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1/14 Dear Richard, “all we have is silence” equally applies to deadly interplay b/ #COVID19 pandemic + #NCDs epidemic. #PLWNCDs are at heightened risk of becoming severely ill or dying from #C19. Health systems are being overwhelmed with PLWNCDs becoming acutely ill.
2/14 Our recent survey shows massive disruptions in access to #NCDs services, which will result in upsurge of illness and deaths from NCDs (projections forthcoming) which failing health systems are unlikely to be able to manage.…
3/14 In 2000, #WHA53 recognized that “long-term needs of #PLWNCDs are rarely dealt with”. Since then, 200 million PLWNCDs aged 30-70 have died, majority living in #LMIC. Most deaths could have been avoided or delayed.…
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I think the authors put forth a good effort, but there are significant issues with this study, which was intended to evaluate #COVIDー19 post-exposure prophylaxis with #HCQ. My two cents:👇…
Planned enrollment threshold was within 3 days of exposure due to the average incubation period of 5.5 days. But then the threshold was changed to 4 days. Cutting it close. One can argue that the study nearly misses its basic premise of being a PEP trial. And then this: 👇
Authors wrote that the "vast majority of the participants" couldn't get diagnostic testing for #Covid. Instead, they looked at symptoms and labeled some cases as "probable," about which they admit, "predictive power of this case definition is unknown." Is this OK?👇
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#MuseumsUnlocked #Portraiture Most images of Africans in European art pre #C19 fall into one of two categories: servants, or so called “Blackamoors,” and legendary/ religious figures, like St. Maurice. Very little thought has been given to these images as portraits.
It would admittedly be hard to link such images to individual sitters. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Scholars, for example, have identified historical actors who served as models for popular figures in #C18 #porcelain, such as Falstaff, as portrayed by James Quinn.
The #Meissen figurine that shows the „Blackamoor“ (a term that conflates an Arab or Muslim with a black African) was made for the Court of Augustus III in Dresden, where meticulous records were kept of everything. Surely there must be names of servants somewhere in a register?
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Cellphone tower set on fire in Saint-Henri

yo .⁦@CBCMontreal⁩ .⁦@CBCAlerts

your story 👇 talks of “False narratives around #5G technology...” so by all means let’s deal with #5Gfacts & not mindlessly conflate with #C19



***no independent scientific studies of #5G safety have ever been conducted — #fact wireless industry reps themselves have admitted.***

this MUST be brought to public attention!!!

(it certainly has been kept quiet so far.... 🤔 yo #cdnmedia! )


2 /

any claims of #5G safety by #BigTelecom are cynical PR distraction ploy from core threats to human health (which #BigWireless, #lobbyists & servile ‘regulator’ .@GovCanHealth — both #PHAC & #HealthCanada — refuse to acknowledge)…


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Another poorly designed interpretation of a #HCQ data set for #COVID19. A larger poorly designed "trial" only leads to larger erroneous conclusions. For analysis, see the thread👇@JamesTodaroMD @niro60487270 @danaparish @marybethpf…
This study implies that it's an early treatment study because hospitalized patients were treated within 48 hours of diagnosis. It's a late treatment study, and here's why: 👇
About 2/3 of patients were from N. America. Unlike Asia and Europe, we haven't had access to early #C19 testing & quick turn around times. By the time patients get to the hospital, 5-7 days have typically gone by, results have been taking about 4 days, & add 48 hours to that. 👇
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Quebec #Cellphone Towers Damaged As COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Grow

thank you .@GValiante & .⁦@CanadianPress⁩ for *not* blindly repeating ***false assurances by #Telus et al*** that there are no health questions re #5G

#thread 1/ ??…
with two overnight arrests just reported — apparently related to the recent spate of #celtowerfires in Quebec — #cdnmedia should nor be blindly parroting the #misinformation constantly spouted by #BigTelecom & its poodle #servile #CapturedRegulator .@GovCanHealth .....

2/ ??
.... that #5G technology is somehow ‘safe’

a whole bunch of politicos are now jumping in.....

3/ ??
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This is flying under the radar—

As #COVID19 spreads like wildfire in US detention Trump’s regime is:

—Not protecting/testing detainees

—Intentionally underreporting migrant cases

—Deporting them KNOWING they’re infected

—Deliberately spreading COVID19 worldwide

Last weekend—25 migrants housed in MA Bristol County JAIL were assaulted & pepper sprayed, sending 3 to hospital for refusing to sign papers that said "everything is okay w/conditions"

The Trump ally sheriff claims they refused testing & damaged property.
No surprise —

@ICEgov sided w/trump ally @BristolSheriff Hodgson & his guards who brought dogs in, pepper sprayed & claimed detainees caused "severe damage to property“

…Despite recent building records submitted to a judge proving contrary evidence.

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#Coronathon #TECH #ProjectHighlights Thread 1/3

1. #Safeslot to find your nearest #retailstore & manage #essentials buying abiding the #socialdistancing policy in these trying times!
2. #Hospital Bed tracker enabling access to realtime status of nearest hospital availability
Thread 2/3
3. #PanMan to empower #HospitalLeads have clear visibility on COVID19 patients & suspects and accordingly plan the resources
4. #Covid-19 PPE Tracker to provide hospitals with a common platform showcasing #supplydemand info of personal protective equipment
If you or #community #network can support these #projects please get in touch with us!

#hackathon for a change - #coronathon2020

Keep following this thread for other project details!
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