. They were an independent racial,

3) Image
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#RamMandirAyodhya #Bhoomipujan today is another step along the way not to building up a new resurgent strong influential, unassailable #India. It's objective is to build up an (electorally) strong, influential, and unassailable political #RightWing Party.
It is not so much about #religion, it's all about building up a new mythology of overt religiosity, creating a theocracy in the garb of nationalism, asserting control of the majority, and coercing the minority into accepting its subservient status.
Fanatic Hindus may well be celebrating and congratulating each other, but it is hard to see how any of them actually benefit from the Project. The fact of #RamMandir will be used to quell any demands for #RamRajya the apocryphal #PerfectRule that was said to exist at the time.
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In #Kashmir, the Government of India detained political leaders and restricted protests, and telephone and internet services. There were 106 internet shutdowns in India
in 2019, according to @NetShutdowns. #HumanRights & #Democracy report of @FCOHumanRights
& the rest of the report talks of #Police trainings, working with Indian Government on 'Strength of Diversity & Inclusion', interfaith events, & religious barriers for minorities.
However, the report completely misses out, has excluded the attacks on #minorities #muslims ...
#dalits and #women.
While talking of Police training it misses out on the police brutality in India. While working with the government on diversity & inclusion, it misses out on the attacks on minorities, the lynchings & systemic oppression.
When evidently the situation ...
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There are MAJOR issues with the image below depicting #equality & #equity, HOWEVER, there are Nepalis (including an association of private school teachers in the country) that think/believe d third method is the way to go when it comes to providing equity in education!
#Nepal 1/n
First, the MAJOR issues with the image.

"Imagine if you will, 3 people —all the same goddamn size. [...] The foundation on which these people stand is unequal, [....]"

That is, the PEOPLE aren't the problem! Follow link for more. 2/n #Equality #Equity…
In d context of education in #Nepal, what lies beyond d wall is QUALITY which imparts #CriticalThinking skills, among other things, to a majority or a significant percentage of students. What we have, on this side of the wall, in d country is... #equity 3/n
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Caste System in India
#caste #India #dalits Image
The caste is a 3000-year-old system that divides the Hindu religion into 5 parts. The Brahmins who are priests, Kshatriyas who are warriors, Vysyas who are traders and Sudras who are unskilled workers and the Dalits or untouchables who work as slaves. 1/4
The caste one who is born to will determine his/her identity. When the caste was invented, people used to wear different color turbans according to your caste. 2/4
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Majeed Ullah Khan (@MBTparty President) Statement on #SupremeCourt Refusing Interim Stay on #CAA; Challenges @AmitShah to Visit Ongoing #ShaheenBaghProtests to Face Public Instead of TV Debates. #CAA_NRC_Protests Read Full: /1
He contended that #ConstitutionofIndia is “Common Sense” codified. It's clear that #CitizenshipAmendmentAct goes against numerous Articles. It's appalling that Court deferred hearings in refusal to put interim stay on draconian #CAA and modified #NationalPopulationRegister /2
People’s trust in a truly secular, non-partisan #SupremeCourt is wavering. Moreover, refusal on interim #CAA stay has common public concerned regarding growing, free reign of a bigoted, right-wing #RSS-#BJP specter looming over nation that we continue to battle on all fronts. /3
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A thread on some quotes from @gautambhatia88’s “The transformative constitution “In equality jurisprudence, the approach of focusing on the disproportionately exclusionary impact if politics rather than their formal character or motive is known as disparate impact”
“It is based on the premise that inequality and discrimination result not (only) from individual hostile acts, but from structures and institutions.” @gautambhatia88 Only in brackets important & added by me.
An test for entry may be “neutral” but yet exclude by aligning with exclusionary institutions; if an physical entrance test for firefighter includes activities not necessary for fulfilling duties and unintentionally poses #gender-barriers, deserves to be struck down. #NoteToSelf
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Thread: why thousands of #dalits are demanding land rights, and what's happening in Marathwada.
Dalits are the most landless community in India. Estimates of landlessness range from 60% (India Land and Livestock Holding Survey 2013) to 70% (Census 2011 occupation data) 1/n
Dalits were not allowed to own #land under the caste system. This forced their dependence on occupations that in turn defined their caste. Land reforms were initiated after Independence to grant small amount of land from old Zamindar estates. 2/n
But the reforms have failed. Either no land was given, or land was encroached by higher castes. This is leading to land conflicts. For example-…… 3/n
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🇮🇳 #Inde : investi aujourd'hui pour son deuxième mandat, @narendramodi souhaite mettre en place des réformes économiques et sociales qui feraient de lui le Reagan indien.…
🇮🇳 Cette focalisation sur les enjeux économiques et sociaux aux dépends des enjeux identitaires, si elle se confirme dans les mois à venir, pourrait créer des tensions au sein de la vaste famille des nationalistes hindous, le #SanghParivar. A suivre donc.
🇮🇳 Le nouveau cabinet de @narendramodi compte 58 membres. L'entrée la plus importante est celle de l'ancien dirigeant du @BJP4India @AmitShah au poste de ministre de l'Intérieur. Cet organisateur de génie a largement contribué aux victoires de #Modi.…
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Yes #SmashBrahmanicalPatriarchy and every other kind of patriarchy, misogyny & #sexism regardless of the caste, class, race or religion that habits it. And they all do. But this poster #JackDorsey held was interesting for a number of reasons which I will discuss in this thread.
2/ Firstly, the picture on this poster of a #Dalit woman, reinforces upper-caste, discriminatory, caste stereotypes that holds that the lower caste are dark skinned with Afroid hair & facial features. We all know this untrue. There is no way you can identify caste by color!
3/ In fact it is this kind of stereotype about what Dalit women look like and do, which Jack's poster reinforces, that Dalit women in India have been fighting. #jackinindia
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#Dalitwomen are most often victims/survivors of sexual abuse, including of those that are not always legally identified as crimes. And the law has failed us. Progressive communities haven’t responded adequately either. It has been a lonely battle and will continue to be so.
Stories of sexual abuse, especially those that name Dalit men, are therefore uniquely triggering for us. We stand by the survivors, like we all need to, unequivocally, because we are victims ourselves.
We believe the victims, their EVERY WORD, because we’ve lived through the experience of being dismissed as liars so often, by friends and allies alike.
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Who is paying the price for #intercaste marriages in India? And why is this being touted as an anti-caste strategy? Questions and Thoughts.
Disclaimer: Twitter is obviously not a great place for nuance, but I'm going to try.
Also note that I'm not against #intercaste marriages. Ideally, we should all get married to whomever we please as long as they are an adult and are consenting. If you conclude that I'm casteist or pro-endogamy from any of my tweets, it's on you.
Let's first understand that not all intercaste marriages are problematic to India's casteist society. Many #intercaste savarna couples lead happy lives while telling the world how progressive their families are. Their weddings are pretty fun too...
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1) Starting a tweet series of 50+tweets on #lynching or #persecution of Hindus in mini #lynchistan across India. Summary:
2 of 50) #lynching of Hindus in ground zero #lynchistan in Kerala:-
3 of 50) #lynching of Hindus in TN ruled by those who believe in discredited aryan/dravidian racial theory:-
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Gurugram wasiyon: Hope u know ur city's name honors a casteist who refused to edcuate a Bhil Ekalavya & cut his thumb off coz of insecurity?
And thanks Haryana officials for doing it on #AmbedkarJayanti. #Dalits will LOVE you for that.…
BTW this makes a GREAT case against casteist's Reservation VS Merit argument Ekalavya got this thumb cut coz they wr SCARED OF HIS MERIT
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In past 10 hrs, besides being trolled, I've been searched on wiki, Facebk (screenshots of my personal acc floated), Instagram & past tweets
A multi directional "HATE ATTACK" has been kind of triggered based on ONE Tweet, where I have linked caste behind violence of #Dalitkids
Regardless of the argument that single tweet has been floated to prove I don't know what I am talking about & that I am dumb.
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Hey #caste apologists braying bout #dalitkids crimes NOT BEING a caste issue,here's a fact:they were beaten on Saturday & arrested for theft
The arrests of 6 for beating, made only on Tuesday after media attention. Q. Why THAT delay? No wonder they include 4 #Dalits
#Dalit kids wr beaten &stripped as people stood around & filmed it.No one cared.Not even the police.THAT'S WHY THIS IS A CASTE ISSUE!Geddit?
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