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Best practices for Kubernetes Pods 🧵

#Kubernetes #devops
1/11: 🎯 Single Responsibility Principle 🎯

Assign each Pod a single responsibility, focusing on a specific process or task. By keeping pods lean and focused, you enhance maintainability and avoid unnecessary complexity. #Modularity #ContainerOrchestration
2/11: ⚙️ Resource Allocation ⚙️

Allocate CPU and memory resources to each Pod based on its workload. Keep in mind the QoS Levels:
- Guaranteed (requests == limit)
- Burstable (requests < limit)
- BestEffort (no limit specified)
#ResourceOptimization #Efficiency
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Adding to the hills I will eventually die on... RUM is not a tool for engineers. (The tool, not the drink, we definitely need the drink)

Yes, you need to see what real users are doing in production. However, the way that the information is used, and by who, is very different.
Giving engineers an idea that "this page is used a lot", or "the rendering on this page is slow" isn't good enough. We've been through this on the backend with coarse metrics that lack context. It's just not good enough. You're doing your users and operators a disservice.
We're in a world where we have entire applications on the frontend in javascript with React and Vue (as SPAs) becoming the de facto standard. These aren't individual pages anymore, even if you appear to transition between them. These are now complex application models!
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Ready to boost your #softwaredevelopment skills and revolutionize the way you design and manage containers? 🚀💡 Join me in this enlightening thread on #ContainerDesignPrinciples 🔥 #bestpractices 💻

Thread 🧵
🔥 #ContainerDesignPrinciples 🔥 The key to building reliable, scalable, and secure containerized apps 💻🔒
These Principles are described in the following tweets 💡💥
1. Image Immutability Principle 📷 Treat container images as immutable for consistency and reproducibility 💯
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🔴 We're back for another day of livestreaming coverage of AWS re:Invent 2022. Join Jacquie Grindrod (@devopsjacquie ), Linda Haviv (@lindavivah ), Cobus Bernard (@cobusbernard) as we kick off Wednesday.
#BuildOnLive #reInvent Build On Live Team - Day 2
@awsdevelopers 👉 Watch the livestream and do the challenges to earn points. Use them to have our hosts topple the Jenga tower. #BuildOnLive #reInvent
@awsdevelopers Is that Jenga move even legal?!?!
The laws of physics say NO.
#BuildOnLive #reInvent
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Most CS undergrads go through four years without learning how to prepare for jobs in #Cloud Dev firms.

They learn OS, DBs, languages like #Javascript, #C++, #python, etc. but little on Cloud-related topics.

Colleges/Universities should consider incorporating these 10 topics.👇
1.History and evolution of Distributed Computing to Cloud computing
-#Grid computing
-#Parallel computing
-#Cluster computing
-Utility computing
-Service orientation
while talking about performance, robustness, high availability, delivering SLAs
2. Why Cloud Apps?
- Types of Cloud (Public, Private, VPC, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud)
- Types of offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
- Service level objectives (SLOs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Regulatory issues, Sovereign Clouds, Cloud Security
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A ten-principle checklist for socio-technical design

by Albert Cherns, quoted by Jackson in Critical Systems Thinking

paraphrased by me, with commentary for software teams 🧵
the process of design is compatible with its objectives. Want democracy? use participative design.

The means match the ends.
You don't get autonomous teams by specifying Scrum.
Minimal Critical Specification
of the who and how of carrying out the work, only the essentials are decided up-front.

Figure out the basics, and plan on figuring out more later, within the team. Keep detailed decisions near the work.
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🧵Spent an hour this week with a squad building new #Serverless API on #AWS.
My main advises were-
- Break-down the #domain & think of set-piece #microservices
- Identify sync & async parts
- Think #events & event-driven
- Do event storming & develop event-driven thinking
- Identify core & support #microservices
- Perform data modelling for each microservice - queries, indexes...
- Follow #API guidelines
- Remember you're building an intelligent service. Not a proxy to 3rd party
- Make your service's contract with its clients as simple & easy
- Don't build a #monolith microservice
- #Observability - structure logs, metrics, monitoring
- API usage plan for each client & monitor
- Native #serverless service integration
- Reach out to experts for help

They're on separate #AWS a/c, repo, #CDK & #typescript. Happy😀👍
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Seven core principles to achieve a #DevOps culture (Thread)

Implementing a DevOps culture is challenging at the beginning and may face high resistance. These seven core principles can make the journey effective Seven Core Principles to achieve DevOps Culture
1. Create a highly collaborative environment:
- #teams work together can achieve any tasks easily
- Silos may end up in confusion and failures
- Collaborative environment provides a unified process and continues improvement toward business goals
2. Automate when possible:
- Repeated automated tasks can lead teams to focus on innovation
- Automation means rapid #development, #testing, and deployment
- Automation may include integration, reviews, testing, security, deployment, and monitoring - Check for the right tools
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Here begins a fun thread of the finished lightboards that we make together during the ϟ Enlightning stream. ♫

Also- a big THANK YOU to all who come out to watch ϟ Enlightning, and also to those who take the time to watch the recording. I appreciate you.

What is a Small Batch Loop? Featuring guest @cote Image
Dockerfiles Vs. Cloud Native Buildpacks featuring guest @ciberkleid Image
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Recently I was honoured to give my talk, "The Important of ... Empathy (in #chaosengineering)" to the wonderful audience at @chaoscarnivalio. I decided to make the talk a ... talk, rather than a slideshow, and I promised I'd share the major points ... so here they are, a thread.
I started with a confession, that the success of the #chaosengineering initiative in your company has less to do with the tools you pick than you may realise... And as the co-founder of the @chaostoolkit, that's quite the hard confession to make!
What helps your #chaosengineering succeed isn't just the tools, it isn't the types of failure you can inject, it isn't even how #cloudnative, or not, your system is, or how wonderful your #observability is set up ...
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A deep dive on how we crafted an order of magnitude change in our spend (10x reduction compared to baseline growth) over the last two years with iterative understanding and changes in Slack’s Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure. 1/
👋 I referenced this article in my talk on Tracing in CI last week at
with excellent threads summarizing the talk by
() /
() 2/
I feel like theres so much MORE to explore / make in developer productivity related tooling. This body of work was a collaboration between many teams and had plenty of iterations at @slackhq and I'm excited to keep chipping away together to better understand 💯 dev / infra UX 3/
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Some second order effects of SolarWinds hack... companies realizing Observability over all infra is mandatory.

Weng’s thread is on $SPLK but trend rises all boats here: I own $DDOG but also boosts $DT $NEWR and $ESTC.

PS follow @AznWeng to keep your eyes on hiring trends!
Anecdotal reddit comments on that thread is where companies should be mentally: capture all the logs and metrics now - you never know what will be needed later.

#Observability is vital for #Cybersecurity.
And beyond observability, cybersecurity also requires managing Identity $OKTA and devices $CRWD. And further bolstering protection via Zero Trust and SASE with $ZS $NET and others.

On and on down the line, SolarWinds effects are going to ripple through my portfolio.
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It's Friday the 13th, uh I mean the 12th. That means it's time again for Five Hot Takes in Monitoring and Observability.

Hashtag #monitoring
Hashtag #observability
Hashtag #tsdb

Leading off, @IRONdb 0.19.5 was released with some wicked tag indexing and searching optimizations. Guessing this is what @postwait tweeted about hacking on earlier this week.…

.@PrometheusIO 2.19.0 is out. Looks like some performance optimizations.…

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It's Friday and the Memorial Day weekend forecast is looking like warm temperatures. That means it is time for another Five Hot Takes on monitoring and observability.

hashtag #monitoring
hashtag #observability

Leading off, @davidgsIoT is now leading up Developer Advocacy at time series db vendor @QuestDb. Congrats David!

Multi-node @TimescaleDB has landed. Big accomplishment, watch out @citusdata!…

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It's a warm Friday and most of us are sheltering in place, so it's time for five hot takes on this week's monitoring and observability news 1/6

hashtag #monitoring
hashtag #observability
Leading off, an analysis on the Gartner 2020 APM Magic Quadrant. There's not much that's magical about APM (or Gartner reports for that matter), but this report is worth a read… 2/6
The Open Observability conference is May 27th. There's about half a dozen speakers already, and the CFP is open until May 11th 3/6
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.@gphat getting ready to send it with "No-Nonsense Observability Improvement" #kubecon #observability Image
@gphat "We are not going to define Observability today" 👍 Image
@gphat The normal zone, the weird zone. Image
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Short thread here summing up monitoring and observability news this past week. Sponsored by... nobody #monitoring #observability #sre 1/7
The @Monitorama Baltimore speaker lineup has been released. Looks like a good lineup, several monitoring vendor experts speaking.… 2/7
Monitoring company @signalfx acquired by @splunk for $1B. With $178M in VC funding, an exit multiplier of ~5.6 aligns with desired PE exits of 5x, but just over the VC funding multiplier criteria of 5.4. Desirable VC exits are 10x.… 3/7
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#observability has three pipes (not pillars!)
As humans, we can't (and don't want to!) investigate each individual trace. But how we do know which traces matter? Which are representative?
Root cause analysis is one thing when you have low cardinality...
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Tinder moved to #Kubernetes and @EnvoyProxy, is averaging appx 50 containers, 15 pods per node. Interesting for a few reasons from my perspective
#1/ Bigger nodes running many containers is not so rare. At @signalfx we are seeing this more and more in the field. Is it too early to say that #Mainframe is making a comeback? #MillenialMainframe #GenerationM
#2/ "One reason we were able to move so quickly was due to the rich metrics we were able to easily integrate"
Seeing this everywhere. You can't fly a #jetplane without instruments and you can't run advanced #infrastructure without great #observability and #metrics
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