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TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
TS_SCI_MAJIC12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SC_ShoTs
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Folks! We return for #HOTrainees with the exciting #Day2 @myESMO #ESMO20 and some more #practice relevant studies in #breastcancer #ProstateCancer #lungcancer #GI, so sit back, relax and lets go through some data (#HO #trainee-style!) Shout out to @peters_solange @OncoAlert
1. #BreastCancer: We have #monarchE and #IMPassion031 hoping to hear from experts @ErikaHamilton9 @NicoleKuderer @DrSGraff @matteolambe @tmprowell @GeorgeSledge51 @VukovicPetra for more insights- please link to your discussions here for #trainees:
1. A) #monarchE: use of #abemiciclib in HR+, HER2-,high risk #EBC in addition to endocrine therapy.
Current #SOC: adjuvant ET (5-10 years)
#monarchE: #Abemaciclib + ET iDFS HR 0.747, here's a great summary by @ErikaHamilton9 for @OncoAlert :
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Australia is being DELIBERATELY Decimated
by both Foreign & Domestic Entities
for the Benefit of the Few
at the Cost to the many
where YOUR Future is Determined
by someone else
b/c THEY say so

Here is the PROOF -;
The Global Positioning is expanding

#QUESTION = Do You realize what is REALLY Going on
Do you believe the Narrative that is couched in
"Feel Good" terms of Inclusion & Diversity ??

#QUESTION = Can You "SEE" the Direction
that is being Imposed ??

Natural Progression by Society is one thing
When that Direction is FORCED Upon You without any Public Discourse

#QUESTION = Do You think that is NOT Happening ??

Think Again -;
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No one could have predicted that we would face so many challenges in 2020. I am often asked by my employees & mentees what the crisis is teaching me - how to manage in a crisis which seems to have no end & is affecting life as we know it.
Although Zambia never went on lockdown, economy has taken a big hit.there are a number of financial lessons I have learnt.Have multiple income streams...get paid rent, do a consultancy, edit or proof read docs, bake cakes, drive ulendo but have a side hustle outside your day job
It will help support yr other financial goals & ease the pain of living in a highly inflationary environment. But make sure you get paid! Follow that money honey!! Manage that debt & dont borrow for consumption - keeping up with the Banda’s will kill you or make you steal money.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/27/2020
CT scans might offer a more accurate way to diagnose Covid-19 - STAT…

#COVID19 #coronavirus #scans #testing
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"#Homoeopathy is a branch of universal #medicine based on the ‘principle of the like’ (Similia Similibus Curentur = Like treats Like) and in #minimum doses." .. I
It means that a #substance in a massive dose generates #pathological #symptomatology; has the possibility to #cure it, if applied in the #minimum doses obtained by #dilution and intense #agitation, in other words, #homoeopathic #succussion. .. II
#Homoeopathy is derived from a #Hippocratic #concept developed by the #German #physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843), with serially #diluted #medicines (1:9, 1:99, 1:999 and others) in water-ethanol vehicle alternating #dilution with #succussion. .. III
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What I have to say is very important and I ask you to read this all the way through.

About half of our district is the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. This is where our aquaculture is and it is very strong.


This area makes its living from the hard labor of our Watermen. They need our support now more than ever. Our Watermen catch and raise marine life from rockfish to oysters. They are small businesses that keep the region going.


They keep many more small businesses thriving. Restaurants, local grocery stores, roadside stands and more sell the fresh catches they bring to us.


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I have said the USA could never win another world war. They are fat, poorly informed & incapable of change as the WW2 generation was. The corollary is the rich, who become entrained in a lifestyle of soft pleasures and refuse to sacrifice. #ethics #praxis #EvolutionaryPsychology
If people want to know what sacrifice is about, consider the siege of Leningrad during WW2: "By January 1944, when the Wehrmacht finally began to retreat, around 750,000 civilians had been deliberately starved to death." #History #Survival #Horror…
True horror: "Nevertheless, the Somme heralded a new age of atrocity and diminished individual responsibility for it. Politicians, generals and ideologues... were able to ignore the moral consequences of their work." #History #WW1…
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📆 Today is #CancerSurvivorsDay 📆

Here at Blood Cancer UK, we want to use today to raise awareness of what #survival means to those who live with slow-growing (chronic) #bloodcancer, and share some of their stories.

Read the rest of our thread to find out more.... 👇
👨‍👩‍👦As many of our community will know, surviving blood cancer can be a very different experience to overcoming some other types of cancer.

🔎For those with chronic blood cancer, 'survival' means learning to adapt and finding new ways of living to accommodate ongoing symptoms.
😴 This is the case for Erica, who has chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and experiences extreme tiredness (fatigue) as a result.
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This book has been brought up a lot in recent discussions & videos.
So I’m diving in.
Check out how many pages of notes & sources there are!
“Invisible Rainbow - A History of Electricity and Life”
(Also this publishing house - Chelsea Green - rocks!)
Some other books from Chelsea Green that look fantastic and timely:…
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i’m thinking, with all the advanced mathematics available, we should be able to calculate the distance to the Core of Everything #CoE

input data:
the Sun’s attrition rate
the Earth’s radius & rotation rate
the distance from the galaxy core
galaxy core radius & rotation rate; etc
the lock(smith) comes though, which is the key really, and it’s the time that doesn’t exist, to measure the distance to CoE -
- all time measurements in singularity science are inaccurate..

we may estimate the distance towards a core, but it may not be the Core of Everything..
where there’s no matter, time doesn’t exist - the linked causality events are separated by voids, breaks, gaps..
(it eliminates absolutes)

within human neurodiversity the gaps occur between different neurotypes disabling communication..
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#Intelligence is a response to a new situation, not out of your past memories but from your present awareness, this very moment.

Intelligence is a spontaneous #responsibility. It has been misunderstood. It has become almost equivalent to #duty. The #reality is different.
There has been a perennial conflict between #intelligence and #intellect.

The man of intellect thinks that he is #intelligent because he knows so much. He has accumulated a great heritage of #knowledge, he is burdened with all kinds of #information.
The man of #intelligence is innocent; he functions moment to moment, his functioning has a freshness and a beauty. But to find intelligence one has to go beyond the mind. #Meditation is the way.
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